TomTom Car Sat Nav Start 52, 5 Inch with EU Maps, Speed Cam Alert Trial, Integrated Reversible Mount, Black

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The TomTom START offers essential navigation and free TomTom map updates. Finding destinations is simple from the Search menu or by touching a point on the map. Available with a 4.3, 5 or 6 inch touchscreen.


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TomTom Start 42/52/62


TomTom Start 52 Lite


TomTom GO Basic


TomTom GO Essential

TomTom GO Discover

TomTom GO Discover

TomTom Traffic
X X Via smartphone Via smartphone Via smartphone
Speed camera alerts
3 Month Trial Subscription Required 3 Month Trial 6 Month Trial 1-year trial
TomTom map updates via Wi-Fi
X X ✔ (3x faster)
Map updates availability
Quarterly Subscription Required Quarterly Quarterly Weekly
Live fuel prices information
Not available Not available Not available Not available 1-year trial
Screen size
4.3”, 5” and 6” 5” 5” and 6” 5” and 6” 6” and 7”
Touchscreen Type
Resistive Resistive Resistive Capacitive HD
0,5 GB RAM 0,5 GB RAM 0,5 GB RAM 0,5 GB RAM 2GB RAM (4x faster)
Live off-street parking info
Not available Not available Not available Not available 1-year trial
TomTom map coverage
UK or Europe Europe Europe Europe World maps
Voice control
Integrated, reversible Integrated, reversible Integrated, reversible Click-and-drive Click-and-drive
  1. TomTom: Leading navigation technology specialist

    TomTom: Leading navigation technology specialist

    Our world-class technology helps you move freely, safely, and efficiently. TomTom is trusted by drivers, automakers, cities, and governments for accurate, up-to-date traffic information like no other.

  2. High-tech map-making at its best

    High-tech map-making at its best

    We map 3.5 billion km of roadway every day. The world’s largest companies and millions of drivers rely on TomTom for the latest map content to enjoy a safe, comfortable drive and precise navigation.

  3. Hyper accurate, top-class TomTom Traffic

    Hyper accurate, top-class TomTom Traffic

    TomTom Traffic delivers insanely accurate, real-time traffic information to drivers across the globe. For spot-on ETAs, smart (re)routing, reduced travel times, and improved safety and efficiency.

  4. We’re here to help

    We’re here to help

    We’re committed to ensuring all drivers have the best on-the-road experiences. Our expert support team and further support options help you to get what you need.

  5. High-quality original TomTom accessories

    High-quality original TomTom accessories

    Mount, charge, and protect your device with TomTom original accessories for quality that lasts.

  6. Convenience and safety with a TomTom device

    Convenience and safety with a TomTom device

    Drive safely, and arrive relaxed, with a dedicated sat nav device that helps you stay focused on the road, without battery worries – from the navigation specialist trusted by millions of drivers.

Dimensions: 14.45 x 2.22 x 9.05 cm; 209 Grams
Model: L133479
Batteries Included: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: TomTom
Origin: China

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18 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I used in Italy for our driving trip, really good.

  2. DominikHaigler says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this as its the one used by examiners on driving tests, accurate and you can download routes to it which is what I bought it for.
    Often when you press the screen it takes awhile to respond, apart from that it works quite well.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I little slow on the road but it is useful for navigation in the countryside and city

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Never used a Satnav but recently had to find a destination in a large city on a weekly trip.The route is very complicated after leaving the Motorway with many lane changes.Once I got used to using theTomTom I always reached my destination.At times I ended up in the wrong lane but the Tomtom readjusted to get me back on route.I am 78 years old and wouldn’t have attempted this journey if it wasn’t essential.The Tomtom was easy to set up using the manual provided.The only problem I had was trying to mount it on the dash as the windscreen was too far away.I bought one of the mats which worked ok.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this for my husband’s car. Easy to use. A couple of times it didn’t send us down very narrow lanes even though we entered main roads. Came with lead but doesn’t hold its charge for very long and tend to leave it plugged in on journeys. It is well used on long journeys

  6. Molly Price says:

     United Kingdom

    This item failed to turn on the 2nd time I went to use it, even with having it on charge it didn’t work. After about 8 hours of it being in my bag I thought that I’d give it another try of turning it on and it worked. My cousin had the exact problem with his not turning on and had to take his back for an exchange. I try mine daily with the hope that It still works. So far so good. Other than that it’s a great sat nav and hasn’t got me lost so fa

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Does the job well. Not too expensive. This is the third one I’ve had, the drivers at work use them.
    There’s probably better out there but for the money. Go for it.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Once it has started, it’s a good little device.

