AfterShokz Aeropex Sport Running Headphones, Wireless Bone Conduction Bluetooth Earphones with Mic, IP67 Waterproof for Cycling, Work out (Blue Eclipse)

AfterShokz Aeropex Bluetooth sports headphones for running cycling
ideal gift for your loved ones
Open-ear Bluetooth sports headphones bring comfort


A superb solution to “hot” ears! No longer endure the pain and hot caused by in-ear or over-ear headphones. Weighing only 26 g, Aeropex open-ear wireless headphones bring you an extremely comfortable listening.

800 660 650 new
Bone conduction technology 8th of bone conduction technology 7th of bone conduction technology 5th of bone conduction technology
Material Full titanium Titanium Headband Polycarbon Ear Hook Full titanium
Bluetooth version Bluetooth v5.0 Bluetooth v5.0 Bluetooth v4.2
Water resistance IP67 IP55 IP55
Weight 26g 29g 30g
Continuous play 8 hours 6 hours 6 hours
EQ Model 2 EQ 3 EQ 2 EQ
Microphone Dual Noise-Cancelling Microphone Dual Noise-Cancelling Microphone Dual Noise-Cancelling Microphone
Charging Magnetic Charging USB-C Charging Micro-USB Charging
Warrenty 2-year 2-year 2-year

Dimensions: 12.42 x 9.95 x 4.41 cm; 30 Grams
Model: AS800O
Origin: China

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38 Responses

  1. James Lynch says:

     United Kingdom

    Fantastic to use when cycling, I can easily hear my music but also traffic and people.

  2. Global Health Review says:

     United Kingdom

    Good sound quality, easy to connect to phone, comfortable. Allows you to hear the cars coming!

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Don’t like headphones but you don’t even know you got them on and the sound is fantastic

  4. CGDev says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    These are my second pair of aftershocks as I list my first. They are fantastic hands free. And even warn you if they are too loud.
    Absolutely EPIK.


  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Excellent product I am partially sighted I do a lot of walking I like to listen to music which is very hazardous with AirPods or normal headphones with this item I can hear what’s going on around me at the same time as enjoying the music

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I wish I’d discovered these years ago.
    Yes they are expensive, but worth saving for. I’ve never been able to wear buds or headphones as they give me inner earache. These are perfect. I can’t believe how good the sound is, I can wear them when working and still be aware with what’s going on. I can now listen to podcasts while walking the dog as I feel safe being able to hear everything else. You’d think being able to hear other things would put you off but it doesn’t. Charging is fast enough for me and the battery life is also good. Easy to pause and adjust volume without pulling out my phone. Very soft and comfortable to wear. No complaints. Highly recommended!

  7. KaleyClift says:

     United Kingdom

    Had fancied a pair of these for a while but took ages to take the plunge as wasn’t sure how the sound quality would be. In the event, I’m really impressed. It isn’t quite as good as my similarly priced in-ear buds but it is very good, lots of detail and even the bass is better than you’d think it would be. Bought for running and they are ideal for that purpose – comfortable, stay put and the big thing for me is that you can still hear the world around you. Would recommend to anyone who wants good quality sound whilst not blocking out the outside environment.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I have some hearing loss and tinnitus.
    I bought these to use on Zoom & listening to podcasts at home however I found that they made my tinnitus worse. It will probably settle down over time.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I use headphones when I run and ride and I will not use both pods in-ear as this is dangerous, especially riding, so I only use one at a time
    So was interested to try out these bone headphones as they had good reviews (relatively)
    I’ve used them half a dozen times now and overall the sound quality is nothing compared to the (cheaper) Bose sport Bluetooth in-ear ones I have BUT quality is adequate as I am only using them for sport and the fact that they leave your ears uncovered is great – both for safety, comfort and they don’t get sweat upon
    Main complaint is the volume controls are ridiculously fiddly to use, in reality unuseable with gloves on though the button control (for pause, skip, phone etc) is easy to use
    Update after a few months – they work well for telephone calls
    Weak point is lack of volume – beside loud road noise they are overwhelmed and if you want a real beat and volume to drive the running, they are quite quie

