EPOMAKER EP84 84-Key RGB Hotswap Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with PBT Dye-subbed Keycaps for Mac/Win/Gamers (Gateron Red Switch, Vintage Grey White)

75% Compact EP84 Retro Grey Keyboard

EP84 retro grey

Want a perfect size keyboard for both gaming and office? The 75% layout EPOMAKER EP84 is the suitable one for you. While being compact and portable, the ultimate tenkeyless keyboard that remains fully set numbers, function keys and arrows. Providing you with more comfortable typing experience.

Programmable Customized RGB Backlights


The EP84 features RGB lighting with 12 effects and 7 single colors available. You may press FN+Pause to choose the rgb effect and press FN+home to choose the single color light effect as you need. With the software, you can customize the RGB effects massive lighting effects and macro setting

Swappable Mechanical Switches

hot swap pcb

The ep84 keyboard comes with hot swappable Gateron mechanical Hotswap keyboard allows you to replace it with other mechanical switches freely without soldering issue. You can fully enjoy the fun of making your own unique keyboard.

Dimensions: 33.78 x 17.91 x 4.7 cm; 947 Grams
Manufacture: EPOMAKER
Origin: China
Reference: EPOMAKER EP84

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45 Responses

  1. davidrcurry says:

     Italy 🇮🇹

    Tastiera con switch di ottima qualit. L’unica nota leggermente negativa il software

  2. Anonymous says:

     United States 🇺🇸

    Sounds good, lights good, and has worked flawlessly. Super happy with this keyboard in everyway.

  3. MaryellRedd says:

     Italy 🇮🇹

    Ottima tastiera con un buon rapporto qualit prezzo
    Ottimo feedback con i tasti. Troviamo vari tipi di illuminazioni tutti molto carini
    Unico difetto quello che dovevano metterla disponibile anche con un layout italiano

    Ottima Tastiera

  4. Anonymous says:

     Germany 🇩🇪

    best keyboard ive used so far. but get the ones with lighter switches. i switched my switches to acco jelly whites. Hotswap!

  5. Alrealon Musique says:

     United States 🇺🇸

    I tape modded and added pe foam to the case. I plan on lubing and filming the switches to see the full potential of this board. Already, the rgb is strong and the patterns available are a decent variety. I just got it today so I haven’t gotten the chance to download the software. The caps are pretty good too, I will be keeping them while I wait for an sound restock. Overall, for less than $100 this keeb is a great deal, especially for those who are entering the hobby and look to modding over time. This will probably be even better for people who just want to buy a keyboard and use it.

  6. Anonymous says:


    First off, it’s affordable. I am looking for a 75% for work and I don’t want something too flashy or expensive. This EP84 fits the bill.

    For mod, I add 3 layers of tape (tape mod), the case already has foam so I leave it be. Then I swap the switch for Gateron G Pro 2.0 Black, and PBT XDA keycaps. Now it’s a very thocky but silent keyboard, great for work environment.

    The worst thing about this keyboard is the cable socket, it’s so deep inside the case so you HAVE to use the stock cable, most other cables will not fit into the tight space around the USB-C port

    Overall I still highly recommend this keyboard, especially when you’re looking for something to not too complicated and flashy for work

  7. Anonymous says:


    Pass la bonne semaine d’adaptation au qwerty (merci au mode US-international pour avoir les accents..) le clavier est vraiment trs agrable d’utilisation. En plus d’tre beau !

    J’ai pris la libert de lubrifier chaque switch pour attnuer le son des touches mais il plutt silencieux de base avec les switchs Flamingo. Ce ne sera pas obligatoire donc. A part peut-tre pour la barre d’espace.

    Les switches sont monts sur une plaque rigide, elle-mme monte sur une mousse pour absorber les bruits.

    Honntement pour le prix la qualit de visu et ressentie est top.
    Avec ou sans le RGB il est vraiment superbe.

    Pour ceux qui se posent la question, le prix plutt abordable de ce clavier est en partie expliqu par des keycaps d’entre de gamme. (en plus d’un boitier plastique et non alu) Mais a ne se voit pas au quotidien. Les touches sont bien finies et mattes. Les lettres bien nettes. Le plastique est bien color dans la masse. C’est top. >>> Par contre si vous comptez les dmonter, attention, car le plastique est un peu friable sur les extrmits. Utilisez l’outil donn avec le clavier et vitez les extracteurs en forme de bague et qui se clipsent sur la touche, car ils risquent d’arracher un peu de matire la base des keycaps.

