Sony WF-1000XM4 True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – Up to 24 hours battery life with charging case – Optimised for Alexa and the Google Assistant – with built-in mic for phone calls – Silve

1WF-1000XM4WF-1000XM4Google AssistantWF-1000XM4WF-1000XM4

Weight: 7.29 g
Size: One Size
Dimensions: 6.7 x 4 x 3 cm; 7.3 Grams
Model: WF-1000XM4
Colour: Silver
Batteries Included: 2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Colour: Silver
Dimensions: 6.7 x 4 x 3 cm; 7.3 Grams
Size: One Size

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136 Responses

  1. Sarah Frater says:

     United Kingdom

    Look good feel good sound great, once equaliser sorted out !

  2. Melodee35J says:

     United Kingdom

    The noice cancelling is amazing, but I would recommend not to use it after 8pm when is dark outside because it can get very scary xD. Like seriously you could easily get robbed and would not hear a thing.
    You can set them up to your liking, they don’t feel heavy on your ears and have a very good sound quality. I’ve got very small ears and any kind of earbuds/earphones would really hurt my ears after a while. With this ones they lowkey stretch my ears and hurt a bit, but that’s after longer than an hour of having them on.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I had a bit of a weird relationship watching this for ages wondering if it was worth it. After much deliberation I did it! Very exciting. At first I was a bit disappointed it hurt my ears a lot and didn’t seem that noise cancelling. I was so torn but then I got some inexpensive silicone replacement buds and they worked perfectly!! I literally can’t live without them! Excellent sound and good noise cancelling. Great for talking to people on the phone. Perfect for doing jobs and listening – cleaning, gardening, diy, hula hooping and walking. I’m not sure if they would do great for really jumpy exercising or running. But keep in pretty well over all. Very easy connection. I was worried it would be a pain going from different devices – computer, iPad, phone. But no connects and disconnects very easily. I haven’t had wireless ear buds before so can’t compare. But will say they go with me everywhere.

  4. ChuBEMvitgtrqok says:

     United Kingdom

    The Sony WF-1000XM4 in-ear headphones are very well made, and deliver very good sound quality ….so long as you can get a good a good seal between the tips and your ear (as for all in-ear headphones). I found that the large size Sony tips were the best fit for me, but after 30mins they made my ears ache. The small and medium tips did not create a seal, and hence were very lacking in bass.
    I looked online and saw a few recommendations for SonicFoam tips . I purchased SF2 in Medium size, as they looked similar size to the Sony Large tips.
    The SonicFoam tips seem to be a softer memory foam than Sony’s, and I have worn them for hours with no discomfort. The SonicFoam memory foam squashes more than Sony’s, making them easier to fit and to create a good seal, giving very good sound quality and good noise cancelling. So I’m now much happier with using my Sony WF-1000XM4 headphones.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve owned these for the best part of a year now, and completely love them. They take a few months to fully wear in, but once they do there is no warmth of sound like them, and I’ve owned a lot of decent in ear and over ear headphones. Blows my apple pros out the water. Well done Sony.

  6. Molly Price says:

     United Kingdom

    Normally only spend 20-30 on ear buds for the gym, but thought I’d treat myself. Got these purely on the basis of Stuff magazine who really rate them highly.
    Must admit, when they first arrived I was disappointed with the sound- they really didn’t sound any better than my usual 20 quid ones. However, after a week of use for an hour a day- all of a sudden they sound fantastic- so I presume they benefit from some ruming in time. Really pleased with them now.

  7. Victoria Barker says:

     United Kingdom

    May take a while to fit comfortably but once you get it right these are unbelievable, especially if you pair it with a Sony Xperia