    In the scheme of things, it probably doesn’t take all that long to initialise … but … you /will/ notice.

    On the us side, I recently drove a brand new A-class Mercedes as a rental – and although this TomTom’s graphics aren’t going be as good as this big-screen integrated system, I’d take its guidance and clarity of instructions over the Mercedes system every time (as soon as the TomTom has booted up). The Mercedes drove me (not quite literally – it was still me driving) to distraction : what does ‘slight right’ mean ? And some of those – when I eventually got back on track and tried again – were more than 90 degrees. What is ‘slight’ about that ?

    TomTom far superior to Mercedes, all day long.

    If you can live with giving it time at the start, it’s a good sat nav – period: and at the price, you can have no complaints about value.

    Haven’t updated it yet but looks simple enough.

  9. Jeannie9798 says:

     United Kingdom

    This sat nav is accurate, but is a bit fiddly to set up and the touch screen is not the most sensitive. If you want a basic sat nav then this is the one to go for.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Replacement for ten year old TOM TOM still working but no longer supported. Very slow to start up, Touch screen seems even slower to react. O.K when it does get going. Welsh not available unlike previous versio

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I had an old Tom Tom 8 years old – was my second and I paid for the extra life time add ons – hummmmm and that didn’t happen – they bugged me about upgrading but they were more expensive than Amazon. Anyhoo I bought a new one and stuck with Tom Tom as I liked and still like my outdated One that was a small square.

    This one is ok the best bit is that the car or now arrow is in the centre and I can follow the road, but it’s not as straight forward as my original and the volume I keep managing to turn it down. And I miss the little red sports car that was on the old one – trivial I know but probably the only red sports car I’ll ever own!

    Anyway early days

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    my old tomtom via screen went haywire, needed a new one! this was on offer and i was not expecting a lot really. WRONG! screen is accurate and nicely sensetive, i cant think the extra cash for capacative would be worth it. mapping and directions are the usual excellent well in advance and accurate tomtom ( it is their bread and butter after all) and a bonus… entering average speed camera area it pings and then shows your average speed top right ,right through the camera area…brilliant!. ok so no phone connectivity and all the associated bells and whistles but this is a spot on basic satnav and highly recommended

  13. SterlinDiggs says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this prior to a trip to the south of France, it did its job and helped us navigate our way through the unfamiliar roads. The only fault was seeing the screen clearly in the very bright sunshine. We adjusted the settings and angled the screen but it was still a little hard to make out at times. This is it’s only negative though, aside from that a very good purchase.

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersI mainly bought this sat nav as it’s the entry level sat nav that examiners will use in the real driving test. My driving instructor also has this exact sat nav and I’m already used to how it works when I am going through several test routes.

    The main reason why I got it right now on offer is because I got fascinated by the voice recognition and recording the routes feature that I bought my own to use when I pass my test and travel to places I’m not familiar with. It was easy to use but my sweaty fingers do need to wiped off each time but there are no smudges on the screen so that a good thing. My dad had the Start 25 five years back but he doesn’t use it as his current car has a built in sat nav. I can’t comment on the battery as I plugged it in my laptop as soon as I logged in to MyDrive Connect. It updated software quite quick. The voice was set to Serena as her voice is clear and not slow like Jane. The only thing I need to do is pick a route and get going. The delivery came next day when it was supposed to arrive on the 29th. Good stuff!

    Only gripe is that the sat nav came with an outdated map from June which is map 1011 when the current map is 1020, but I will have to purchase it later as I’m unable to get the update even though the sat nav does say lifetime maps. Hats not an issue for me as my tests next month so time will tell when I need to purchase it.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 24 From Our UsersMy new TomTom Start 52 is now OK and fully operational. However the instruction book only states the obvious. If you are not familiar with the product there is no help. The customer help line appears not to exist, same for the email address and the My Tom Tom WEB page just takes you round in circles. A simple menu tree in the instruction book or on line would save a lot of frustration. My problem was only resolved by accident. Still don’t know the appropriate on/off switch location. Shame because the product is excellent.

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI returned to the UK from twenty six years abroad, a couple of years ago, and I never drove here until now so, as a new driver who needs to navigate to places where I’ve never been, some sort of GPS device is essential. Well, the Maps app on my mobile phone is annoying, if only because it ignores the route that I key into it, and defaults to the one it deems best, via toll roads. So I did a lot of research online to find the right TomTom or Garmin doodad. My ex-driving instructor recommended this particular TomTom, and I’m here to tell you that it is a godsend.

