De'Longhi Pinguino PACAN112 Silent | Portable Air Conditioner with Real Feel Technology | 110m³, 11,000 BTU, A+ Energy Efficiency [Energy Class A+]

  1. 112

    Efficient Power

    The Pinguino AN112 Eco has 2.9kW of power to efficiently cool rooms up to 110m³ with Class A+ energy Efficiency. R290 refrigerant gas is x696 more ecologically friendly than traditional gases**.

  2. PAC

    Real Feel Techonlogy

    Featuring Eco Real Feel Technology, which monitors your temperature and humidity to automatically maintain the perfect level of comfort whilst saving up to 30% on energy consumption*.

  3. AN112

    Quiet & Flexible

    Built-in castors, window kit, and flexible exhaust hose allow you to place the Pinguino AN112 Eco Real Feel exactly where you need cooling. With Quiet Mode, you can reduce noise by up to 50%


Compare the Pinguino Air Conditioner Range


Pinguino AN112


Pinguino EM82


Pinguino EM90


Pinguino EL98


Pinguino EX100


Pinguino EX130

Maximum cooling capacity – kW
2.9 2.4 2.5 2.7 2.5 3.3
Maximum cooling capacity – BTU
11,000 9,400 9,800 10,700 10,000 13,000
Max room size m³
110 80 90 100 110 120
Energy Efficiency Class
A+ A A A+ A++ A
Quiet Technology
Real Feel Technology
Eco Technology
Control panel
LED – with CLI Soft Touch Soft Touch LED Display LED – with CLI LED – with CLI
Noise pressure level – dB(A)
47-50 47-50 47-50 47-50 49-53 47-50
Max dehumidifying – l/24h
41 43 46 39 32 36
Refrigerant gas
R290 R290 R290 R290 R290 R290
Power (W)
950 1000 1000 930 700 1300

*Internal test, initial condition 30° C and 40%RH

**696 times compared to the impact of Global Warming of R410 – F-Gas Reg. 517/2014.

Weight: 30 kg
Dimensions: 44.9 x 39.5 x 75 cm; 30 Kilograms
Part: PAC AN112
Colour: White
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Dualit
Colour: White
Quantity: 1

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89 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    From my previous unit – my work was the water it extracts, previous model had a tank you had to
    empty – but this has no tank. Hence I thought it would need emptying every other night at best.
    Been using for a few weeks now – and not had any problem, somehow I think this SMART unit recycles
    the moisture it extracts – don’t ask me, just saying.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve had this for a couple of months and it was an absolute lifesaver for the two days of proper summer we had. It cools the room really quickly, our medium sized living room cools down by about 0.5C in about 5 minutes. It seems pretty energy efficient but I’ll update that when we get our next electricity bill. A few things which might be an issue for some people…1. The noise. I love white noise so for me it’s perfect but you would likely have to turn up the tv when this is on. Even on silent mode. My babies find the noise soothing and sleep through it but my husband said it took a bit of getting used to.
    2. If you have small children you’ll want to insure this as they seem to like putting objects into the rather large vent spaces. It’s not the air conditioners fault that my children feel like throwing things in, but I’ve seen other models with better child proofing eg smaller holes. My iPhone has been thrown in quite easily. It is possible to open the unit up to remove the objects.
    3. It’s a bit bulky but it’s well designed and I think aesthetically pleasing 4. As with all portable ACs you need to install it and ideally seal off the window otherwise it would be inefficient. We got a mesh from Amazon which does a good enough job. 5. It can potentially be moved from room to room on the same floor as it has wheels but it’s very heavy so moving between floors would be tricky. All in all it’s a great device, even for the crazy price and I don’t know how we lived through previous summers without air conditioning.

  3. Anonymous says:


    Produit trs bien emball, pas de problme de livraison, par contre le raccordement de la sortie d’air chaud prsente des lacunes, le tuyau d’vacuation se dboite pour un rien si on bouge l’appareil. Ce mme appareil ce rvle bruyant si on ne l’utilise pas en mode silence , bon matriel pour une pice de 20 ou 30 m2 gure plus.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The Air Con came yesterday in perfect condition on a sack truck, which was very pleasing to see rather than it being carried in a physical way, which would prove to be very difficult considering just how heavy this unit is.

