HID Global enhances mobile ticketing for public transportation with the first Calypso-certified Software Development Kit for NFC-enabled devices

HID Global, a globally renowned company in trusted identity solutions, has announced that it is the world’s first ticketing solution provider with a software development kit (SDK) that is fully certified and compliant to Calypso HCE standards, for secure and convenient mobile ticketing on smartphones.

SDK certified to Calypso standards

The certification specifies how to protect ticket data stored in the mobile device’s wallet, helping transport operators to effectively fight fraud, by preventing tickets from being duplicated, transferred or altered. “Calypso Networks Association (CAN) is pleased to issue to the HID SOMA Atlas 4Digital SDK, this first certificate of compliance, with the security requirements established for the HCE Calypso mobile ticketing application. This solution offers transport operators flexible, fast and secure solutions that comply with the principles of the most stringent mobile security programmes,” said Philippe Vappereau, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Calypso Networks Association (CNA).

Open standard for contactless ticketing applications

Calypso Host Card Emulation (HCE) standard extends the success of CNA standards to mobile devices

Relied on by public transportation networks and cities around the world, Calypso is an open standard for contactless ticketing applications, in which Calypso cards and NFC mobile phones are used. The Calypso Host Card Emulation (HCE) standard extends the success of CNA standards to mobile devices and the Calypso HCE Security Certification (CHSC) combines a state-of-the-art evaluation methodology, with the most stringent requirements of mobile security programmes.

Security-by-design approach for identity solutions

Being at the forefront of achieving this certification underscores HID’s long-standing commitment to a security-by-design approach, to building trusted identity solutions for our customers,” said Cesare Paciello, the Vice President, Events & Mobility Solutions with HID Global. Cesare Paciello adds, “Following HID’s world’s first certification for Calypso Light in 2018, this new industry-first milestone positions HID to continue leading the way for public transportation networks to implement next-generation automated fare collection solutions.

In addition to delivering advanced security to safeguard against cloning, eavesdropping and other cyber threats, the HID SOMA Atlas 4Digital SDK enables easier, more streamlined mobile ticketing.”   

Mobile tickets, powered by HID SOMA Atlas 4Digital SDK

Mobile tickets, powered by the HID SOMA Atlas 4Digital SDK, can be used with Near-Field Communication (NFC)-enabled smartphones, just like any paper or card-based tickets that meet the Calypso standard. The HID SDK also enables transport operators and authorities to greatly expand the range of devices that customers can ‘tap to pay’ for travel using Android smartphones and other NFC devices. Additionally, passengers can also use their mobile devices to add funds (‘top-up’) their Calypso-based transport cards, making it even easier to pay and use public transport, while minimising physical contact.

HID Events & Mobility Solutions

HID Events & Mobility Solutions provide end-to-end ticketing solutions, including transportation ticketing terminals, data capturing software, key management capabilities, RFID paper tickets, smart card tokens, smart wristbands and other components.

Its multi-application operating systems can be integrated with existing hardware. 

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