FUSION Pro Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 – PS4 gamepad, PS4 bluetooth controller, dual rumble motors, touch panel, officially licensed by Sony Europe for PlayStation 4


Dimensions: 18 x 12.5 x 7.5 cm; 1.31 Kilograms
Model: 1513638-01
Batteries Included: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
Origin: China

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49 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The quality of this controller is decent and the ease of use makes it very user friendly. The performance while gaming is much better than the original Playstation controller so why shouldnt you buy it?

  2. Vanessa Hand Orellana says:

     United Kingdom

    This claims pro-level performance and has a pro-level price, but is it really that good?

    Here are my highlights for this product:

    Very good build quality
    Functions and buttons work great
    Looks very ‘pro gamer’
    Works on PC (wired only)
    Good battery life

    Heavier than original
    Adult/large hand size
    No trigger sensitivity adjustment
    One stick has slight drift after a month

    This is a very nice ‘Pro’ PS5 third-party pad, complete with Sony certification. It certainly feels the part, in fact it might be a little too ‘meaty’ for a lot of people. The pad is very dense and can get tiring after just an hour of use. I try and rest it when a game allows, but it’s still annoying. It is also a bit big for kids, but then this seems aimed more at those who have money to spare.

    All the standard functions work adequately, but I would not say it has the quality of the PS5 Pro controller. It’s close.

    One negative I have noticed is a slight analogue stick drift when it re-centers sometimes (on one stick). It’s very slight and doesn’t affect gameplay, but it is constant. A quick flick of the stick usually stops it for a while.

    For the price I would say invest in the genuine thing, as the ‘extras’ you get with this aren’t really very useful, unless you have a specific game in mind that can make use of them.

    To end I will say this is a nice design that should maybe be a bit cheaper. If you can get it in a sale then it’s worth a try, and looks great as a gift. Excellent packaging.

  3. SimoneWolcott says:

     United Kingdom

    Finally an elite ps4 controller that works as it should, Fusion Power A have succeeded where Razer and Nacon have failed (I should know as I have Nacon Revolution Pro and Razer Raiju TE Edition) but this Power A is easily the most reliable and long lasting elite controller of them all and I cannot fault it, before I found this I thought I was gonna have to fork out for one of those Extreme Rate DIY kits which not only cost quite a lot, also very hard to find the right version of ps4 controller that works with the Extreme Rate kit but thanks to Power A that’s no longer an issue. Nice one Power A.

    It works

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is better than sonys own controller. The best peripheral i have ever owned

  5. PiperBilliot says:

     United Kingdom

    Great controller. Feels high spec and the responsiveness and functionally certainly aid the gaming experience.

  6. locuridemuncaanunturi says:


    Per ora il prodotto si presenta bene a parte qualche micro movimento in avanti da solo del analogico sinistro, se dovesse peggiorare far il reso! tuttavia ottimo articolo molto comodo per giochi fps di un certo livello

  7. Anonymous says:


    It is the cheapest and by far best gamepad with back paddles. It is not perfect, back paddles work great but they can detach if you push them from underneath with your fingers and gamepad it self is huge. And even with those two negatives it is still the best option out there. And one last thing, sticks are silky smooth the best thing on the gamepad.

  8. Anonymous says:


    Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem ProController und der Kauf hat sich echt gelohnt. Blo leider ist nach einen Monat die R2 Taste nicht mehr funktionell. Lsst sich nicht mehr bedienen.

  9. Anonymous says:


    J’ai test beaucoup de manettes beaucoup plus chre mais aucune d’une telle qualit ,finition remarquable,palettes parfaites…
    A voir maintenant dans le temps ,aprs les points qui peuvent dplaire a certain c’est qu’elle est plus imposante qu’une manette classique et plus lourde et j’ai l’impression de ressentir une trs lgre latence en sans le cble mais peut tre identique au manettes classique aprs perso je joue toujours avec le cble

  10. MonteAcevedo says:

     United Kingdom

    This has been used with a PC (via an adapter) rather than a PS, but it works very well in that configuration. It seems to be well-designed, and all the controls work well. It has now been used for several weeks without any problem, and it seems to be quite reliable as well. Style-wise, I’d say it looks better than many third-party controllers. Recommended.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great controller. nice heavy weight to it, so far so good

  12. Perla Shaheen says:

     United Kingdom

    Really glad I treated myself and got this controller, honestly best one I’ve ever owned. The quality is great, works like a dream and has a good weight to it. Feels sturdy when in hand reminds me of the original x-box controller. Overall really happy I made this my choose. 10/10

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent controller, fabulous feel, great responsivity. Ive had a fusion brand wired controller for my xbox one x for years and i love them.

