De'Longhi Bend Line, Ceramic Fan Heater 2kw, Room Thermastat, 24hr Timer, Digital Control Panel, Anti Frost Frunction, Oscillating base, Auto-Off, For Rooms up to 60m3, HFX60V20, Black and White

HFX60V20 Digital Oscillating Fan Heater

Stay warm and boost rooms up to 60 m³ with heat

Perfect for instant and direct heating. Ideal to heat up the room but also for a cosy well-being onto the person. The motorized swing helps to heat up the room more evenly.

delonghi ceramic fan heater
  1. anti frost function

    Frost protection below 7 degrees

    Appreciate the heat switching on only when temperature levels drop below a certain point

  2. self regulated heat

    Heat spaces up to 60 m³

    Perfect as a personal heater. The thermostat automatically set and keep the desired temperature

  3. remote control

    Increased control

    The heater comes with remote control included for easy usage even at a distance

1 Anti-frost function 2 Self-regulate the power 3 Remote control

Weight: 1.8 kg
Dimensions: 16.8 x 22.9 x 33.3 cm; 1.8 Kilograms
Brand: De'Longhi
Model: 0114652015
Colour: Black and White
Colour: Black and White

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