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  1. LucieGooden says:


    Der Rucksack ist aus robusten Materialien perfekt gefertigt. Die praktische Unterteilung der Taschen erfllt den Zweck als Jagd Daypack fr mich ideal. Fernglas, Gehrschutz, Sitzunterlage, Thermoskanne, warme Jacke, Aufbrech Utensilien, alles findet seinen Platz.
    Ich bin happy und kann den Rucksack weiterempfehlen!

  2. Anonymous says:

     United States

    I have the Stubben and am very pleased with it, however I wanted something about the same capacity with a waist belt to help support a heavy load for when I strap things to the side and the weight gets close to 40 lbs. I like this pack because, unlike the Stubben, it has no internal frame so it can collapse into a very small space when it’s empty and be put out of the way. The waist band can be removed for more casual use. Although it has no frame, there’s a very stiff piece of plastic shoved into the back of the pack to rigidify it. It can be removed but it’s a very tight squeeze.

    Unfortunately, this pack’s back length is too short for me. I’m 6′ 2″ and have a back length of around 20″, which puts me on the large end of the Medium spectrum according to REI’s measuring device thingy. This pack is meant for people on the small end of the medium spectrum; carrying this pack fully loaded is no better than using a pack without a hip strap (that’s why I referred to it as a waist belt earlier, it sits too high to be of any real use for me). It’s a shame, really. The strap/belt can be moved ever so slightly up and down but not enough to make any real difference.

    With the top of the pack loaded up, zipping the large “mouth” back up once it’s fully open can be frustrating, but that’s the price one pays for having a pack that opens in such a way.

    If you’re a bit smaller, this is a great pack. I like that the inside of the “flap” has two zippered pockets so you can get some level of organizing, where as most “backpacking backpacks” are typically just a single, huge void you cram with stuff; this pack is very conducive to casual use as well as “serious” use!

    The toggle/daisy-chain system for attaching Fjallraven’s add-on pouches is the reason I keep going for Singi series bags, I think it’s a great idea! It’s very quick and easy to move or remove the pouches for whatever adventure you may be in for.

    This pack, for one reason or another, arrived un-waxed. I have not seen a G-1000 Fjallraven product arrive without wax yet… kinda strange. It took a waxing just fine and appears to be authentic. The included rain fly fits like a glove but will NOT work if you’re using the add-on storage pouches, so for that reason I threw $30 or so at the BearButt gear hammock/rain fly. This bad boy fits around the pack even with a sleeping bag in a dry sack strapped to the bottom and with both fully loaded bags on the side and with gear strapped to the bungie cord on the back.

    Bottom line, if you don’t mind looking a little “trashy”, this pack can carry 45+ liters of stuff one way or another 🙂

  3. Emma Harris says:


    Dieser Rucksack ist einfach phantastisch. Nutze ihn als tglichen Rucksack. Habe den Hftgurt abgemacht und noch zustzlich diese Side Bags angebaut. Er ist einfach phantastisch – ach, das sagte ich ja bereits … ist aber so!

  4. Anonymous says:


    Zaino eccellente e dall’aspetto solido. Provato gi in tre quattro uscite nel bosco e l’ho trovato estremamente comodo. Lo schienale e gli spallacci hanno la giusta rigidit e spessore.
    Bellissimo esteticamente e, la sua capienza e’ ben ottimizzata.

    Se posso trovargli un difetto (oltre al prezzo) la mancanza di cinghie per poter magari fissare un sacco a pelo o una coperta.

  5. KattieCCRG says:


    Best small backpack I’ve ever had. use it for fishing, where I wear it all the time.
    Its sturdy and the large hip belt, really give relief to your shoulders.
    Excellent design and quality. This is going to last a lifetime.

  6. ArdenSnephwzsy says:


    Bin begeistert von der Verarbeitung und Qualitt. Lsst sich sehr gut tragen. Klare Kaufempfehlung

  7. JohnMichaelBric says:


    Very Comfortable pack. Adding the fjallraven external pockets put the finishing touch on this item. Love it!

  8. Christian de Looper says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersBought this for my husband to use as a day pack.
    Oh boy does he love it. Great size, loads of space,
    great zip which opens up to give extra wide access.
    It’s tough, strong, with very comfortable straps he says.
    Also 2 generous zipped pouches on the waist straps.
    You get what you pay for.

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