LEGO 71755 NINJAGO Temple of the Endless Sea Building Set, Underwater Playset with Ninja Kai, Toy for Kids 9+ Years Old

LEGO NINJAGO Temple of the Endless Sea

Awesome NINJAGO temple building set

Ninja fans can enjoy exciting action role play from the NINJAGO: Seabound TV series with the Temple of the Endless Sea. This brilliantly detailed playset includes a laboratory, a prison, a submarine, a manta ray and the sea serpent Wojira, so kids can enjoy fun-filled adventures.

Packed with cool features

The ultimate NINJAGO set for great playtimes

This premium playset comes packed with fun features and functions to give kids endless play possibilities. They can fire the powerful shooters, try to stop the sea serpent Wojira breaking free of their chains or place ninjas in the temple’s prison as they act out great make-believe stories.

Good vs. evil

Get ready for amazing ninja battles!

Kids will be thrilled to act out exhilarating battles between the forces of good and evil on the bottom of the sea. The ninjas’ task is to navigate their way past the guards, shooters and traps all around the Temple of the Endless Sea to claim the prized wave and storm amulets.

A cast of great characters

Includes 7 minifigures

The playset comes with 7 cool minifigures to give kids all they need to play out their own action-packed stories. The ninjas Scuba Kai and NRG Nya are primed to take on Prince Kalmaar, Prince Benthomaar, Glutinous and 2 Maaray Guards.

Create your own temple

A fantastic ninja building challenge

Ninja-loving kids aged 9 and up can enjoy a brilliant building experience when they construct this temple from more than 1,000 LEGO bricks, before diving to the bottom of the sea to play out enthralling clashes between the ninjas and a host of evil villains.

Dimensions: 7.05 x 48 x 37.8 cm; 1.13 Kilograms
Model: 71755
Material: Plastic
Colour: Multicolor
Pack Quantity: 1060
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Age: 9 – 99 years
Assembly: Yes
Colour: Multicolor
Material: Plastic
Quantity: 1060

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18 Responses

  1. IsabellUnger says:

     United Kingdom

    Lego is such a well known and trusted brand lasting the test of time. We all remember them from our own childhoods. They have so upped their game the Ninjago temple. There are so many pieces to use and recreate or just use your imagination to make what you want.
    It’s a underwater Ninja fantasy with fantastic interesting characters.Lego is a great way for your child to express or just help them unleash their wonderful imaginations.
    I must say it is expensive but great for a main present for Christmas or a birthday present.
    It’s is so detailed and lot of work has gone into this.
    Good job Lego

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Wow, there is a LOT going on in this set. This definitely represents a temple complex rather than just a temple and the gold/turquoise colour theme works really well. Everything is sectional so you can construct your complex in any order you like simply by switching the hook and bar pieces around. Being able to connect each section is a bonus, just elevates it a little from having them stood alone on the table or shelf.

    The set comes with 6 minifigures, evenly balanced between the “good guys”:

    Nrg Nya
    Scuba Kai
    Prince Benthomaar

    and the “bad guys”:

    Prince Kalmaar
    2 x Maaray Guards

    The detailing and moulding for the minifigures is exceptional and they certainly have a lot of printing to enhance the moulds. This is particularly true with Nya and Prince Kalmaar. The only strange bit is the katana for Kai runs right through his scuba tank, at a glance you can fool yourself that it runs behind the tank but even a brief inspection shows that it runs right through the middle of it.

    Threr are a couple of errors in the manuals but none of them effect the actual build. The purple coin appears as an inclusion for Bag 2 and Bag 9 – it is only in Bag 2. For the Nrg Nya figure it shows a neckerchief in the part list for the figure but this appears and disappears in the build instruction but does show it in place on the end image. Nothing major and certainly doesn’t stop you building the set but worth a mention. Other than those little picky errors this is a really fun and simple build. The manuals (2 are included) take you through each section bit by bit and clearly show not only which bricks you need but how to combine them.

    You make a large central temple, a dragon statue that is enormous, a jail cell, two separate temple buildings – one with an oyster and pearl, a reef with collapsing columns and a submarine. Definitely plenty to get to grips with I am sure you will agree. The stand out for me is the dragon statue but, then again, I am obsessed with the Ninjago theme dragons. Loads of details on the temple buildings really brings everything to life.

    Well worth 5/5 just based on the sheer good looks of this set. As a playset there is so much a creative mind could achieve from these basic blocks.

    Many thanks to the Amazon Vine Program for a review copy of this product. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and do not reflect the opinions of Lego or Amazon. This is also an honest and unbiased opinion based on my experience with the product and is not influenced by it being a review copy.

