Karcher SE 4001 Spray Extraction Cleane

Weight: 7.9 kg
Dimensions: 44.1 x 38.6 x 53.7 cm; 7.9 Kilograms
Brand: Kärcher
Model: 10811370
Colour: Yellow
Colour: Yellow

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  1. MiltonN73rhbcvu says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI owned a carpet cleaner some years ago, but it was a cheaper model and didn’t really work too well. I had seen these cleaners before, and they looked more industrial. When I got the chance to test one out, I couldn’t wait to try it. The box that arrived on my doorstep was enormous, and rather heavy to carry inside. Once I got it open I found the big bright yellow cleaner, and a host of accessories. It also came with a sample of shampoo, but that lasted less than five minutes once I started cleaning the carpets. The set up wasn’t as straight forward as I would have liked. Some if the illustrations in the instruction booklet were confusing, and the parts that instructed you to just ‘click’ together, were more of a forceful push which eventually snapped into place after some effort. The set up took longer than I would have liked, and there are a lot of parts. However, after about half an hour I was ready to test it out. I filled the water tank and added the shampoo and I was ready to go. I attached the carpet spray cleaning fitting and made sure the buttons were set to spray water out of the jet. The water is released through a trigger on the handle rather like a jet wash. The cleaner is quite big and not very easy to get around with while your cleaning, but the wheels do make it glide over the carpet so its not much of a complaint. The many fittings make is suitable for cleaning many items of furniture, but I mainly wanted it for the carpet.

    I switched it on, and was deafened by how loud it was, and then I switched on a separate button for the water. I pressed the trigger and instantly a jet of water spray came out and began spraying onto the carpet. I held the trigger down and then pressed the suction fitting against the carpet. I pulled it backwards in straight lines, and instantly noticed the carpet getting darker and wetter, so I knew it was working. One the carpet has been soaked, you go over it again with the suction, but don’t apply the water spray. The suction then draws the water out of the carpet lifting the dirt with it. I was amazed to see what it pulled out of the carpet. My carpet is only two years old, and I hoover it every day, so to see the amount of dirt and dust that came out of it was a surprise.

    Overall, I think this gadget is absolutely perfect. The set up may have taken a while, and it may be big and bulky and not easy to manoeuvre, but it gets the job done and cleans the carpets spectacularly well. Having now used it around the entire house, I can’t recommend it enough. I will be testing it on the sofa next, and I will surely use it many times in the years to come to prevent the muddy sludge build up that I discovered this time around.

    It gets a 5* from me.

    Super Clean!

  2. Natalie Ast says:

     United Kingdom

    I used an early Vax 2-in-1 vacuum many years ago and am thus already familiar with the concept, although my reasons for moving to separate vacuum and washer remain valid, despite how good this Karcher option is. The main problem is that, no matter how disciplined you are about drying out the interior after using it to wash carpets or suck up spills, there is often a small amount lurking somewhere and that ultimately leads to the dust bag breaking and leaving you to wipe out everything, or most, of what you had previously sucked up.

    Leaving the above to one side, I very much like the build quality of the Karcher, which is made to last in much the same way as their pressure washer that I purchased a few years ago. This is a workhorse that is designed to be knocked about a bit and will not let you down in spite of that.

    It comes in a compact box and is ready for action in a short time. It is easy to use even if you are new to carpet washing and, although it will not leave very dirty carpets looking like new, it achieves as close to that as I have ever managed to get with any other carpet washer. A little like emptying out a bagless vacuum’s container, you will be amazed at how dirty the water extracted from your carpet and upholstery looks after use, even if you think they are clean, you will be surprised. In the past, I have wondered whether something may be added to carpet washing formula that, on application, turns water a murky colour automatically. After years of cleaning carpets, I have to conclude that my carpets do that all by themselves and don’t need any magic formula in the solution to turn the water brown

    I have used this washer to good effect on my lounge carpet, which I needed to clean ahead of a house move. It looks much better than it did before. Bear in mind that a newly washed and not yet dry carpet will still look dirty in places, but avoid the urge to overdo the cleaning and let it dry before you have a second go. You will see any residual stains or marks diminish once the carpet is dry and you could cause damage by over cleaning. There is always the option of having a second go later, if you need to.