    This is the first for playstation and its as bmgood as ever.

    Lively box, presentation, superb quality build.

    I just drool over these controllers, more art than anything, superb.

  14. CristinGoodchil says:

     United Kingdom

    I’m starting to get comfortable with the layout of the back buttons, plus it has that mouse click feeling to it! Definitely sticking with it and I’m happy with this purchase.

    Unique experience

  15. ShantellClose says:

     United Kingdom

    Really like this controller, used it every day for a month now, I love the placement of the back paddles.

    Was not able to connect it through bluetooth on my ps5 though, but works well wired!

  16. CharlotMatteson says:

     United Kingdom

    Great controller for Warzone. I took two of the paddles off the back so I didn’t accidentally press the other ones and it works great. Great cheaper alternative if you don’t want to buy a battle beaver or scuff.

    Controller is a lot heavier then the original ps4 controller.
    If you want to use a mic, then you must have the controller plugged in.
    Stick drift after 1months of use.
    Easy to accidentally press L2 or R2 instead of L1 and R1 since the buttons are very close together.

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a robust controller with most of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a “pro” pad. Unfortunately it’s not possible to buy extras or replacements for the different sticks and add-ons, and the included range of stick types is very limited. At this price range there are better options, but this is not a bad pad.

    Unlike some “pro” pads I’ve used, everything fits together solidly here. You replace stick caps by removing a magnetic front plate, but the parts stay absolutely locked in place when installed, for example. The action on the buttons and sticks is crisp and well-considered. The shoulder buttons are essentially on hair triggers; the face buttons and d-pad are satisfying buckling domes; and the system buttons like “Options” are low-profile and clicky enough not to be hit accidentally. The triggers are especially nice, ergonomically shaped and with a generous range of motion by default and nicely judged positions for the moderate- and short-range settings. This is a large pad by my standards but I adapted to it very quickly.

    I’m not so keen on the back paddles. You have a very responsive switch at the end of a stiff, nicely designed metal paddle, but the ends of the paddles cross right over the inside edge of the grips. This means it’s hard to get a comfortable grasp of the pad – which it has to be said is fairly hefty – when all four paddles are attached. You can detach two of the paddles to give yourself some more room, but then you’ve got very limited input options. I’ve been using the pad without the back paddles at all. A protective back cover is supplied, but note that there’s no space in the case to store the paddles.

    By the way, don’t try to put the top and bottom paddles in the wrong places. Don’t even gently try to put them in place to see if they’re keyed. The metal is far stronger than the plastic, and you will scrape up the attachment points; the only way to get a replacement is to return the entire kit to the manufacturer.

    Unfortunately, from my chats with the customer service team, there aren’t *any* optional or replacement parts available, which is a problem given that only one of each thumb stick option is supplied. You get two default sticks, plus one high stick, one high convex stick, and one driving-game thumb scoop which is completely pointless with the PS4 stick layout. I’d much rather have had paired add-on sticks than the scoop and the extra low-friction rings that are taking up the relevant spaces in the package. On a related note, I’d rather that they’d gone with an ordinary microUSB cable than the specially keyed locking version supplied here. Sure, it’s got a breakaway point in it, but at some point I’m going to ruin it and render the pad unusable.

    Nevertheless this has become my go-to pad for PS4 games. It’s luxuriously made, easy to use, and on the odd occasion where I want a few more inputs, those back paddles do come in handy.

  18. MckinleSlemp says:

     United Kingdom

    The quality of this controller feels amazing and you can tell that it’s well made and that the internals is good. The controller has a nice weight to it and has a nice material on the outside shell which feels almost soft but helps provide grip when holding it. It has the option of adding 4 extra buttons to the back of the controller which sits nicely where your finger would usually rest on the controller. This makes them super easy and comfortable to press. There is a switch on the top to switch between the different connection methods of the controller. Sadly, the controller doesn’t support a Bluetooth connection with a PC however it works well with cable. The cable is a bit weird and it’s almost like a proprietary Micro USB cable. The cable has a weird plastic square around where the micro USB is and clicks into the controller. I’m not sure if it’s possible to use a normal micro USB but this design of the charging port seems a little unnecessary. The stick drift is present but didn’t affect my gameplay luckily. It may do with some games so I can’t comment on it.

