Flamers 50 Natural Stove-Barbecue BBQ Firelighters New Larger Pack

Dimensions: 14 x 11.5 x 22 cm; 670 Grams
Model: Flamers Natural Firelighters
Part: Flamers Natural Firelighters
Manufacture: Flamers

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354 Responses

  1. KarolinHCBI says:

     United Kingdom

    These are used to help to ignite my log burne

  2. IngeAJRXuwb says:

     United Kingdom

    So easy to light a fire with these and will not go back to using the block fire lighters now. Love these

  3. Carlottas Beauty Spot says:

     United Kingdom

    Great burners, get any fire going quickly with little mess.

  4. Lance Burri says:

     United Kingdom

    These are perfect for lighting our wood burning stove. Just one buried into a kindling nest is all that is required

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