    My greatest love is the “Real Feel Technology” which must be a new idea on this brand? it works by the CPU analysing the “temperature and humidity” within the room, then “automatically” maintains a perfect environment to be in.

    The Real Feel Technology saves money on the running cost due to it “only” switching on automatically at short intervals when needed. There are three lights on the top of the unit which singly go off and on thus indicating to the user the correct or incorrect environment within the roomspace, it’s amazing, it does all the thinking for you.

    The dB noise level is very pleasing for an Air Con because even the most expensive indoor Air Cons will still produce high levels of noise, that’s just how they are. This unit however to my surprise is much quieter than any Air Cons I’ve ever owned before, it’s “not” silent, not by any means, but, it’s not overly noisy which should defo please the user.

    It really does cool the room down very quickly without taking centre stage in the noise department, one won’t even know it’s there if using the “Real Feel Technology” mode.

    I don’t know how things will fare functioning wise from this unit as time goes by, because it’s simply too soon to make such a judgment. If it keeps on working in this manner, I can highly recommend this unit with great confidence to anyone.

    A very pleasing unit that carries a hefty price for staying cool, hot sweaty days are not something many people enjoy enduring.

  5. KentonBlaylock says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersMy first Air Con Experience. Speedy efficient delivery. Clear instruction and bonus for window accessory.
    So far it works well.Room gets cool in minutes and let’s hope it will stay like this. It is a little louder than I expected but as I said it is my first experience.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis worked very well at keeping our room cool during the hot summer weather. Without using it at full power, the room was being cooled very rapidly.
    It does make a bit of noise so we switched to the fan function at night which worked well.

    The unit is relatively heavy so you don’t really want to move it around too much on carpet, although the wheels help a bit with that.

    I have not used the Real Feel Technology much, we prefer using the simple Air con function.

    Very happy with the purchase

  7. NellieHowarth says:


    Preso usato da Amazon nel 2018 e lo uso praticamente sempre per asciugare capi umidi . Direi piu che soddisfatto, mai un problema! Consigliato

  8. Paige Lyman says:

     United Kingdom

    Crucial to say – that I spent some time getting this properly ‘fitted’ – so that the exhaust hose vents out of the room and there are no leaks to speak of. Anyone contemplating a portable air conditioner without proper venting will simply not get cold air in the room and you may well be wasting your money.

    Having said that – I had a portable air conditioner a decade or so ago and things have moved on somewhat since then. This is compact and pretty good looking – is heavy but pretty easy to manoeuvre – and really not too noisy.

    It pumps out very cold air and the controls are simple and logical to use.

    Elsewhere in our house we do have air conditioning with an outside compressor unit. This is about as quiet as you can get air conditioning to be. In comparison – this is noisier – but really not that bad. There’s a noticeable difference on ‘whisper’ setting.

    I’d say it’s about as noisy as the wall-mounted aircon you sometimes find in US Motels. There’s a continuous background noise and some occasional gurgles. I’m pretty sensitive to noise – but this is definitely bearable. The fact that the noise is pretty consistent means that it does blend into the background after a while.

    According to the blurb on a variety of models and brands – this model is about as quiet as it gets.

  9. Anonymous says:


    Contrariamente a quanto sostiene il produttore, non affatto silenzioso. Forse solo leggermente meglio rispetto ad altri modelli.

  10. Kevin Parrish says:


    Per il tipo di prodotto e potente e utile. La scomodit sta nella gestione del tubo di scarico. Su ambienti grandi aiuta a tenere la temperatura a livello accettabile ma non riesce a raffreddare bene. Su piccoli ambienti invece ottimo. Rumore accettabile.

  11. Anonymous says:


    Molto soddisfatta dell’acquisto! pratico e facilissimo da usare…Mi ha salvata da questa estate caldissima. Non rumorosissimo come tanti hanno scritto! Molto pratiche le varie funzioni che ti permettono di scegliere la ventilazione desiderata. Noi lo usavamo in camera da letto e zona cucina-soggiorno. Consigliato!!