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    As you can see my only worry will be the compatibility with my helmet + glasses, no issue there compatible with all of them, the quantity of volume and quality it is more than enough to keep you safe on the road, once again I been using bose earphones, they are NOT comparable, the sound quality of earphones are a lot better, this one’s are GOOD enough to give you safety + the joy of music while pedalling, awareness it is most important thing cycling under the heavy traffic of London so 5/5 to these ones.

    Compatible with wheelspin strap on cycling helmets

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    As a person with tiny ear canals, these things are just wonderful. I’ve never been able to use earbuds or even in ear earphones successfully. My only feedback would be that the band at the back could do with being adjustable. Apparently I have a small head too.

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I use the headphones so much. My son bought a pair so I was able to try his on, a complete revelation. With home working and zoom going on I can’t have audiobooks/podcasts at a high enough level to hear above usual kitchen noise. The Aeropex are perfect for me, I’m not cut off from hearing the door etc. Infact if I’ve turned them off to have a conversation I forget I’ve still got them on! Just used for the first time on a long train journey, was able to keep an ear out for any announcements. Great battery life and weighs nothing in my bag. I did buy a rigid case to protect them as they are really important to me now! Just delighted with them.

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    These are the best. There are times I dont even KNOW i am wearing them apart from the low ambient music (I set it on low volume). Im so used to always having these on that my whole day has music playing just in the background!

    I can have full conversations with people WHILE listening to music.

    ALSO its great for picking up phone calls.

    Ive bought 3 aftershokz over the past 3-4 years. I have other headsets for various reasons, but these are the ones I pick up for: dog walks, bike rides, gym, shopping, cooking….

    HIGHLY recommend giving these a go.

    On the flip side: not the best for sound quality – but not noticeable if youre using it for the purpose its meant (ie: getting on with things and being present while having music in the background). There is NO noise cancellation – thats the point, you got these to hear your surroundings.

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I was looking for headphones that don’t fall out when running. Stumbled across the AfterShokz range and due to good reviews went for them. The bone conducting is great, really pleased with them. If the volume is turned up the vibration can feel a bit odd next to your ear, but soon goes with sweating. As they are not in ear you can hear your surroundings better. Sound quality is good but not as good as in ear. They feel totally secure when on which was the main reason for buying. Very happy.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    The headphone was great. The sound was decent. light on the ears. Love it

    The issue is the while pairing. The headphone died on me. And it does not come back on. That’s after 7 months of use. No water damage or impact damage.

    customer service replaced the earphones after a long month.

    Reason for the 4 stars
    – The fault it developed.
    – long hard wait for a replaceme

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Great product at a great price (paid 120 for them from there site special deal)I have now used them a number of times and don’t know why I did not get these before! They never fall out as not in your ear battery last a long time and sound although not as good as in ear head phones great for running on the open road as you can hear what’s going on around you all the time. I don’t need any fancy features I just want a headset that does the job and these are superb I run 3 times a week and I like the fact that when I put them on it tells me the battery situation and also so fast at pairing with my running watch or phone. So all in all a great product and suits me

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great for daily work use… I’m not a great lover of in-ear headsets and over ear headphones exclude much of the world around you. These are comfortable, allow me to fully interact with family or colleagues and yet provide full and easy communication with incoming calls, online conference calls etc… all whilst allowing me to enjoy my music between voice calls or on-line conference calls.
    Sound quality is good, but let’s be fair, these will never compete with in ear or over ear alternatives.

  18. ArchieThyer says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Given their intended purpose of providing audio while maintaining awareness of surroundings they are great. Music sounds surprisingly good, and they are invaluable for directions when running new routes using something like komoot for planning. It can be hard to hear when alongside busy, noisy traffic but I think that’s pretty unavoidable with this technology and not a fault.