    Overall, this controller is well made and feels very premium. The extra buttons can be programmed and it’s up to you what you want the buttons to do. The controller can store this information so you don’t need to reprogram the controller every time you turn it off. It’s quite expensive but I believe the price is acceptable for such a premium product. Comes with a nice case too!

  19. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The first thing I need to say is I know I’m not a serious enough gamer to be able to either exploit the advantages or justify paying 119 for this pad, I’ve just reviewed another non official pad that cost 25 and I found it was perfectly capable for my needs, that said I can tell the difference in quality just holding this one, it feels very premium, in all aspects including the case it arrives in.

    I can’t say I am a better gamer for using this pad, it does give me bragging rights when I have guests when they see my very expensive pro gaming pad though 🙂

    I haven’t used the optional extra rear paddles or the other additional features the pads have as yet, but I am quite happy with the pad just using it without the extras

    I wouldn’t buy this pad as I don’t think my skills on the PS4 justify the price for it, but for the right person this will make a great addition to their gaming kit.

    4 stars from me.

  20. StephaineKenned says:

     United Kingdom

    For 120 at the time of writing…. this is an EXTORTIONATELY expensive controller. To put it into context for you, you could buy a whole PS4, wires and controller included, for 120 used. I can’t recommend this controller at this price.

    Putting the price aside, it’s a pretty good controller in my opinion! It has loads of extra features that a factory controller doesn’t have. You can see the product description for a full list… But some of these do seem a bit gimmicky to be honest. I don’t know how or why this controller costs 120, even with these features…. I haven’t had any issues in the month that I’ve been using this controller, but maybe I’ve just been lucky with the controller I got (unlike some other reviewers).

    Overall, I’ve dropped a star because of the ridiculous price… I’d recommend this controller if the price was MUCH lower, but at this price point, I can’t recommend it unfortunately.

  21. PearlMeredith says:

     United Kingdom

    The PowerA Fusion Pro wireless controller is easily one of the best DualShock 4 alternatives I have laid my hands on. A chunky yet ergonomic design elevated by some clever advanced features, it packs in everything you’d want from a competitive grade gamepad. Just the Packaging alone heaves premium, it came with a big box plastered with official licenced Ps4 controller. It performs just as good as my original and the build quality is excellent.
    Overall, the PowerA Fusion Pro is a dynamic, durable option for those in the the market for a gamepad to replace their old DualShock. It’s not as refined or revolutionary as some top-tier controllers in this space though it provides an easily customisable controller that performs well in a market full cheap low quality controllers but this is as good as a original you going to get.

  22. JaimieRosenbalm says:


    Manette facile prendre en main
    Trs bonne qualit
    Je la conseille tous
    Le seul default c’est les bouton l’arrire pour rgler la sensibilit des gchette R2 et L2 qui sont un peut dure et difficile enclencher sinon superbe manette

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I got this for myself

    It arrives in a nice branded box and once unpacked was very happy with the build, durability and over all quality of the product. First thing you notice it’s heavier than most PS4 controllers and one thing i find annoying its a finger print magnetic, i find myself wiping it down a lot.

    Okay so right out the box i want to check out the full capabilities of the controller to see if its worth its price tag of 119 (at time of reviewing) and compare it to my xbox elite 1 and xbox elite 2 controllers.
    The back pack is entirely optional and is mappable with all the major buttons including the L3/R3 clicks, the triggers and the directional buttons on the D-Pad, mirroring the functionality of the official BackButton for the PS4 but allowing you to map four lovely paddles rather than 2 additional clickers. The buttons can be mapped as you wish by simply tapping the program button, pressing your desired button followed by the corresponding paddle you wish to map it to. It takes all of 20 seconds to map all four of them.

    I tested playing Cold War and loved the mapping function allowing me to drop and reload simply using the buttons underneath. Using this controller on the PS4 or PS5 is as easy as regular pairing thanks to the Bluetooth pairing in settings, or optionally the USB mode working straight out the box.

    It has all the same stand features as a normal PS4 controller, battery life is great and to be honest i love it, how does it compare to my other elite, its just as good and not as expensive

    I know some reviews have stated they have had thumb drip as of yet i have not had that.

