Ideal Standard A7237AA Ceratherm T100 Mixer Shower, Chrome

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Cool body – protects users from scalding
Eco setting – limits the flow to 50% without a loss in performance
Maximum temperature limit and automatic shutdown should a water supply unexpectedly fail
Easy to install – Adjustable wall bracket allows for installation to cover existing holes
Ideal flex easy to clean hose
Integral diverter for large rainshower head
3 spray mode shower head
Navigo push button to easily switch between spray modes
Shower head Idealrain Idealrain Evo Round Evo Round Evo Jet Diamond Evo Diamond
High quality metal handles

Weight: 2.5 kg
Size: Ceratherm T100 Mixer Shower with kit
Dimensions: 91.5 x 20 x 7.5 cm; 2.5 Kilograms
Model: A7237AA
Part: A7237AA
Colour: Chrome
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Ideal Standard
Colour: Chrome
Quantity: 1
Size: Ceratherm T100 Mixer Shower with kit

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24 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Exactly what you expect from a shower, good water flow, easy controls !

  2. Jake Rossman says:

     United Kingdom

    I am not a plumber and had a plumber install this at my nan’s apartment. Luckily, there were no issues with the size and distance between the connections ( or whatever). In fact, I believe this is standard as it was a straight-on replacement of her old shower with this one with no questions asked, so to say. Anyhow, we did not bother that much with all the technical yadah-yadah, as we never had any issues with the body of the shower getting hot and scalding anyone, or temperature controls as nan’s previous shower was pretty good on that, but the issue was with water pressure and we have always been told it is a system issue…whatever it means, so performance cannot be improved by swapping the shower. Well…maybe it can as it seems to have been sorted in her house just with a simple swap of the shower system. Potentially it is the eco setting as it is meant to use less water but keep the standard of performance, I am not sure, but her shower works a lot more and is a lot more powerful than ever before! Just on that alone, it is a great investment and a system to most definitely recommend!

  3. MatthewReid says:

     United Kingdom

    I have also had the impression that Ideal Standard products are of high quality and last for considerable periods compared to cheaper options. This Ideal Standard Ceratherm T100 Mixer Shower is no exception, and one that does look and feel well made. The grip is indicative of the decent materials used to manufacture this mixer shower, and once we fitted it, we really felt the difference compared to our old mixer shower.

    The spray modes are equally idea and can be switched pretty easily. Although this is an upgrade compared to my previous mixed shower, I still wish the head was bigger with more spray holes, especially in winter season when I like to have as much water contact with my body as possible. Apart from this, this mixer is really decently made and one that I recommend.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Packaged well. Nice finish and built to last. Instruction for installation is very clear for DIYers And tradesmen. Controls are easy to use. Looks simple and timeless.

  5. Thomas Wilde says:

     United Kingdom

    I was very fortunate to receive this for free to review, and it’s been an “ideal” replacement for my old broken shower in my wet room.

    I’m already familiar with Ideal Standard products having got the T100 (with rain shower head) in my main bathroom. It’s great quality and feels well made. I’ve had no issues with that one apart from the plumber installing the hot and cold water incorrectly. Luckily, he fixed it without making too much mess.

    This is the same shower with identical high-quality construction minus the rain shower head. If you can afford the rain shower head version – GET IT! This version only has a small spray head which may not please everyone (although you can change it for something bigger). I don’t need the extra rain shower head in my wet room as it’s used mainly for quick rinsing before and after going in my hot tub.

    I’ve not had this installed for long, but so far, I’m very happy with it.

  6. Kelly Hendricks says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent high-quality shower mixer that is really well-made, looks great, works as we had hoped, and was quite simple to install according to the plumber. Very pleased.

  7. Bama_Jen says:

     United Kingdom

    I’m very pleased with this shower.