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Fantastic all round headphones with a useful app to adjust settings and features.
    Great sound quality, both for music and calls. Snug fit which is comfortable but ensures they don’t fall out of your ears even when playing sports or exercising.
    Intuitive features which are easy to control via the earbuds and on the app. Useful features such as speak to talk which recognises if you speak and temporarily allows the ambient sounds reduces music volume.
    Good batter life goes without saying.
    Whilst I’ve not experienced it yet, I can foresee a time when the delicate foam earpieces either get lost or damaged and need replacing. These aren’t available on any website and Sony recommend visiting a Sony Centre Store which I can almost certainly envisage will not have in stock or at least the not in the right size.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I liked my AirPods mark I – rock solid connection, good data on charge, options and control good etc.
    I just missed noise cancelling – on my noisy walk to work, I had to turn music up loud to drown out traffic and I just didn’t like that.
    I tried the AirPods 3rd Gen – and was disappointed that they didn’t sound as good, IMO, as even the 1st Gen. The other features were good – the noise cancelling was good – but the sound just had no balls. It was somehow unmusical.
    I tried these – and I absolutely love them. Warm and solid low end – not boomy or fake ‘mega’ bass, clear and non-fatiguing mid range, detailed and airy top end. Connects perfectly every time. Battery life is more than I have ever needed – I have never run them out nor the charging case.
    Ergonomics are great – I love where they sit up in the ear and the case is small and curvy, being almost invisible in my pocket.
    USB C charging suits me just fine.
    The Sony headphones app is quite good. Set it and forget it.
    I use either ambient sound or noise cancelling. I switch between the two modes using the touch surface on the left headphone. Noise cancellation is really great – probably significantly assisted by the mechanical (not electronic) noise cancelling provided by the foam ear pads. I have been able to listen at much reduced volumes and have been able to enjoy the music all over again – and gaps are not filled by the traffic noise anymore.
    An additional benefit of the noise cancellation on these is that annoying loud people on the bus can talk on their mobile phones, have rows, break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend and show off as much as they like because I don’t have to listen to a word of it. It brings me serenity.
    I use the surface of the right phone to stop/start the music easily – or advance/go back.
    It badly needs a fully customisable volume control system – currently, the options on the app are a bit too limited and constrained.
    Until they work out wireless uncompressed/lossless headphones, these are the phones for me.
    Surprised as I am not much of a Sony fan – and didn’t much like the earlier iteration of these headphones.
    The mark IVs are just right.

  10. Thomas Caughlan says:

     United Kingdom

    Sony was always suprise me am big fan of sony in headphones and cameras and XM4 proven that again with stunning quality

    Feels goodie

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Simply put, this is an excellent product. I wear these most days commuting to London, getting the train, tube and walking. The sound quality and noise cancelling is incredible. I also wear these to the gym and running. They never feel like they’re going to fall out.

    This is a really excellent product, however when you receive them, make sure you spend time properly setting up the headphones, installing the app, getting the right fit for your ears with the ear plugs. There are some good videos out there that will help explain this process!

  12. RochelleOconnor says:

     United Kingdom

    These are among the best earbuds I’ve tried, but don’t quite take the gold. First, the pluses. They sit in the case securely but are very quickly and easily taken out for use. And that is not true for all earbuds. Next, quick and reliable Bluetooth connection, with helpful messages (unlike the annoyingly simplistic messages of some competitors). And very importantly, superb sound quality. So what’s not to like? The design relies on the buds being pressed into the ear canal, which (even having carefully chosen the right size of foam tip) means some slight feeling of pressure. The Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds definitely have the edge here – although much more noticeable in the ear than the Sony, they don’t rely on being pressed in, but on a clever design that keeps them in place securely and comfortably. I am also doubtful about how long the foam tips on the Sony will last: they definitely benefit from being treated gently.

    The bottom line is that although I am happy to keep and use these Sonys, I decided against buying a second pair, whereas I did buy a second pair of the Bose (on an great Prime Day offer).

  13. KatherineDotson says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve tried the Sennheisers and the Samsungs, and I can confidently say these ones are the top of their class.

    The battery life is fantastic! It lasts a work day even without a lunch break.

    The noise cancelling is much more effective than the other brands I’ve tried.

    Sound quality is of course no where near wired earbuds, but they are on par with the competitors.

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great sound quality. Quite tricky to fit into ear for a good fit. Requires a few hours burn in time to obtain optimum sound quality. Packaging a little poor with all the recycled materials. Rechargeable case is great though. Use with the Sony headphone app for more features. Well recommended!

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve got the over-ears WM3s, which I love. Bit of course you can’t easily wear them for exercising, so I thought I’d get these.
    The pros-
    Good battery life
    Good sound quality
    Handy “stop music when talking” option

    Noise cancelling isn’t as good as WM3 (but to be fair, perhaps I’m expecting too much for in-ear?)