    They drop one star because there is no feedback for when the assistant is activated and ready to accept voice commands. The assistant is useful if you have your phone zipped away while running.

    If you accidentally press the button twice for the assistant it redials the last phone number which is NEVER what I want to happen! I wish this could be disabled and there was a beep when the assistant was waiting for commands.

  19. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    These are brilliant, as a keen runner and rider I wanted some earphones that would let me listen without stopping me hear others, be they runners, bikers or motorists (for obvious reasons!)

    These leave your ears open to the world around you and play music direct into your skull using your bone to carry the vibration into your ears.

    They don’t have the sound quality of my Sony XM3 over-ear cans but I didn’t expect them to – what they provide is perfectly acceptable for you to listen while retaining spatial awareness. Apparently you can even swim in them, but not tried that yet.

    Picked them up on the Prime day sales, great buy with the 33% discount applied.

  20. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom


    Good product to allow near headphone advantages and not shutting out the world . Much safer in the street than a closed system and good enough quality of sound.

  21. SylvestDasilva says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI’m not a techie or an full on audiophile — just a regular person who enjoys a variety of music styles and podcasts on the go. My motivation for getting these was primarily for use when out alone after dark both dog walking and running, which is not always safe when you have one of your sensory systems is disabled.

    It is a new experience being able to hear both the music in my head and people talking to me or traffic passing by and it’s really quite impressive. The sound quality is good. For the same price, I’d want to be blown away by the quality of an in-ear or over-ear bit of kit, but that’s not what these are. The sound quality is not much better than old my 40 earbuds, but I couldn’t wear those in a shared workspace without cutting myself off from surrounding conversations, they didn’t allow me to do my own thing at home without disengaging from family life and they didn’t give me the freedom to confidently listen to anything when out on my own after dark. These are pretty nifty and what you’re getting for your money is both inclusion and freedom as well as sound quality.

    In terms of Cons, these are not adjustable and, as a petite woman, I find they don’t always site 100% right. This can also be affected by my choice of clothes, headgear or hairstyles. But generally they are comfortable and they always sit correctly enough to work well. I wouldn’t recommend if you intend to use lots while lying flat (I do on occasion in bed, but they can push up at the back and be a little annoying. Again, this could be because I’m on the smaller side). I have not used the accompanying earplugs as noise cancelling is not what I’m currently after, but these will probably be necessary at the gym etc where there is loud background noise.

    Back to Pros – another plus is the battery life — it lasts for hours. And when it does run low, the warning is given well in advance of shutdown so you don’t just suddenly lose it mid workout (I got the warning as I headed out the door recently and was still listening when I returned 45 minutes later. I haven’t pushed how much longer they would have lasted beyond that).

    Noise leakage doesn’t seem to be a problem – I haven’t been blasting techo at full volume but have listened to podcasts and music in quiet spaces and in bed with my partner and been told it’s not noticeable to anyone in close range.

    Overall, whilst these are not perfect for me — and are not cheap — they are a clever bit of kit and I would recommend or gift them to others.

  22. Joni Blecher says:

     United Kingdom

    I have given this 5 stars for everything.
    However, they are not noise cancelling as they are not in or over the ears but they do give you ear plugs so I guess they would be good noise cancellers!
    I don’t use them for working out but I should image they are fine.
    Sound quality excellent for this type of headphone.
    I bought them as I find in-ear gadgets quite uncomfortable after a while.
    I have a pair of brilliant Beats over-ear headphones – brilliant for quiet listening to audiobooks cos I don’t need my glasses on – I find these uncomfortable with glasses.
    AFTERSHOKZ – very impressed. Very light (don’t even know I have them on). Very comfortable (even with my glasses). Very easy-to-use controls.
    Thank you – after all these years I have found something perfect.

