Elailite Blonde Double Weft Hair Extensions Real Human Hair Clip in Thick Remy Natural Hair – 8 Pieces Full Head Straight – #70 Bleach White – 18 Inch (140 g)



pic 1

Thick Double Weft

  • Two pieces hair weft of standard thickness form one thick piece, which offers a maximum volume.
  • Our double weft extensions weigh 110-170g and are one of the thickest human hair extensions on the market that will give you a chic and glamorous effect.


100% Remy Human Hair

  • Our clip in extension adopts 100% premium remy hair as raw material.
  • During production, alignment of the natural hair cuticles is kept, which greatly reduces tangles and mimics natural hair flow, and therefore it ensures a more natural blend with your own hair.


Different Styles Available

  • Straighten
  • Curl
  • Dye (Attention: the hair can only be dyed into a darker colour. If you want a light colour, you’d better take a blonde colour to dye)
  • Ponytail, braids, buns


About Volume

These thick type extensions are ideal for those :

  • with thick or normal thickness of hair and want to lengthen them or
  • with short hair, and want to lengthen and thicken them.

(Picture shows 1 pack effect, if you prefer a thicker effet, pls take 2 packs.)

pic 1

Thick Double Weft


100% Human Hair


Can be Restyled


About Volume


how to wear


  • Two 8″ wide wefts (3 clips per weft)
  • Two 6″ wide wefts (3 clips per weft)
  • Two 4″ wide wefts (2 clips per weft)
  • Two 2″ wide wefts (1 clip per weft)
  • Replacement bag with 2 additional clips



About Colour

  1. #1B and #01 are both black colour, but #01 are darker while #1B contains slightly brown tone.
  2. #12P613 and #18P613 are similar, but #12P613 is darker, because colour #12 is darker than #18.
  3. If you want to dye the hair, you’d better take a blonde colour to dye.
  4. For blonde colour, we have #24, #27, #613, #60, #70 :

  • #24 we call it honey blonde, which contains a little orange tone
  • #27 is the darkest blonde we have
  • #613 contains more yellow tone
  • #60 is lighter than #613, one of the lightest blonde
  • #70 what we call bleach white, is the lightest colour we have.

Thickness ++ ++ + + +++ +/++
Double Drawn

Dimensions: 40.9 x 31.2 x 1.8 cm; 220 Grams
Brand: Elailite
Colour: #70 Bleach White
Manufacture: Elailite
Colour: #70 Bleach White
Reference: EUYDY-THUK-5217-GB

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76 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Had them a whole year still lasting need to order more! Hurry up be in stock please

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    These are perfect – the hair is good quality, it’s easy to use and is the perfect weight to add length and volume to my very fine hair. I bought this blonde colour to dye light golden brown to match my hair, which was very straightforward and worked really well – the match is seamless.

  3. Robin4934y says:

     United Kingdom

    I use to have long hair but after the hairdressers cut my sides to short and my hair getting caught in a hair band I was left with much shorter hair than I’m use to. I coloured my hair extension and used my beach waver to blend perfectly with my hair . Great quality highly recommended.

    Absolutely love my new extensions

  4. LouisaLudowici says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve bought a lot of human hair extensions and these in my opinion are worth it. I bought 16″ 120g hair my hair is really thick I will need two packs but the one pack for someone with fine to normal hair would be perfect. Good quality hair. Will buy again.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The hair is very good quality and arrived within 2 days as specified. So easy to use and give yrself that something special for everyday or special events.

    Perfect colour match

  6. Mike Hume says:

     United Kingdom

    At first I had bought them they were very thin then I bought the double drawn and they are brilliant I have died them dark as I got light brown I do curly blowdrys on them all the time, they are very thick, one thing 2 things I would recommend to look after them as I have noticed after time with me not looking after them properly the mat while in your hair but I have just been brushing them and they are fine, second is don’t wash them too often either I recommend washing them at least once a month, I have ordered my next set double drawn ombr and excited to see if they still live up to my first set, I definitely recommend the double drawn just look after them and don’t wash them
    To much, I will be keeping my old ones as I do recommend them to be very good clip ins and I have worn clip ins all my life I swear by them!

