Magmaus® [Anti-Rust] Heavy Duty Outdoor Padlocks with 3 Keys [High Security] [Stainless Steel] Weatherproof – Ideal for Containers, Shed, Chain, Gate, Garage – UK Brand

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About this item

  • HIGH SECURITY – Magmaus comes with a patented anti-theft lock cylinder making it very secure against lock picking, drilling and cloned keys.
  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL: Shock resistant, complex grade stainless steel that can withstand over 4,000kg of force.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Tested in strong nitric acid for over 40 minutes. High Anti-corrosive properties gives full protection all year round, therefore it is able to operate reliably in the most severe freezing conditions.
  • UNIQUE 3D KEYS: Personalised security with 3x unique keys made for you and your trusted family and friends. Similar keys will not open the lock. 3 keys keep some as spares for a very long time.
  • INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: Perfect size for fitting under 20ft, 40ft shipping container lockbox, preventing bolt cutters from accessing the shackle.
Weight: ‎480 g
Size: ‎One Size
Dimensions: ‎7 x 2 x 5.3 cm; 480 Grams
Colour: ‎Silver
Batteries Required: ‎No
Manufacture: ‎Magmaus
Colour: ‎Silver
Size: ‎One Size

Product Description

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Magmaus is a UK based company and are glad to offer a unique and innovative padlock for containers, sheds, garages, or whatever you need to secure in a safe and reliable manner.

The patented anti-theft lock cylinder is a game-changing innovation that makes it almost impossible for lock-picking or clone key makers to get through.

The monoblock design using heavy-duty complex grade steel attributes a mighty strength to the Magmaus padlock as it can resist a force up to 4000 Kgs, making it almost impossible to achieve by manual means.

The sliding bolt mechanism offers you great flexibility to use the lock for a variety of purposes, be it during the summer or winter. The lock has been placed in concentrated nitric acid for over 40 minutes and has shown to be highly resistant to rusting and corrosion. This makes it a natural choice for marine environments, especially for container owners.

Magmaus is a truly remarkable company driving innovations to add value to its customers. Come and join us and enjoy this safe and reliable locking solution!

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Designed for the extremes of summer and winter, this padlock has been placed in strong nitric acid for over 40 minutes and has shown to be suitable for containers in the marine environment.

Enjoy year-round protection in hot summers and freezing winters.


Made from heavy-duty complex steel which is super strong and shock-resistant.


The patented anti-theft lock cylinder technology makes the padlock a nightmare for lock pickers.

Does not open with clone keys and has been built strong enough to resist drilling, thus ensuring your peace of mind.


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