【PTZ Camera+Bullet Camera】Hiseeu 8CH Wireless Security Camera System,3MP Wireless CCTV System With 2-Way Audio,Remote View,IP66 Waterproof,Color Night Vision,Motion Detect&App Alert,1TB HDD Included

Hiseeu CCTV
Hiseeu CCTV System

Hiseeu 8CH 1296P Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System 3MP 2*Pan Tilt Zoom Camera And 2* Standard Camera, Two-Way Audio, Motion Detection, Waterproof, Night Vision. Please Understand: package including 2 ptz (pan tilt zoom) camera and 2 regular camera (Auto rotation is not supported)

  • Can’t SUPPORT 5Ghz WiFi Network.
  • These 3.0MP cameras are with two-way audio function.
  • Please read the Quick User Guide and test cameras’ wifi signal before installment.
  • With or Without the Internet. The standalone camera system do not need the internet to operate. However, Internet connection will be necessary if you wish to view the cameras on smart-phone, tablet or computer to access features such as remote monitoring.
  • Wireless system here means cameras will auto-pair to NVR by built-in wifi without any video cable between them. Each camera has an included power supply with 10 feet of power cord. (For extended power supply cable,please search asin:B08NTBFWG7)
  • 1TB surveillance Hard Drive (H.265+ Video Compression Technology) is already pre-installed in the system for around 30 days of 4CH 3MP cameras’ continuous recording, longer recording times available with the use of motion detection mode. When the Hard Drive is full, it will overwrite automatically. (To let the hdd work normally, please make sure the NVR box connected with 12V/3A power supply)
  • Expanding your Hiseeu CCTV system to 8 channels:Asin for outdoor wireless PTZ camera: B08NJQ46MX/Asin for indoor wireless PTZ camera: B0922HGDDZ / Asin for 30X Optical Zoom PTZ Camera: B0978LXXQP / Asin for 8X Optical Zoom PTZ Camera: B093D26265/Asin for 14400mAh rechargeable battery security camera: B09G2TSYGD/ Asin for Solar battery PTZ Camera: B099ZKPRJ1

Packing List

  • 1*8CH H.265 Wireless Network Video Recorder
  • 2*3MP PTZ camera,2*3MP IP camera
  • 4*12V1A Power Adapter For Camera
  • 1*12V3A Power Adapter For NVR
  • 1*USB mouse/HDMI Cable
  • 1*1TB hard drive

Two way audio

Real-time Two-way Audio Communication

  • The front microphone captures clearer audio than the rear microphone. the audio range up to 19.2ft
  • Compared with other One-Way Audio, The Hiseeu CCTV system applied with Two-Way Audio tech. Not only received the sound from camera, but Real-time two-way communication with your family members via the Eseecloud App is possible.

H.265 Recording

24 hours 30 days Reliable Video Recording

  • 1TB Hard Drive Pre-installed in the WiFi NVR enables 30 days video recording (H.265+ Video Compression&Auto overwrite Tech )
  • To let the hdd work normally,Please make the NVR box connected with 12V/3A power supply.

Video Playback at Any Time

  • Replay significant evidence or funny video records. Quick search for any event video. Playback any video on different days, hours, or minutes by controlling the time axis under the split screen.

3MP PTZ Camera

2 pcs 360° Viewing PTZ Cameras

  • The Hiseeu wireless CCTV system comes with the Hiseeu PTZ cameras, which support remote rotation control, 78°wide-angle lens with 320° horizontal & 90° vertically rotation, 5x Digital Zoom, Supports preset function.
  • With built-in microphone and speaker, the wifi seurity camera supports 2-way audio function. let you communicate with your family anytime, anywhere.

Hiseeu CCTV system

2 pcs Two-way Audio Standard Cameras

  • The Hiseeu wireless CCTV system comes with two pcs standard cameras, which is IP66 waterproof. The outdoor security camera is a good helper to keep your property safe.
  • Hiseeu outdoor camera designed with a built-in microphone and speakers, let you communicate with your family members anytime, anywhere.

Two way audio

H.265 Recording

3MP PTZ Camera

Hiseeu CCTV system

Hiseeu CCTV system

Adding Hiseeu PTZ(Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Cameras to Your Hiseeu CCTV System

The Hiseeu wireless security camera system comes with the 8 channels expandable NVR, Which can be added up to 8 cameras on the CCTV system.