    Easy to install (just check your incoming pipes to see if you can do a simple swap – they need to be 150mm apart, measured from the centre of the pipes)
    Mostly chrome build, which is high quality (the exception is the plastic shower head – slightly disappointing)
    Temperature control works perfectly for a consistent temperature
    Shower head, although not the biggest, provides 3 good spray options – and it’s easy to switch between them
    Easy to adjust shower head height
    Lovely smooth hose that is easy to clean
    No hot pipes that a young child could burn themselves on

    The only con as I mentioned above is that the shower head is plastic – for the price I would expect this to be chrome too. But that wouldn’t stop me buying it as it’s a great mains shower.

  8. MarlonJSUI says:

     United Kingdom

    Luxury shower is amazing! Why is luxury ? Because is so comfortable and easy to install !!! My dad checked with us and says is very good as he is builder and know well from bathroom / shower tools . Great longtime investme

  9. RhodaKeyes says:

     United Kingdom

    I ordered this mixer as my current mixer has jammed, I am unable to alter temperature and even struggle to turn taps on. I was advised by a plumber it is cheaper and better to get a new one than it is repairing broken mixer shower.

    Arrived in branded box with clear installation instructions.

    Easy installation if you already have mixer installed, just turn off water and fit to existing hot and cold outlets. I manage to fit myself with no issues just using a larger adjustable wrench in about 1hour.

    Great quality chrome plated shower kit, premium product.

    5 year guarantee so no expensive repairs if thermostat fails, better off buying a premium robust mixer and enjoy for 5 years than buying a cheaper alternative that freezes shut after 12months.

    Very nice looking mixer and set remains cool to touch even when having a hot shower. The shower head is adequate but not to the same high standard of the mixer unit, feels more plasticky and is smaller than more modern heads.

    Overall, great quality product that works perfectly with peace of mind it will work for next 5years.

    I would recommend this product.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I was really excited to try out this shower, and when I ordered it I was over the moon. It was delivered quickly and in a medium-sized box, and it only weighed around 2kg. It is not heavy at all and is easy to move around with the packaging. It is easy to remove from the packaging, and was packaged really well and very safely.

    It is quite easy to install, but I have done this many times before. If you don’t know how, there are many professionals that you can call and it is an easy and quick process. After it was installed, which takes around half an hour, and you will need some tools to help, it looks really nice and stylish, and I couldn’t wait to use it.

    I like the fact you can set your desired temperature level, which is really easy to do and can be changed, and you can also set a limit, which is good if you have kids using it because you don’t want them to accidentally go too high, so extra stars for that.

    No matter how hot you set your temperature, everything to do with the shower itself stays cool because of the technology, which is great so you don’t burn yourself if you like your showers hot. The showerhead has really good pressure and it feels so relaxing and nice. However, you can change it because there are three different ones to your preferred pressure.

    Afterwards, I felt so brilliant, I felt so distressed, and I felt like my tiredness had gone. This really is one of the best showers out there, with the best technology, and the best results. The price may be a bit high, but it is a one time buy for pretty much the rest of your life.

    Overall, I highly recommend it. The results are amazing, it is super safe, and the price is very fair. You will not regret buying this.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    High quality set of a chrome mixer with hose and shower head from a well-known European brand: Ideal. The wall mounted mixer itself looks well made, solid construction and so easy to replace. Featured with two G B British Standard Pipe Parallel thread (BSPP) which is the standard size for most of the wall mounted taps and showers here in UK. It is easy to install if your water pipe is already builded in the wall.

    The mixer itself is heavy in weight, which is a good sign, it means that it’s made from good quality materials and sturdy, will last longer than a flimsy mixer. Has a chrome finish, which is looks like a mirror when is clean and polished. The mixer is features with two twistable ends. The one on the left is for choosing the temperature and the other one on the right is to start the water to flow and set the preferred pressure or water flaw. Once you set the preferred temperature it provides you a constant water temperature. What is truly amazing is that the mixer never gets hot even if the water temperature is set to the highest. The hot water flowing through somehow didn’t warm up the mixer at all, I can still touch it and will not burn my hand.

    The hose is flexible enough and it’s about 1.5m long, combined with the shower head has an excellent water flow. Unfortunately. The body of the shower head is made from plastic but has a chrome coat on it to give a metal effect. Featured with 3 spray mode and with a button it can easily be switched between the modes.

