RAIJINTEK Morpheus II Core Black Heatpipe VGA Kühler

Easy to install

Technical details:

Dimensions: 254 x 44 x 98 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: Approx. 515 g
Material: Nickel-plated copper (base plate, heat pipes), nickel-plated aluminium (slats)
Heat pipes: 12 x diameter 6 mm
Heat dissipation performance: Max. 360 W
Fan (optional): 2 x 120 mm
Compatibility: Reference design: AMD HD 7850, HD 7870, R9 270(X), R9 290(X), R9 390X, RX Fury, RX 480 | NVIDIA: GTX 650 (Ti), GTX 660 (Ti), GTX 680, GTX 760, GTX 770, GTX 780 (Ti), GTX 970, GTX 980, GTX 1080 (Ti)
Morpheus II Morpheus 8057 LURT-041 Iris 12 Set of 2 lurt-034
Dimensions (W x H x D): 254 x 44 x 98 mm 254 x 100 x 44 mm 120 x 120 x 25 mm 120 x 120 x 25 mm 130 x 120 x 13 mm
Weight: Approx. 515 g Approx. 515 g Approx. 190 g
Material: Nickel-plated copper (base plate), black coated copper (heat pipes), black coated aluminium (slats) Copper (base plate, heat pipes), aluminium (slats)
Fan: 2 x 120 mm (optional) 2 x 120 mm (optional) 1 x 120 mm 2 x 120 mm 1 x 120 mm
Compatibility: Reference design: AMD HD 7850, HD 7870, R9 270(X), R9 290(X), R9 390X, RX Fury, RX 480 | NVIDIA: GTX 650 (Ti), GTX 660 (Ti), GTX 680, GTX 760, GTX 770, GTX 780 (Ti), GTX 970, GTX 980, GTX 1080 (Ti) Reference design: AMD RX 5600 XT, RX 5700, RX 5700 XT | RTX 2060, RTX 2060 Super, RTX 2070, RTX 2070 Super, RTX 2080 / RTX 2080 Super, RTX 2080 Ti PC housing, CPU and GPU cooler, other PC housing, CPU and GPU cooler, other PC housing, CPU and GPU cooler, other
Heat dissipation performance / speed: Max. 360 W Max. 360 W 800 – 1800 rpm 1,800 rpm 200 – 1400 rpm

Weight: 780 g
Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 10 cm; 780.18 Grams
Model: 0R100022
Colour: Black
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: RAIJINTEK
Colour: Black

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38 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I cant speak for the thermal tape and small heatsink as I kept my stock heatsink and thermal pads. But for the actual cooler it self I’m amazed. My gpu doesn’t go over 58* with a proper fan tune and it’s near silent. Much more quiet than the turbine jet that was in there before. Great product and easy install. I’m running warzone and the gpu stays in boost all the time because of the temps. Good job raijintek!

    I cant speak for the thermal tape and small heatsink as I kept my stock heatsink and thermal pads. But for the actual cooler it self I'm amazed. My gpu doesn't go over 58* with a proper fan tune and it's near silent. Much more quiet than the turbine jet that was in there before. Great product and easy install. I'm running warzone and the gpu stays in boost all the time because of the temps. Good job raijintek!

  2. Olivia Tambini says:

     United States

    I had a blower style card and my temps were getting in the high 80s, sometimes temps would get high enough it would throttle and I get bad frames. Took a chance buying this and idle my temps went from around 50C to 34C. Now gaming, mostly on star citizen my GPU went from 93C and around 20FPS to maxing around 50C and sometimes hitting 100FPS. Even giving an overclock of +176Mhz on the core and +200 on Mem it almost never gets to even 60C.

    This is my first review on Amazon and I just had to leave this one.

    Works like magic.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United States

    This thing is amazing.
    Yes, I had to tear down my GTX 1080-ti to it PCB board, but it was fun, and I got to cover all the little parts that get hot in little aluminum heat sinks. Over all, at full tilt, giving 110%, it won’t get up to 60c where it used to hit 85c. Huge performance difference! Highly recommend if it fits your card.

