AEG QX7-ANIM Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Battery 21.6V up to 50 Minutes Runtime, Cyclonic, Filtration 5 Steps, Extra Pet, Pop-Out Handheld, LED Brush Lights, 0.3L Capacity-Red QX7, 3 liters, 79 Decibeles

QX7 Animal | Designed for pet owners and versatile for an all-round clean home.

Ideal for pet owners the QX7 Animal 2-in-1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner.

With the QX7 Animal 2-in-1 Cordless stick Vacuum and its easy-access handheld vacuum, plus built-in accessories, you can quickly and easily switch between vacuuming the floor and cleaning other surfaces in your home..

Powerful Floor Nozzle

Powerful cleaning on all floor types

The multi-floor nozzle is equipped with an LED front light, is suitable for all floor coverings and removes deep-seated dirt very effectively from carpets.

QX7-ANIM, AEG, Pets, Animal, Cordless Stick Vacuum, Vacuum Cleaner
QX7-ANIM, AEG, Pets, Animal, Cordless Stick Vacuum, Vacuum Cleaner

Our quietest and most powerful 2-in-1 vacuum

QX7-ANIM, AEG, Pets, Animal, Cordless Stick Vacuum, Vacuum Cleaner

Battery life up to 50 minutes

The 21.6V lithium HD battery provides a long run time of up to 50 minutes with Eco power level.

QX7-ANIM, AEG, Pets, Animal, Cordless Stick Vacuum, Vacuum Cleaner

Cyclonic technology and HD Lithium battery

Thanks to cyclonic technology with optimized airflow and its 21.6-volt HD Lithium battery, the QX7 cordless vacuum ensures constant suction for up to 50 minutes and with a charge of up to 4.5 hours.

QX7-ANIM, AEG, Pets, Animal, Cordless Stick Vacuum, Vacuum Cleaner

Easy to move around your home

The ergonomic center of gravity in the lower area ensures a high level of operating comfort. The floor nozzle, which can be rotated by 180 °, can easily be placed around the furniture in your room.

QX7-ANIM, AEG, Pets, Animal, Cordless Stick Vacuum, Vacuum Cleaner

Motorised pet hair turbo nozzle

This lightweight cordless vacuum includes a powerful motorised pet turbo nozzle, which attaches to the pop out handheld unit, this is great for cleaning up pet hair from furniture, rugs, beds and stairs.

  1. QX7-ANIM, AEG, Pets, Animal, Cordless Stick Vacuum, Vacuum Cleaner

    Brush-Roll-Clean Function

    Self-cleaning brushroll

    The innovative Brush-Roll-Clean function cleans the brush by simply pressing the foot pedal.

  2. QX7-ANIM, AEG, Pets, Animal, Cordless Stick Vacuum, Vacuum Cleaner

    5 Stage Filtration

    Capture 99.9% of particles

    The 5-Stange filtering system removes up to 99.9% of the particles, for a clean and hygienic home.

  3. QX7-ANIM, AEG, Pets, Animal, Cordless Stick Vacuum, Vacuum Cleaner

    Suction power

    Superior performance

    With 2 power levels and up to 45 minutes running time, to clean all floor types.

  4. QX7-ANIM, AEG, Pets, Animal, Cordless Stick Vacuum, Vacuum Cleaner

    LED Headlights

    Light up the dirt in the corners

    No speck of dust goes unnoticed with its 7 bright LED headlights

  5. QX7-ANIM, AEG, Pets, Animal, Cordless Stick Vacuum, Vacuum Cleaner


    Clean your entire home

    Can be combined with various special nozzles and extensive accessories (included depending on model)

1 BrushRoll Function 2 5 Stage Filtration 3 Suction Power 4 LED Headlights 5 Versatile

Comparison Chart











Up to 50 min. Up to 50 min. Up to 45 min. Up to 50 min. Up to 55 min.
Battery type
21.6V lithium HD power battery 21.6V lithium HD power battery 18V lithium HD power battery 21.6V lithium HD power battery 25.2V lithium HD power battery
Interchangeable floor nozzle
Telescopic crevice nozzle Telescopic crevice nozzle Telescopic crevice nozzle Crevice nozzle Crevice nozzle
Small soft brush head Small soft brush head Small soft brush head Small soft brush head Small soft brush head
Delicate furniture brush
Delicate furniture brush
Pet hair nozzle
Motorised pet hair fabric tool Motorised pet hair fabric tool
Pop-out handheld
LED headlights
Brush-roll-clean function
Self standing function
Red Blue White Iron Grey Shale Grey