    I’m happy with this set of mixer shower, very solid construction and finish feels and looks like is a value for the money. Highly recommend using in residential and commercial properties as well.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This came at the absolute perfect time for me to try out as my en-suite shower has recently needed replacing. I discussed this with my brother in law (who has the skills to install it- I recommend getting a plumber), who told me this is a well known quality make and perfect for replacing my current one. As he is far more skilled than me, he provided me with some of the below thoughts for the review:

    Very good quality as you would expect from a brand like ideal standard- this would be a matter of preference over quality with a price tag or buy cheaper and expect to replace it sooner. The quality does match the price in my opinion, having recently installed 2 handsgrohe showers which, unfortunately, one went faulty hence the install of this ideal standard.

    With 150mm centres, this is a common size for use on similar showers so straight replacement connections are easy. I personally prefer to use a connection kit which was not supplied with the shower and this is simply for ease of install.

    With a flow rate of 8L per minute this is ok but by no means the most powerful shower on the market- the design of the shower head does give an impression of higher pressure than suggested. With a max working pressure of 3bar it can stand up to most households that usually have between 1 and 2 bar.

    The design is very stylish and modern looking which combined with ease of install means a very decent shower for any household.

    I personally will be replacing the shower head for a more ‘waterfall’ type head as this one is very small and doesn’t match the overall stylish look of the shower. Even being quite a small person, this is too small for me.

    When reading up on this I read that the unit doesn’t overheat so that the chrome becomes too hot- I can confirm this is true.

    Priced at 250 for all the parts you get does feel good value for a quality shower. I imagine this will be in for a number of years, which you’d expect with the price tag.

    Overall very pleased with this and happy to recommend.

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s a nice shower with a plastic shower head. For this price why not give a chrome one and I can’t mention anything else sorry but just make sure you get a new one.

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Sometimes you don’t know good a shower is until you change it. I had an old mixer shower and it worked okay, so I thought, I had got used to it going hot or cold randomly and put it down to that’s just the nature of showers. So I got lucky and got hold of this beauty. It was a little tricky to install because of the issues I had with it dripping but that was because of the old fittings I had, some sealant tape fixed it. Sizes of standard so I whipped off the old one after turning off the water and installed this. Had to drill through the tiles to hold the shower holder but apart from that it was straight forward. The chrome plush fittings look great and you have a nice large shower head as well which is like a rain fall. Controlling the temperature is easy and accurate and it actually keeps the temperature at that setting. The hose screws off and so does the head for easy cleaning as well. A brilliant quality shower.

  15. skypexj says:

     United Kingdom

    The shower is of high quality from a manufacturer i’d previously not heard of – however, a quick online search reassures you that they are a well established company stocked my most retailers.

    I won’t be ready to install the shower until next year, but i’ve had a chance to discuss this product with the plumber and he is more than happy to install it. He likes the brand and did not hesitate to recommend the company for their quality.

    The shower parts are quite heavy, made of chrome and looks classy. Yes, the shower head appears to be made of a plastic material but it still looks good. I didn’t look at it and think – that looks cheap. It’s not until you pick it up and give it a tap that you realise it isn’t the same material as the rest of the shower.

    The hose is smooth – which I think is a great feature. The corrugated looking hoses collect dirt and are often difficult to clean so it’s obvious some thought has been given to customer use.

    Instructions are included, the usual images only instructions but these are actually decent. I did wonder if I could follow them to install it myself – I do think I could but I want to make sure it’s done right so am waiting for the plumber!

    Quality showe

  16. Ginna says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a high quality, high priced shower. To be honest the price is respectable for the quality of the shower you receive.
    Unfortunately, the shower head is cheap, plastic, and small. Be prepared to buy a better shower head.
    Other than that it’s a great shower.

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    * 3 spray mode
    * Five year guarantee
    * Therm allows installers to pre-set a desired temperature level, for ultimate comfort. You can also set a maximum limit for safety, which can be changed at the push of a button.
    * Very well made and beautiful.