  4. Anonymous says:


    Habe den Khler bei einer RX 480 8Gb verbaut. Khleistung ist echt top vorher 70-75Grad aktuell mit 2 Lfter aufgebaut 50-60 Grad. Montage war okay

  5. Anonymous says:


    My 1080ti founder edition cards were quite hot and the noise was too high for mx comfort.
    With this heatsink and with some patiance I could swap out the small blower heatsink with this huge one.
    You can leave the original (memory) baseplate on the card if you remove (permanently) the fins and the end of card’s baseplate (may be hard, but use force accordingly).
    After mounting 2pcs of 12cm fans (or even one 25mm thick one) the cooling performance is at the level of asus strix triple fan series at the cost of width. It may take up to 4 card slots.

  6. Anonymous says:


    Hotspot from 84+ down to 68
    Overall the temps are now ~ 58 with a much higher clock than before the replacement
    Currently since I do not have the fan cable yet to let the card directly control the fans, my mobo is doing the job just fine πŸ™‚ Using Noctua NF-A12x25 fans – they stick out a bit so not 100% sure if they are the right size but they do the job πŸ™‚
    I had issues making the GPU control the fans as external fans – turned out the GPU Tweak II has this option. I was using GPU Tweak III and could not see it there. With the II it works perfectly and temps are around 54C based on my fan speed vs gpu temp setup.

  7. GitaU81fpvxsym says:

     United States

    Can be a little confusing which hole to add the heatsink, Sorta wish they added N (nvidia) or A (AMD)for each hole. The heatsink works but the double sided thermal pad is not as sticky as i wanted. In the end the product does it’s job well. The temps has dropped by a ton and is much quieter than the reference blower style cooler. I paired mine with a dual Noctua 120mm

  8. CatharineCaron says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersAwesome cooler, and fairly straightforward to install, unless you decide to keep the stock back and mid-plate like I did, then it may take a little bit of figuring out. I repasted the GPU die with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, as well I did had to use the supplied heatsinks for the chokes, which the stock cooler had a plate build in for those, and I used the K5 thermal pad replacement paste on those, instead of the supplied thermal pads, which in the reviews I watch never seemed to hold up well. The K5 paste is awesome! Holding strong, and keeping everything cool. Would highly recommend looking into K5 paste if you are going to do this, instead of the supplied thermal pads.

    As far as temps. It’s cold outside, but I’ve been keeping my room warm around 23C, and my GPU has been idling around 32C and maxing out at 54C under prolonged loads. I’m able to get my GPU boost clock higher, and sustain the clocks speed now, with out thermal limits getting in the way.

    Only con: Which can be perceived as a con only if you have limited space, as with most ML120’s it is going to make this a 4 slot card. You could use something like the NFA12x15 low profans to cut down on the height a little.

    Overall, easy to install. Near or at liquid cooling capacity without the worry of water ever leaking in the system, as well as much more affordable and cost effective I feel when compared to liquid cooling.
    Highly recommend.

    At or near water cooling performance without the hassle

  9. KayleneDarbyshi says:

     United States

    My gtx 1070 hybird watercooling pump died and I couldn’t find any other aftermarket cooler for it besides this. everything connected great and it runs quietly. The only issue is the thermal pads it comes with barely have any adhesive, and wouldn’t hold onto the vram correctly so i decided not to use it. Definitely worth it over buying a new gpu.