Weight: 2.9 kg
Dimensions: 13.16 x 14.5 x 114.5 cm; 2.9 Kilograms
Brand: AEG
Model: QX7
Colour: Red
Colour: Red

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13 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    with a black cat and cream carpets…. my stairs are a nightmare to keep clean and fur free! This sucks so well and is a great size for storage. a good battery life and quick to charge. super for anyone with a small home

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’m delighted with this especially in terms of its power. When used as a vacuum cleaner you have two power settings, when used standalone it’s one. I’ve found this device really useful for the car, as it features an arm extender (with optional brush) which is ideal for cleaning in a car. The power is good, although it is perhaps a bit narrow. It doesn’t have a huge amount of storage so it’s not a vacuum cleaner replacement, but ideal for small jobs and great to keep downstairs to clean up any sudden mess.

  3. Joan A says:

     United Kingdom

    Great little vacuum, an upright which quickly converts to a handheld. When used upright on floors, it adapts easily to hard and carpeted surfaces, and is easy to manoeuvre, changing directions and getting into tight corners with ease. The centre section easily separates for use as a handheld unit which is easy to use single-handed and is ideal for stairs or car interiors. The battery is quick to charge, the base station acting as a charging unit. The bagless canister for collecting the dust and debris is a little small for large areas but it is very quick and easy to empty.

  4. McKenzie Dillon says:

     United Kingdom

    When I saw this for review, I jumped at it, as I previously had a little cheap vacuum cleaner.
    The fact that it is cordless and has a pop-out hand-held vac drew me too it.
    The suction power is great, on hard floors and deep pile rugs. It is lightweight and very manoeuvrable.
    The little hand-held inside is great for stairs and furniture.
    It has a really handy LED light, so you can see any dirt that needs to be picked up.
    50 minutes battery life is plenty for me. I just put it back on the charging stand so it is ready for next time.
    On top of all that, the colour is great and it looks really stylish.
    I never thought I’d say this, but it makes cleaning the floor a pleasure!

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This cordless vacuum cleaner has 45 mins run time and a 5 step filteration. It cleans multi-surfaces including shelves, counter-tops, and also ceilings by using the extension attachment.
    It’s very good for getting under furniture and those awkward, hard to reach places, but what I like about it the most is the freedom of movement it gives me, not having to manouvre a heavy machine about, or having to be constantly aware of a trailing cable.
    I live in a bungalow, so this is absolutely ideal for getting from room to room, and the hand-held vacuum (done by just removing the middle bit of the stem) is useful for hoovering the car.
    It does need to be emptied fairly regularly, but in general I have no complaints about this vacuum, and would recommend if you hoover often and are fed up with hauling a heavy contraption around.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Now for someone who loves cord Vacuums and never wanted to get a cordless one I’m so in love with this hoover is so easy just to pop off When you got a little something to clean up and so easy to put back on the stand again has very high power and it’s a really light weigh

  7. NormandKYSM says:

     United Kingdom

    This is an impressive cordless vacuum cleaner. Arrived well packed. Excellent simple but easy to understand instructions. Set up is easy every clips in place well. Before use the recommendation is to charge up fully which we did overnight before trying out. The cleaner sits upright on its charging dock so reducing the storage space needed.
    Like the colour of the plastic too it’s bright red. Anyway in use the vacuum cleaner can be used as a handheld cleaner, great for stairs or seats. Then returned to the main body as a full size vacuum cleaner.

    The motor is powerful for a battery vacuum cleaner and so can cope with most of the household needs here. Comes with loads of extra accessories all stored away in the upright part of the cleaner again saving storage space.

    In use battery lasts about 30 minutes long enough for me.

