Dash Cam Rearview Mirror Monitor – Dual Front Rear Slim Bar w/Backup Camera 7.4” LCD Display Screen Waterproof IP-69 DVR Video Recording w/Night Vision Illumination – Pyle PLCMDVR77


The Pyle PLCMDVR77 rear view backup parking assist camera adds night vision and low light capability when on the road. The camera outputs a clear, colorful picture along with distance scale lines to help you drive safer and to get into those tight parking spots. System includes all the necessary cables and wiring for installation along with a license plate frame mount. Connect it your monitor display screen and the marine grade construction reveals any obstacles, rain or shine. Built-in night vision illumination for dark environments and when visibility is limited with G-sensor auto-save recording during collision via 32gn memory card slot. Drive safer and smarter with the Pyle PLCMDVR77 night vision license plate frame parking assist camera.

7.4” LCD SCREEN Pyle vehicle DVR driving video recording features rear view mirror assembly with 7.4” LCD monitor display backup camera. Built-in G-sensor auto-save recording during collision and microphone for audio recording
SLIM BAR CAMERA Pyle slim bar front tilt view adjustable camera is preferably mounted in the rear of your vehicle. The product is designed to replace your existing rear-view mirror assembly and a marine grade IP-69 waterproof rated cam
BACKUP CAMERA Pyle dash cam mirror motor comes with dual camera system. The backup camera features 656 x 492 pixels, ¼” color CMD image sensor and 420 TV lines resolution. It can be tilted up to 170° degree angle with PAL/NTSC video auto switching
DVR RECORDING Pyle monitor video system kit includes DVR recording with camera plus camcorder that snap pictures or record video. It has 1280 x 420 VGA resolution and 32gb memory card slot. The video recordings can be saved automatically
NIGHT VISION ILLUMINATION Driving at night will be easier with 656 x 492 pixels, 170-degree wide viewing angle, and 420 TVL resolution. This model comes with night vision, which illuminate the area behind you at night helping you see easier in the dark

Dimensions: 7.01 x 4.01 x 26.01 cm; 902.65 Grams
Model: PLCMDVR77
Manufacture: Sound Around

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22 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:


    Works well, haven’t installed it yet but connected up to my bench power supply and all works well. Video is crisp and responsive

  2. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I replaced a 4.3″ Rear View Mirror Display with this larger Full Size Display. Same Manufacturer. The new larger display works fine but it’s not as bright as the old smaller display. I turned the brightness all the way up and it doesn’t seem to make much difference.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I had this installed on a Ford Escape we have that didn’t have an sort of back up monitoring system. I can’t attest to the installation ease, which seems to be the biggest complaint from other reviewers, as we had this professionally installed, but I’m really happy with the outcome. The mirror itself is easy to adjust and has a high quality picture to it. The mirror is a generous size so you can easily see the image while reversing. The installers said the camera went in no problem and the set-up wasn’t difficult for them, so if you know what you’re doing I’m sure this will be easy to install. I love that this has night vision included as well so that the image is clear even at night. This is a solid price for the quality of video that you get on this thing. I’d say just get it professionally installed if you don’t know what you’re doing with cars, like me, and you’ll be very happy with this set up.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Right after this arrived, my truck broke down. First engine trouble in the 15 yrs I’d had her. I guess the odds caught up, though, because it was a terminal diagnosis.

    Wrote this as a temporary, figuring to install it on whatever new truck we bought. Problem is, the new one we bought came with one. That leaves me in a pickle.

    Asked Amazon to delete this, but if it falls through a crack, seemed like the only thing I could do was explain.

    My apologies to both readers and the vendor, for this lameness. Just couldn’t think of anything else I could do.

    Don’t forget to use the Smile.Amazon.com address – It’s an Amazon program where many things you buy every day will generate a small donation to the charity of your choice. Read about it here: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/chpf/about/ref=smi_se_rspo_laas_aas

  5. Uploaded with LAB-it says:

     United States

    The product itself is really cool and works great. My one issue is with the lack of instruction on how to setup yourself. I consider myself somewhat tech/car savvy and still had to pay a professional to handle. Once it was hooked up it turned out to be a great product.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United States

    This dashcam and rearview backup cam is just what I need for my small Toyota. If I had waited a year, it would have been built in at the factory. But who can predict what next year’s model will have as accessories? I needed the car in 2016 when my 2013 Toyota just like it was totaled in an accident by a handyman. My model of Toyota is meant to crumple to save your life, and many airbags saved the driver’s life, but I wish I had a record of it. This add-on accessory will upgrade my car to the 2017 or 2018 models that come with recording dashcams and rear cams, and I’ll feel safer knowing if I’m in an accident, it will be recorded on a memory stick for the insurance company to view. I have given it 4 stars because it hasn’t been installed yet; if it is especially difficult to install I’ll leave it 4 stars, but if it’s easy, then I’ll add a star. I really need this device and look forward to its installation.

  7. Anonymous says:

     United States

    It is not an easy install. We were replacing an RV back-up camera and monitor so that did help. We ended up splicing some of the wires instead or rewiring everything. I love that the main monitor is your rear-view mirror, our rear-view mirror was not functional on the RV, but using this it works great. I also like that the dash cam records, I hope I never have to use that function, but nice to know it is there. Good product but if you are not familiar with vehicle wiring I recommend paying someone to do the install.

  8. RuthWeldon says:

     United States

    I like to think of myself as someone with a fairly wide range of skills and abilities, but I have two rather mammoth gaps: anything having to do with cars and anything having to do with electrical wiring. I can build things and fix things and engage on some pretty impressive home projects, as long as I don’t have to wire or rewire something as long as I don’t have to do much on my car. I can build a computer using components from scratch, but I couldn’t install a new stereo on my car. Luckily, this is what we have nephews for. I wanted to install a rearview mirror monitor on my van, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do so without help. Luckily my nephew was in town and he agreed to help me install this. It took us several hours to do so, but we managed to get this properly installed and up and working. And I even managed to do some of the work! I strongly recommend this as long as your automobile appears on their list of vehicles compatible with it. I’m so delighted with it that I plan on getting one for my mother for Christmas. Highly recommended.

  9. Anonymous says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI installed the entire system in a 2006 Nissan Titan in just under 2 hours. I had one question as the instructions are a bit vague, I called the support number on the quick install sheet, immediately connected with a human and had my question answered lickety split! WIDE angel camera/display, I was sitting in front of my 3 car garage at about a 15-20 foot distance and could see both sides of the building in my rear view camera.
    Four stars only because the mirror is a tad too dark for my truck with a topper on it. An adjustment for mirror brightness would gain the 5 stars. The forward facing camera provides a good view of what’s in front of you, I think it’s pretty cool to know I would have a recording out my windshield in the case of an accident, I hope to never have to use this feature.

  10. Kittee Bee Berns says:

     United States

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersAs expected love it as describe and is a very good deal

    As expected love it as describe and is a very good deal

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