ORSKEY Dash Cam for Cars Front and Rear and SD Card Included 1080P Full HD In Car Camera Dual Lens Dashcam for Cars 170 Wide Angle Sony Sensor with Loop Recording and G-senso


Dimensions: 16.3 x 11.2 x 8.3 cm; 430 Grams
Model: S900
Batteries Included: 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: ORSKEY
Origin: China

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96 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Works very well and surprisingly good for the price point.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Arrived on time my son fitted it for me, when reversing it gives full screen and when approaching junctions or traffic lights again automatically switches from dual pictures to the rear view. Much better than I expected for the price.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    In daytime it’s solid, night-time is a bit hit/miss due to the lights from the car but still better to have something than nothing. Controls are a little clunky but it’s not something you can’t learn over time, SD footage even at 1080p is good enough on PC and used as evidence. The suction on windscreen has been really good, stick and lock done.

  4. CJVRolandqvo says:

     United Kingdom

    I like this due to the amount of bully drivers who back off once they see the camera. Good vision.

  5. RhodaBarff says:

     United Kingdom

    Great value for money. I would highly reccomend these. Excellent video quality.

  6. Laura Hautala says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought as a gift, my daughter loves it, makes her feel safer as a new drive

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very easy to install and excellent customer service when I realised I needed a extension cable that was provided free of charge

  8. The Editors of GQ says:

     United Kingdom

    great dashcam, very easy to setup, ability to remove sd card easily is very handy, video and audio quality is amazing for such a mid range price camera, aint connect rear cam yet as am waiting on new car arrving so will install when that arrives and write a review about the rear cam as well

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersSpent ages trying to find a decent quality but not ridiculously expensive front and rear dash cam, and came across this. For what I wanted a dash cam for (personal reassurance whilst driving), this is pretty good. You can set the date, time, and your license plate no. so it appears on recordings, and you can access previous recordings on the actual device itself (you don’t have to plug it into a computer). While the camera quality isn’t the best in the world (you get what you pay for I suppose), it records and stores clips well enough, and would at least show who was at fault in an accident. It runs on 3 minute clips and then automatically restarts the recording, so while you can’t fast forward on the device itself, you don’t have to watch a whole journey just to catch something. Fairly easy to install and instructions aren’t too complicated, but we did have to remove one of my rear lights to wire it in (however the rear camera does have pretty bright lights on it so, when you turn your car lights on, it illuminates the road behind you).

    My only complaints would be that the sticky pad to stick the rear camera onto your inside rear window is not very strong (I have to reattach it every time I get in, not a massive hardship but a bit annoying, however the suction cup for the front camera has not budged since I put it on). Additionally, the wires (you obviously have to plug the rear camera into the main front camera, and then plug that into the cigarette lighter in order to power the device) are a bit all over the place, but they are long so I could cable tie them, and could probably have spent more time tidying them up. This doesn’t obscure my vision while driving, but is slightly inconvenient for a front passenger. Mic isn’t amazing, but it means I can’t hear myself back on the recordings which is fine. I also lost the microSD that the camera comes with inside the camera (my fault, pushed it in too far), so be careful how you insert it. Haven’t tried accessing files through the computer so can’t comment on whether that’s easy or not.

    All in all, if money is tight, this is a good option, and would likely provide some protection in case of an accident. For the price alone, I would really recommend this dash cam as a budget-friendly option.

  10. ChanaYjelad says:

     United Kingdom

    Good little camera with a nice long cable for the reversing camera so it did reach the back of my 4×4 and nice menu system in the camera allows you to select different filming settings to save on memory I very happy with it.

    Great little thing and good picture quality too

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Good camera, not fitted rear camera, had problem with the mount this was quickly replaced
    Very good service from customer service dept
    J Booth

  12. KandisBriggs says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a good quality dashcam with good picture quality however the instruction booklet is useless and is no help at all. A very good product let down by the instruction booklet!

  13. RusselH74hxfik says:

     United Kingdom

    The camera is absolutely worth for the price plus the customer service is amazing !

  14. ArnulfoWicks says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersSolid item fitting easy and installation instructions good. The camera worked with no problems for the money it’s a great buy. Used for a few months now and no problems.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Not happy sd card not working tried everything not working at all.

