Personal Alarms For Women – 3 Pack Reusable Police Approved 140DB LOUD Security Alarms Keychain with LED Light, Small Personal Safety Alarm for Women Girls Kids and Elderly

Personal alarm

  • Effective Attention Graber: This 140DB portable security alarm makes a very loud and startling noise, enough to distract attacker or get help in a crisis.
  • Use to get help or escape: Simply pull out the pin at the side and a loud siren will sound to scare out the attacker at the fastest speed and “surprised” them.
  • Make Yourself Visible to Helpers: To turn on the torch, just click the big button. Use this to look around dark corners or when going through shady alleys.

Weight: 110 g
Dimensions: 14.9 x 8.1 x 2.9 cm; 110 Grams
Colour: Silver
Manufacture: Powbeee
Colour: Silver

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