  10. Anonymous says:


    Bei den aktuellen preisen hab ich meine vega 56 (vega64 bios)damit ausgestattet.
    Mit 2 lfter ist die leistung unschlagbar
    Vorher hatte ich immer um die 75-82c (ca. 1580mhz und 945mhz)
    Jetzt mit OC 1700mhz und 1100mhz hbm
    Lcherliche 58c. In zeiten wie diesen die beste investition. Klare kaufempfehlung !!!!
    Der umbau hat ca. 1h gedauert, ich hab als wlp arctic mx-4 verwende

  11. Anonymous says:


    Mi ha permesso di recuperare una scheda video GTX1080 MSI Sea Hawk mandata in assistenza per perdite dal dissipatore a liquido, con esito infausto. IRRIPARABILE. Invece a distanza di qualche anno le necessit di aumentare la potenza di calcolo per rendering eseguiti tramite GPU, mi hanno spinto a provare a ripararla dapprima in maniera molto “rustica” montandoci dissipatori di una vecchia GTX 560Ti ma non ottenendo niente di che, cercando ho scoperto questo dissipatore. Disponendo di ventole Noctua da montarci ho deciso di comprarlo e devo dire funziona molto bene. Ma occupa davvero tanto spazio, tant’ che ho dovuto spostarla su un pc con pi spazio utile per far si che le ventole riuscissero ad approvvigionarsi comodamente del volume d’aria necessario al raffreddamento. Devo dire che fa un ottimo lavoro, forse non proprio economico come dissipatore ma ben fatto. Consiglio!

  12. Anonymous says:


    It is huge, bulky, heavy and scary.

    Yet – fitted with proper, low-noise fans, and properly mounted (instruction is very good, just read it carefully), it works. That thing keeps my card (Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 580 8GB) while gaming down to 51 degrees Celsius (in a non-airconditioned room).
    Expensive, but worth the money!

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this for a graphics card I bought from ebay that didn’t have the original cooler still. I couldn’t find many 3rd party coolers that would fit the card and found no 2nd hand original coolers without buying a new card.
    The cooler itself is fairly big so make sure you’ve got space in your case. It’s also quite heavy, but was sturdy and solid when installed.
    I followed a youtube video to fit this cooler but I didn’t really need to. The instructions we good and the installation was hastle free. I bought a couple of quiet fans to use with the cooler which were fiddly but not too bad. Everything worked as expected and I now have a cool and quiet graphics card!
    Overall it’s a good cooler and I would recommend it to others

  14. Ashleigh Macro says:


    Sehr guter Grafikkarten Khler fr meine MSI 980 ti . Bei 100 Prozent Auslastung der Grafikkarte maximal 69 Grad. Vorher waren es 85 Grad mit deutlich hrbaren Lftern bei 2200 Rpm . Habe jetzt 2 120mm Lfter von Corsair verbaut die sehr leise sind und mit maximal 1000 Rpm laufen bei 69 Grad .

  15. LashundOjeda says:


    Dieser Khler ist kompatibel mit einer RX Vega 56 (meiner war im Referenzdesign). Die Khlleistung ist sehr gut und hat meine Core und HBM Temperatur von c.a. 80C auf c.a 55C gesenkt. Die Bedienungsanleitung ist jedoch grenzwertig und ich empfele jedem ein Guide ber den Einbau auf YouTube anzuschauen. Beim Khler sind auch Khlkrper fr VRM enthalten. Der Hot-Spot und die VRM Temperaturen sind whrend dem Spielen ([email protected]) im 80C Bereich, welches akzeptabel ist, jedoch steigen die Hot-Spot und VRM Temperaturen auf c.a. 96C fr eine kurze Zeit im Stress Test (FurMark). Zwei Lfter fr den Khler werden stark empfolen, ich benutze die ARCTIC Bionix P120.
    Falls ihr Lfter anbringen mchtet, msst ihr zwei weitere Kabel kaufen damit ihr es mit der GPU verbinden knnt, welches folgende sind:
    – Gelid Solutions VGA-Adapter fr AMD und Nvidia
    – InLine 33328Y Y-Kabel fr Lfter PWM, 4pol Molex 1 Stecke

    Kompatibel mit RX Vega 56

  16. ValerieFarber says:

     United States

    This cooler is really good and looks great. I use Noctua fans on it and the included fan brackets work. I had no trouble mounting it to an SC2 1080ti, but the fans were a bit tricky to mount. The customer support team is really good and helped me fix a shipping issue. They were nice and worked with me to make sure I had a working GPU while we fixed the issue which was above and beyond of them to do. I have used this cooler for nearly a year and it has held up very well, no mounting issues or degradation or anything.