  16. TysonCPCQgfh says:

     United Kingdom

    Brilliant camera front View great but rear camera when worked out how to wire it up its grea

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Amazing product with price i received my product rear cam and sd card were missing contacted the seller and received it next day really appreciated and camera quality is amazing will order one more

  18. Carolyn says:

     United Kingdom

    Thus is an excellent camera for the price, highly recommended.

  19. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to install, easy to use great bit of kit for the price.

  20. Cierra4201 says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI had a touchscreen dash cam that kept beeping as if i was pressing the menus and it was so annoying i hulk smashed it in a fit of irritation, so i needed a alternative and i picked this because it has physical buttons and isnt a cheap nasty touchscreen that goes haywire.

    The camera is small and quite light, the menus are easy to navigate, it takes 2 minutes to setup, the suction cup and the lock are really well made (if you have issues getting yours to stay stuck, try buying actual glass cleaner that isnt mr windowshine with vinegar and use it before trying to stick the suction cup to your windscreen, glass gets greasy and the grease is what makes it fail.)

    The camera is good quality for what you pay, it certainly beats the quality of my old dash camera.
    I’ve locked and reviewed a section of footage and i can tell you that while you’re driving in the day the camera will pick up everything, it may struggle with licence plates from long range but at medium to close range everything is fine especially when you view the video on a bigger monitor.

    There is a built in microphone and it’s not the best quality but it functions, there isnt a 3.5mm jack to plugin your own microphone.

    I’ve not looked at any night footage and i dont do a lot of night driving so if you’re after a really good night vision dash cam that isnt breaking the bank im sorry i cant help you there.

    For the price, its solid, it works, I’m happy with it.

  21. Adam Waheed says:

     United Kingdom

    Best ever dash cam i have. Good for the money. Easy to fix and work perfect.

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Apart from the cable being a little to long all ok

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Just what I wanted, small and good picture and sound quality.

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this dash cam for my son’s car. He just passed his test. Excellent picture quality for front n back camera also has connection for reverse parking very easy to install

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very easy to install in my Ford Ecosport. Great picture quality and a very nice camera.

  26. Miss Mikelah says:

     United Kingdom

    An amazing value for money, sturdy dash cam with a rear camera that’s doubles as a reverse camera, comes with the SD card too. Brilliant deal

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to install even for my useless skills in electronics, the rear camera was more fiddly to fit, but one on brill. Picture quality is great, so far so good. If any issues I’ll update review but right now it’s exceeded my expectation. Peace of mind with so many irresponsible drivers out there. Good to have video evidence

  28. PeterSchlemmer says:

     United Kingdom

    Great camera, good to know that if you have an accident you have video evidence. I think it’s a must have in your car.

  29. Terry Sullivan says:

     United Kingdom

    Very good quality for the price! I’ll be buying another for my van, the quality on the picture is superb the camera it’s self is good quality, it has the weighty “expensive feel” to it. It’s also so so easy to fit yourself, it took me just over 5 mins to set it up and hide wires in my door seals, also takes 2 mins to plug into your laptop/computer and start the playback, it’s so ease to use/configure and for such a good price I was amazed at the quality. Thanks!

    Happy customer! Very good quality!

  30. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Good quality camera. Easy to install. The camera itself is a little overcomplicated to use I think but I’m a technophobe.
    What really impressed me was the customer service. Unfortunately the charger was faulty but I received replies to all my emails promptly and received a replacement and hardwire kit.
    It’s refreshing to deal with a company that care about customer service!

  31. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Instruction booklet very poor ,could do with revamp ,and picture lay out ,much bigger writing

  32. Thomas H. Lee says:

     United Kingdom

    For the price, this is a great kit. It was easy enough to set up and has been reliable. The only problem I have had with it is the sd card included with it would not be recognised sometimes on start up, but with a new sd card that seams to have gone away . Overall great product just beware about the sd cards.

  33. MaxieSchmella says:

     United Kingdom

    I have been using this for a few months now and I can happily say this is worthy the purchase. It’s easy to use and set up various settings if need be and it constantly films at a nice quality.