    At 119 (at time of review) its a good price and highly recommended


  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It was nice and smooth but I’d prefer something different because it’s more like an Xbox controller and not a playstation one

  25. BobbieSample says:


    Ottima qualit, materiali stupendi, nn ho trovato difetti, per il momento, molto semplice il settaggio, unica pecca per il prezzo potrebbe avere un software per la programmazione, ma per il resto credo sia un ottima soluzione.
    Anzi trovo le palette posteriori comodissime, R2 e L2 di una reattivit disarmante , come ci siano riusciti nn lo so, risposta del segnale istantanea, lo uso soltanto in modalit cavo quindi nn riscontro alcun difetto, e parliamoci chiaro chi cerca determinati joystick per le prestazioni, nn vuol il blutooth ma sa benissimo che il segnale da valitare via cavo

  26. AaronMarxi says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve had a lot of bad luck with PS4 Dualshock controllers – three of them have gone faulty on me, with faults ranging from unresponsive buttons to stick drift. I’m pleased to report that so far this Fusion Pro controller has been working for me with no issues. The sticks and buttons are appropriately responsive and the battery holds a lot of charge.

    The controller is amazingly presented – you’re paying a premium price and the presentation reflects that. It comes in a solid box, with a sturdy zip-up carry case to hold the controller and all the accessories. There are a lot of customisation options, including mappable paddles, tall concave and convex analog sticks (one of each), anti-friction rings, a saddle thumbstick and lockable triggers. I haven’t had any use for these yet, but it’s nice to know they are there if I want them. The supplied instructions are clear and comprehensive. Mapping the buttons is easy to do and the triggers can be locked to three positions using a simple switch. Swapping out the sticks requires taking the controller apart, the thought of which makes me rather nervous, so I haven’t done that.

    The controller itself is bigger and much heavier than a regular Dualshock, so make sure you don’t drop it! The smooth finish and rubbery grips feel much nicer than the plastic Dualshock. The touchpad is metallic and the shoulder buttons (L1, R1, L2, R2) are bigger and wider. They are also much closer together vertically, which takes a little bit of getting used to.

    The controller has to be paired with the PS4 like any other Bluetooth device, you can’t just connect it and hit the PS button. It’s got a switch where you select USB or Bluetooth mode. The one drawback of Bluetooth mode is that it doesn’t support headsets, which I was surprised by. You have to have it wired for that. Thankfully, the USB cable supplied is 3 metres long, so I can comfortably sit on my sofa with it connected. It locks into place too, so no danger of accidental disconnection. The cable is noticeably good quality.

    I’m not sure it’s worth the hefty price, but I do like this controller. The positioning of the shoulder buttons means I can’t easily swap between it and my regular controllers without having to adjust to the differences but that is dependent somewhat on which game I’m playing. I get plenty of playtime between charges and having to wire it in for headset audio isn’t much of an issue as I prefer to get my audio via the TV.

    Heavyweight pro controlle

  27. BrendanConnah says:

     United Kingdom

    I have been testing this a fair bit and overall I’m very pleased.
    The weight and feel of the materials is noticeably higher quality than the PS4 controller.
    The extra adjustability and buttons are a nice touch (unfortunately I’m not skilled enough yet to fully utilise them).
    I have read some reviews of durability issues. I haven’t experienced that yet, but will update my review if I ever do!

  28. MargretNorth says:

     United Kingdom

    ok so you dont need DS4Windows to use this controller on pc but you cant use touchpad at all since this controller shows up as xbox in windows when on pcUSB Mode (which you need to be to use this on pc) and honestly this controller is nowhere near being worth 120 especially when using this on pc so i would recommend not getting this controller for use on pc

  29. Scott Learn The Oregonian says:

     United Kingdom

    I may be lucky, but my controller is working as good as the original controllers that came with my PS4.

    It’s a bit expensive, but so far operation has been faultless.

  30. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a pretty brilliant controller for any gamer.
    It can cater for anyone, from a beginner learning to use a scuf-type controller, to a seasoned pro.
    The premium grade is fantastic and you can feel it right out of the box.
    Connection is easy, as always, and it’s so tactical and responsive.
    It does truly feel much better to hold than your average controller, and the bluetooth is seamless.
    The features are vast; it feels like they never end. The joypad has a really good weight to it and the paddles are unbelievably easy to map ( doesn’t require PC ).
    The lack of sensitivity adjustment is a bummer, but can be overlooked for the rest.