  17. Anonymous says:

     United States

    lo unico es que queda demasiado grande!!! pero todo lo demas muy bie

  18. Anonymous says:


    Compatible 100% avec gtx 980ti hybrid evga.
    La carte n’a jamais dpass les 50c depuis 5 ans, maintenant a ne dpasse mme pas les 44c.

    l’efficacit est redoutable si vous laissez la carte la verticale, si vous l’installez dans un systme classique l’horizontale, le contact entre les surfaces n’est plus optimal j’ai donc bascul mon systme sur le ct, comme un test-bench.

    avec une temprature ambiante de 24 c
    chassis en position verticale :
    70-72c avec support carte mal mis
    55-58c quand c’est bien mis

    avec chassis horizontal :
    30c idle. 45c

    prvoir de la place la carte prend 3,5 slot maintenant.

    Très performant dans certaines conditions.

  19. Anonymous says:


    Der beste Khler auf dem Markt, da kann jeder Custom Khler einpacken und passt problemlos auf eine 5700XT. Ich habe dort zwei P12 PWM drauf geschnallt und was soll ich sagen, extrem niedrige Temperaturen! Im Burn Test vom MSI erreicht die Karte maximal 55 Grad, beim normalen Spielen um die 50, dass sind verdammt gute Werte.

    Ein Nachteil hat dieses Kit aber, die Heatsinks sind nicht optimal, Aluminium ist kein guter Leiter, ich empfehle jedem Kupfer Heatsinks nachzukaufen und diese zu nutzen. Ansonsten gibt es an diesem Produkt nix auszusetzen.


  20. Amazon Products says:

     United Kingdom

    I installed this heatsink on my vega 56 reference card. There are few tutorials online so everything went smoothly. One thing to note is that there is specific model of this heatsink dedicated for vega cards which has extra clearance room for small VRM heatsinks. Anyhow, morpheus II black editions did fit my card well, however I had to leave few VRMS to the mercy of my twin 120mm fans I attached to the heatsink. Overall temperature of my card stays around 50C (stock was 75C). This is with mild overclock. VRM temperature jump up to around 70 – 80C (still enough headroom for OC if you wish to do so). With reference cooler it was around 60C. This is to be expected since it lacks cooling of stock baseblate. Overall I am very happy with my purchace especially noice level. I installed two bequite fans and I can barely hear them on full load. Stock cooler noice level was like a vacuum cleaner on a table. Good product. In theory you can even reuse it in the future. There was plenty of left over tape and heatsinks.

  21. Taradraws98 says:

     United Kingdom

    Did much homework on how to best cool my Nvidia GTX 1080Ti FE as there were options for other cards but fewer for the FE model. Then I found the Raijintek Morpheus II Core Black Heatpipe VGA Cooler. I researched how to take my card to pieces (it was quite daunting and a good learning experience lol but YouTube is your friend) and then add the cooler along with 2 x Nocturn silent fans (also great BTW). Before with stock chamber cooler fan at 100% my card would run DCS World in 4K at 75C. Noisy as hell. With the Morpheus II and two fans running at about 80% (noise level vastly reduced) the card would run at 55C in winter and slightly higher in Spring/Summer 65C but that is substantially less than stock and much less noise. Room temp 19-27C in UK climate. Overall, if you are prepared to do your homework, void your warranty on your graphics card and become an ace geek to lower card temps, then this is the option for you. Price-wise it is a little expensive but I guess if you have a powerful card then cost does not come into it really. Go get it and geek the hell outta your rig πŸ™‚

    Takes much of the heat off the card

  22. AugustusCaudle says:

     United Kingdom

    fitted on my EVGA 1060 6 gig card, the clips that come the cooler I struggled to hold my fans so I had to use zip ties but a good cooler none the less

  23. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersSo I bought both an Accelero III and a Morpheus II. I knew that the Accelero would be much harder to install, but in my use case, inevitably it wold have been a superior cooler when my 1080Ti moves into an NCase M1.