  12. Roger Cheng says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 12 From Our UsersI ordered two of these. They are both very noisy and make a rattling sound at times. I used to own a much cheaper portable air conditioner a few years ago but that was extremely noisy. With these air cons we can still hear the t.v without turning it up too loud. My wife and I can also sleep undisturbed but we have situated one of them on the landing and keep the bedroom door open.
    The reason I have given them 5 stars is because they are very efficient at cooling the house in a reasonably short amount of time. We had a hot spell a couple of weeks ago with the outside temperature at 35 degrees and our rooms were lovely and cool.
    I don’t believe there is such a thing as a silent portable air condition and these are probably as good as you’ll get for your money.

  13. Anonymous says:


    Negli anni ho avuto modo di provare diversi condizionatori portatili.
    Questo di gran lunga il migliore che mi sia mai capitato di avere tra le mani.

    Al momento posizionato in una sala di circa 50mq, con soffitti alti e una scala in legno che porta al piano superiore (quindi veramente molto ‘aperta’). I BTU si sentono tutti. In mezz’ora rinfresca e deumidifica bene la sala e l’annessa cucina (lo scarico dell’aria posizionato nella cappa del camino, in modo da ridurre al minimo l’entrata di calore), a lasciarlo andare abbassa la temperatura notevolmente. Come richiesto da un dispositivo di questo tipo.

    Veniamo al punto che genera pi dubbi su questo dispositivo. La dicitura ‘Silent’.
    Se ci si aspetta che sia realmente silenzioso si rimane molto delusi. Se si ha un minimo di esperienza con i condizionatori (in generale), per possibile rendersi conto come al momento generare aria realmente fredda (per lunghi periodi) senza un corrispettivo rumore infernale (e un calore inversamente proporzionale al freddo) sia impossibile. Si provi a recarsi dove c’ la macchina vera e propria del climatizzatore in qualsiasi casa o ufficio (non gli split, che buttano fuori l’aria e basta) e sar facile rendersene conto.

    In questo caso la dicitura ‘Silent’ pu essere intesa come ‘pi Silent degli altri’ e diventa quindi vero.

    Vengo da un altra marca, sempre con la dicitura Silent nel nome (Olympia Splendid Silent) e la differenza notevole. Il rumore generale simile, ma quello del precedente modello era pi metallico e molto pi fastidioso (per me impossibile dormirci nella stessa stanza, ma anche l’averlo accesso quando ero sveglio era causa mal di testa), mentre questo sopportabile, in modalit silent riesco anche a dormirci vicino.

    Unica nota veramente negativa il peso. Nella mia esperienza la media sui 25Kg che se ben distribuiti e con le maniglie non sono troppo difficili da spostare. Questo segnato come 35Kg ma non mi meraviglierebbe se fosse qualcosa di pi. Cosa che lo rende davvero molto scomodo (e faticoso) da muovere sulle scale, ad esempio.

    Quindi, per riassumere, il Climatizzatore uno dei migliori che si possano trovare in commercio per questa fascia di prezzo. Molto potente, non credo deluder nessuno sotto questo aspetto. Si possono sollevare obiezioni sulla dicitura ‘Silent’ ma non possibile trovare comunque di meglio se si parla di veri e propri climatizzatori portatili (nel caso si deve valutare l’installazione di uno fisso, che risolve il problema del rumore e della generazione di aria calda portandolo all’esterno della casa). Da tenere in conto che molto pesante e poco adatto agli spostamenti, soprattutto da un piano all’altro (per lo stesso piano ci sono le rotelle).

    Dal mio punto di vista, assolutamente consigliato. Anzi, se si considera l’acquisto di un prodotto di questo tipo un acquisto quasi obbligato.

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    We bought this some weeks ago when we thought we might have very hot weather. The next day the temp plummeted to 15 deg C.
    But yesterday it was 31 deg C and we were delighted that the machine worked so well. This really is different that our Dyson fans. It does feel like good air conditioning. We put it in our bedroom and it was wonderful to get the room evenly cooled before sleep. It can be quieter, but I find it has more noise level than I expected initially, though I don’t find it particularly bothersome. Feeling stifling hot is far worse than a bit of noise. From what we can see the noise appears to be related to how low you want the temp to drop. If you tell it to aim for 27 it makes so much noise. If you tell it to aim for 23 the noise increases. We wonder if we should have bought a smaller unit because we think this is designed for a larger room than we have it in. Overall pleased with it, but early days to understand it.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This works well, but do not expect a quiet machine. It does make quite a lot of noise. We can sleep with it running, but ‘silent’ it is not. Does a great job of cooling a loft bedroom, don’t forget you need to vent to the outside, we do through a window and a DIY fitting to accommodate the pipe. Overall very happy with the performance.