  31. Stephen Shankland says:

     United Kingdom

    I haven’t suffered the stick drift many others complain about, might have been a previous model and now sorted? The price is my main gripe, its nice and comfy in the hand well balanced and weighted but 3X the price at 120 compared to the original PS4 controller, some other reviews says it break easy and is flimsy but the one I’ve received seems as solid as a rock, the case is great quality and holds all the accessories its supplied with and the 3M long cable comes in when it needs charging but you still want to game, good for the expert gamers but amateur should probably just stick with the 40 Sony controllers

  32. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    What a game changer!! Playing cross platform with a controller can be difficult at the best of times. This controller allows you to take on pc players head-to-head with its detachable pro pack with 4 paddles on the rear, which can be programmed on the fly! There are also 3-way trigger locks under the L2 and R2 buttons which adjust for shorter trigger response. Feedback is great, far better than the official controllers. Rumbles are powerful, well controlled and purposeful. The face plate is magnetic so you can easily swap out the analogue sticks and anti-frictions rings. It feels great to hold too, with its rubberised grips and perfect balance in the hands. It can be used wired and wirelessly. Lastly, it has a built-in speaker and comes along with a rugged carry case!

  33. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The controller came in a large box. Inside the box are some documents and stickers, but mainly the large case which houses the controller and the interchangeable components.

    If I were to say what the main benefits of this controller were, it would be the added comfort and customisability. It is also considerably heavier which adds to the feeling of heft. The touchpad is as expected, however, I did find myself enjoying using this touchpad more than the one on the original controller, mainly due to the texture and the fact that it did not feel as grippy for my fingers.

    There isn’t really much to say about the vibration motors other than that they do work as expected, and do feel like a rumble as opposed to just a vibration.

    Unfortunately, what I noticed was that there was a more noticeable pre-travel with regards to the pressing down of the joysticks. Not really a dealbreaker, but for something priced this high, it would have been nice if this was decreased. The functioning of the joysticks was as expected. I did not experience any of the stick drift that other reviews had, although I have only used this for a short amount of time and this may change. For something so hefty, I would have preferred higher tension on the joysticks to make controlling easier, but as they are right now, they are quite light.

    I did like the inclusion of the extra programmable buttons at the back of the controller. They are tactile and very easy/comfortable to press, while of being good quality. As you’d expect, you can remove this extra unit entirely or just remove individual buttons. However, after some use, I noticed that the buttons are too easily pressed – I end up accidentally pressing them during gameplay at the most comfortable position for my hands and so for most games, I remove the extra buttons.

    The PS button, bumper buttons and most of the overall buttons are more tactile. Some require more force, which should soften over time, but more importantly, they feel sharper and less mushy. I can understand why people may like the mushier buttons, but I do believe that a ‘less mushy’ button is better. The main buttons are matte instead of shiny and are more convex.

    As mentioned before, the overall controller feels much better quality. It is much heavier -. Also, the controller has a rubbery coating as opposed to the simple plastic coating of the original. There isn’t a large light at the back of the controller anymore, but rather a smaller light on the surface instead. All the programmable keys are done on the actual controller and not using some external software. Like the original controller, you also get a speaker and a headphone jack.

    Another addition added is the trigger locks. What these are essentially are basically modes that control the total travel of the trigger buttons i.e. how far you can press them. This is done by flicking a switch on the back of the controller manually and for each side. Other than that, what this controller provides are further cosmetic changes – the top shell is magnetic and can be removed easily if you wanted to change the design, but also if you wanted to change the design of certain parts, such as the analogue stick grips and the rings around them. In the photo attached, I have swapped the black rings for blue rings mainly because I think that it makes the controller look more custom. You can connect the controller to a PS4 via a cable or Bluetooth, but they want you to select the modes using the switch behind. The third setting allows you to connect the controller to a PC using a cable only. I tried connecting the controller via Bluetooth, but I had some trouble, unfortunately – while the PC recognised the controller, the controller didn’t respond too well to the PC. It however did work perfectly on the PS4 as expected.

    The USB port is somewhat interesting. Instead of going for the normal design like in older android phones or on the original controller where it was flush with the surface of the controller so that ideally any cable could have been used, this one has one which requires the specific cable which is included to work. I am not sure if this is to get customers to only purchase their cables or if it due to the fact that the design provides a securer connection to the controller, preventing it from coming out of the controller accidentally. I imagine that it’s both.