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Absolutely amazed, I’ve long hair: but its inbetween thin and thick lol… And these are amazing my ponytail is alot thicker looking which is great. And there so comfortable in my hair too. Definitely be purchasing more in the future to do fishtail braids etc…

  8. ScarlettHudspet says:

     United Kingdom

    After having extensions for a year I got fed up and had them removed. My hair was left short and brittle. Trying to grow it out but wanted something I can clip in every now and then if I fancy having long hair for the day! These are super easy to put in, blend in nicely with my own hair and they’re lovely and thick! Can’t fault them!


  9. NannetteCarr says:

     United Kingdom

    great but brighter than my own hair got a toner and match colour full head 130g didnt use them all well pleased and will buy again you can see how long my hair is in second pic recommend 100 percent thank you xx

    best hair extensions eve

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought for my daughter who’s usually very fussy with hair but she lived it in fact better than previous hair bought from elsewere

  11. MapleCheel says:

     United Kingdom

    Perfect colour match with mine, very soft and looking natural.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very good value for money VERY good extensions! Complete real feel doesn’t look fake AT all

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Absolutely love the extensions, cant believe how good they are for the price, I choose the 10inch ombre extensions as I had really short dark hair, I couldn’t be happie

    Super happy

  14. FelishaPhelan says:

     United Kingdom

    Only 5 start so people can actually see this review. Will be sending back
    Horrible hair. I ordered 20 inch. And half of them only go up to 16. As you see in pic 1
    Super thin if i wanted 16 they wouldn’t be so thin. Very disappointed as alot of money spent on those too look this poor.. yes double waft.. but still so thi

    Dont bothe

  15. Essie3563gnpyxm says:

     United Kingdom

    Colour matched very well even though it was a guess via online.
    Very good quality and can curl or straighten them.

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Love these! Colour match was perfect & quality of the hair is amazing. Would 100% recommend

  17. JonnaT94upaeyii says:

     United Kingdom

    The thinnest double weft extensions I’ve ever had & I’ve had these before, Price has gone up yet quality gone down! Wefts not sewn together fully anymore only by the clips so dip. I would be returning these but I have them dyed to match my hair & by the time I’d actually looked at them & the quality it was too late. Very very disappointed

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Absolutely love these an the colour match was great i git the blonde ombre

    Wished I had bought soone

  19. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I am very happy with this product. Arrived quickly and the quality is really good. It looks natural as the ends look naturally thinner, and colour is as expected.

  20. Sean Hollister says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought the medium brown colour and it’s Perfect, love the volum and lenght “16 inch and I cut the ends to be visible thicker.

    Very good.

  21. AlejandraEricks says:

     United Kingdom

    Supper soft hair. Decent amount coverd a full head I will be getting them again.. Dyed them lovely to. They took relaly well.

  22. Jennifer Oksien says:

     United Kingdom

    Really happy with my new clip ins, I ordered 14inch colour 30, my own hair is a bit darker than this but they blend in really well, would have liked them to be a bit thicker but they still look great – good buy

    Look and feel great!

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Super soft and excellent quality… blends into my hair perfectly…would definitely recommend

    Super soft and thick

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Soft and thick and true to colour from the advert. Amazing value for money!

  25. Marrian Zhou says:

     United Kingdom

    Wow, I’ve been using clip ins for years and these are actually the perfect thickness for my hair. I bought blonde so I could dye them the right brown to match my hair. Amazing quality, I will be buying again when these ones are worn out.

  26. Kang L. says:

     United Kingdom

    I have ordered the extensions just to give a bit of volume to a hairstyle I had on my mind but once I’ve put them on I have realized how my hair got a new more glamorous personality… Therefore I’ll be using them often. Happy with the purchase

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