    That said, after a couple install attempts with temps still not coming up correctly, I decided to install the Morpheus instead. Installation was a breeze and my temps are amazing.

    Went from 85C and throttling at load to 62C and near silent with Noctua fans.

    Highly recommend this mod if you need better cooling and have a blower style card.

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I fitted this to a Vega 64, the temps are great!!

  25. ShereeSinger says:


    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersHabe diesen khler auf der RX 580 Red devil installiert. Als Lfter habe ich die be quiet pure Wings 2 mit 1500rpm. Die Temperatur ist von Originalkhler im Windows-Betrieb mit Displayport und 144hz von 40 auf 23C runter gekhlt. Bei civilisation VI von max. 83 auf max 57C die Lautstrke ist deutlich gesunken. Demnach
    absolut empfehlenswert. Einziger Manko ist, dass ein Chip nicht khlbar ist, da die headpipes dort entlang fhren. Der Kleber fr die kleinen Passivkhler der einzelnen Chips knnte besser kleben.

  26. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This, this is a monster no doubt, and if you have the time and skills/patience to install it, you won’t regret it. It keeps my GTX 1080 ti below 55 C under load, with 2 120mm fans mounted on it, of course. A bit fiddly to install and quite thick, but if you have space in your case for it, buy it.

  27. Anonymous says:


    Ottimo prodotto, molto performante. Se dovessi guardare l’estetica e la sua sua semplicit di installazione su una Vega 64, darei 2/5. Ma delle temperature cos, ad aria…non le avevo mai viste. Consigliatissimo

  28. Anonymous says:


    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our Userssi puo acquistare la versione core montandola su vega se si ha un po di esperienza in merito,per il resto con una vega 56 blower cooling ho ottenuto -25 gradi di picco in full load…..costa ma vale….se lo si sa montare ,ci vuole un minimo di esperienza, qualche tuto su youtube puo aiutare, non ci sono ventole in dotazione, consiglio ventole pwm 120mm con adattatore pwm sdoppiato ed uno pwm per presa vga board ,li trovate sempre su amazon scrivendo adattatori pwm ,comunque con una spesa aggiuntiva di circa 20-25 euro in tutto.voto 9.5/10 (apinione personale),propio per lasciare spazio…..

  29. By Study International Staff | May 2, 2019 says:


    I replaced the Sapphire Fury cooler with this Morpheus, using Grizzly Cryonaut, and the temps on my Fury card are amazingly low. With two Noctua fans, the card is silent, and cool, and performs very well. I like this upgrade.

  30. StarFortner says:


    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersDie Grafikkarte liegt dir stndig in den Ohren? Verpass ihr einen Maulkorb!
    Mit diesem Nachrstkhler ist endlich Ruhe eingekehrt und die Grafikkarte ist schn leise.
    Hier bekommt man allerdings nur den Khlkrper und das zugehrige Montagematerial, aber keine Lfter!
    Die Lfter kann man sich selber aussuchen, ganz nach Geschmack.
    Die Montage ist auch kein Hexenwerk, allerdings sollte man Alkohol zum Reinigen der Grafikkarte haben und eventuell einen Wrmeleitkleber, wenn die mitgelieferten Klebepads nicht halten sollten.
    Es sollte aber bedacht werden das die Grafikkarte nach dem Umbau ca. 4 Slots belegt, sie wchst also zu einem wahren Monster an.
    Bei Standard ATX Mainboards aber kein Problem, wenn man sonnst keine PCI karten benutzt, oder nur die untersten.

  31. Ashleigh Macro says:

     United Kingdom

    Really brilliant performance from this heatsink. Using two Noctua Noctua NF-P14s. Now 8 months in and temps on X-Plane 11 (high settings @ 1080) Average 32c to 44c max. Star Wars Battlefront II, Max 56c at 1080. FPS are consistently high and have fans running off motherboard as opposed to the GPU. This bypasses issues with Windows 10 compatibility with ASUS Strix (for now).
    Would highly recommend for low temps and performance.

