Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Chronograph Watch with a Black Dial and a Black Leather Strap AT4000-02E

Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 13 cm; 322.05 Grams
Model: AT4000-02E
Manufacture: Citizen
Department: Men
Department: Men

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77 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great watch, I have watches that need batteries or rely on movement to keep them going. This watch takes all the faff out of that.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 5 From Our UsersI had this watch saved in my wish list for ages, as I couldn’t justify spending nearly 400 on a watch. Having saved a small fortune in petrol whilst working from home I took the plunge and could not be more pleased with it! The watch arrived “dead” but I left it on the window sill and looked online at the setting up process. I was a bit concerned as it seemed a bit tricky, but when I looked at the watch a few hours later – hey presto! It had set itself automatically.
    It is a really great looking watch, not too flashy, just very smart.
    The radio controlled feature is great, no need to reset, unless travelling abroad but that seems straightforward enough. The best thing though is never needing to bother replacing the battery, which also means the seal on the case doesn’t get opened so it should stay waterproof for ever.
    All in all, a lovely watch which seems excellent value for money given the built in tech.

  3. BernardDTD says:


    Ottimo orologio, molto bello ed elegante. Proporzionato nelle dimensioni e adatto a tutti i polsi grazie anche al quadrante non esageratamente grande (diametro 42 mm).
    E’ progettato per la ricezione del segnale radio esclusivamente sulle frequenze Americane ed Europee. Queste ultime per possono essere utilizzate solo per la sincronizzazione dell’orario di Londra. Per l’utilizzo in Italia si dovrebbe impostare l’orologio in A-TM cos da inibire la ricezione del segnale radio perdendo la principale funzionalit. Per questo motivo do 4 stelle.

  4. James Rodger says:

     United Kingdom

    Very rarely do I give 5* reviews but this watch deserves it
    Bought via Amazon by my wife for me as I was away, the watch had minimal power reserve but a day sitting in cloudy daylight restored the battery to 100%. Time and calendar setting was very easy, just follow the instructions ( online video also very good) and sit back and be amazed as after about 5 minutes the hands and date moved to the exact time. It will also regularly automatically check the Citizen radio signal and correct the time…am still left in complete wonder by the technology! I have updated with no issues as far west in the UK as you can be ( signal comes from Germany) and quite simply, you cannot have a more accurate time piece.
    It also has an alarm, stopwatch function and has a good level of water resistance which is the norm for this type of watch at this price point.
    The leather strap is very good quality and the overall appearance of the watch is extremely attractive. The dial face and movements are clear and easy to read day and night and the glass itself seems resistant to the normal day to day use that my watch receives. And I do wear it every day, all day…it is suitable for all occasions.
    Any downsides? The built in time zones are UK and US but you can alter for others. I assume the watch in other markets would have the dial face printed zones suitably altered.
    Overall, I am both delighted and rather enthusiastic about this gem of a watch. Actually wear it in preference to others including a Breitling.
    The model has been in production for some time and I can see why….superb, heartily recommend it!

  5. BettyHardison says:

     United Kingdom

    Good value for money easy to set up would recommend this watch to everybody

  6. ReinaldPitts says:


    belle horloge mais sur la rgion parisienne on ne peut pas rgle

  7. MalindaSpivey says:

     United States

    Everything has a quality look and feel. The automatic time keeping is super accurate. The watch is very easy to use. It’s comfortable to wear too. The crystal seems durable… I wacked it a few times by accident and not a scratch. If you like what you see in the pictures, you certainly won’t be disappointed when it arrives.

  8. DwainSnoddy says:

     United States

    I’m loving the watch so far. When it arrived the battery was completely dead but after charging it up in the sun it’s been great. Receives the radio signal just fine in Las Vegas. Very classy looking. My only real complaint is the 24mm lug width that uses a curved spring bar. There’s no reason this shouldn’t have a standard 22mm lug width for a watch this size.

  9. Giuliana says:

     United States

    I uploaded a photo showing the luminous feature. Overall I love this watch. It is a great dress watch and also for casual/sporty wear. I like the radio time synchronization feature as I know the watch is always perfectly in time. My old Citizen watch would be off a few minutes occasionally but then it is now 20 years old

    I uploaded a photo showing the luminous feature. Overall I love this watch. It is a great dress watch and also for casual/sporty wear. I like the radio time synchronization feature as I know the watch is always perfectly in time. My old Citizen watch would be off a few minutes occasionally but then it is now 20 years old

  10. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis watch is awesome! It’s on its way to me as I write this review. How do I know this watch is so awesome? It’s because I own the titanium version!!! I actually own two of the titanium versions. And I do own other eco-drives. You can’t beat the sapphire crystal for the price, the AT, perpetual calendar, alarm, chronograph and on and on!!!!! Need I say more!!!

    Update: Just got my watch and it is AWESOME!!!!
    I swapped the band it came with. It’s a GT black leather band from STRAPSCO. The one it came is very nice. I’ll probably switch back if I use the watch for a dressier occasion. I can’t believe it came from the UK market!!! When I opened the case it like came to life. It was set for London time ( so cool ) when I pulled the crown to set it to Los Angeles time it took a second to adjust the time the date and day all on its own. That’s why I love this watch. Iike I mentioned before I own two of titanium versions and looking to purchase the black one too.

    Best watch ever!!! I wish I could give it 10 stars ⭐️

  11. NormandKYSM says:

     United States

    so not only do i not like the watch, it doesn’t work anymore, not typical of the other citizen watches i own…i need to return it…..