There three types of Hiseeu wireless PTZ cameras for you. The Hiseeu wireless PTZ camera would cover larger area to make your property safer.

1. Please search for ASIN: B099ZKPRJ1 for the Hiseeu Solar PTZ camera with 15600mAh rechargeable battery, 3MP Resolution, Color Night Vision, PTZ function, Two-way Audio,etc. You never worry about the messy cables. The real wireless security camera.

2. Please search for ASIN: B08NJQ46MX for the Hiseeu outdoor PTZ camera with 3MP HD Resolution, Color Night Vision, Auto Tracking & Auto Cruise function, 5X digital zoom, Two-way Audio,etc. The CCTV Camera Outdoor is fit for your garden, the front door, your porch and your back yard.

3. Please search for ASIN: B093D26265 for the Hiseeu outdoor PTZ camera with 3MP HD Resolution, Color Night Vision, Auto Tracking & Auto Cruise function, 5X Optical Zoom, Two-way Audio,etc. The upgraded PTZ camera would cover more area. You will see every details via the 5X Optical Zoom camera.

4.Please search for Asin: B0978LXXQP for the Hiseeu outdoor PTZ camera with 30X Optical Zoom function, 3MP Resolution, Color Night Vision, PTZ function, Two-way Audio,etc.

5. Please search for ASIN: B09G2TSYGD for the Hiseeu battery-powered security camera with 14400mAh rechargeable battery, 3MP Resolution and color night vision,etc.

6. Please search for Asin: B0922HGDDZ for the Hiseeu Indoor security camera with 3MP Resolution, PTZ function and Two way audio. Make the indoor camera the baby monitor and pet monitor.

7. Please search for ASIN: B09BVBQBYH for the Hiseeu Pan 180 ° Horizontal wireless security camera with 3MP Resolution, IR Night Vision, Two-Way Audio,Motion Detection function,,Auto Cruise etc. Protect the property safety of you and your family.

Hiseeu wireless security camera system Hiseeu All in One Wireless Security Camera System Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System Hiseeu PTZ camera The outdoor PTZ camera
Location Outdoor/ Indoor Outdoor/ Indoor Outdoor/ Indoor Outdoor/ Indoor Outdoor/ Indoor Outdoor/ Indoor
Resolution 3.0MP HD 3.0MP HD 3.0MP HD 3.0MP HD 3.0MP HD 3.0MP HD
Two Way Audio
Night Vision Color Night Vision Infrared Night Vision Infrared Night Vision Infrared Night Vision Color Night Vision Color Night Vision
Available to Hiseeu CCTV System
Hiseeu Solar Battery Camera Hiseeu Indoor security camera Hiseeu Battery Powered Camera Hiseeu wireless security camera Hiseeu Battery Camera Hiseeu Outdoor PTZ Camera
Location Outdoor/ Indoor Indoor Outdoor/ Indoor Outdoor/ Indoor Outdoor/ Indoor Outdoor/ Indoor
Resolution 3.0MP HD 3.0MP HD 3.0MP HD 3.0MP HD 1080P 3.0MP HD
Two Way Audio
Night Vision Color Night Vision Infraded Night Vision Infraded Night Vision Infraded Night Vision Infraded Night Vision Color Night Vision
Available to Hiseeu CCTV System X

Weight: 4.52 kg
Dimensions: 32.5 x 28.4 x 26 cm; 4.52 Kilograms
Model: 8WK-4HBC23-1T-UK
Colour: White
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Hiseeu
Colour: White

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97 Responses

  1. Chase Evans says:

     United Kingdom

    hree months on and continue to work as they should-although did crash a week ago(wasn’t the wifi) but ok again after switching off and re booting
    hard part was routing cables through loft and out of eaves-but once connected up cameras came on without having to link them
    I believe the back up from the supplier is very good if needed
    daytime picture quality is excellent-night time pretty good
    also works with my iPhone which is pretty damn good also since you can take pictures and review footage recorded
    dosent seem to have an on off switch on the box so you have to unplug it if you want to shut it down fully
    all in all I’m very pleased with this set up-so much so that I’ve ordered an additional 5x optical camera so I’ve obviously got some faith in hiseeu
    this system really does provide me with more peace of mind and I consider it an essential piece of kit unfortunately in going down the toilet Britai

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great value for money, easy to set up (literally plug and play). Installed within a few hours, app is great too. Can’t fault i

  3. Jim Martin says:

     United Kingdom

    I have installed these cameras few months ago and impressed with the Quality and results of the cameras. I initially had a Hard Disc issue with the NVR provided however it was resolved very quickly by the seller’s customer services team. I have used PTZ cameras first time and these are very much impressive.There is an option to verbally communicate from mobile to these cameras through a 2-way voice communication and listening option.