    Overall, it does feel like a step up from the original controller. The materials are better and the heft is welcome. The extra functionality from the controller is also really welcome and helps explain the higher price tag. There is no lost functionality only added. The case is also a really nice touch and fits everything including the cable. A lot of times when using the original controller I wonder why Sony opted to make the handles straight as opposed to a bit rounder to help fit inside the palms more, but with this one, I don’t have any of those thoughts.

    Hope this helped

    Edit: I have noticed that the joystick is very sensitive in the north direction, so I can now start to understand why people say that they had stick drift.

    Heavy with a case. The programmable buttons can be removed if needed

  34. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I play a lot of first person shooters (FPS), mainly WarZone at the moment and this pad is a game changer, having the additional paddles alone allows for you to reach buttons that would usually require you to move your thumbs off the sticks, so effectively you are able to remain mobile and use all game functions at the same time it’s almost like licensed cheating!

    The controller itself comes in a great storage case full of all the extra accessories, the controller feels weighty and of high build quality, I’m not sure how it will hold up over time but so far so good. The buttons feel great to press, very responsive and with a nice tactile feel, they also actuate and return to neutral extremely fast so you don’t lose time waiting for them to reset. Beyond that the thumb stick are very comfortable and have a great range of motion (more than a standard controller). The triggers are perfect and the rear paddles just take everything to the next level (they feel better quality than the ones on my Scuf controller).

    I guess the main question people want to know beyond build quality is does this actually improve your performance in game? The short answer is no as you need to retrain your brain to use the new paddles, it took me around 3-4 days for this but now that I’m comfortable with them it’s like they have always been there, so long term they do indeed improve your performance and are a game changer as far as playing competitive FPS games online.

    Game changer!

  35. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a pro gaming wireless controller that has been officially licensed by Sony.
    The Fusion Pad is well made and for me, I have not noticed any stick drifting at all. Everything feels nicely balanced and weighted. Although it is on the slightly larger side and it does need a bit of time to get used to it.
    I also like the flappy paddles that are under the controller, they allow easy customisation. You can literally map buttons or actions to it within two clicks. It does not need any supporting apps to do this which is breath of fresh air.
    However, for a controller that has a premium price tag, I was a little disappointed that you cannot control the sensitivity on buttons or joystick. A little aggrieved but not a deal-breaker. What would be a deal-breaker will be the build quality and so far it’s holding up well, let’s hope this last.

  36. M. Lance Lusk says:

     United Kingdom

    My son is the gamer and was delighted when he was given this. This is his review and his words ” this is really comfortable to use. It has interchangeable sticks. The back triggers can be changed out if you don’t need them. The buttons are very responsive. It is easy to use with a PC. The back buttons are programmable. The main triggers can have the distance shortened. It is so adjustable and flexible. This is by far the best controller I have used. This is not cheap but well worth the money”. I should add it comes with a really good quality carrying case.

  37. Lena Borrelli says:

     United Kingdom

    Good quality controller. Easily programmable. Back triggers are definitely more suited to this larger pad.

    Back triggers will likely need replacing in time as the plastic used on the connection isn’t super durable.

    Controller works best with a wired connection. Using blue tooth makes the cursor travel and over react.

  38. ElvaG10fvg says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent controller little on the heavy side but it was definitely worth the coin very well built great feeling in the hand and no issues so far not even stick drif

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve tried the scuff and razor both equipped with faults right out of the box, this however has been going strong for three months with no problems at all, best ‘pro’ controller on the market in my opinion.

  40. LuigiOchoa says:

     United Kingdom

    I was using the Sony official controllers which are great except for the thumb sticks,I’m heavy handed, so they get stuck down.this controller doesnt use the same method so they have stayed in the right place,plus it has under paddles which are easy to use,they are easily customizable.its a little heavy and a little bulky but you do get used to it,you can plug a headset into it which works great but only if the controller is plugged into the console,but is a small con, compared to the pro’s,in my honest opinion this is a great controller but with a smaller price tag than say a scuff,until something goes wrong I would say it’s a great controller.

  41. BertMedeiros says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought mine from argos, I can’t complain about a thing really. Great triggers, all buttons respond well. It’s so easy to map and take of the shell to clean. Also, people complain about not being able to use headphones without it being plugged, makes no difference really you have a massive 3m cable. Not the end of the world at all.