  16. ClaudioSprouse says:


    Buon prodotto molto efficente nel raffrescare (visto la capacit di 11000 Btu/h)e la classe energetica unica cosa leggermente negativa la rumorosit (comunque riferita ad altri modelli limitata) nel complesso un buon rapporto qualit/prezzo

  17. JaneenApodaca says:


    Funziona perfettamente, raffredda che un piacere.. Certo c’ l’ingombro del tubo ma non un problema una volta fissato, non fa tanto rumore anche perch si pu silenziare.. Ottimo acquisto!!! Messo nel corridoio rinfresca anche 2 stanze.

  18. JocelynLapointe says:


    J ai pris ce matriel pour une Climatisation d’un bureau individuel . Le ct bruit tant important . L option Silent est bien. Nette baisse de bruit par rapport d autres matriels . Facile de dmarrage et d exploitatio

  19. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersAchat parfait suite cet pisode caniculaire. J’ai un salon de 30m2. Quand il faisait 40 dehors j’avais 26 dans la maison.
    Le bruit est acceptable.
    J’ai des volets roulants et l’adaptateur se cale trs bien dans la fentre. Pour le moment j’en suis trs content !!!

  20. MargheritaMargo says:

     United Kingdom

    My new build apartment is so hot in the summer I’ve suffered for years when the hot weather arrives. I’ve thought long and hard about getting a portable air conditioner and also a split outside system but due to the nature of the building the latter wouldn’t be possible. My windows were the main concern they are tilt and turn windows. I can’t really open them fully because of the cats and being on the third floor so the tilt inwards was the option that works and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it to work how I wanted it to. I got a window seal
    Kit by Hoomee available on amazon. And took the chance with the Delonghi I’m over the moon honest it’s changed my life I have health problems and the heat is not good for me. It had some great features and it works it really does. Lovely and cool and gets a room very cool in litrerally 30 mins sometimes 15mins depending on humidity. The air conditioning has real feel technology that works by checking humidity and temperature to create a better environment over time. Yes it’s exoensive but you pay for you get. It’s of solid build easy to set up and comes with a remote control and also has timer functions. It’s heavy but the wheels for moving around are very very good. So it won’t be a problem for someone moving it around. Even on carpet I can imagine but it would be slower process as I have wooden flooring. If you are thinking of buying this you won’t be disappointed I’m over the moon it’s changed my life. I might get one for the lounge area next year. Hope my review helps.

  21. PhillipF71 says:

     United Kingdom

    Portability was the main purchasing reason, with the plan being to lower the temperature of several bedrooms (either individually, or by leaving the unit in a central corridor, with all bedroom doors open). It works for individual rooms, but the practicality of creating a set-up with a long extension hose for the outlet vent may put people off.

    The outlet hose (taking hot air away) has a diameter of 130mm, so the only solution if your machine location is some distance away is to join multiple extension hoses together. Usually the extensions you can buy are either fragile (paper-like, cheap, designed for tumble dryers) or short industrial (metal or heavy duty plastic, inflexible, expensive). It is feasible to join the cheaper ones together, although you may end up with an adapter (to get the fit right) and duct tape to join, and you will have the inconvenience of meters of hoses trailing from the corridor to the outlet location.

    You then have the problem with the window/ door to hang the outlet hose from. Good news is that the machine comes with a window kit perfect for sash windows, not so good for tilting or side opening windows/ doors. For those, you will need to buy an after market kit to work.

    Noise level? Family comment that the machine is noisy, and while it is quieter than rival machines, don’t expect a miracle! (It is about the noise level of background conversation). “Real feel” is a nice feature, that addresses humidity as well as temperature.

    Overall I recommend. Although for the reasons I mention above, plus the weight of the machine (30kg), transporting upstairs/ downstairs could be difficult.

  22. Anonymous says:


    Rinfresca benissimo sia come condizionatore che in modalit deumidificatore. Volendolo usare solo come ventilatore abbastanza silenzioso.
    Essendo un condizionatore portatile il suo rumorino lo fa ma non lo trovo cos fastidioso.