  4. AnthonyWine says:

     United Kingdom

    Good system – easy to set up, simply plug and play and connect all the cameras within the set and we also added in our indoor cctv camara with no drama. Speaker and Mic system are good quality too. Had a slight issue with the hard drive and the customer support spoken through what needed to be done – 10/10 customer support! Thank you Jason!

  5. KCUArafqmmxp says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s not unusual to have hiccups with devices/electronics which I did with one of the cameras but I contacted the HiseeU (Jason) and their team responded quickly for a replacement. So far, it’s been a great piece of device. Clear pictures, sound, and night vision are incredible. Plus it is easy to set up. I’ve just recommended it to my Barber Shop. I would recommend it again for the value especially.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Best cctv I’ve ever bough

  7. DottySpeer says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Im really pleased with this cctv system it was easy to install, the connectivity was instant and the picture quality was far better than my previous system which was a different brand. Many thanks highly recommended.

    Great product easy to install with great picture quality

  8. Karin says:

     United Kingdom

    I was completely surprised by how great the whole system look, how easy it was to set up, the perfect image quality and just amazing after-sales customer support! It is my very first purchase into CCTV systems and I was hesitant, but now, I’m already in love with Hiseeu brand! Highly recommend! The full 5 ***** in all categories!

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Purchased these tonreplace an old wireless system. Straight out of the box and plug and play. Everything in the box to install and set up. Had an issue with the HDD, this failed causing a reboot issue when trying to format. Was replaced within a couple of days and up and running. Some signal issues which I am sorting. Otherwise great. Motion tracking works OK and does follow you round. Excellent picture quality and playback. Remote access can be glitchy with poor Internet. Would recommend.

  10. Marika Hill says:

     United Kingdom

    I just love this kit!

    I have installed a few CCTV systems in the past (for work), although it’s over a year since, the last one I installed was half the cost, twice as difficult to install and more than double the price (with less camera’s) Its quite the minefield looking for CCTV but my tick list was long (and this ticked all the boxes).

    Things I love:-
    Easy To Install
    High Quality
    Wireless Data Cameras (Just need power)
    Cheap to buy extra cameras
    PTZ Cameras (2 included) you can control from the box included or from iPhone / Android App.
    Very configurable
    2 way voice function on each camera
    1st class support.

    I don’t usually write reviews but after 8 months the hard drive stopped working (this was a Toshiba known brand so that could happen to any device that uses drives), I contacted support and they sent me a replacement (received 2 days after the 1st email). All back up and running, highly recommend this kit, I even bought the 30 indoor camera to watch our new puppy, fully featured PTZ with sound, night vision etc., just amazing for the price.

    I have attached pictures, one from my monitor (old PC one, not the best quality but fully HD with TV when I tested it).

    An image of one of the cameras and one of the app with control over the cameras and recordings etc.

    Simply the bes

  11. Emily Price says:

     United Kingdom

    Very good quality system. The colour night vision is good and the inferred vision is spot on.

  12. Sudipto Ghosh says:

     United Kingdom

    So easy to set up cameras are wifi, I have added a new camera and up graded the HDD from 1TD to 4TB with ease.

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Very easy system to set up. I also added a Wireless CCTV Camera with floodlight to the system.
    I did have one issue but customer service (Jason@hiseeu.com) sorted the problem same day.
    Overall great system and great customer service

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great product that connects up easily. The Wifi functionality is strong, i was worried about distance but there are no issues over reasonable distance / through walls. There was an issue with the HD when it shipped, but I emailed the support team and they responded within 24hrs and were really efficient at replacing it and providing simple instructions on fitting. I believe that problems are unavoidable, it’s how they’re addressed that matters, and these guys did a great job.

