Redragon K596 Vishnu 2.4G Wireless/Wired RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 87 Keys TKL Compact Keyboard with 2400 mAh Battery, 10 Onboard Macro Keys & Wrist Rest, 10H Play Time, Red Switches

596 630 582 530
Dimension/size 15.2*8.6 in 11.5*3.9 in 17.3*5.0 in 11.5*3.9 in
Keyboard Weight 1.26 kg 0.54 kg 1.15 kg 0.61 kg
Switch Type Red Switch Blue Switch Red Switch Brown Switch
Keys 92 61 104 61
Connection Wired/2.4Ghz Wireless Wired Wired Wired/BT Wireless
Extra G Keys 10 / / /

Weight: 1.26 kg
Dimensions: 43.18 x 17.78 x 5.08 cm; 1.26 Kilograms
Brand: Redragon
Model: K596
Batteries Included: Yes
Manufacture: Redragon

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62 Responses

  1. ToniaSeppelt says:

     United States

    Bought as a replacement for my laptop keyboard and i love just about everything it has to offer, the size is the exact length and width that i needed. Only problem I’ve had is that the key switch for my W key seemed to go out very quickly, i replaced it with the extra switches it came with and the problem hasn’t happened since. Fragility may be a problem in the long ru

  2. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I am happy to make the change to mechanical keyboard after using cheap old keyboards. Lighting is good, some buttons lighting is not customizable but I dont really need them to be, I only need to be able to see them on the dark. Feel is overall good, I do feel they make a little more sound than expected but not overall annoying. Good thing is switches can be exchanged as well as keycaps, it even includes a switch testing set to see if you would like another color of switches better. Volume knob is really useful and I enjoy using the wrist rest it includes. It being a Hybrid keyboard that can be used wireless and wired for this pricepoint is pretty good and do not regret the purchase at all.

  3. Chic Reviews says:

     United States

    The k596 feels like a racist joke in the aspect that it’s either hit or miss. While typing on the board sometimes it’ll feel like garbage and the other time it’ll feel great. Coming from blue switches (redragon k552) it felt somewhat mushy if I was typing really slowly and if I was paying attention. The sound is generally always good. Using the software to assign macros and color is very understandable after about 10 seconds of looking at it. The final thing I’ll talk about is the wrist rest. I thought the keyboard looked really good with the rest but when I tried using it, it felt pretty odd since it changed the way my hand was positioned. After about 0.5-2hours it felt way better than it had before using it and felt intuitive. Over all 7/10, only missing 3 just because of the switch type, which is a personal thing and can be switched pretty easily because it is hot swappable.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I love this brand this is my 3rd Redragon product I own. Good priced gaming hardware with high-end performance and feel. I just wish I could’ve bought this with brown switches I dont like the red switches it came with they’re just to mushy for me. so I installed brown switches and G.Skill keycaps.

     I love this brand this is my 3rd Redragon product I own. Good priced gaming hardware with high-end performance and feel. I just wish I could've bought this with brown switches I dont like the red switches it came with they're just to mushy for me. so I installed brown switches and G.Skill keycaps.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United States

    The keyboard is nice, has a good heft to it with a very big legible shine through font. Keycaps are thin but good. Love the volume wheel. Top media/macro buttons arent very stylish just kinda big and clunky but I’m glad to have them.

    My keyboard came with a loose magnet (the ones that hold the palm rest) and the plastic around the magnet was slightly warped. The software is meh, be aware that while software is running I saw CPU utilization go up around 20%. Very sus… Id say program your macros and uninstall.

    The only real negative I’d say is the led whine… At full brightness in a silent room its unbearable. Turn up some music and youll be fine, or dont use RGB…(This issue might just be my unit)

    This is my first mech keyboard and I didnt want to break the bank. So for around 50 dollars Id say its decent.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Love the wireless non wireless option. Plus so many backlight features, highly recommended for gaming

  7. LaurenceSalas says:

     United States

    Keyboard stoped charging after about 5 months . I thought it might be the port or the cable but it’s the connection on the back of the keyboard.

  8. Brian Bennett says:

     United States

    Very nice keyboard, heavy and solid. Definitely would purchase 100x over.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United States

    The battery life is great. The key feels comfortable. Extra game key can be reprogrammed and very handy. Only thing I don’t like very much is the g6–g10 keys are different. Not as comfortable as others.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I used about every brand, Corsair is my favorite hands down but Redragon delivers something they don’t and that’s Product to Money ratio you get everything with this keyboard with out breaking the bank

    I can tell you now, that I use the keyboard for a month and I use it both wirelessly and Connected ( playing FPS connected / casually Wireless) input is seamlessly. Materials are really good battery last a few days of use. All macro keys and shortcuts are A+. Then having that volume nob is the best thing eve

  11. KathieFroude says:

     United States

    Amazing keyboard for the price! Only tiny issue is that I don’t like the macro keys on the left side.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Got this for my son and he loves it. Says it works great for his gaming.

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