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is my second pair. I had the original product for many years and they just broke. Although I like these new ones I do have a number of issues:
    1. When used for cycling or running, wind noise does reduce the effectiveness. Same issue in a gym with background music
    2. A pair of ear plugs is provided to overcome the above problem but I find it more effective to just slide the earpieces over my ears. It would have been nice if the ear plus were somehow integrated into the headset with the ability to swing them away when not needed
    3. Charging – understand why they’ve not gone for a micro USB but it’s just another cable to lose/forget. It’s about time the electronics industry standardised on these.
    4. Packaging – weighs more than the product and goes straight in the bin – so much for green credentials

  24. Ukedo20Smll says:

     United Kingdom

    I never right reviews! And this ones for the guys struggling with wireless buds!

    For the last year I have had issues with apples AirPod pros and have read multiple accounts with people having the same “itchy” issue. Which meant limited use. It has been soul destroying not enjoying my daily work out. And after search for an alternative I found AFTERSHOKZ

    I got these yesterday and I was worried about the sound quality, volume, base mostly… and I am surprisingly shocked, I have to keep these at 50% volume because I can’t hear my colleagues talking to me two feet away.. and they headphones are not even near my ears.
    The base is so much better than what I was expecting so for the value … compared to others like apples.. I couldn’t be happier.
    Sound quality is great but the best part was adjusting so quickly, obviously these products vibrate, it took me an hour or two to not notice them anymore (they’re tiny btw, picture above! I have small hands lmao! And they still have space wen wearing them)
    You guys should really have charged more for this product. #TheFutureOfHeadphones

    Buy it lol 😂

  25. HungPrerauer says:

     United Kingdom

    I’m in my mid- to late-70s and use headphones both out walking and around the house to listen to audiobooks—though occasionally music and news-feeds.
    Previously I used largish, cushioned headphones indoors (easier to take on and off) and smaller, less bulky in-the-ear Jaybirds outdoors … and of course I always had to connect or disconnect one or the other on my iPhone.
    All that is in the past … these are by far, by light-years, the best headphones I have ever had … I no longer have to swap when I come in or go out AND I can hear my wife when she comes into the kitchen to ask what I’m cooking.
    Occasionally, when traffic is particularly close, it interferes but, as I always hear it approaching, all I do is cup the ear at that side for a few seconds and I hear every word of my book. I could use the earplugs supplies but have not had to yet.
    Best thing I ever did was to buy these AfterShokz Aeroplex headphones … and there’s the obvious bonus in that the younger generation (anyone below 70) think I’m really trendy, in most cases trendier than they are. They’re right, of course.

  26. AdrienneWinton says:

     United Kingdom

    I decided to go for bone conducting phones as I run a lot and ear bud types are not accepted in most official UK races due to safety concerns. The sound quality of Aeropex is balanced and they are comfortable on a long run. Noise cancellation is irrelevant for these phones when listening as the whole point is to allow you to be aware of your surroundings, however, when ambient noise is low they perform like other phones but without having something stuck in your ears. When used for phone calls the microphones are noise cancelling. Bass is a bit light but I think if it was heavier it could get very tiresome hence my comment about balanced sound. My main criteria for purchase was a good fit so they didn’t need constant adjustment when working out, wireless connection which works well, and as mentioned previously they are accepted for use in official events. I didn’t know what to expect when buying them but I was pleasantly surprised and they certainly do the job that I wanted them to do. They are a bit pricey but they are well made and come with a silicone case with a magnetic catch, a waterproof running belt (which was unexpected but a nice touch) and some ear plugs that can be used to block out sound entering the ear via the eardrums so the effect is more like that from earbuds. There are also two charging cables so you also have a spare. These are magnetic and click into place when the polarity is correct. The other end terminates in a USB connector.

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    These started by giving me what i can only describe as a migraine… However i have used them a few times now and it would seem that my brain has adjusted. This was tested when i took them on an hour bike ride over 15 miles on Sunday. The sound quality for music is good, and i can fully hear everything going in a round me, important when on the road.