  32. EleanorBBRI says:


    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersDer Khler hlt locker was er verspricht. Er sitzt bei mir auf einer Asus GTX 1080ti Turbo in ein NCase M1 gepresst und die Temperaturen steigen nicht ber 67 Grad. Vorher wurde die Karte ziemlich hei und lief in der Regel beim zocken zwischen 82 und 86 Grad, jetzt kommt sie selbst unter Benchmarkbedingungen nicht ber 67. Und dies trotz dessen, dass nur mit Slim Lftern von Noctua gekhlt wird, welche auch im Benchmark maximal mit 70% liefen. Der Umbau verlief unkritisch auch wenn manche Klebepads nicht so recht halten wollten (alles wurde vorher gereinigt).

  33. Anonymous says:


    Ist schon mein zweiter Morpheus2. Leichte Montage, hohe Kompatibilitt und enorme Leistung. Kauf ich immer wieder.

  34. Roberto Nieves says:


    de set is erg uitgebreid en komt met meerdere soorten en vormen heatsinks. er worden geen fans bijgeleverd maar aangezien dat vaak een persoonlijke voorkeur is dat niet meer dan redelijk. de koeler is erg licht en kan met originele schroefjes bevestigd worden maar er word ook een support stuk met langere schroefjes bijgeleverd.
    gemonteerd op GTX1080 Strix A8G en de temperaturen blijven 50/60C

    Uitgebreide set
    120/25 en 120/13mm fan support brackets
    Mooi design
    Behoud van backplate
    Past op Custom PCB Designs

    Groot (4 Slots)
    VRM Heatsink past alleen of reference kaarte

    Erg compleet, goede prestaties

  35. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersBasically a great product. Would like to have seen 15mm fan mounting clips instead of the supplied 13mm. 13mms fans are rare items so I was forced to use 25mm fans which makes a very bulky assembly covering all the slots on my micro ATX board. Weight makes card sag too. End result though is a 20 degree Celsius drop in temperature on my 970 so does the job well overall.

  36. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersThis is absolutely amazing cooler, giving almost custom water cooling loop levels of cooling and noise – and for considerably lower complexity & price too! The only downside I see is that it makes card almost ~4 slots thick with full-thickness 25mm fans (~3 slots if using low-profile fans) – so mostly recommended if you have plenty of space in your case.

    Build quality & accessories are top notch – kudos to the Raijintek for the engineering. It takes standard 120mm fans, so you can use very best fans available – e.g. beQuiet or Noctua. I’ve used it with SilentWings 3.

    I’ve used it to upgrade my EVGA 1080 TI SC2, and results were absolutely stellar – temps in range of ~60 degrees, with fans in “barely audible” levels. I’ve documented the full specifics of the upgrade process so if you are interested for specific details, google for it.

    Makes me think that coolers like these should be as widespread as tower CPU coolers – after all, no one thinks twice about (not) using stock under-performing CPU air cooler, so why GPU cooler should be any different? Must have & can’t recommend this more to any semi-serious gaming PC builder.

    Basically makes water cooling unnecessary, unless you are short on PCI slot space

  37. Drew Prindle says:


    Ich habe den Khler fr eine Referenz Zotac GTX 980 TI gekauft.
    Der Khler ist offiziell nicht fr diese GPU untersttzt.
    Das macht sich darin bemerkbar, dass der Khler fr die Spannungswandler nicht mit Hilfe der vorgesehenen
    Push-Pins montiert werden kann. Ich habe stattdessen das mitgelieferte Thermo-Klebeband verwendet, welches auch
    fr die restlichen Khler verwendet wird.
    Da ich den Khler auerhalb seiner Spezifikation verwende, gebe ich aber keinen Punktabzug.