    Biggest con for me is that the ear buds are quite big and the fit, as in the how the body of the ear bud goes into your ear (rather than the ear-piece that goes inside your ear canal), is really painful in my right ear after a while.

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    They have a very comfortable fit, and do not fall out. Other reviews have said about them being a bad fit but I guess we are all individual and if they fit you the they fit!!
    Very good sound quality and easy to control the volume and skip songs etc. For me they are leaps and bounds above my old pro pods.

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    These are good but question the price, you can get much better sound quality with wired earphones at this price. Interference occasionally, and sometimes takes a couple of attempts to get the connection. I wish id have got a wired pair now, but that’s me, if you feel you need wireless then these are a good choice.

  18. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I was a little underwhelmed when these first arrived, but a couple of weeks on and I’m happy. Pretty good fit, truly fantastic sound quality, noise cancelling better than expected and a very neat package all in. Only gripe is that the set up was a little more complicated than expected (2 apps?) but it’s worth it for the sound quality. If you’re considering some higher end earbuds these are worth your consideratio

  19. FannieSingletar says:

     United Kingdom

    For years I have used my trusty Bose QC 35 mk 2s as I travel on planes for business but they are somewhat bulky and wearing them with glasses adds a little discomfort. I toyed with cheap earbuds (earfun) but they weren’t that great so gave these a spin as an alternative. I have tried them now on 5-6 airplanes, even carrying my old QC 35s along with me to do a side by side comparison on take off, in the lounge etc.

    The sound quality is really very good – at least the equal of the Bose’s if not better. They also work well for making phone calls. I’d say the noise cancellation is just as goo/almost as good as the Bose yet feels somehow different. Subjectively the Bose NC experience feels stiller even though objectively background noise and conversations etc. are muted equally as well (at least in an airplane and airport setting).

    The SONY’s only work well though if the earplugs fit. Mine did not – I could not get a good seal in my left ear with even the biggest tip and the SONY test routine in their app confirmed this. I even managed to tear one of the SONY tips despite not having any sharp nails. I followed the recommendation of another Amazon reviewer and bought some SONICfoam buds (pack of 10 pairs for not much ) and the seal and comfort of these is superior to those supplied by SONY. With the SONICfoam earbuds I think the package is a winner. They are comfortable, unobtrusive, much less bulky than my over the ear headphones and do as good a job on noise cancellation. Just a shame that SONY did not provide a decent selection of eartips.

  20. IgnacioHAH says:

     United Kingdom

    Sometimes max volume in my phone gets capped at ~50% (but bar is at 100%).

  21. BridgetLok says:

     United Kingdom

    I found the fit uncomfortable at first but my ears got used to them after a couple of weeks

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Reviews point out that there are better headphones for noise cancelling but I found the XM4 to be particularly disappointing, I have to stop playback near noisy roads as I can’t hear podcasts clearly. I’m happy to pay a premium price for a premium product but I feels this product falls someway short.

  23. JaninaRancourt says:

     United Kingdom

    The sound is amazing. Even slightly better than my Bowers and Wilkins Px around the ears. Of course bass is a little weak. Could be more comfortable in ears ! Get a feeling that they would pop out, but they don’t! They stay put. Long. Long battery life. They fall into place magnetically in the charging case. Pity, they are a bit awkward to take out. Certainly not for big fingers. Still, have no regrets buying these.

  24. Albert Khoury says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought the previous model, (M3) but I much prefer this one. What I particularly like about this model is that the buds stay in. your ears a lot better than the M3’s. This model looks sleek, sound quality is brilliant. The Speak-to-Chat feature is fantastic – i.e. music will stop playing as soon as you start talking. Well done Sony. would definitely recommend.

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great sound (decent bass)
    Looks nice

    Cons (sort of):
    Noise cancelling is pretty good but it still pales compared to a headset.

  26. WilhemiJudge says:

     United Kingdom

    Couple more improvements , and I’m thinking, their gonna be (could be) the best one in this price category, or the best one overall earbuds. One of the best purchase of last year
    Need more information, check reviews on internet. Good for phonecalls, even in some noisy environments. Not to much comfortable, but … Try it for yourself, because what’s good for me , not necessarily represent your expectations.