    The pressure is very nice, we get many compliments regarding it.
    Please consider this purchase for your perfect bathroom!

  18. Coup Gator says:

     United Kingdom

    We currently have this shower fitting installed in our main bathroom – upon receiving the shower fitting we decided that we would have a professional plumber come to install it.

    The shower fitting is very stylish, it has a smooth chrome plated finish. The shower fitting is suitable for high pressure water feeds and has multiple inbuilt features such as; temperature safety stop, an eco-button for water saving and an eco-flow water regulator.

    What I like about this shower fitting is when in use for extended periods the outer body doesn’t get hot and is cool to touch – therefore safe for families with children.

    Excellent quality shower fitting; looks really smart in our bathroom. Great value for money, and plumber said it was easy to install – having read the instructions it did seem straight forward however I’m not the best with DIY tasks.

    Really pleased with the performance of the shower, would recommend.

  19. RaymondReinke says:

     United Kingdom

    Taps and mixer units vary in price from as little as 60 up to 500+ quite often the cheaper ones are a complete false economy as they are set and cut into your tiles, meaning you don’t want to replace them 12 months down the line. This takes care of that on two scores, firstly, they make a lot of noise about the quality of the mixer unit it self and secondly, the thermostatic core can be replaced meaning if there are any issues down the line, you can sort it without needs a new unit fitting. The included rail is good and the adjustable height clamp is firm, but easy to adjust with a simple push button operation.

    I wasn’t a big fan of the included head, however, I have reused the existing one I had on my original built in shower as it has push button control and a larger coverage.

  20. MarcelaGinder says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this shower and was pleasantly surprised at the quality for the price! it looks really good and great quality. My plumber was also impressed and said it was easy to install and very good quality to. I was also suprised to find the shower head has several settings and has great power which was a bonus. I can highly recommend this product it’s one of my best buys yet! k 🙂

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I got this to replace an existing shower mixer that after 6 years had started to leak. Great shower, wonderful large shower head for long soaks. We’ve been through a few cheaper alternatives all that broke leaving the shower temperature boiling hot and unusable!

    Simply brilliant. Great quality and engineering. The thermostat is perfect. Goes to the right temperature in seconds and never scalds or freezes. You can turn it off and on again and it goes instantly back to the right temperature. It’ll also maintain the temperature if someone runs a tap.

    This shower set is very stylish, good quality, easy to use am glad I got it. I had to pay to have it installed as am not a plumber. But the quality is obvious and I hope I get many years use out of it. It’s given my bathroom a modern look.

    Overall I’m delighted with my purchase. I spent a lot of time looking at different options and I think this one provides a good balance of quality, value for money and a great experience.

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This Ideal Standard mixer shower arrives in a full colour box measuring approx 21cm x 8cm x 93.5cm.
    It did not arrive packed into an extra box so the delivery stickers were stuck onto the product box.

    If you are looking around for showers & finding it all a bit confusing (I do) then this shower is a mixer shower, so it needs plumbing into a hot & cold water pipe, it does not heat the water itself the way an electric shower would do.
    This has no electrical parts so requires a plumber to fit it not an electrician.

    This is beautifully designed & I like almost everything about it.
    The parts are very well made, have a great standard of finish & look like they will last for many years.
    I particularly liked the smooth shower hose which doesn’t have all the ridges on it that they often seem to which catch dirt & are a pain to clean.
    It gives this a very sleek look.

    The obvious quality of the rest of the components make the shower head look like you broke the original & have replaced it with something cheap from a market.
    It feels like it is made of chrome coated plastic & sounds like it when you knock on it too.
    It’s too small for a decent shower unless you are really short & have the shower head really high up.
    It’s also ugly.