  15. Carl Williott says:

     United Kingdom

    Good images, had some.issue with one if the ptz , but it has been sorted now
    My wife, my kid can view it from our phone

    All ben.sorted now ,.they contacted and issue me with a new ptz

  16. PAGOP says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to set up and all worked out of the box. One of the fixed cameras developed an intermittent loss of signal, I contacted the seller and they sent a replacement within 2 days. Great customer service.
    I used the App to control the cameras while on holiday in Spain and had no problems with signal or when moving the cameras. The picture on SD is adequate and fairly smooth but I set the cameras to HD to make the picture clearer however I suppose that increases data use. I am considering buying another PTZ camera from Hiseeu.

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this camera system to replace my old and very tired one. After I installed the cameras the system is very easy to set up as it is a true plug and play, I have also installed additional cameras which again are very easy to add to the system. There was an initial small issue with the settings on one of the cameras and on emailing the Hiseeu helpline this was easily rectified and resolved with prompt replies and assistance.

  18. Felica08Urcf says:

     United Kingdom

    Great package for the money, easy installation of the NVR box and once the cameras are connected to the NVR, attach them to the wall and it’s good to go. Warning signage is also provided as well.

    Great features like two way audio and auto tracking with the pan tilt and zoom to keep people in frame as long as possible. Full remote access with push alerts to your phone and remote livestream, control and playback too.

    The only thing I recommend is some rubber shrink tube to seal any outdoor extension cables from water, and 12v extension leads unless you have a socket nearby but an adequate cable of 3m is supplied for each camera in the box.

    All in all extremely happy with the product and the customer service when running into any issues as well, highly recommend as a started setup

    Perfect for the price with great features

  19. Lynn Sloneker says:

     United Kingdom

    The CCTV system is fantastic, and the video and 2way audio are amazing. So easy to set up (plug DVR in and place cameras where you want them and plug them in) that’s it they have already set up your system so cameras are connected, so easy.
    note for people who want to put cameras in a shed or on a shed: bullet cameras are repeaters so if the pullet CAMRA has a good signal and the other one hasn’t it will use the bullet camera as a signal repeater so all cameras get a good signal and work as should) try to keep the pullet cameras closer to DVR if you have a poor signal it will auto-repeat signal to poor signal cameras or you can set it up manually on DVR.
    The ippro app is also a great app that can let you control, speak, record, move cameras, and get notifications it is fantastic for when you are not in or away.
    I am always unsure when it comes to the after-sales but with the after-sales of this item I have only good things to say, they have to be the best when a problem or if a problem happens exp: 6 months after my hard drive hard a problem, so I emailed them with the email on DVR box and they responded within 6 hours and they sent me a new hard drive. I have had three CCTV systems in the past and this is the best one yet and for the price is really worth it. I really do recommend this definitely if you are worried about after-sales because they do help and sort out any problem, I also ordered my dad this system too and his system is still working great no problems
    I really do recommend this system and the selle


  20. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    easy set up, I did need to purchase extra extension leads for 2 of the cameras, that’s because I sited them too far from a plug socket, but overall really pleased with the system

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought this kit for new house and have fully setup in a day . All cameras connected without any issues and working fine. The nightcolour vision is fantastic and picture quality is excellent. Two-way audio is supper clear and loud enough. The PTZ camera have auto tracking so when it picks up an motion it follows it around which is great. Also the siren on PTZ camera is very handy to sacre those nosy people off. Overall so happy with the system and would recommend it.

    Just what I needed!

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Love the functionality of the CCTV system (app could be a little bit better, but fine as free)… Just hope it lasts the distance.

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Super easy to install and connect to via the app.
    Picture quality is great especially with the floodlight feature on the 2 ptz cameras.
    Very easy to setup and looking to expand the setup already with addition of one of the solar cameras.
    Also brought the 30x ptz with this kit, “excellent camera with plenty of features” but I did have a bit of an issue with the autotracking once connected to the NVR but this was soon sorted by Jason@hiseeu.com
    Excellent service by jason and many thanks.

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Had 1 camera go faulty, they were quick to send out replacement. Top class. Recommended seller.