    Number Of Pieces: 1060

    Approximate Price Per Piece: 0.08

    Build Time: 3 Hours

    Under The Sea

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    LEGO is all about quality, and this set doesn’t disappoint – everything neatly packed in numbered bags and with easy to follow, step by step instructions to construct an imaginative undersea tableau. No pieces were missing, though as seems to be with all these sets there are a few spares ! The individual figures are well detailed, especially the huge dragon, and the turquoise colour highlights are really effective.
    I never fail to be intrigued how you build up a sometimes complicated overall shape with clever use of small pieces (and I’m thinking comparisons with the Harry Potter LEGO here) so immense credit must go to the designers of these sets.
    I thoroughly enjoyed putting this together, and I’m 64, and I am looking forward to building sets with my grandson as he grows.

    Colourful and Fun !

  4. Commerce Contributor says:

     United Kingdom

    This is truly a huge Lego set. The Temple of the Endless Sea has so many features and a good selection of Ninjago characters (mostly baddies).

    As you’d expect from Lego all the instructions are clear and simple to follow. All the pieces are bagged in small batches to avoid bits getting mixed up.

    The set is very playable with lots of moving parts.

    I built this with a nearly 9 year old and we had great fun. The set can be played alone or added to other Ninjago sets.

    The price is on the expensive side but it is a BIG set.

    I’m happy to recommend and I hope you find my review helpful

    An impressive Lego Ninjago se

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This Temple of the Endless Sea set is 79.99 at the time of this review. Although it’s expensive, that’s 10 off the RRP. The set is recommended for age 9 onwards.

    The set consists of 1060 pieces and that includes 7 mini figures and. It’s a very cool set for young Ninjago fans. The theme of the set is a underwater lair and part of it is a large sea serpent, scary!

    This will make a great present for a lucky child. It’s just a shame that you don’t get a little bit more for the money.

    Pricey, but a great set for young Ninjago fans

  6. Elenoraauu90 says:

     United Kingdom

    Wow, another LEGO genius set.
    NINJAGO is one of my sons favourites and we will have a great time putting this together.
    All parts are bagged and labelled and separate sections can be linked together.
    There are many moving parts and it comes with 6 characters, 3 good and 3 bad.
    Quality as always, is excellent, as expected from Lego and is part of the price guarantee.

    Good Value and Recommended

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I absolutely love Lego, even if I’m in my middle age, the sets always surprise me positively. I’m very impressed by this detailed construction, little pieces to put together and which turn to be something glorious and attractive. This huge set takes some time to build it but thanks to clearly presented instruction and pieces organized in smaller bags, it all makes easier to build these constructions.
    The characters and the Temple are looking out of this world.. The dragon is amazing!
    Lego never lets down.. high quality of pieces, mesmerising constructions, playful scenarios… breath taking..
    This set is well worth the price! I’m loving it and my child loves to play with it too.

  8. MaribelLockyer says:

     United Kingdom

    This is quite a big set at over a thousand pieces, and it gives you a bit of everything, you get a dragon chained down to the scenery along with quite a few buildings, a little submarine and some very funky mini figures. Our son liked the little jail which has a door that can easily be smashed down. The dragon was my highlight along with the blue mini figure who is standing on a swirling spout of water, and not your standard Ninjago… Quite a pricey set but a lot of scenery and the dragon has some great details, it was a bit of a big build and I think the 9+ is a good age guide as it has some fiddly bits and the concentration span might wain on younger minds. Great that Ninjago has gone underwater with lots more beasts and scenes to explore, good set and happy to recommend!

    Great dragon and underwater scene from Ninjago Lego

  9. DixieQuintero says:

     United Kingdom

    As others have mentioned it before me this is a rather large set, I was surprised how big it was when I opened the box. There are over 1000 pieces in it, and you can build the temple, dragon among other things. 7 figures are also included in the box. As usual the lego quality is present, every bit is of high quality, painted nicely and there are a lots of details. Will keep kids busy for hours but even adults. The instructions were clear to me and the pieces are in numbered bags but make sure you have enough space before you start to put it together 🙂 It’s recommended for 9 years onwards, and I agree there are some parts that will require patience and persistence from young ones. It’s a great fun for the family if parents join in on the building. First I thought this to be pricey but considering the amount of pieces and the hours of fun you get out of it I think the price is justified. Recommended.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    My two son, aged nearly seven and five, love Ninjago. They watch the TV series intently and have a load of Ninjago Lego.
    My seven year old son assisted in the build of this set, as it is recommended for 9+ for the build. The instructions are very clear, concise and well formatted. So younger kids cans still get involved in the build and enjoy the satisfaction. And this build was satisfying watching it all come together, especially sea serpent.

    There is so much to do with this set, so many quirks that make it stand out. My boys love firing the cannons, breaking down the prison bars, the sear serpent wrestling out the chains. All these quirks give the kids so much to go on with their imaginative play. They can really get involved with recreating scenes from the series or coming up with their own storyline. This is a big set so it is perfect for interactive play between my two lads together.