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersThis is not a ‘verified purchase’ because I live abroad and bought the unit locally, but I am just an ordinary customer. I was lucky to get an airconditioning unit just before a forecast heatwave and installed it this morning. The installation is very easy and done in about 10 minutes.
    Once switched on, the appliance certainly does create cool air and expel very warm air through the hose. It is relatively noisy, though, but I am more than happy to accept this as a trade off because temperatures above 25C make me feel very uncomfortable and I hope this unit will keep me reasonably cool even when outside temperatures reach 38C.
    For now, I give it 4 stars; I will upgrade it after the heatwave actually hits.
    UPDATE: We’ve just had a week of all time record temperatures of 35C and very warm weather during the night too and I can state categorically that this air conditioning unit really does work! The unit was powerful enough to keep the whole flat cool even without running it 24h/day. We could switch it off at night and restart it in the morning when the temperature started climbing. It is brilliant and kept me comfortable throughout what would otherwise have been quite an ordeal.
    The ‘Real Feel’ setting works very well and saves on electricity by automatically switching the unit off as soon as the room ‘feels’ comfortable and switching it on again when it gets too hot. I cannot recommend this unit enough and only wish I had bought it earlier. I must add that we used it mostly with a window seal and that is really a must as it prevents warm air expelled through the hose from being sucked back into the room you are trying to cool.
    The unit and the hose take up quite a lot of space and we had to move our furniture around a bit, but it’s a price I am prepared to pay for the comfort it brings.
    I now give it 5 stars.

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersGood for cooling … similar to other units available on the market . I regret buying this as it has no wheels and therefore is not portable and is super bulky to move around the flat . Good from cooling point of view but horrible from the fact that it is not portable

  25. Angelin56H says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 50 From Our UsersPurchased this Delonghi after much deliberation and I’m so glad I did!!! Arrived today at 7:20am and was easy to unpack and set up. It is heavy but rolls along great on the castors. The little spaces they call handle grips aren’t deep enough to really help, too shallow. However I’m very pleased indeed with how it looks. I’ve turned it on and at its lowest setting of 18degrees you can feel the coldness. Noise level was really the most important factor for me and I’m a realist…no portable aircon unit is ever going to be silent despite advertising as such. However this unit is by far the quietest I’ve experienced. Other cheaper models just sound like tractors. This Delonghi isn’t completely silent but even at the highest setting I’m still able to watch TV with the unit about 4ft away from me and I’m not that bothered by the noise. If you switch to the lowest level silent mode there is a relatively noticeable difference but again not silent. Its an aircon unit and if it’s cooling down your property in my opinion it’s an acceptable trade off. Only regret I didn’t buy it last year!!
    P.s for those that need to sleep in a totally silent room then I’d suggest to wear ear plugs. I do if I’m sleeping in the same room as the unit and I personally sleep fine, again it’s a trade off against sleeping in on awful hot room. I also put the unit on a programme that only turns the unit on if the temperature rises above what I’d like it to be. Very useful.

    Love my Penguino!!!!

  26. CharlaHardman says:


    facile da usare, facile da installare, efficiente, ottimo programma per regolare automaticamente umidit e temperatura.
    spedizione con BRT non efficiente. oggetto mai consegnato. sono passato a ritirarlo al punto BRT una settimana dopo il tempo di consegna previsto.

  27. HesterKlug says:


    Ho acquistato il pinguino con qualche dubbio sulla sua reale possibilit di raffreddare stanze di una certa dimensione…ma alla fine funziona bene anche con stanze sui 40m2. Rimane un po’ rumoroso ma maglio un po’ di rumore che muorire dal caldo

  28. StephaineHawk says:


    Golden Review Award: 17 From Our UsersFonctionne merveille. Permet de ne pas voir passer les canicules. Le niveau du bruit est bien et devient excellent avec le mode silent.

  29. Gary Berry says:


    Golden Review Award: 9 From Our UsersUn buon prodotto. In questi giorni di caldo eaagerato 38/40 riesce a togliere l’umidit e rinfrescare dai 25 ai 30 mq. Il solo difetto ancora la rumorosit un po alta

    Buon prodotto

  30. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 31 From Our UsersCette clim mobile vaut son prix, je recommande : elle est de bonne qualit, efficace et simple d’utilisation.
    Plus silencieuse que la majorit des clims mobiles … mais ca reste bruyant n’esprez pas dormir juste cot sans boules quies.
    Elle les memes dfauts que toutes les clims mobiles => bruit, vacuation de l’air chaud via un gros tuyau, efficacit moindre qu’une climsplit, pas possible de la mettre en mode “soufflerie lgre” (c’est soit tout soit rien).