    The sound quality for phone calls started very “tinny”, but has improved and have had a god few conversations when walking the dog.

    I would recommend them, i needed something that was waterproof as my iPod Pros are not. They are comfy fitting, the battery is good, hooked up easy with the iPhone X Max, only thing is “Hey Siri” doesnt seem to work on them. Have only given one star on noise cancellation as if they cancelled the noise it would be daft as these are designed to hear other things at the same time.

    These are witchcraft as i you can listen to music crystal clear AND hear the tv crystal clear at the exact same time.

  28. Luke says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought these for home working and for on the bike.

    Home working = excellent. Great battery life, sound quality is good, connectivity is excellent (dropped x2 and that might have been my fault in about 60hours talk time)

    Bicycle = really pleasantly surprised. I read a few reviews say due to wind noise, you can’t hear and the fit with helmet straps and sunglasses wasn’t good. Fit is brilliant, no issues with either of my helmets or 3 sunglasses, so if there is an issue, it must be head/ear location. Wind noise is a potential issue but at a steady 20 mile an hour, I can hear fine. It gets complicated with head winds. Cycling into a head means sometimes I can be going slowly and not hear clearly. But a tail wind can have the opposite effect. The song also plays a part. Some are louder or at a pitch that is clearer for me. I have found it to be a revelation and the big thing is you can still hear traffic behind you. I tried a pod cast and that wasn’t so good, but that was into a headwind

    In summary, just bowled over at how good they are but u shouldn’t expect to be able to hear everything all the time

  29. ZeldaMinor says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Only 3 days in – the make and quality of the product seems first-class and nice packaging. Can’t comment yet on how long they last (comes with a 2 year warranty). Also supplied with a robust silicone bag which I really like to keep them safe. These don’t sound like your Bose over ears and don’t think they will, the bass is not the same and as they’re not in your ears it can’t be, but you can hear the music really well and the midrange response is spot on so great for vocals and superb for podcasts and talking/books etc. This is the compromise for being able to hear your environment and for me when I’m cycling or out walking the dog there isn’t a better and more comfortable earphone or headphone, and I’ve tried a few! I have my Bose when I want some thumping bass and noise-cancelling earphones when I’m stuck on a train and want to block out the world, so these are an ideal addition to earphone/headphone solutions. Highly recommend, so long as you know what you’ll get, the difference in sound compared to normal headphones/earphones -but if you need to hear outside as well, fully recommend this very clever solution.

  30. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I am also an over the ear hearing aid user as well as glasses, its a little bit of getting use to and positioning, i found one side fitted better but i always find this but after 2 days its no problem. I have never been able to wear headphones but saw this technology a few years ago and have been watching it advance, with this virus going around i didnt want to keep handling my phone also i wanted to have private conversation with people again, well at least people only hearing part of the conversation. The other thing im a wheelchair user and having your phone on display isn’t the most ideal thing.
    I went for the more expensive as it houses the advance tech and very pleased i did they are awesome my Mum has said its the first time she has heard me clear on the phone for a long time and the same with me, also i was forever missing calls because i couldn’t hear the phone ring this has stopped this.
    I have marked the section “for working out” with a top mark as i didnt want it to let the 100% marked low as it didnt deserve it.
    My only thing is it wants some sort of measurement or even 2 or 3 different size made as they feel a little large around the neck area but i couldnt go for a child size as i need the size over the ear to sit on the correct place of the bone to get the best out of them.
    One awesome product.

  31. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Sound quality not great compared to other ‘normal’ earphones but this is, apparently, as good as it gets for bone conduction headphones. Main problem for me is a tinny sound/lack of bass. This is despite experimenting with their position as much as is practical. Given it’s supposed to be an improved model I can only imagine what it was like in earlier models. Even 25 non-ear canal devices sound a lot better to me, and I’m not a ‘bass junkie’.