    This is a good carpet washer, but I personally would not also use it as a vacuum unless you can leave it to fully dry out for several days after using it with liquids. I tend to wash my carpets once or twice a year and that is generally enough to keep them looking clean, despite the best efforts of cats, contractors and the daily life challenges thrown at them — and they are palest ivory colour throughout the house. They are 18 years old and look pretty good once washed. I have used a Bissell carpet washer to date, but the Karcher is a good option that will now replace the ageing Bissell for carpet washing duties going ahead.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    A karcher floor and carpet cleaner…..karcher is a very well know make and is a good make….I really don’t think you can go wrong with a karcher…..
    This cleaner is well packed…and everything supplied within the box and machine it’s self….
    A 1400 watt motor so quite powerful…..
    This can be used as a vacuum cleaner as well as washing carpets and floor but my personal opinion is to just use this as a washer…..
    Machine is easy to set up…..instructions are good….
    Maybe a bit of a pain to empty the dirty water as everything has to be unhooked and to carry the big bowl out to empty…..
    This is a 4L container capacity…..with a 1L/min spray rate….
    1 spray-ex nozzle
    1 spray extraction hose
    2 suction tube
    1 upholstery nozzle
    1 wet and dry floor nozzle
    1 crevice nozzle and paper filter bag

  4. BrookeLeonard says:

     United Kingdom

    I received this item from the Amazon Vine Program.

    Packaging: 5/5 Well packed and well presented.

    Brand: Krcher
    1x SE 4001 Spray Extraction Cleaner
    1x Spray Extraction Nozzle with Hard Surface Attachment
    1x Wet and Dry Floor Nozzle, clips
    1x Dry Vacuum Nozzle, clips
    1x Crevice Nozzle
    1x Upholstery Nozzle
    1x Paper Filter Bag
    1x Carpet Cleaner RM 519 (100 ml)

    – Can be used as a wet or dry vacuum.
    – Looks durable and well made. Manufactured by a well known German brand.
    – 3 in 1 carrying handle. Helps carry the carpet cleaner from room to room.
    – Power: 1400 W. Powerful enough to suck most moisture/ water making the carpet easier to dry.
    – Large capacity (18L)
    – 75 db which is the average noise a vacuum produces. Not as noisy as I was expecting.
    – Tank can be easily removed and refilled.
    – Does a great job in cleaning the carpet.
    – Dry vacuuming is ok. Does the job.

    – A bit bulky and heavy to manoeuvre.
    – Instruction not so easy for someone who will use a carpet cleaner for the first time.

    Overall: 4 stars. It does the job. Quite impressed with the wet carpet cleaning but dry vacuuming is just the same as what I am using now.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The carpet in my hall takes a real beating – there are people going in and out all the time, (including kids with rather mucky shoes) and cats that love to pick there to have a good barf rather than on the tiled kitchen floor amongst other things… Knowing that this would be the case I picked a carpet tile that should be fairly indestructible and also wouldn’t show dirt too much but it still needs a good clean every now and then. I was interested to see how the Krcher SE 4001 would compare to hiring a machine or getting someone in to do it.

    When it turned up I had a read through the set up instructions and they really made very, very little sense. Krcher could definitely improve upon this aspect. However, once you start to get the bits out it’s really not that hard to figure out what goes where. You get one sachet of carpet cleaner fluid to try out with the machine, (a bit stingy perhaps?), so decided to see how it coped with the dreaded hall carpet. Removing the water tank and filling it with the cleaner fluid and some warm water is very easy. You then have to move the cleaner head backwards towards you, (not forward and backwards like a conventional hoover), whilst pressing the trigger to spray the water solution. Depending upon the angle that you hold the cleaner at, you can engage a lot of suction at the same time so essentially wetting and drying the carpet quite well at the same time. However, with our mucky carpet we used less suction and largely just applied the water in the first pass and left it to soak for a minute before then going back over it to suck out the water.

    On our first attempt I think that we used rather more water than necessary – the carpet was really wet. However, the suction is superb and when I went back over it with just the suction it did a great job of drying the carpet so that it was now just slightly damp. The proof, of course, is in how the carpet looks and, to be honest, it looks great. It probably isn’t quite as clean as getting someone round to do it but it looks rejuvenated and the grime in the removed water was really quite disgusting.

    The carpet cleaner can also be used as a hoover and it is supplied with one paper hoover bag for this purpose. The very powerful suction allows it to do a great job. One minor niggle is that the suction hose is a real pain to remove if you want to take it off to make emptying the cleaner a bit easier. It is very, very stiff and took a few minutes of trying and cursing so I’m not sure that we’d bother with that again.

    Overall I think that this will be a useful machine but one that will only be used a few times a year by me so, obviously, whether it’s worth buying rather than hiring or borrowing a carpet cleaner from someone rather depends upon your individual circumstances.

    A bit tricky to set up initially but seems to clean well

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