  31. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 13 From Our UsersAn excellent Portable Air Conditioner, a bit pricey but worth it, I live in a very large 2 bedroom flat, I opened the doors + stairs and it manged to cool the whole flat under 30 mins, unlike other air conditioners you do not need to empty the reservoir every time.

  32. Bryonaue74 says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersProbably the best stand alone air conditioner on the market today. Effecient, quiet, nice design and the real feel technology takes thr guess work out of the best temperature humidity balance. Powerful 11k btu ok for 2 large rooms.

  33. phillyburgerquest says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersIl condizionatore come me lo aspettavo. Silenzioso, di facile gestione e programmazione e raffredda in modo soddisfacente e veloce anche un intero appartamento. Quindi le mie stelle vanno all’apparecchio, ma sono rimasta molto delusa vedendo che, il giorno dopo il mio acquisto, il prezzo calato di oltre 30 Euro….. non importa se la consegna ha tardato di un giorno.

  34. TheodorBriseno says:


    Arrivato in buoni condizioni come previsto di Amazon. Facile per fare connessione. 3 mode di lavoro. Un po’ rumoroso come altri condizionatori portatili. Dopo un mese lo so pi dopo utilizzare.


  35. Anonymous says:


    E’ un buon condizionatore con molteplici funzioni. Ho dato il punteggio massimo, consapevole che un certo grado di rumorosit inevitabile, data la presenza del compressore nella stessa unit interna. La funzione Silent abbastanza efficace e riduce principalmente il rumore provocato dalle ventole interne. Buono il tempo di raffreddamento dell’ambiente e preciso il mantenimento della temperatura richiesta. Per chi lo utilizza in ambienti con porta finestra bisogna ricordare che il tubo esterno deve uscire ad almeno 35/40 cm. di altezza per consentire il corretto smaltimento della condensa. Nel libretto di istruzioni intuibile guardando il posizionamento fisso con foro sul muro.

  36. Anonymous says:


    Fantastico, funziona molto bene, compatto ed elegante.
    Raffredda molto e non molto rumoroso
    Pi costoso rispetto alle altre marche ma De Longhi una garanzia.

  37. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our Users4 stelle per la consegna in ritardo di un giorno, per il resto un ottimo prodotto, molto potente e piuttosto silenzioso, rinfresca in breve tempo e copre una grande superficie. Ottima la funzione real feel e deumidificatore. Lo ricomprerei dieci volte.

  38. RodrigoPYEK says:


    Ottimo articolo. Non si pu pretendere la silenziosit di un condizionatore con unit esterna ma non cos fastidioso. Consigliato

  39. kokoda_koji says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersA 5 m. distanza si sente il suo vento freddo. A 24 C in Auto la temperatura dell’aria che esce dalla griglia uscita e 9 C. Appartamento di 70 m.q. Fuori era pi o meno 35 C.

    Ho avuto altre marche di climatizzatori (quando vivevo in Canada) che avevano recensioni eccellenti…ma il De’Longhi Pinguino PAC AN112 Silente e il meglio climatizzatore che ho mai avuto.

    Altri avevano pressione di suono a 57 dBa, il Pinguino e ancora pi quieto – non e 63 dBA “noise level” come e scritto nella Descrizione Prodotto, e meno [ho avuto climatizzatori a 63 dBA e sono intollerabili, invece il PAC AN112 Silente e quieto. In “Whisper” e 50 dBA, molto quieto (gente parlando 1 m. distanza = 60 dBA, biblioteca molto quieta = 40 dBA, aspirapolvere 1 m. distanza = 70 dBA).

    Mi piace la caratteristica “AUTO” dove pensa lei la velocit di ventilazione vis–vis la temperatura. Bello anche che e incluso traversa, griglia, flangia a muro etc. cosi non e necessario comprare altri accessori.

    Contentissimo. Bravi De’Longhi.

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