    Pour terminer, le logiciel parait trs bricol. Pour le coup a fait amateur. Ce n’est pas un point faible pour moi, il fait ce qu’on lui demande et se fait oublier par la suite. Il fonctionne correctement, autant pour crer vos macros ou assigner des couleurs spcifiques chaque touche. (attention dans ce mode custom, aucune animation sur les couleurs, ce sera fixe)

    Bref, dans l’ensemble je ne suis pas du tout du par ce clavier qui est je trouve bien plus joli que beaucoup de claviers “mainstream”pour un prix tout fait correct et un aspect top quali.
    Je l’utilise la fois sous Windows et MacOS, rien signaler.

    Bon rapport qualité-prix. Très beau. Finitions OK.

  8. IrmaMaclean says:

     United States 🇺🇸

    The reviews were right this is a crazy good keyboard. 10/10 would recommend. Had it for a while now and it works just like when I got it.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United States

    In 2021 I bought this same but the white/grey version, the quality as expected, good RGB and backlight on the keycaps (fully opaque)

    In difference from this new are some changes, some good, other… not so much

    – Style keycaps is very good, but I thought it would have a partial transparence to see the keys in low light but this is not the case, but very nice looking keycaps anyway
    – The RGB lights are powerfull and very colourful too
    – The presets to change the colors, intensity and velocity need like a restart of the keyboard, dont know if its normal, like 1 second all RGB off while changing, my previous keyboard was instantly chaging with this actions
    – More vivid colors (specially the yellow/orange looks nice with the color of the keycaps too)
    – Prefer the old movement patterns
    – Can toggle the Win and Alt keys depending on the OS (nice feature)
    – Very soft gatheron brown switches and keycaps to the touch

    As I said, I bought this expecting the same, differing only the keycaps and nothing else, but noticed the new features, some good, some other not so much, but in general, its all good.

    I recommend this produc

  10. Anonymous says:

     United States 🇺🇸

    I got the gateron browns. And to be honest they sounded amazing right out of the box. Admitantly there are sort of clacky but much better than most stock keyboards. Now I did mod mine with thicker foam, linear switches, lube, and pcb key foam or whatever it’s called. It sounds amazing but that’s almost a given with the amount of mods I did. Definitely worth the money

  11. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Sounds great, looks great, feels great. My only slight issue with it is that the spacebar occasionally rubs against the edge of the keyboard, though that is easy to fix (just nudge the spacebar).

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    his is a solid choice if you need a budget keyboard, i bought this for typing instead of gaming and with the gateron black switches they sound very smooth. It is a solid build however does sound a bit hollow due to the plastic build which is what you expect from a budget keyboard. Nonetheless i would reccomend this keyboard. (the vintage grey is a beautiful colour if your into the old era of keyboards it looks alike!)

  13. MelindaMcLaughl says:

     United Kingdom

    I was looking for a mechanical keyboard for the office and needed a small one with ergonomic keys. It had to be as silent as possible before any mods. I have to admit that the Epomaker EP84 is a great choice. Typing feels amazing and the gateron yellows are quiet enough to keep in the office. I had no complaints from colleagues who didn’t even notice it, which was a win!

    The keyboard is responsive and pairs okay with my MacBook Pro M1. The existing Mac functionality is really good and provides most options that can be found on the macbook keyboard. I haven’t found out how to incorporate the fn mac key yet as I need it for switching from typing languages. Also, an issue with M1 macs that probably has nothing to do with the keyboard is that after setting the laptop to sleeping mode I need to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard for the laptop to recognize it.

    The 84 keys that include del, home etc and the f keys make it fully functional for gaming and working alike while also providing a compact size that could fit most desks. Another concern I had was switching to a usb-c to usb-c cable to switch from the one provided in the package. That worked fine and now I use a more premium usb-c to c cable. For people who want to use a different cable than the one provided please be wary of the connector size as the keyboard port might not fit all usb-c connectors. I have provided a ruler where you can see the margins that would fit fine.

    All in all a great purchase. I even got a second for my home desk. At 55 pounds it was a steal. Can’t recommend it enough!

    Premium quality on a low budget (office, gaming alike)

  14. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I’m literally typing right now with this keyboard. And it sounds so good. Just unpacked, stock, no mods, did nothing to it, sound is great. A bit thocky, soft to touch. Brilliant.
    One negative – cable it short for my PC setup, but I can fix that obviously, will just get another cable.

