Choen 110V 240V 45W Led Work Ligh site Light Task Light site Lighting,5000 Lumens,360° Lighting Angle,Equal to 175-250W Metal Halide Work Light,Both Used in Indoor and Outdoor(45W)


choen is a registered UK brand, we are dedicated to provide high quality led lights to customers. Choen 45W led work light is one of the star products in our company, which is suitable for household usage and industrial usage. Some people use it in their private workshop,garden,warehouse,and many contractors use it in the work site such as painting, plaster or decoration.

The greatest advantage of this lamp is 360 degree lighting.The lamp can light up the whole site even if don’t change the direction. And the light is good brightness, the lumen efficiency is above 100 lumen per watt. What’s more, the milky cover for the light protect your eyes well, no glare.

For this 45W led work light,you also can remove the stand, then use safety rope to hang it for lighting. 2 kinds of usage can be changed easily.

Product parameters:

Equivalent to metal halide 250W traditional work light

Lumens: 5000lm high bright

Working voltage: AC100-277V(suitable for any country’s voltage,because it’s wide range range )

Color: 5000K white color


Lifespan: 50,000h

Led chip brand and quantity: Epistar led chip,144pcs

Weight: 1.98 kg
Dimensions: 32.4 x 21.4 x 15.6 cm; 1.98 Kilograms
Part: ALT-W02-45
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Alaite
Reference: ALT-W02-45

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8 Responses

  1. TheoJDINecu says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Love the light i use it for lighting up the room for plastering. I find any excuse i need to use the light. It is there lightweight and if you ain’t careful it will fly across the room.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Bought this light originally for renovating my kitchen electrics. Excellent lightweight work lamp.

  3. Shanon Maglente says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    As a plasterer this is by far the brightest light I’ve used. Works the best if you can hang it from the ceiling! Maximum ligh

  4. LeannaGOJQ says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    So bright! Absolutely love this light and have used it loads already on a house renovatio

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersLights up my fact I have 3 of these lights as they make the workshop really bright.
    I rate them. Solid light. Good length of thick cable(steady missus) and all in all a reasonably pricey but excellent bright light.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 7 From Our UsersVery good work light, keeps an average room brighg enough to plaster i

  7. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis light throws a full 360 degrees meaning that an entire room can be illuminated by one light. it turns the dark sheds into a daylight one and that makes the work outside a lot easier!
    this light comes with no stands, you need to put it either on the steady surface or hand it up on the roof. my family loves it a lot, buy one you won’t be disappointed.

  8. EvanLTXxltqzmmq says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    So far I have been really impressed with the light. Its very bright and light a whole area unlock normal work lights. The only reason for dropping a star is value for money, they are very expensive for what they are and you could be 3 or 4 LED worklights for the same money.

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