    Having said all that, they really ARE good for jogging etc. as, as AfterShokz promote, they don’t fall off or out and you can hear what’s around you, even if they are somewhat drowned out by passing traffic. “Better safe than sorry” as they say, and I have some near misses with noise cancelling alternatives. I think my brain normalises the poor sound pretty quickly, actually, and by the middle of a run I’m thinking they do sound better than nothing – “ok’ish” given their benefits.

    Perhaps the earplugs supplied would be better being “leaky” to allow most but not all external noise in?

    So… a keeper for me on balance. Just.

  32. Aaron Mamiit says:

     United Kingdom

    I purchased this headset as a replacement for my old Trekz Titanium. I loved that headset and my colleagues very quickly got used to the fact they could talk to me still while I was listening to my own music.
    I had to replace it due to wear and tear, as it used to get chucked into my rucksack without any case to protect it.
    Straight out the box these new Aeropex have a fantastic silicone rubber case, which although not rugged, is enough to make you think twice about how you put the headset away.
    Sound quality is better than the Trekz Titanium, a little more bass, or warmth to the sound; that is not to say these are any comparison to standard headphones for tracks with heavy bass sound, but these aren’t designed with the audiophile in mind.
    Personally I have found these are great for listening to quiet Classical music while I’m working, and I’m still able to hold conversations with colleagues; and also take business calls without having to pick up the phone, being able to use the computer whilst talking is a massive bonus.
    Outside of work, these are very comfortable whilst running, and you can still hear everything going on around you.
    I have found you get used to listening to music through these after only a short time; and you can crank up the volume plenty, unlike the old Trekz Titanium, you don’t get as much vibration from higher volume.

    Like the old headset, you can use the multifunction button to voice dial for phone calls, and with an Android device you can use voice commands to select music in Spotify, I’d imagine other such commands work as well, but I’ve only used for Spotify so far.

    To summarise, these are fantastic for listening to music whilst working in an office, round the house or when you’re out and about; but you are still aware of your surroundings and able to hold conversations with people.
    You also have seamless transition from listening to music to making Phone calls.

  33. Sleeping Unbeauty says:

     United Kingdom

    Birthday gift for the girlfriend who listens to podcasts a LOT, it would be fair to say she loves the headphones. She doesn’t like mine because it drowns out all surrounding sound and she wanted to hear if someone called on her, hear a car coming outside or if the dog was out of sight and barking. The sound is clear, at least for the spoken word and she uses it so much it gets a nightly recharge like her phone!
    I thought I’d try it out myself to see if it’s worth a pair for myself but, as an audiophile, I won’t be making that purchase. It’s fine for the spoken word and for classical music but anything with a base is reduced to a tinny version and the whole sound range seem to shift up the scale because the base simply isn’t there. Saying that, we both find them very comfortable to wear, both getting to a point where we forget we were wearing them and, given her very extended use of them, has only complained once that her ears were getting a little tired of wearing them and that was after about four days of use sufficient to drain the batteries (around 6-8 hours a day).

  34. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought these after my Trekz Titanium broke (someone sat on them and they snapped), and I was very pleased at the step up in sound quality from the older model.

    The sense of vibration is also massively reduced compared to the older model, to almost nothing, even on full volume.

    The sound is not massively loud, but loud enough to hear at higher volumes even when cycling or walking in the wind.

    Although not in my mind when I bought them, it turns out that these have been brilliant for working at home during lockdown – they free up my hands for my pc or paperwork while I speak to colleagues or clients, without the weight of a normal set of headphones, and without blocking out the surrounding noises, and the call quality is excellent.

    The loop at the back of the head is perhaps a bit more extended than I would like, and is a little uncomfortable for sitting back in an armchair, but when moving around or sitting at a desk, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them.