  15. ChristeM33 says:


    Me he tardado lo suyo en decidirme para dar el salto a teclado mecnico y no puedo estar mas que conforme con la eleccin de este teclado. El teclado ya viene con una capa de foam debajo para mejorarle el sonido de rebote de las teclas en la caja, algo que no me esperaba y que se agradece, ya que no tena intenciones de customizarlo para mejorarlo.
    Lo he comprado con switches amarillos y van geniales tanto para jugar como para escribir.
    Vengo de teclado de membrana ISO espaol y me he tardado un par de semanas en adaptarme a la ISO ingls internacional, pero ahora me gusta mas, ya que me es mas comodo para programar.
    Como punto negativo el software, que para mi es basura, no funciona al 100% y he terminado por no usarlo.

  16. ViolaGunson says:

     United Kingdom

    his keyboard is the right size for me to do either gaming or do other typing activities, I have always been looking at keyboards with this sizes and finally I found one for myself.

    It help improves my performance during gaming as it gave me the really good typing experience and it is quite silent compared to other gaming keyboard.

    however, the bad side of it is that it does not really have a proper software to control every single modifications.

    Overall it is a decent to high quality keyboard and I recommend everyone to get one for themselves.

  17. KrystynMelocco says:


    Nice keyboard but the included usb cable is verrrrry short and no Software to control the Rgb

    Nice keyboard but the included usb cable is verrrrry short and no Software to control the Rgb

  18. Anonymous says:

     United States

    This is a great starter keyboard but a bit pricy but it might be worth it. The rgb is pretty good and personally the gateron yellows sound really good but are not loud if your that kind of person. Overall this keyboard so far is good

  19. Anonymous says:


    Robusto y con un toque muy clsico que me recuerda mucho a los antiguos teclados IBM. Funciona a la perfeccin. El tamao es adecuado para un 75%, tiene todas las teclas a excepcin claro del teclado numrico, dispone de una tecla Fn que te permite entre otras cosas llegar a las funciones multimedia aunque no las veas en el teclado directamente. Aunque el teclado est en ingls, si te mueves sin mirar por el teclado en espaol, no tendrs mayor problema . Puedes usarlo como te sientas ms cmodo en EEUU internacional o Espaol internacional. Es un gusto escribir con este teclado. Eleg switch blue, aunque un poco ruidoso merece la pena la experiencia de escritura. Lo compr principalmente porque cuando viajo, trasladarme con el teclado clsico es incmodo por lo grande que es, este tiene un tamao perfecto. Despus de probar varios que no me terminaban de convencer, por falta de calidad, a muchos les fallaban las teclas, aun teniendo el layout en ESP, me decid finalmente por este. Aunque le doy menos importancia, cabe destacar los efectos de luz del teclado RGB. Muy buena calidad, recomendable, una pasada!.

  20. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Initially buying a keyboard and especially at this price for someone who doesn’t spend money often is scary. When I first got my hand of the keyboard though the feeling was great. The key presses felt great, the sound is crisp. Getting used to a keyboard after using my laptop keyboard for so long was difficult but worth it because the feeling of typing on it is refreshing and I like it a lot. I’m not sure if I miss the missing keys that are on a full keyboard and some of the buttons display the wrong sign and I cannot for the life of me get the program to customise the keyboard colours and key binds to work but that is more the fault of epomaker than amazon. The frame was ever so slightly warped but a thin piece of card in the right spot stops the wobble and overall it is a nice keyboard for it’s price point. Knowing that it’s hot-swappable means the keyboard can last me years and years to come with contributing lots to waste. Overall happy with it and I hope it can keep going for years to come. – One of Many Internet Users

  21. ChristaEgglesto says:

     United States 🇺🇸

    I am extremely happy with this keyboard. The switches feel amazing. The build quality is mostly plastic, but it still feels really solid. I lubed the switches and stabilizers for some extra smoothness and more quiet, but it definitely doesn’t require it. The keycaps are pretty decent as well, I may swap them later for a different color but for now they are great. The lighting is bright and has plenty of modes to choose from – I have not tried out the software for it because I haven’t really needed to.
    I bring this too and from work in a carrying case every day. Takes up so much less space and feels wayyyyy better than the typical plasticy membrane keyboards you usually find in offices. I don’t use it really at home because I just built a 500$ custom, but I would be VERY happy using this as my main keyboard for gaming or working

  22. Benjamin Beck says:

     Spain 🇪🇸

    No hace especialmente mucho ruido, un poco si per no es para nada molesto, no es un teclado europeo por lo que no tiene la letra “” y al menos yo he tenido que poner en la configuracin de windows el teclado ingles para que las teclas coincidiesen y tampoco puedo poner acentos si lo dejo en el teclado ingles, pero no me importa. Es muy cmodo, pequeo y muy bonito.