    No matter where I’m going, it gets me there. It doesn’t change routes on me, and doesn’t lead me into a field or the wrong way on a one-way street. I can set my preferences, such as No toll roads, or Always take the shortest route, and it obeys them. It does occasionally pick an illogical route and I find myself driving along tiny country roads, and just when I am about to stop somewhere so I can fiddle with the TomTom, I discover that it really has led me in the right direction. Still, I’m now at the point where I trust it to get me there, no matter how odd the route.

    It isn’t up-to-date on new roads, despite the fact that I plug it into my PC about once a week, so it can update. My street is a couple of years old, now, and the TomTom still doesn’t know it’s there. I had to tell it that I live around the corner.
    Telling the TomTom where to go to can be a pain in the neck. If my destination is a landmark, like a church or shopping centre, I usually need only give it the name of the place, and it’s happy, but if I want someone’s residence, it needs their postcode first (so when you ask your chum for his address, include that). Then it will suggest the name of the town, and even the street, and I need only tell it which house number to take me to.
    However, it may take MINUTES to input this information, which is infuriating when I’m in a hurry and need to leave right the heck now. This is why it’s a good idea to input the address when the TomTom is connected to my PC, before I even put my shoes on to leave. Doing it the night before is a good idea. Then, when I get into the car, plug the TomTom into the USB port and it lights up, it has magically remembered the destination(s) that I gave it the night before.
    If I’m out, somewhere, and ask it to take me to a specific address, it may decide to recognise it or not, but either way it will take far too long to even go to the relevant screen, never mind accept the information. This is a real pain in the neck when I’m parked at the side of the road or in a car park and I need to set off this minute, and not when the naffing device pulls its finger out of its ear.
    I just have to try different ways of inputting the address, if it feigns ignorance. It’s rather like your girlfriend when she has a little attitude on her: “I’ll tell you, but only if you ask me properly.” The difference is that you can’t throw your girlfriend against a wall.
    So you can see why it’s better to navigate around its screens when you’re relaxed at home, rather than when you’re out, and need to be at a meeting across town in ten minutes, and the arse-brained device is sitting blithely on your dashboard, filing its nails and saying, “What’s the magic word, you apoplectic git?”

    I’ve painted a bleak picture here, but really, I wouldn’t be without this TomTom now. It always gets me where I need to go, _and_ will quickly re-route me if I missed a turning or had to take a detour. After a while, you learn its little idiosyncrasies, and can work around them and get to your destination. You just have to have patience. If it wasn’t for the fact that it has so much… character… I’d have given it five stars.

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersI tried the Garmin equivalent initially as I wan’t too impressed with TomTom’s lack of support for my previous model as it got older. However, I couldn’t get on with the Garmin, and neither could my computer – they refused to communicate – so I bought this TomTom instead and it’s been pretty good so far. Not too impressed with the battery life – if I don’t use it for a while it needs a full charge the next time, and some of the features seem to be there to try to get you to subscribe to them which is a bit annoying. However, it carries out its basic functions well and is easy to use.

  18. AlvinBishop says:

     United Kingdom

    Since I teach learner drivers (for my sins), I bought this particular GPS as it will be used on UK driving tests after 4th December 2017. It is a bit slow to programme with your destination, but once it starts following a route, it is perfectly adequate. It does not offer lane advice and is a bit weird on its instructions for roundabouts. But after a while learners seem to get the hang of it. It is also capable of recording a route, which is handy for driving instructors. Recorded routes may be stored / named and started at any time. It is nowhere near as sophisticated as my previous Garmin, but since learners will need to follow instructions from one of these on tests, it will have to do.

    UPDATE: I have now been using this with learner drivers for a while, to prepare them for tests. Often on turning it on, it takes ages to start and ignores input until it is finished initializing (could be a couple of minutes). Sometimes is says “bare left” (for example), when it actually means turn left. On encountering double roundabouts close together, it tells what to do on the first one, then ignores the second one. However, it shows on the display, where to go, so look, don’t just listen to it. What I have found useful, is to put it on silent and record and leave it in the car during tests (on the parcel shelf, face down, folded flat :-). Thus I have recorded oodles of genuine tests routes, which I save as (name of test centre) 12:38, or whatever. The battery life is fairly appalling, but I don’t care much, as it is always plugged in to the car. I haven’t exactly learned to love it, but can tolerate it, as at least learners will get used to its quirks and it will be identical to the one they will get “on test”.

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