    Ansonsten ist die Montage ein Klacks und in unter 20 Minuten auch fr Anfnger machbar.
    Wenn man kein Referenzdesign hat, sondern eine Karte mit vorinstallierte Komponenten-Khlung braucht man sogar
    nur den Khler drauf schrauben (5 min).

    Mit 2 Lftern bei 700 U/Min khlt der Morpheus meine bertaktete 980 TI locker auf 60C.
    In dem kleinen Silverstone Raven RVZ01 gehen die Temperaturen etwas hher (max 70C).

    Wer eine leise Khlung sucht wird nix besseres finden als den Morpheus. Und fr den Peis kann man sich oft
    den Aufpreis fr teurere Herstellerkarten mit dicken Khlern sparen, welche der Morpheus zum Frhstck ist πŸ˜€

    Kühlt auch eine 980 Ti im kleinen gehäuse

  38. MarisolISOP says:


    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersIch habe den Khler mit zwei Noctua NF-P12 PWM verbaut. Leider liefert die Grafikkarte nicht gengend Saft um die Lfter ber deren Anschluss zu betreiben, wofr aber der Khlkrper nichts kann. Also laufen sie nun mit Low Noise Adapter ber einen Case Fan Anschluss des Motherboards.

    Verbaut habe ich den Khler auf einer Asus GTX980 Strix, also kein Referenzdesign. Whrend die Karte vorher mit dem DirectCU II Khler im Heaven Benchmark um die 70 warm wurde habe ich sie nun hher bertaktet (1500 statt 1400) und sie kommt gerade mal auf 55 (ohne Low Noise Adapter waren es 52).

    Fazit: Mit einem guten Lfter ist sie praktisch unhrbar. Die Khlleistung ist berragend, knapp 20 unter einer Asus Strix, die eher zu den besser bewerteten Karten zhlt. Absolute Empfehlung was die Leistung angeht! Der Umbau war kinderleicht und ging flott von der Hand.

    So, und jetzt in der Hoffnung dass Google die Rezension auch findet noch was zum Umbau einer ASUS Strix:
    (Was jetzt folgt bezieht sich strker auf die Strix und deren Umbau als auf den Morpheus, ich schreibe es hier hin weil ich diese Infos im Vorfeld auch per Google nicht gefunden hab’.)

    Ja, sie passt auf die Strix. Eigentlich ist der DirectCU II — Khler fast genauso aufgebaut wie der Morpheus mit Lftern. Fetter Khlkrper auf GPU, rest des Boards durch den Luftstrom der Lfter gekhlt.

    Ich habe denn doch die Khlkrper fr die Speicherchips verbaut, beim Spannungswandler jedoch die werksseitig verbauten Khlrippen drauf gelassen. Am wichtigsten jedoch: Ich konnte die Backplate drauf lassen! Da diese ber einen Winkel mit der Slotblechhalterung verbunden ist gibt sie der Karte reichlich Stabilitt, da hngt nichts durch, trotz des hheren Gewichts.

    Eigentlich ist die Asus Strix die ideale 980 fr den Umbau. Die Backplate passt und stabilisiert die Karte, der Spannungswandlerkhler kann bleiben, die Speicherbausteine sind ab Werk nicht gekhlt, das heit man kann die Khlkrperchen des Morpheus einfach aufkleben. Das Khlkonzept der Karte ndert sich eigentlich nicht.

    Einziger Wermutstropfen: Die Strix hat fr die Lftersteuerung einen eigenen 5-Pol-Stecker. Ein Adapterkabel musste ich in Hong Kong bestellen. Und dann waren die zwei Noctua doch zu stromhungrig fr den Anschluss auf der Karte. Man kann auch da was basteln, um die Steuerung von der Karte mit der Stromzufuhr vom Gehuse oder dem Motherboard zu kombinieren, aber da die Lfter bei knapp 900 Umdrehungen praktisch unhrbar sind und die Karte auch unter Last locker gekhlt halten werde ich mir die Bastelei wahrscheinlich sparen.

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