  42. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Top class ,
    Headset only work when using usb to PS4
    Not with BT

  43. Austin Parker says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersGenerally a good option for the price at ~ 90

    Did not experience any issues with stick drift so far as other reviews have highlighted.

    Controller is definitely bigger than a PS4 or even Xbox controller so it takes about a week of getting used to i.e. I did not like it at first, but now I would not go back

  44. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersGot this pad while it was on offer (84.99) and feel it is pretty good value at that price point. There’s lots of good features about this pad such as the 3 stage lockable triggers are great for shooter games. For me the best feature is the 4 paddles on the rear – the fact that you can map any button on the pad in two clicks is great and negates the need to have a separate app or connect it to a PC. I love the feel and finish of the pad – it’s quite weighty and has a premium feel to it.

    Sadly, there is no option to adjust the sensitivities of the triggers as is found on other joypads at a similar price point. For me, this should be standard on a “pro” pad. Also, the rear buttons (L1/R1 & L2/R2) are slightly too close to each other and can cause accidental pressings – tricky when you’re trying to be stealthy and you accidentally fire your weapon!


    Joypad has a nice weight to it,
    The paddles are excellent and so easy to map, and doesn’t require a PC or an app to do it,
    Lockable triggers are great for shooter games,
    Nice feel and finish to the pad,
    Touchpad is metal and feels nice too,


    Lacks ability to adjust sensitivity, which for the price point should be standard,
    L1/R1 is too close to the L2/R2 and can cause some accidental pressing,
    Face buttons (square, x, circle, triangle) don’t feel very premium,

    I don’t think this pad is worth the 120 price point, especially considering the lack of ability to adjust sensitivities, but am happy with the price I got it for.

  45. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersOttimo controller, ottima fattura, bello robusto e solido. Ho trovato i trigger posteriori per L2 ed R2 molto efficaci, ottime anche le palette dietro, facili da mappare. Per quanto riguarda l audio confermo il fatto che per utilizzare le cuffie bisogna usare il controller in modalit cablata non un difetto ma una loro scelta. Per chi lo avesse acquistato e si trovasse male con gli analogici perch risultino troppo sensibili (io gioco a cod)consiglio di dare un occhio alle impostazioni andare in modalit zona morta e aumentare in base al proprio stile di gioco. Per il resto controller abbastanza soddisfacente.

  46. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersIs a great controller. Probably the best “Elite” controller I’ve tested so far for PS4. Already tested the Raiju Ultimate and the Revolution Unlimited and in my opinion, this one is the most comfortable, with the best extra buttons position. The only negative point is the lag it has when connected to the PS4 by Bluetooth on games that demands you to press several buttons at the same time and rapidly. For example, playing F1 2020 lags a lot when turning and on gear shifts. With the cable, it works perfectly and with other games like football or 3rd person shooters in the open-world, I have no complaints when connected wirelessly. The controller is an awesome replacement for the DS4 and it has the gyroscope sensors like the DS4 and it works perfectly as well. The battery life is longer than the DS4 and is possible to see how much battery it has on the PS UI. Looks like it will work on PS5 as well so PowerA should try to solve the lag issue on the Bluetooth connection.

  47. Noah McGraw says:


    Golden Review Award: 9 From Our UsersNon capisco piagnistei di chi non lo ha apprezzato, forse questo controller troppo per loro…
    Io ho sia un Nacon che un Astro e come qualit dei materiali il PowerA senza dubbio superiore!! Per la cronaca: un controller adatto al gioco competitivo perci non ha senso wireless perch se si vuole il minimo input lag si gioca col cavo… che tra l’altro di 3 metri !!!
    Se giocate a Tomb raider e simili e’ assolutamente inutile spendere 130 euro per un controller, se giocate a CoD, Battlefield, Destiny, Fifa, Pes e simili ve lo consiglio ad occhi chiusi.

  48. DemetraRohu says:

     United Kingdom

    Can anyone help me with this I tried it wired through my pc and it won’t work I’ve put it in pc mode but it still ain’t working and how do you sort the paddles out as they don’t have a function ye

    It worked for a day then the lights turned green not blue

  49. PatriciaNesbitt says:

     United Kingdom

    Great controller. Have had no issues at all. The back paddles are sturdy and responsive. The only disappointment is that the headset controller port only works in wired mode, not wireless. Somewhat odd!

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