  34. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersReally good dash cam for the price. After reading a lot of reviews I decided to purchase this camera. One review said because you have to charge it for 3hrs it meant having you sat in car with engine running but I just hard wired it to a permanent feed and then swapped it to ignition feed after 3hrs. Was easy to wire up front and rear cameras. Have only given it four stars as the memory card that comes with it is pretty useless. After 1 week it packed up and to get it recording you had to take card out every time you got in car and reinstall it to make it record!!! So purchased a San disk extreme card and this cured the fault. But overall a good dash camera for the price.

  35. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This camera works really well, The instructions need to be read carefully as they seem to me not to be written very well. I emailed the manufacturer with a question and they replied very quickly and answered my question very clearly. I have been using this for about two weeks and it has been faultless so I am very pleased. The picture quality is jolly good.

  36. DQYKurtisctijh says:

     United Kingdom

    Power supply cable faulty. Do not like the position of the power supply . Needs to be in a better position..

  37. MarioBrowne says:

     United Kingdom

    The sd slot broke after 1 use. The return process was really easy and I just ordered another one.
    The rear camera image is not as good quality as the front, but the installation is easy. I would recommend the hard wire kit, again, it’s easy install. Overall, quite good for not much money.

  38. Journalism says:

     United Kingdom

    I’m more of a practical person so rather than reading the instructions I just worked it out myself.

    Works great

    Small screen but does the job.

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is the second dashcam I have had, the first broke down. It’s more compact than the last one, which is great as its not so imposing. Setup was really easy as was connecting the rear one to the reversing light. Fantastic day and night vision and comes with an SD card ready to mount. Highly recommended.

  40. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    small compact at first not easy to use after a while its star to get the hang of it memory card was free but memory card stop recording after a 4 days couldn’t cope with recording speed or not original when to my local retail park bought a new memory card being 3 week it still working ok switch off park mode and shock mode not overfill memory need format it so you have all was space or important files wouldn’t be overwriting max memory it handless is 32 gb higher won’t recorder.i open the files on MacBook finder it works ok

  41. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The power socket was the same as my broken NextBase camera that was about eight years old so I didn’t have to mess about wiring it in to the fuse box again. The mount for the rear camera wasn’t very versatile. I ended up using sticky velcro tabs. Took me about half an hour to fit. Works well. Time will tell but happy with recordings – my old NextBase was only 720.

  42. Clarence2959 says:

     United Kingdom

    This is the best brand possible at this price range. It is my third Orskey. Out of the previous 2 one was stolen and one is working perfectly for more than a year in my husband’s car. The quality of the image is remarkable even when importing the videos and looking at them on a big screen. The night mode is as good as it can be for any camera that has to capture high speed moving objects, incoming light beams, low light-bright light areas passing through fast. Its lenses adjust very well and you get a great image, not just spots of brightness. The windshield support is very easy to put on, very stable and easy to adjust and fixate in the desired position. I would have liked a longer power line as I do not like wires hanging all over the car and I always hide them behind plastics and rubbers. And that takes a lot of lenght.
    Overall, I was always staisfied by the Orskey dash cams and the only time I bought a similar range dash cam, I regreted imediatly. It does not compare at all.

  43. BernardCarlile says:

     United Kingdom

    Absolutely brilliant customer service who went above and beyond to rectify a issue with my purchase you can buy with 100% confidence the camera is also brilliant thank you so much

  44. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    To save a video I would have to stop the car and press a few buttons to search for the right video then save it. My old one had a red button I could press to save current video.

  45. AnnelieMcArthur says:

     United Kingdom

    The camera was easier to install than I expected. Not the easiest of handbooks to use, with very small printing. Haven’t yet worked out how to put my car number plate onto the recording.
    The image on the rear camera is revered; not a disaster, but apparently for cameras that cost this amount, this is usual. Playing back the SD card on a PC, the view is extremely good.

  46. FrederickaLanni says:

     United Kingdom

    Its okay. Back camera continues to fall from window in back. Bought gorilla glue for parcel shelf now. Good quality images, night visibility is pretty rubbish tbh. I may have a look at those settings once again (professional photographer) maybe just missed something, but daylight pictures great. Wisheed back camera was smaller on screen, again will read book again! Overall, good quality you would be pleased with item

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