  23. Anonymous says:


    Lleg a tiempo y bien embalado y protegido, es para un regalo , espero que guste y de buen resultado

  24. Peter Larson says:

     Spain 🇪🇸

    Soy programador y para m da a da es perfecto. He escogido la versin de switches red. Vengo de un teclado Brown y me han encantado. Lo recomiendo si buscas ya un bien teclado pero no quieres sobrepassar los 100. El layout es en ingls pero vienen todas las teclas necesarias. Es como parecido a un TKL pero con un par de teclas menos. Lo recomiendo.

  25. MaryellCoghlan says:

     United States

    I love this keyboard, i had never tried a mechanical keyboard before so i fell in love at first touch with this one, mine came with no rattle, red switches that seems to be already lubed, so nice

  26. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersJust upgraded to this from a Ducky One 2 mini. Yes, you read that right. I UPGRADED from the Ducky.

    Epomaker must’ve been paying attention to the reviews tech people were making of this board because this thing definitely feels better than what some tech reviewers made it sound like.

    I saw that some people were complaining about rattly stabs or it sounding hollow but if this is what they had when they put those cons in I can’t imagine what they consider nice stabs or a not hollow board.

    Decided to go with the XDA profile caps since I planned on replacing them anyways but they’re actually really nice. Mine came with a foam insert, I saw in one take apart that theirs didn’t, and lubed stabs. Compared to the Ducky I had this thing thoccs like crazy. Audible enough to bring satisfaction to anyone that likes mechanical keyboards but subtle enough to not piss everyone around you off when you’re typing. Great lighting on here too. Not at all gonna miss the RBG asthetic of the ducky with this thing.

    I had foam and O-rings on my ducky to try and muffle it a little bit, because mine was a tad bit clacky and the stabs definitely rattled quite a bit (not as bad as razer or corsair boards but it did rattle), and this thing OUT OF THE BOX had a better tone to it. The fact that it’s hot swappable, has arrow keys and it’s under $100 is an absolute steal.

    The only thing worth noting is that it only has the one kick stand level, so if you have a ducky or something similar it might feel a little weird at first not having that middle level option. However both of the levels available are totally comfortable in my opinion. No unsusual fatigue so far with either level for me.

    If you’re like me and you’re at a point where you want your arrow/function keys back but don’t think you can find a decent board for a reasonable price look no further. This thing is 100% worth every penny spent.

    -Killer RGB
    -Adorable XDA keycaps
    -No stab rattle
    -Worth i

    Absolutely worth i

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Sounds and feels amazing to use, really ergonomic and responsive!

  28. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this keyboard with gateron red switches. It was 100% worth it. Very easy to setup and use, highly recommend anyone wanting to buy a 60% gaming keyboard.

  29. BrandiWalters says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersDopo anni ho finalmente deciso di abbandonare ( anzi ha deciso di abbandonarmi) la mia tastiera wireless della Logitech.
    Assetato di novit ho optato per questa piccola ma grande tastiera.
    Che dire, una sensazione stupenda, comoda e pratica.
    se il software non riconosce la tastiera, probabilmente bisogna aggiornare il firmware della stessa.


    – Compatta
    – Essenziale
    – hotswappabile
    – Meccanica
    – Keycaps gradevoli
    – Sensazione tatto/udito fantastica
    – RGB
    – Cavo Type C

    CONTRO( pi che altro dettati dai miei gusti):

    -SHIFT dx da 1.75u
    – frecce facilmente confondibili
    – lettere (keycaps) praticamente invisibili con RGB
    – da aggiornare firmware

  30. CindiFranklin says:

     United Kingdom

    he eppo ep84 keyboard is amazing, its beautiful to look at,it looks like an already modded keyboard, i did buy new keycaps but i did not end up using them because these stock ones are too beautiful to change at the moment.
    the stabilisers are not the best especially on the space bar and enter but that is something that can be modded, the keys sound amazing and a lot better then i thought, i was going to mod the keyboard but now i dont really have to cause the keys sound amazing, like i said the only thing i might do later down the line is the space bar stabilizers.
    the rgb is really nice too, i just used the keys to change it as the program would not find my keyboard after hours of waiting but i dont really need to use it anyways.
    overall its an amazing keyboard especially for the price since you get good switches and amazing keycaps.

    one of the best keyboards.

