Stanley C6BB304STN712 Air Compressor, Yellow

Weight: 10.4 kg
Dimensions: 36.6 x 35 x 31.5 cm; 10.4 Kilograms
Model: C6BB304STN712
Colour: Yellow
Manufacture: Stanley
Colour: Yellow

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5 Responses

  1. MargaritoKOR says:

     United Kingdom

    Very noisy when the pump is running and a little expensive given you have to buy the hose etc separately. However it works well and has a reasonably sized tank.

  2. MahaliaWollston says:

     United Kingdom

    Amazing little compressor, extremely quite and efficient, simply love it.

    I also have a large compressor 150l as well but for independent quick, everyday compressed air needs I use the small stanley compressor.

    Its simply amazing , a great tool.

  3. MauricioSimmons says:

     United Kingdom

    Good sturdy product,and great value for money,can always reley on Stanley

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great compressor a little louder than most but you get value for money perfect for DIY I’ve used it a few times and it does it with no problems only downside is you get zero kit with it.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our UsersApart from a nail gun this can be used for inflating car tyres, and the likes, spray guns and other pneumatic tools. It is only a small compressor so it is not suitable for constant use the downside is unlike others shown in youtube it is very noisy @ 95db when charging otherwise its fine.

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