  8. Amanda Push says:

     United Kingdom

    AEG QX6-1-44SW Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 45 Minutes Runtime, Cyclonic Technology, 5-Step Filtration, Ergonomic, Pop-out Handheld, LED Brush Lights, 0.3L Capacity-White QX6, 3 liters, 79 Decibeles is quick and easy to charge the main body of the vacuum cleaner is very lightweight versatile makes vacuuming easy enough even in corners or tight spaces and using the hard held part is great for vacuuming the car or shelves etc. One charge is enough to clean one car and the whole flat. Although we did have trouble finding the plug on the vacuum but found it under the base stand where you put the vacuum to charge it. It is also very quick and easy to empty the dust compartment.
    171.16 at time of review.
    The price is in line with other similar products. 5*.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I received the cream and white cordless vacuum cleaner and it has been superb. It didn’t take much putting together at all as everything clicked into place. I charged it for the four and half hours which was about the right amount of time. There are three lights that light up one at a time until fully charged.
    I am delighted at how flexible this is as it goes under the sofa edge, under my table and round the chairs. It picks up in corners and works perfectly on different carpet thicknesses and linoleum just as well. There are different suction strengths too that can be selected. It was great on the stairs.
    It is very easy to empty and picks up the lose carpet fluff to the thicker and heavier particles. I am over the moon at the lightness and performance of this cordless vacuum.

    Brilliant flexibility and pick up

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    New to the AEG brand and first impressions is very good. The build quality is outstanding, and the design is well thought out. Lightweight but very powerful suction.

    Quick and easy to assemble, once charged was up and ready to vacuum around the house within hours fully charged. When finished just place back on the charging stand.

    Just pop out the centre handheld vacuum and you have an even lighter handheld for stairs etc. You also get a nice attachment that fits into the handle that extends the handheld vacuum for ceilings and cobwebs.

    The upright brush head is very flexible, and perfect for under tables and shelves. The added light on the brush head helps highlight the dust/dirt you did not notice.

    Only downside is the dust collection container is not very large but is very easy to empty.

    Powerful cordless suctio

  11. LaurindMcDonald says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve been testing this vacuum out on wooden flooring and carpets and have been very impressed with it so far. It has a sleek and slim design and is very lightweight for easy handling. The vacuum has a powerful and reliable suction and is able to collect medium to large spills such as dust, dirt, hair, large crumbs and hairs.


    *The vacuum is fully wireless, making it easy to get into tight corners of your home, without having to worry the cable dropping things or getting damaged by pets or kids. This also saves a lot of time having to remove and reconnect the cable between cleaning rooms.

    *The vacuum is a two in one, as you can switch to the smaller vacuum, for easy portability when cleaning small areas or the car. Additionally, the small size option allows the vacuum to be used by children to allow them to have a go at cleaning.


    *The 50 minutes battery life can limit your cleaning, as you may need to recharge between cleaning larger areas.

    *The head can struggle to pick up fine and small particles such as powdered sugar or talcum powder, and it’s best to pick these up with a wipe or wet tissue.

    *The 0.3 litre capacity can limit how much dirt can be collected and you may need to empty the vacuum mid clean. If you do have a larger home, 0.5 litre or 0.7 litre vacuums may be ideal.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this vacuum due to the portability and flexibility it offers, particularly due to the 2 in 1 feature. However, if you do have a significantly larger home, I would recommend considering a 0.5 litre or 0.7 litre option.

    Portable and powerful 2 in 1 vacuum.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a very powerful vacuum cleaner that doubles as an upright for general cleaning and a handheld for stairs and small areas.
    The handheld slots into the upright extension and the whole product is neat and tidy.
    The Li-ion battery gives 45 minutes of cleaning time and can be recharged while not in use.
    It is great to use on all surfaces and we found it moved from one to the other very easily and efficiently, and could be angled to fit under furniture with no effort
    There are LED lights to aid cleaning and the vacuum cleaner is light and easy to push around.
    I have the white one and it looks very classy ( if you can say that about a vacuum cleaner)
    Build quality and design are very attractive and well thought out.
    Very pleased indeed with this one

    Good Quality and Recommended

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This vacuum cleaner is extremely powerful and ideal for use in the house or outside.

    It is brilliant on hard floors or on carpets.

    First off though, it is a very well made piece of equipment with a decent array of tools.

    The bin/bag capacity is surprisingly large and it is quite powerful considering its size.

    Well thought out. Assembly was a doddle – its almost ready to run when it comes out of the box.

    I got this to use for the car as there is no cables so hassle free and instant use when fully charged.

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