  31. Anonymous says:


    Da un po’ di tempo avevo deciso di acquistare una tastiera meccanica e, dopo qualche ricerca in rete, la mia scelta ricaduta sul modello EP84 di Epomaker con switch marroni. Non appena ho provato la tastiera mi sono reso conto di aver fatto un ottimo acquisto. La tastiera molto compatta ed esteticamente veramente bella (io ho scelto la colorazione vintage); lo stile grafico dei caratteri, secondo me, perfetto. Gi al tatto la sensazione molto piacevole; la digitazione, poi, davvero confortevole e restituisce un’esperienza molto gradevole e divertente.

    Quasi perfetta: purtroppo, nella descrizione dell’articolo si legge “tasti retroilluminati” (uno dei motivi per cui ho scelto questo modello) e mi sarei aspettato, quindi, di poter leggere distintamente i caratteri anche in condizioni di scarsa luminosit; in realt la retroilluminazione si limita solo a creare effetti luminosi negli spazi vuoti tra i tasti.
    Detto questo, la tastiera in s fantastica e sono comunque soddisfatto dell’acquisto.

  32. Anonymous says:


    The keyboard is very god quality and have good build

  33. JarredBuckland says:


    The keyboard is very god quality and have good build

  34. Anonymous says:


    The keyboard is very god quality and have good build

  35. HelaineSavage says:

     Netherlands 🇳🇱

    It sounds rather hollow and pingy (and the space bar rattles terribly), but it’s a good keyboard for the price if you’re willing to do some work to make it sound better.

    The Gateron brown switches are.. not great. Bit rattly and scratchy. Not the biggest problem since you can easily swap them out, but since I had a much better option in the same order that didn’t need as much modding, I went with that.

  36. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great product overall, the design is simple, weight is decent, and loving the sound it makes when I’m typing. The fact it’s also hot-swappable gives me broader options to customise my keyboard, which I am looking forward to doing! The RGB isn’t really not well matched with these keycaps, but they do give out some options to choose from

  37. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    pcb foam and case with fac lubed switches im still using , its a 85 so lubing switches takes time

  38. LucianaHatfield says:


    Golden Review Award: 27 From Our UsersCominciamo col dire che ne ho acquistate due. Arrivata la prima, ma mia fidanzata me l’ha rubata.
    Le cose da dire sono tantissime, procediamo per punti.

    – il formato fantastico: consente di avere tutti i tasti di una tastiera TKL (senza tastierino numerico) ma con un layout molto pi compatto.
    – nonostante sia di plastica, la qualit costruttiva eccellente. Attenzione che le diverse combinazioni di copritasti (keycaps) e interruttori (switch) fanno variare di molto il risultato finale. Tutti i keycaps sono in PBT, materiale eccellente che non trattiene l’unto delle ditate e pi durevole, ma quelli neri/grigi e grigio/bianchi lasciano trasparire la retroilluminazione RGB e a tastiera spenta le lettere si leggono a fatica, mentre quelli ”geometria” e ”vintage” non lasciano trasparire l’illuminazione e sono leggermente pi spessi, personalmente preferisco questi ultimi. Inoltre varia il profilo dei tasti, e anche qui personalmente preferisco gli XDA, li trovo pi eleganti e riducono la corsa degli switch.
    – bellissima out of the box, non richiede mod particolari e il suono dei tasti davvero stupendo. Ho provato gli switch gialli (ideali per giocare, ma anche scrivere perch non sensibili quanto i rossi) e quelli neri, che ho trovato molto belli per scrivere.
    – hot-swap, il che significa che se entrerete le buco nero delle tastiere (non fatelo), potrete sbizzarrirvi nello scambiare gli switch a piacimento. L’epomaker EP84 supporta tutti i principali switch sul mercato, a 3 o 5 pin, e sul sito affermano siano supportati anche gli switch ottici. Per altri mod invece un po’ pi complicata, perch per smontarla non prevede viti e per separare il PCB dalla piastra occorre tagliare con un tronchesino dei dentini di plastica. Ci sono diversi tutorial su Youtube.
    – se siete amanti del genere, gli effetti RGB non sono male e del tutto controllabili dalla tastiera, senza dover obbligatoriamente installare il software