  25. Scott Rigby says:

     United Kingdom

    This product review is for the HISEEU NVR, 2 fixed cameras and 2 PTZ cameras. The setup is extremely simple – most of it works straight out of the box but you will want to review the network and account security settings to make sure you aren’t leaking data. It’s an easy system setup – with a setup wizard to take you through the basics. I find the picture quality outstanding for the money – great details because of the superior resolution, and the contrast and colour balance are all very good too. That means you end up with useable images, not the mush you’ll get out of cheaper kits. The wireless range seems to be good too – I haven’t tried the repeat function. On a regular 3 bed detached house, I haven’t had to. I will upgrade the onboard HDD at some point – the amount of data that four high definition cameras recording all the time is large and so I’ll do that to make sure I have some historical images. Of course you can achieve the same effect by backing up or exporting data you want to keep. It’s just my personal preference. There’s not much to criticise about this kit – time will tell about reliability, but so far so good. I recommend this CCTV system to anyone wanting something a little bit more capable than the cheap systems you see around – this has high resolution, two way audio, wireless cameras, PTZ functions and more.

  26. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Have been looking/researching cameras for my workshop for a few weeks now and decided to buy these based on other reviews. I was not disappointed. My eldest daughter helped with the set up but took all of 15mins . The rotating cameras are an extra bonus as i can check on things from multiple angles on the App. Picture quality is very good and night vision is very impressive also.
    It’s definitely value for money .

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought the HiSeeU security system (8WK-4HBC23-1T-UK) after my current system failed. I was able to install it very quickly with no problems. It was so easy I didn’t even use the setup wizard. The supplied cameras linked to the NVR in about 25 secs from them being plugged in. This is my 3rd home security camera system and the easiest to setup yet. The 4 cameras are providing a good WiFi signal around my house and I’m pleased with the picture quality. In case it’s needed, you also get a 3mtr extension aerial, to replace the static camera’s attached antenna if the signal is low on that particular camera. Also included is a mouse to operate the menus, a short network cable and an HDMI cable. The cameras have 2 way audio so you can speak via any camera or the phone apps even whilst away from home. I needed to ask Jason at HiSeeU customer support a few questions before I bought the system and received a very quick reply. The NVR is very quiet when running and the iPhone app for remote viewing is working well. The installed 1TB SATA drive can be upgraded to 6TB if required. Note that the wireless system is 2.4Gh only. The system is very good value for money.

  28. JulioY68gs says:

     United Kingdom

    I got this product from amazon and when we first setup the camera system it was working fine then 2 days later it started to loss Internet connection so my mate email the sales guy the name on the device and he sent me a new system and when we setup the new system up it is working good and it does not loss Internet now and it records all night and day so thanks for the help friend.

  29. JeanettBradberr says:

     United Kingdom

    This item is sooo easy to install and use. Customer service is so very good, they answer question within minutes is sending them emails.
    Manual could do with a bit more information. Night vision works great, even in colour. It has so many more features than others on the market, well worth the extra few pound.

  30. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    For the price simply a great CCTV system. Super easy to set up and operate, steerable cameras are a great function. Picture quality and two way comes are also great. I doubt you’ll get a comparable system for less. A+

  31. Joseph Arellano says:

     United Kingdom

    I cant say enough about this system it’s an all
    Rounder and feels premium. Nice and tidy
    Easy to install system. 100%recommend

  32. Anonymous says:


    Provata al banco, non ancora istallata mi sembra un ottimo rapporto qualit prezzo.

  33. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    These cameras are well worth buying they are so easy to install and have perfect viewing would highly recommend

  34. ashwin rajagopal says:


    A differenza di altri kit, questo offre 2 camere fisse e 2 ruotanti.
    L’installazione hardware e software semplicissima: collegamdo l’alimentazione vengono immediatamente riconosciute dal sistema e subito operative. Ho avuto bisogno dell’assistenza (via email) che mi ha risposto immediatamente risolvendo il problema. La qualit delle immagini ottima, la capacit del segnale di passare attraverso alcune pareti mi ha sorpreso e la gestione via smartphone e via pc semplice e funzionale. Molti controlli si possono effettuare sulla console. Sono molto contento, acquister delle espansioni.