  27. Richard Nieva says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent upgrade from the previous model, I don’t know how but sony have managed to make these even better than the xm3’s. Base sounds warmer and punchier, they have a much better seal in my ear, the noise cancelling is stellar, very good pair of earphones, would recommend.

  28. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought these as a present for the other half and she loves them due to the great sound quality and noise cancellation. Easy to set up, comfortable to wear and they sound great.

  29. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Bought these for warmer weather essentially and for size
    Noise cancelling is great,seem better than over ear versions but will see once I have to mix with the general public on trains etc.First impressions are good,fit nicely and set up as easy as other Sony headphones

  30. MistyPring says:

     United Kingdom

    Ok, first I was quite disappointed – like so many say they were uncomfortable and the noise cancellation wasn’t much better than such as Soundcore Liberty 3 Pros. BUT hey I discovered something!!

    I decided to play with the options. I normally choose Medium sized ear tips – done that for pretty much all my earbuds over the years. So obviously I chose them first on these Sony XM4’s. They fit the ear canal perfectly and gave pretty good seal – I thought. But soon I felt them uncomfortable and painful and noise cancellation wasn’t much to talk about.

    I started looking at the Large tips. “No way can those fit in my ear canal?” I thought. But paying 200 ish for these I decided to try all options. And then the magic happened..! Perfect passive sound isolation, the ANC blocking pretty much everything, and most important: they are now very comfortable! I can easily take them now for a long haul flight.

    How is this even possible?!

    So my answer in my experience is this: the medium ear tips go further in the ear canal where the foam tips pressure too much making them uncomfortable, while still not perfectly passively cancelling noise.

    The larger ear tips sit mainly on the mouth of the ear canal, not going deep in at all. But still the tip seals the ear perfectly and is… comfortable and with ANC incredible silent.

    If you struggle try all the ear tips – don’t return these masterpieces without a fight! 🙂

    I bought the silver ones… love the color. They are NOT silver. More like color of sand and don’t stand out as much as the black ones. Well in my opinion. The build quality is really solid and battery life so far more than excellent. The case is also nice and small and fits easily in my jeans pocket.

    Highly recommended.

  31. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Put simply the best all rounder set of earbuds available.. so far! They sound amazing, especially as they only use a dynamic driver, it shows how much faith Sony have in their tuning. Fit wise they are quite big though not an issue for me, they fit in my ear with very little protrusion, people with small ears may not be so lucky. Anc is fantastic, having tried soundcore liberty 3 pro, Edifier NeoBuds Pro, Panasonic rz-s500 and even Sony WF-1000XM3 recently, the XM4s are on another level. Battery life is damn good as well, 12 hours with anc off, 8 with anc on and around 6 hours with ldac enabled on the mid setting (600kb or thereabouts iirc). Build quality is typical Sony, spot on! Though the hinge on the case is a tad wobbly when open it is still very sturdy, size is good, a lot easier to pocket than the older XM3 buds. I’m not a big fan of foam ear tips but the ones included are very comfortable, I’m currently using azla crystal tips (the standard size, not the tws versions) they are a thicker medical grade silicon that performs close to the level of memory foam tips. All in I’m more than impressed with the XM4 buds, yes there are cheaper buds with similar or close to audio quality, but none that have all the features and supporting app. New tws buds are getting better all the time, for all I know a new set could come out tomorrow that beats sony hands down but that’s tomorrow, right now sony are my choice as best all round!

  32. MarielGallegos says:


    Ich bin wirklich sehr angetan von den Kopfhrern.
    Das ANC ist in Verbindung mit dem Schaumgummistpseln wahnsinnig mchtig. Der Tragekomfort erstklassig und der Sound spitze. Bei der Verarbeitung gibt es auch nichts zu meckern.

    Einziger Wehmutstropfen ist die Gesamtlautstrke. Trotz aller Tricks die Handylautstrke unabhngig der Endgerute BT Lautstrke einzustellen und auch die Verwendung der Sony Headphone Connect und der Music Center App ist der Gesamtpegel bei meinem One Plus 8T fr mich etwas zu gering.

    Der Sound ist so gut, dass ich mir wirklich mehr Attacke wnschen wrde. Das ist sehr schade.