    – il cavo in dotazione non un granch. gommato e non molto lungo, diciamo che fa il suo dovere ma niente di pi. Inoltre sul retro della tastiera troverete una canalina passacavo per scegliere da che parte far uscire il filo, buona idea, ma riduce le possibilit di scelta se si vuole comprare un cavo custom.
    – gli stabilizzatori non sono bellissimi (ma pi che decenti) e escono dalla fabbrica troppo lubrificati.
    – il software poco intuitivo, ma onestamente per l’utilizzo standard della tastiera non serve a nulla.

    In conclusione, ho mandato in soffitta la tastiera ”gaming” che avevo, della Corsair, molto pi costosa e con molti pi fronzoli, e sono passato a questa, davvero stupenda.
    Ho acquistato a parte un set di keycaps sempre della epomaker per personalizzare la mia (XDA dawn).

    Il layout ANSI US, ossia il tasto enter pi piccolo e in orizzontale, e non ci sono le lettere accentate. Come fare?
    In Windows 10, nelle impostazioni della lingua, dovete aggiungere una nuova tastiera: ”Americano – internazionale”. Se non la trovate, provate prima a installare la lingua inglese.
    Una volta selezionata la tastiera controllate che nella barra degli strumenti vicino a orologio e data compaia ITA INTL.
    Per ottenere l’accento grave, prima premente il tasto dell’accento (sotto ESC) e dopo la lettera da accentare. Potete dire addio agli apostrofi usati per accentare la E maiuscola (e alle combinazioni tipo ALT+etc etc): e cos via.
    Stessa cosa per l’accento acuto, che si trova alla sinistra dell’invio: perch n s. Stesso tasto per l’apostrofo, avendo l’accortezza di premere la barra spaziatrice dopo appunto l’apostrofo.
    Spero possa essere utile.

    TL;DR: tastiera fantastica, compratela.

  39. Christopher Raymond says:

     United Kingdom

    This keyboard is great, I got mine with gateron yellow switches. It is a nice friendly way if you want to become into a keyboard enthusiast.
    The lighting is nice and the software is alright.
    Highly recommend

  40. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersDopo aver letto diverse recensioni sul web sono approdato a questa favolosa tastiera con dimensione 75%.

    Per chi come me ha passato una vita a pigiare tasti su tastiere full size, l’abituarsi all’assenza di alcuni tasti puo’ essere un’esperienza drammatica, ma per esperienza personale posso garantirvi che questa dimensione e’ il giusto compromesso.

    Avere a disposizione tutti i tasti essenziali e perderete fondamentalmente solo il tastierino numerico.

    Piccola nota dolente e’ il punto in cui e’ situata la presa usb type c, avrei preferito (come nella maggior parte delle tastiere che hanno la type c) una presa esterna su uno dei lati. In questa tastiera invece e’ stata posta in una zona nascosta nella parte centrale molto scomoda da raggiugere e non proprio compatibile nel caso in cui si volessero utilizzare dei cavi custom… davvero un peccato.

    Altro difetto a mio parere sono i keycaps, in pratica per come sono stati strutturati (colore e font) se non utilizzate la retroilluminazione a led risulta impossibile, anche con tanta luce, leggere le lettere presenti sui tasti… cosa che sulla Redragon K630 non accade… e questo compromette l’utilizzo di alcune animazioni dei led, come ad esempio quelle in cui pigiando determinati tasti si illuminano di volta in volta o dove premendo un determinato tasto viene creata un’onda luminosa, in quanto non avete idea di che tasto andrete a pigiare.

    Tolti i due difetti appena elencati, la tastiera e’ davvero ottima. Gli switch Gateron red sono davvero un piacere per dita e orecchie e i keycaps sembrano anche di ottima fattura e restituiscono un suono e un feedback tattile piacevole.

    Probabilmente la miglior 75% in circolazione

  41. James Nettleton says:

     United Kingdom

    This was absolutely amazing it sounded and felts great good packaging and overall a great keyboard would always recommend and would buy agai

  42. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s just good. I like the way it feels, I like the size, I like the looks.