    It has an included limiter in it which restricts the flow of water.
    I do think it reduces performance & just doesn’t let enough water through to give you a decent shower – particularly with the included odd shaped shower head.
    I removed the restrictor which much improved the water flow.
    The shower head has a push button (just under the holes the water comes out of) to switch between 3 modes – basically water coming from just the centre, the centre & a bit or all the holes.
    If you look this shower head up separately (it is also sold separately) they call the modes rain, drop jet & massage.
    This is not mentioned or explained anywhere in the box it comes in.

    This model does not include the integral diverter or the button to switch between 2 shower heads, so you cannot later buy a rain shower head & fit it as well as this (which sort of feels like it is a hair washing shower head rather than one for washing the whole of you.) so if you had planned to do that this would not work.
    This only has one water outlet (on the underside).

    I like the cool body technology that means the mixer doesn’t get very hot when in use.
    It means that even if you have people who are very slow in the shower leaving it on for a long time, there is no danger of them leaning against that part & getting burned – useful for children, the elderly or anyone less steady.

    The poor shower head cost this a star.
    I actually considered docking 2 stars for it but the quality of the rest of the item is so good I couldn’t do it in all fairness & I will buy something more effective & less ugly.

    It’s a beautiful shower, it looks fantastic apart from the shower head & comes with a 5 year guarantee.
    It’s manufactured by a long established company with a reputation for producing high quality long lasting sanitary goods.
    It’s just a shame the shower head is rubbish.

  23. NormandWarburto says:

     United Kingdom

    Before I begin I have to say that the important thing to state before anyone buys such a shower kit, or anything really, is to make sure it fits where you want to put it. In this case
    The tap connector sections are 150mm apart (from centre to centre) so make sure the water supply connectors on your taps in your bathroom is the right size for this.
    So, if you’re happy this will fit your bathroom taps then this is well worth buying as it gives a cracking shower which not only helps wash your body but seems to be relaxing as the water sprays over you.
    This is so easy to install if you’re replacing a similar tap connection system. It took me about 15 minutes in total from unwrap to packing away. The hardest part was drilling through the tiles to connect the upright support sections. The last thing I wanted was to crack the tiles that’s just so annoying. But, if you take your time drilling, slowly, marking the drill hole first to break through the top layer before drilling.
    This claims to have a cool body, meaning the hose and tap are don’t get too hot so they burn you if you touch them. And I can confirm that the metal doesn’t get too hot, no hotter than the shower unit this replaced.
    It has other claims, an Eco setting which limits the flow to 50% yet keeps the same performance and power auto shutdown through lack of water supply and even a maximum temperature limit too.
    It’s simple to use with the controls being either end of of the tap connectors. The heat setting is on one end and the on/off control on the other end, turning the dial to control the settings. You can leave the heat setting dial where it is once you find the right heat so it’s there for you each shower. Just turn the on/off dial to start/stop the water rushing from the shower head.
    The shower head looks like a slightly stretched circle with a diameter, called an evo jet diamond, of about 130mm, and three power settings by turning the spray head area. The settings are a standard shower flow, a misty spray and a massage spray too. Each as good as the others.
    The shower head slides up and down the upright pole with the press of the button on the shower head holder.
    In all, a great shower which helps wash away the stresses do the coming day it’s powerful, easy to use and pretty refreshing.

  24. FunnyFaceBeauty says:

     United Kingdom

    This is advertised as a mixer shower, Ideal Standard, the maker, is an old established company and are well known for quality products like this, but as it is a quality product you will need to pay a premium price, so it is a matter of choice, buy this, which will last for many years, or a cheaper brand, at a much less price, which may not operate as well, will probably fail sooner and its guarantee will be a year, here you get a five year guarantee.

    I have installed this and am very pleased with it, but it does have one big flaw and that is the shower head, whilst it works brilliantly, it is too small, when you have a shower, you really need a bigger shower head, so the coverage is not enough, for the price they could have used a bigger head, or additionally you could buy a bigger head, but this will cost more.

    As a result of this one flaw I cannot give this shower fitting five stars, it deserves four stars, very well made, it is made of chrome, will probably last for many many years, but let down by the shower head, so four stars is not a bad rating and if you can afford it and live with the smaller shower head, this is an ideal buy, no pun intended.

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