  33. ManieBlackburn says:

     United Kingdom

    Admittedly, I didn’t know what to think when I received these – I had illusions that these buds were never going to fit into my ears and how wrong I was. I did opt for the Small tips and even when I did manage to fit them into my ears, they still seem somewhat tight, but after much wiggling around in my ears, they finally sat comfortably. They are great for a few hours listening, but after a while, my ears were getting sore from wear and I don’t think the in-ear sound helped – great on short journeys, but for long journeys…I’ll stick with my over ear XM4 headphones. Having said that, I am quite impressed with the sound quality and this proved to be an asset to my Sony Hi-Res Music Player, which was amazing to listen to on these buds. If that doesn’t blow you away, then watching a movie using these buds will blow your mind with amazing quality sound from both left/right channels. The equaliser on the Sony app is very basic, but it does have a fantastic bass, but not so much on the treble. New addition is the ability to talk to a colleague, whilst the music fades out and in automatically…the downfall is it picks up subtle sounds from pets and mime singing is a big no, so you might want to switch this feature off or keep the music volume low and leave it on Ambient sound. Everyone complained about the annoying adaptable sound environment bleep which does this during music play and I had high hopes that Sony would have overcome this obstacle by introducing a silent 5-10s transition between adaptive sound and noise cancellation in different environments, without the listener, hardly ever noticing the difference – having said that, this facility can be switched on or off. I cant fault the sound quality and coming from these buds, they are quite remarkable. At 228 for the silver ones, these are worth every penny. Highly recommend ****

  34. DamarisTuckson says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve had these for a month now and while i was always impressed with the sound quality, with the kind of detail you get from a quality pair of over ears such as the Sony or B&W high end cans. Noise cancelling is good if not class leading. BUT. I could never get them to fit quite right. Tried every size tip. The Sony app said they were airtight, but the supplied tips are made from sort of memory foam that expand and push the buds back out of your ear holes again, very fiddly and annoying to get right, and have already started to split. I recently changed them for compatible non foam standard tips (ordered off here for 6.99 KWmobile) and getting a much better and much more comfortable fit, which is also airtight according to the app, and has made all the difference to fit and comfort. hopefully it will also improve the noise cancelling! Now they are awesome sounding and comfortable and very happy with them.

  35. Anonymous says:


    Die Kopfhrer sind vor 2 Wochen angekommen. Normal verpackt, die Eineichtung war recht intuitiv und verlief problemlos. Da ich vorher die Bose Sportbuds hatte, kann ich nur den Vergleich zwischen den beiden Kopfhrer ziehen.

    Tgliche Bedienung:
    Die Sony Kopfhrer sind wesentlich leichter zu bedienen, hier muss nur Bluetooth am Handy angeschaltet werden und Sony verbindet sich in unter 3 Sekunden. Die Bose, fand ich hier nicht so gut. Da diese die Kopplung chronologisch speichert muss ich jedes 15 Sekunden bei den Bose warten bis der erst alle anderen Gerte, mit denen ich mich mal verbunden habe durchgeht.

    Bei der Klangqualitt gebe ich den Kopfhrer von Sony deutlich den Punkt. Nicht nur knnen die Kopfhrer lauter, sondern auch bessere Klnge.

    Beim Tragekomfort muss ich leider 2 Punkte abziehen. Weil die Kopfhrer nicht wirklich richtig sitzen. Wrde ich manchmal keine Mtze tragen, wrde diese gelegentlich rausfallen. Auch sind mir diese bisher schon mehrmals runtergefallen als die Bose Sportbuds, die haben einen super halt und fliegen nicht raus.

    Also wer sich diese Kopfhrer fr sein Sport holt sollte es sich zweimal berlegen. Eine kleine Entzndung habe ich auch im Ohr. Daher empfehle ich nicht mit denen Joggen/ lange Strecken zu laufen.

    Der Batterielnge hat mich beim Sony deutlich berzeugt. Bose hat anfangs ne gute Woche gehalten. Die Sony Kopfhrer reichen bei vollem Aufladen mindestens 1 1/2 Wochen wenn man tglich bis zu 2 Stunden h

  36. Anonymous says:


    Me gusta poder decidir cuando relajarme leer y escuchar msica bajito sin ningn ruido ms. Es como estar totalmente aislada, sola, aunque a tu alrededor haya televisin, radio, nios jugando…

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