  43. ElvisWisedord says:

     Canada 🇨🇦

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersSo it doesn’t matter what keyboard you use for gaming as long as it serves it’s purpose and this is from someone who plays Triple A titles to competitive titles like Rainbow Six Siege. Though my gaming days are becoming less, I love this keyboard. I have 4 keyboards in total, 2 mechanical blue switch, 1 red switch epomaker sk61 60% keyboard and this one. I hated my blue switch keyboard and the reason I have so many different keyboards is because they all have different switches and are different in sizes. My mechanical keyboards are TKL & full, i loved the TKL but my table is small for the allocated space i have for my mouse mat. So i switched to 60% keyboard, now i love that keyboard BUT red switches are not for everyone. It is so light that I fat finger everything. I also loved having more space on my desk however, i noticed that i needed the Fn keys and some page up and page down keys. Hence a year later (perhaps), i bought this one which is a brown switch. I don’t think i’m ever going back from this one. It is perfect size and has all the keys i actually use.

    Also the function of being able to swap the switches in the future would be handy when i actually get into modding or repairing/maintaining my keyboards. I’m not a keyboard expert, so i cannot say if the lubes are good or not, but the keys are all responsive and they feel fine to me. Though about the noise level in my case, to compare with my other keyboards. It is softer than my red switches and they feel much better. I think i’m using the wrong typing technique but it works for me hence i think it is loud because of it. Noise level comparison with switches of the keyboards i own: Blue is the highest and brown is the softest. Red is closer to brown but it is still pretty loud.

    Build quality, not an expert but for the price i paid its probably no the best build as you can read other people’s reviews and they might have some issues with it. Mine came with no issues that i could see and i love it.
    So its all plastic and no feel of it makes it expensive, for almost 110$ keyboard it seems to be meh. If you invest a little more you can get a keyboard with better build quality (material used).

  44. Jessica Shep says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our Usershis keyboard is excellent! it has a very compact design and a really nice height that makes typing on it really comfortable. Im in front of the computer at least 8hrs a day and typing on this is a breeze. For gaming it has no latency with clicks and the brown tactile switches feel great!

  45. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our Users*KEYCAPS – ILLUMINATED CHARACTER swappable keycaps, (MAC caps included to swap-out defaults) and the default keycaps feel nice to type on. The plastic is firm and textured enough that it is satisfying to type on them.
    Once you adjust to the smaller size, you can easily adapt to touch-typing with decent speed and accuracy.

    *SWITCHES -The switches in this keyboard are Optical Gateron switches. I received the model with RED switches and I have to say they feel great. Smooth and just the right resistances without being too loud or “clacky” that they would disturb your mates in the next cubicle, in your workspace, or at a LAN party. MODDER’S NOTE: You can only swap-in other Gateron Optical switches, so be sure of your decision as this will affect your modding options. If you DO decide to mod this board, the included keycap and switch pullers worked just fine and with little difficulty.

    *STABILIZERS – They are nice, and work perfectly. The space bar moves uniformly if I press the far-left or right sides.

    *CASE/HOUSING – Solid and sturdy with good weight for an 84-key keyboard. There is a gradient/tilt as well as (2) thickly rubberized flip-out feet to increase the angle if you desire. The board is stable and stays put on the wood, vinyl, slate, and glass surfaces that I tested typing on. NOTE: Weight being a double-edge sword here, great for giving a solid and stable workspace, but adds to travel weight, so consider if you plan to use for LAN events. That said, this keyboard works fine as a “lap-board” if you leave the feet retracted.

    *USB – The USB is removable, and the included cloth braid sleeved USB-A to C cable was nice quality for this price point. Note, it IS a little stiff, so expect to have kinks held for a time if you are OCD about that kind of thing… The port feels solid and doesn’t give the impression that it will fail with reasonable care when plugging/unplugging if this will be a travel board. The only improvement I wished for was strain reliefs for each end’s plug instead of just extended “collars”.

    *RGB – No drivers needed! No complaints, with brightness levels, animation speeds, or selection of patterns.

    FN+ESC=constant light on mode
    FN+F1=my computer
    FN+F2=web page
    FN+F4=media player
    FN+F5=previous track
    FN+F6=next tack
    FN+F10=volume down
    FN+F11=volume up
    FN+F12=keyboard lock
    FN+pause=preset light effects

    A Perfect Compromise Between Size & Heft to Be Your Double-Duty Keyboard For Home/Office And Travel

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