Hulker Tower Extension Lead with USB Slots, Multi Plug Extension 8 Way 4 USB (1 Type C and 3 USB Ports) with Switch Tower Power Strip with Widely Spaced Outlets 2M Cable Overload Protection 3250W 13A


***Hulker P84U-UK has been upgraded to 8 AC Socket + 3 USB-A Ports + 1 Type-C Port at the moment. Your may be delivered either the old version with 4 USB-A Ports or the new 2022 version during the time.***



1. Please check the power requirements of your appliances before use, the total power of the connected appliances is not allowed to exceed the rated power 3250W.

2. The speed of USB will be slower when using all 4 USB ports at the meantime. USB port might stop working if the output of all devices is overload more than 3.4 A.

3. We do not recommend to use high wattage appliances with this power extender, likes air conditioner, microwave oven, heater.

4. Do not use the extension cord in the wet and humid environment or touch it with wet hands.

12 222 3 1 8 10
Color Selection White Black White Black Black White
Qty of AC Outlets 8 12 8 3 4 5
Qty of USB Ports 4 4 6 3 3 3
Output (max) 3250W 13A 3250W 13A 3250W 13A 3250W 13A 3250W 13A 3250W 13A
USB Output (max) 3.4A 3.4A 3.6A 3.1A 2.4A 3.1A
Rated Voltage 110-250V 110-250V 110-250V 110-250V 110-250V 110-250V
Size (mm) 155*100*100 210*100*100 310*135*107 282*58*29 87*83*83 294*142*138
Cable of Length (m) 2 2 2 1.6 1.5 2
Indicator Light

Dimensions: 17.2 x 13.8 x 11.9 cm; 740 Grams
Model: P84U-UK
Manufacture: Hulker
Origin: China

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