  35. RaleighBellino says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a brilliant system but I am listed they have been removed from Amazon after me recommending them

  36. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Been looking at a general camera system for home. Been shopping around and found this Hiseeu system at great price. Ordered the system and delivery was very fast. Unit is well packaged and clearly labeled. Instruction manual is well formulated and system almost plug and play. Had a small issue with range and connection, but this was quickly resolved by contacting the customer representative. I also purchase two indoor cameras to keep eye on the pets and found these units plug and play and extremely versatile. The whole unit can be easily expanded and installation very flexible. The app to allow remote viewing was linked with QR codes and this feature works brilliantly on my phone. This system truly value for money, well constructed with brilliant after sale service. There are also lots of options to expand this system and meet your needs.

    Quality product with clear instructions and easy to install

  37. Elliot9249 says:

     United Kingdom

    Really happy with all my cameras they do exactly as it says

  38. Anonymous says:


    Anfangs war ich mir nicht ganz sicher, wie gut die Qualitt sein wird, aber alle Kameras haben mittlerweile schon starken Regen berstanden. Die Bildqualitt ist sehr gut und die App erkennt, wenn man ber mobiles Internet darauf zugreift und spart Daten. Der NVR ist sehr leise und darber (und ber die App) lassen sich alle Kameras steuern. Am besten finde ich bei den PTZ Kameras, dass die hellen LEDs an gehen, wenn sich jemand auffllig nhren sollte. Die Nachtsicht in HD ist sehr gut. Weil in Deutschland keine Straen zu sehen sein drfen, habe ich einfach etwas Isoband auf eine der Kameras geklebt, erfllt seinen Zweck zu 100%.
    Alles in allem sehr gut! Ich fhle mich deutlich sicherer und nutze das System, um auch von unterwegs ber Bewegungen rund ums Haus informiert zu sein.

    Preis und Leistung unschlagba

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This CCTV package is simply awesome ! Easy to install , fantastic pictures , does exactly what is says on the box !
    We had a slight problem with the hard-drive but I’ve got to say that customer service and support were absolutely superb! thanks for a great system.

  40. MiloSladen says:

     United Kingdom

    a great product, easy enough to install. the PTZ cameras allow you to steer te cameras. The NVR recorder is also easy to set up and use. I had a couple of technical queries but contacted Hiseeu who got straight back to me: thanks Johnny and jason for that.
    If i needed another sytem would definitely buy this agai

  41. RickNobbsezd says:


    Impianto di video sorveglianza veramente ben fatto! Nel pacco troverete il dvr comprensivo di hdd da 1terabyte, 4 telecamere (2 a cupola girevoli e 2 semifisse) e tutto il cablaggio necessario al montaggio. Montaggio semplice, basta avere conoscenze base di elettricita. Alimentate le camere con gli alimentatori da 1ah e il dvr con quello da 2ah altrimenti non potrete registrare. Qualit video molto alta, non immaginavo che si vedesse cosi bene. App davvero comoda, consiglio l’acquisto a chi cerca un kit serio.

    Impianto di video sorveglianza super!

  42. Mike Epstein says:

     United Kingdom

    What a great system , spent a while looking at different systems and this Hiseeu 8CH Wireless Security Camera System, ticked all the boxes.
    The system was setup within an half and hour and then cameras moved around the house for best views. The Wifi system made the installation so easy, easy to add the 4 screws per camera , great to use the stickers that were supplied to see exactly where to drill holes for the screws , perfect resolution and the system had already started recording . I had one software request that was answered over the weekend , excellent customer services. Highly recommended .

  43. DonnellVrm says:

     United Kingdom

    equires a monitor to set-up the system, afterwards very easy to use on iPhone

  44. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Like everything about them. Doing more than expected, recommend them to anyone.

  45. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great value cameras. Easy to install. Very happy with the picture quality. Great seller – would highly recommend!

  46. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Just received this and I have to say I’m truly amazed at the quality of the goods for the money
    Very easy to install and set up and the quality of the cameras are truly amazing
    Had one little thing inwas unsure about and sent a whatapp message asking the question and they replied straight away
    I’m not one for writing reviews bit felt this deserved 1
    Can 100% reccomend:-)

  47. AntonettaFulker says:

     United Kingdom

    The customer support is excellent Jason has been brilliant in helping me set up. The camera quality is really good. Good value.

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