  12. Gabriel3264 says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent watch. It runs on sunlight,it is radio controlled. I don’t need to adjust it at all.
    The watch strap is small to medium in size and fits me.

  13. OnitaTKEbch says:

     United Kingdom

    Beautiful design, and arrived with the perpetual calendar seemingly already set? Top work

  14. SheritaP60 says:

     United Kingdom

    Overall a good watch. I chose it because of solar power. It took few days to charge, then it adjusted itself. The strap a bit stiff, it should soften with time. The 24h dial, not needed for me. The watch is designed for USA and UK, so has got USA time zones and GMT.

  15. [email protected] Nickie OHara says:

     United Kingdom

    I absolutely love this watch. Classy looking and chunky enough without being overly big and I have small wrists.

  16. JoshFOLtuworiot says:

     United Kingdom

    As always a first class item, you will not be disapointed with Citizen watches

  17. juliedavis says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersI thought I’d write a review about this watch as I’ve owned one for 9 months. I’d have to say it’s pretty much perfect. When I first received it out of it’s packaging, it set the time by itself. You may find the battery charge is quite low and the second hand moves every 2 seconds to indicate this. I put mine under my bedside lamp and shone the light directly at the dial and within a few hours it was charged enough. The watch loves light, particularly sunshine and as we’ve had plenty of that in the UK over the summer, it is still fully charged. The things I really love about it is accuracy – it’s always completely in sync with the clock on your pc, tablet or phone. It also looks great without being ostentatious. It took a while to work out the functions, but the instruction booklet is excellent and you will learn how to use the watch without too much trouble (although I still haven’t worked out the perpetual calender yet) *minor gripe* 😉

    The only other slight negative is the strap which has already been mentioned by another reviewer. I have the same small issue with one notch being too loose and the next too tight, but that’s a very minor thing.

    Overall, like many others have said, you cannot go wrong with this timepiece. It’s superbly crafted and a lot more accurate than many more expensive watches on the market.

    I’ll leave you with a pic of mine…
    Happy shopping 🙂

    A pretty much perfect watch...

  18. Max Freeman-Mills says:

     United Kingdom

    Works great and love the dial so much. Wished the leather strap was a little wider till the end as the tapered look doesn’t look manly.

  19. Siobhan says:

     United Kingdom

    Looks very smart and suits any outfit combination. Always punctual and hassle free can’t recommend enough

  20. RafaelStephenso says:

     United Kingdom

    I have had eco phone for over ten years it’s still going perfectly but my latest phone with radio control is the icing on the cake

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI bought this watch after much deliberation and consideration of other comments posted here. I only have it a few days but I must say that I really love it. It looks and feels great, looks much better than it does on the pictures. When I removed it from the box it was not working (as mentioned by other users) but I placed it under a desk lamp (LED) and within an hour or so it had started up, the second hand moving every two seconds indicating low charge. I left it under the light for the night and by morning it was functioning as it should, it had set itself to the correct time and was charged to about 50-60%. While it has yet to reach full charge it is working without issue.

    On the negative side while there is 5 predefined time zones plus the alternate time zone, I think would have been better if there was more that 1 time zone in Europe (and not 4 in US) for example CET as I travel to this region. I live in the GMT time zone so not a huge issue, I can use the alternate time zone, in any case I knew this before I purchased.

    I went for standard delivery which was satisfactory and in line with the expected delivery timeline, I received it just over a week after I ordered it.

    Overall after a few days of ownership I am very pleased.

  22. JoycelyDowell says:

     United Kingdom

    A good-looking, technically advanced watch at an excellent price. As it is solar powered, I will never have to wind it/buy batteries/shake it. As it is radio-controlled, I will never have to alter it. As it is really waterproof, I will never have to take it off whilst swimming.
    The only downside is the appalling, cheap and nasty strap. I have replaced it with a quality fabric strap which is far more practical and good looking. Pity Citizen did not put a good strap on to match a good watch, I would have happily given it five stars.

  23. CareyMcClusky says:

     United Kingdom

    I have 7 citizen watches and I love them all. This is my second atomic watch and it is smart enough to be used as a dress watch. My wrist aren’t big so if you have large wrist it might be worthwhile trying one before you buy.

  24. AmeeHaigler says:

     United Kingdom

    Very nice looking watch with out the price tag. so far so good

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersWow! What a fantastic watch. Superb build quality and the looks are very versatile – dressy and sporty. The relief on the face gives it depth and the diameter looks fine on my smaller wrist. The face does have a coloured finish where the dials and solar panels are but this adds to the appeal of the overall look. I think one reviewer called the colour brown. It is in a sense but has a purplish hue to it – very nice indeed. The leather strap is good quality and again enhances the dressy look. AMAZING timepiece for the price! I wholeheartedly recommend.i

  26. BernadineYVJ says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve been eyeing this watch for a while and decided to finally get it. This watch looks better than it does in the picture shown and the functionality is amazing.

    Quick piece of advice, you do need to charge it for a while. I thought mine was broken when I first opened it.

  27. KristinSteil says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 8 From Our UsersJust purchased this product and as my first watch, it is beyond exceptional. Although it’s not a watch orinetated around fashion, it still looks good. The watch has many features from it’s eco-drive technology to a tachymeter. The luminous hands (shown in pictures) stay illuminated for hours depending on how much light they get during the day or how much artificial light they get.

    A great watch

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