ROTHENBERGER Industrial 1500002695 RoPump Power Pressure Cleaner, Black, one Size

Weight: 2.14 kg
Size: one size
Dimensions: 58 x 20 x 15 cm; 2.14 Kilograms
Model: 1500002695
Part: 1500002695
Colour: Black
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Rothenberger Industrial GmbH
Colour: Black
Quantity: 1
Size: one size

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16 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Best ever gadget. A bit pricey but saves on calling out a plumber.

  2. SallyPeeples says:


    Va genial…era lo que necesitbamos…en poco tiempo se hace un gran trabajo.Lo recomiendo

  3. KristieMcElhane says:


    Impeccable pour dboucher un lavabo, pas encore utilis sur des toilettes

  4. Anonymous says:


    Tres bon produit meme si je n’avais utiliser jusqu’ici que celle de son concurant.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Benutze es privat und beruflich, bei fachgerechter Anwendung sind damit 80% aller Verstopften im Haus zu lsen. Der Artikel ist sehr robust.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 9 From Our UsersThere’s no other manual pressure cleaner that I’ve encountered which works as well as this. It’s powerful, easy to control, and can be operated without making a mess!

    Until recently I’d been using a pump-up pneumatic gun to clear sinks. It worked about 50% of the time, but with distinct disadvantages. The sudden jolt of air risked opening up pipe couplings and it regularly sprayed water everywhere. A wave of black gunk coating both me and a bathroom wall prompted my purchase of the Rothenberger instead. The difference in usability is night and day.

    For starters, the Rothenberger uses water, not air, to do the job. Because you control the pressure with the plunger, there’s no risk of explosive sprays of water. It’s a more gentle process but one with more power behind it to shift the blockage. If you’re serious about doing the job, or you’re a professional plumber, this is the piece of kit to choose, without a doubt.

    It consists of a heavy duty plastic tube with an adjustable handle at the front and a plunger handle at the back. Two hard rubber tips are included, one short reach for basins, and a long reach for toilets. The rubber is necessarily on the hard side to enable you to push down sufficiently on it without it buckling. Inside the tube a simple hard rubber disc is attached to the end of the piston. There are no valves or flaps here, and nothing to go wrong. This is a foolproof device that simply sucks water in and out when you move the piston. Placing it over a plug hole or WC gives you the hydraulic muscle you need to push any blockages free. The only thing you need to remember is to suck water into it from the basin or toilet pan first, before pushing down on the plunger. If air bubbles are escaping when you push down, you’re doing it wrong!

    * Some have commented on a difficulty in achieving a seal. It isn’t such an issue with a hydraulic pump like this, because a small fluid leakage still leaves you with workable pressure. If you are having issue though, wrap a sacrificial old towel around the tip and mould it to the sink or toilet bowl you are trying to clear. Get an assistant to hold it down while you operate the pump. Result – perfect seal and blockage removed.

    * This is best used with the help of an assistant, especially on sinks or basins. Get them to block overflow outlets with a wet cloth while you hold down and pump the Rothenberger.

    * The ability to suck fluid back as well as push it forward is a big help. You can often loosen a blockage by working it back and forth a little first, before pushing it free.

    * Remember this is designed as a hydraulic, not a pneumatic pump! It won’t work if you try pumping air with it, but it will when you use it correctly and pump water.

    If this has been helpful I’d be hugely grateful if you could let me know, by hitting the button below. Many thanks 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:


    Lo compre para m trabajo por qu ya tena una igual y la prxima que compre ser la misma. Para mi el mejor desatascador del mercado.

  8. KaleyClift says:


    Juste super, si j avais pens plus tt, avec des wc qui se bouchent souvent , et le prix du dbouchage, en qq minutes plus rien, just avant tirez 1 peu la chasse d eau , positionnez bien l interieur, 1xpeu incline, remplissez avec la languette l eau des wc et rvisez, comme si vous pompez, aprs quand le dbit d eau s est coul, tirez plusieurs fois la chasse.

  9. CarmonShurtleff says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this because it was the model a plumber used for an emergency call out. Regular plungers didn’t do the job. Because of the shape of the pipe leading from the toilet, coupled with the vast amount of toilet roll that is used I knew I couldn’t sustain the future call out costs. So, I ‘treated’ myself! One use and the toilet was clear…until the next time!
    Extremely easy to use and worth every penny. Does exactly what it says on the box!

  10. Anonymous says:


    La consegna stata perfetta, ho comprato questo sturalavandini per disperazione in quanto avevo gi provato di tutto ma con scarsi risultati.
    Che dire con questo sistema di sturalavandini ho finalmente risolto il problema con poca fatica, infatti il tutto funziona bene con il principio di un siringone che praticamente agisce pi che altro aspirando l’acqua smuovendo l’intasamento al contrario del solo spingere che tappa di pi.
    Funziona benissimo unico neo il prezzo un po’elevato per soldi ben spesi visto il risultato, quindi non 5 stelle solo per il costo un po’eccessivo per un siringone di plastica.

    Funziona benissimo

  11. Anonymous says:


    Die Ware war wie beschrieben
    Die Ware ist schnell und heil angekomme

  12. MargareHbi says:

     United Kingdom

    We’ve had a desperately slow draining kitchen sink for ages. I’ve tried every chemical treatment available and a couple of cheap and plunger/piston type devices.
    Just opened this behemoth up and it’s just cleared the drains with the first run. Unbelievable Jeff.
    Often the word “professional” gets attached to all manner of rubbish but not in this case. Terrific bit of kit.

  13. Anonymous says:


    Pour des siphons indemontables cest le produit ideal quand ca deborde!

  14. Eloy68Kndyp says:


    Kann ich nur empfehlen hat mir schon so manches mal den teuren Notdienst erspa

  15. JocelynStapleto says:


    La compre para eliminar un atasco grave en la fregadero, ya que el desage estaba casi totalmente bloqueado. Tras varios intentos elimin el atasco y 2 semanas despus sigue desatascado y tragando bien. La vez anterior que se atasc tuve que llamar a una empresa especializada y me cobraron 140, as que aunque no es un producto barato, ha merecido la pena la inversin. 100% recomendable

  16. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersAprs toutes les techniques possibles et inimaginables(javel dboucheur- eau chaude-furet), j’ai pas russis a dboucher mes chiottes.
    Le carton tait arriv avec un trou… plus aucune criture sur le produit (marque tout a)
    Je l’ai deball il avait comme plein de marque de doigts dessus (en mode deja utilis)

    Mais les critiques negatives je m’en fou un peu, c’est dommage parce que le produit fontionne folie du coup 5 toiles, j’ai attendu 3 jours avec mes chiottes bouche, j’ai fait 2 aller-retour et j’ai entendu lebruit de l’coulement des eaux.

    se ft une libration 😀

    recommande pour ceux qui veulent se lancer dans les dbouchages, et appeler un plombier pour qu’il dbouche et payer le meme prix que cet outil, a vous de faire votre choix !

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