    With so many minifigures included, over 1000 pieces and the usual high standard and quality from Lego I feel it is amazing value.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    When I was about to take a photo, the little one came and crashed it all down and my eldest refused to build it all over. So, younger sibling alert: this set is quite sensitive to touch (which is only understandable, it is built of so many pieces).
    It looks gorgeous when built. There are things that move, different levels of transparency of some elements, different textures, it has some pretty amazing elements, nooks and levers.
    It also looks amazing as an ornament. I am keeping the remains that are still intact in the hope that my child will once again rebuild it some time soon and have some quality play out of it as it offers plenty.
    A great set. But my frugal mind refuses to comment on the pricing..

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This set is just too cool. Like all the Ninjago sets it comes with a theme that means it has plenty of ready assembled bits that sort of detract from the original lego theme but I love that.

    The ninjago sets are all a little bit complex and leave you wondering if they actually belong in the actual lego line up and not rebranded as something different but lego somehow manage to pull it off and even with the unusal figures etc it fits right in.

    Its a bit fiddly in places so make sure it is going to a child or an adult who will take the time and really enjoy the process of putting this kit together.

    The set is well made, looks fantastic and will entertain for ages. Like all these sets though they really are only good for the original design though and once pulled apart and thrown in with all the other lego it is difficult to see how you would ever use some of these pieces ever again.

    Its good but I do think that these sets are all a bit pricey.. for lego addicts though thats not problem and this set in particular is well worth the time and effort.

  13. RoslynStreet says:

     United Kingdom

    My Son loves this new underwater theme from Ninjago and this is one of his favourite sets from the range along with the Water Dragon set.

    The temple looks stunning when built and especially the sea serpent whose detail is fantastic. There are 4 building along with the sea serpent to build and a mini submarine too. The main temple part has a display stand for the amulet whilst the three smaller buildings house a prison and laboratory along with an opening shell. The sea serpent is chained with one of the amulets.

    The set has 7 minifigures; NRG Nya, Scuba Kai, Glutinous, Prince Kalmaar, Prince Benthomaar and 2 Maraay Guards and has 1060 pieces along with a few small spares.

    The set looks brilliant built and there is so much play value with this set alone but obviously it can be played alongside the other sets in the range for more fun.

  14. SterlinDiggs says:

     United Kingdom

    This set includes some lovely pieces. Each build is individual but with a locking mechanism that allows you to join them all together in pretty much any order you wish.
    The first small build is an archway with a Clam/oyster sat in the centre. This opens with a lever to reveal a large pearl.
    The second small build is a lab with bottles and flask. Detailing is nice with a tile printed rug and a nice gold detailed window.
    A larger prison build is next- on the top level is a mounted spring loaded shooter, which can be turned and aimed in multiple directions. Access to the prison cell in at the back of this build, and has a small lever on the side to knock the hole door off and allow the Ninjas to break out. There is also a hidden compartment in the roof for treasures or weapons and some great pink lanterns.
    The next isn’t really a build but a platform that can be used to restrain the giant sea serpent- which can be released from her chains by a brick on her back. The serpent is great- she has a fierce dragon style head with a small lever at the back to allow her mouth to be opened and closed. She has lots of detail across her body- with coral pieces behind neck, fins that come out of the side of her body and double fins at the end of her tail.
    The main temple has two floors- the bottom floor has dual steps to get to it, which are covered with gold treasure. There are two spears that can be made to pop forwards with a lever at the back (they don’t fly out). On the second floor there is an amulet stand with a disc launcher underneath it, and some extra detail such as a white bust, more potions, and a fish on the roof. And more pink lanterns
    There are also two circular moulded pieces which I understand are amulets- in the new trans iridescent colour Lego have recently introduced.

    7 minifgs are included in this set. Kai in scuba suit and air tanks, locks at waist and sword fits behind.. Spinjitzu burst Nya is amazing she has translucent hair, 4 aqua pieces sticking out her back, 2 blue power bursts she can shoot and a wave like stand her legs slot into. Kai has a submersible pod which is similar to the pods from other underwater Ninjago sets- with a lift off windscreen, flaps at the back and a spinning propellor.
    Prince Kalmaar minifigure which has a moulded head, and octopus type base and carries a long gold weapon. Prince Benthomaar and Glutinous are also included- he has buildable legs clipped on to a ring with a small clear container underneath. To help him are two Maaray guard with flippers and eel/snake like heads which I love.
    I really like this set and how it can be all clicked together but for me I love Nya and the ray the most.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this set for my Ninjago obsessed 8 year old. Amazing set. So many fantastic details and beautifully detailed minifigures. We had an awesome time playing with it. Worth every penny.

  16. TeresaKOWwpped says:

     United Kingdom

    Felt very big and complete also the Minifigures were very good .
    On first site of the box the set looked ginormous and looked as if I had payed 150+

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Arrived in good time, well packaged and undamaged. My grandson loves it. It took him two days to complete- he’s 8 years old. Definitely recommend even though it was costly it’s worth it I would definitely recommend

  18. JulianaMcCoin says:

     United Kingdom

    Although I can not get over the cost if lego, daughter loved it and built it very quickly

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