    When my Titaniums broke I thought about just buying that model again as the price on the old model has fallen, but I’m very pleased I splashed out on this model instead.

    Highly recommended.

  35. FelipeVVQY says:

     United Kingdom

    Good: First of all I’d say comfort, they really fit well on my rather big head 🙂 also flawless contact when jogging. Great office headphones. Multipoint connection is brilliant I can listen to podcast from phone and use for PC tele-conferencing without reconnecting. Bluetooth headset phone operation for phone is flawless, great microphone noise cancellation too, useful battery check, ability to mute during call is great too, overall pretty good control functions. I am fine with sound quality which is better then I expected for open ear, the reported vibration in high volume is reproducible but not a problem I dont listen so loud anyway, with earplugs you get more conventional experience but the open-ear is the whole point of this headset, so you can interact with environment. Battery seems excellent get me through 12h of fairly frequent use at low volume.

    Minor gripes: in multipoint loosing one of connections (walking away from computer brings in annoying alarm need power off/on to ignore), the beeps on key presses are too loud when wearing with earplugs

  36. CletaCaire says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I love these headphones. The important thing to remember is that these are different to over ear and in ear headphones. That may sound an obvious statement to make however when reading reviews I found the less than 5 star reviews has a common tone and that was that when compared to other over ears and in ears they weren’t as good. To me it is like comparing different types of screwdrivers, yes they all turn a screw but which one is best for the job.

    A few scenarios where these headphones have excelled for me and why-

    Running, hear traffic.

    Watching my iPad whilst looking after my baby. You can hear the crys. Now we all know Bose sound cancelling headphones would be up their with the best but I like to be aware of everything for obvious reasons.

    You can have music and still have a conversation. You can’t do this with other types. It’s like your own background music if you turn the music down and you can focus on the conversation whilst still listening to music. A bit like in a restaurant.

    Phone conversations are great quality as well.

    The headset fits great and feels well made and premium and sound quality is great.

    Great product for people who want to still be aware of he world around them.

  37. DoreenDavies says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersThese are brilliant bone conducting headphones.
    When used with earplugs they also make a good alternative noise cancelling headphones.
    The sound feels like it is in your head rather than coming from through your bones (unlike previous models) and is much more detailed as well. They are best for listing to the TV and voices, but have enough detail to listen to music if you don’t mind a decrease in resolution compared to headphones.
    Battery life is good but would love 12hrs or more. They are light weight and you forget you are wearing them after a while.
    The best bone conducting headphones so afr.

  38. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 38 From Our UsersI’m a long term aftershokz user. I’ve had the wired versions, to the titanium, air and now aeropex. Honestly I was happy with the upgrades from titanium to air. I felt like they added some valuable alternative features that allowed for great sound quality, long battery life, at a comfortable lightweight size. I figured that was it. No updates right? I was shocked to here they had now created the Aeropex with smaller footprint competitive battery life and improved sound. I’ve had various other Bone conduction headsets, and bone conduction sunglasses. I guarantee you, there is no better than this. I’m still trying to figure out how they managed to decrease the size, but improve the bass and overall volume and sound quality. the only unfortunate trade off this time is the switch from micro-USB for charging to a new proprietary cable type. I think this was likely a concession made so that they could fit more inside the small space, instead of giving up space to a micro usb connector. Honestly, it’s worth it. I’ll just have to stock up on cables just in case.

    I highly recommended this. I cant recommend it higher. Maybe you just want to listen to music at work but still hear your surrondings. Maybe you have kids and you want to listen to podcasts while you pay attention to them. Maybe you’re into sports and you want a lightweight solution that also lets you stay safe and hear your surroundings. It fits all of those. I use these more than my various headphones because I often forget the aftershokz are still on. Walk through life with your own personal soundtrack. It’s a weird sensation to hear the world and music at the same time, but it’s a worthwhile experience. My only hopes now are that aftershokz will master the bone conduction sunglass headset game.

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