Kärcher K 5 Premium Smart Control Home high pressure washer: Innovative Bluetooth app linking – the solution for a wide range of cleaning tasks – incl. hose reel and Home-Ki

kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot
kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot
  1. kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot
  2. kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot
  3. kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot
  4. kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot
  5. kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot
kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot
  1. kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot
  2. kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot
  3. kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot
  4. kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot
  5. kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot

Kärcher high-pressure washers: performance classes in comparison

kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot

K 5 Premium SC Home

 kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot

K 7 Premium SC Home

kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot

K 4 Premium PC Home

kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot

K 3 Power Control Home

kärcher pressure washer smart home power control jet wash hydroshot

K 2 Power Control Home

SC = Smart Control SC = Smart Control PC = Power Control
max. 20 – 145 bar max. 20 – 180 bar max. 20 – 130 bar max. 20 – 120 bar max. 20 – 110 bar
Surface performance
40 m²/h 60 m²/h 30 m²/h 25 m²/h 20 m²/h
Flow rate
max. 500 l/h max. 550 l/h max. 420 l/h max. 380 l/h max. 360 l/h
Weight without accessories
13,9 kg 17,8 kg 12 kg 5,6 kg 4 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)
414 x 306 x 588 mm 459 x 330 x 666 mm 414 x 306 x 588 mm 340 x 281 x 677 mm 246 x 280 x 586 mm
High-pressure hose length
10 m 10 m 8 m 7 m 5 m
Water suction
Built-in hose reel
Surface cleaner
T 5 T 7 T 5 T 5 T 1
Connection capacity
2,1 kW 2,8 kW 1,8 kW 1,6 kW 1,4 kW
Max. inlet temperature
max. 40 °C max. 60 °C max. 40 °C max. 40 °C max. 40 °C

Weight: 13.9 kg
Dimensions: 41.4 x 30.6 x 58.8 cm; 13.92 Kilograms
Model: 1.324-674.0
Part: 13246740
Colour: Yellow
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Kärcher
Colour: Yellow
Quantity: 1

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35 Responses

  1. NickiWalcott says:

     United Kingdom

    A bit fiddly to put together some self assembly required

  2. BVVJaninawbf says:

     United Kingdom

    Had issues with the hose, poor quality plastic outer case. Not flexible and when bends it splits.
    Customer service replaced it no problem, new one seems to be more rubbery and flexible. Hope it lasts longer.

  3. Hunter40Qstpbyk says:

     United Kingdom

    At first I was skeptical about just cleaning with water. But now it is my must have when I’m cleaning my house.

  4. BennettMeeks says:

     United Kingdom

    Very pleased with the pressure washer on all fronts except the hose. The hose wall is quite thin & will kink, just the same as my old Karcher washer. This level of washer should come with a reinforced, no kink hose.

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Like everything apart from the hose is hard to reel up

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a great thing and block paving looks like new so easy to use

  7. MalcolmOIGC says:

     United Kingdom

    Only negative so far is it could have been fully built in the box. Only used once replaced a Karcher I had for 10 years. Quite impressed with power and the build like the storage on it to keeps everything tidy when stored. Also like the new 3 in 1 head where you can change jets by just twisting rather than having to change the full thing.

  8. BeatricMeehan says:

     United Kingdom

    Sorry Iv not used it fully yet but it appears we’ll made

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The pressure washer is far superior to my old Karcher washer. Can’t seem to get the washer connected to my Apple phone at the moment but just wanted to get the car washed. It would be great if they could design a foamer nosel that would work with the built in detergent dispenser to foam up the car without having to use a different device.

  10. Milford6708 says:

     United Kingdom

    Superb piece of kit. Takes 10 to 15 minutes to put together but it’s straightforward. If you read the instructions properly it will connect via Bluetooth to your phone no problem. Extremely powerful jet and relatively quiet. Easy handle to use. Love i

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Only just got this to replace our old one , so I expect it will be just as good

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    very good service and it is great for the job

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Absolutely fabulous product. Easy to assemble and works a trea

  14. Deborah Young says:

     United Kingdom

    Dislike it heavy, like makes it easy to clean the car and driveway guttering ec

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Gave it a 3 for easy to use simple but you need an app to use correctly does a fantastic job

  16. Klemen Breznikar says:

     United Kingdom

    Very powerful and works extremely well. Like the one blaster rather than a few and the hose reel is a godsend!

  17. Luke Tsai says:

     United Kingdom

    Easy to assemble, can only be pulled along by handle, not pushed (handle folds away when pushed). Good control of pressure. Patio cleaner very good.

  18. SherrilCintron says:

     United Kingdom

    A good product very powerful. I thought the amount of assembly required was excessive, and it could have come with most of it done for you. I found it difficult to get the phone app connection to work, (could just be me I’m not great with this technology), fortunately you can set it up to work without the phone. Once that was done it works really well.

  19. BettieKepler says:

     United Kingdom

    Game changer! Such a good pressure washer- brought my Yorkshire stone up like new

    Great Pressure washer!

  20. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Purchased for cleaning the patio and cars etc etc
    Great quality and easy to use

  21. ellen ross says:

     United Kingdom

    Great product. More powerful than my last karcher pressure washe

  22. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Superb pressure washer. Used it on patio in back garden and block paving with excellent results. No complaints despite the price.

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Krcher products are known for their quality and this pressure washer is excellent.

    It comes in a very large box and is pretty heavy. The instructions inside are not great but by downloading the app you get very clear advice on the setup. Although it is a heavy item the extendable handle is helpful in moving it and the long hose — ten metres — means that a lot of work can be done before you need to move the machine. It can be linked via Bluetooth to the trigger — a bit pointless, I think but this feature will appeal to some customers.

    As the weather is still cold we have only tried it out on a small area of brick paving. Very good results! The T-Racer surface cleaner which was included is easy to apply and very effective.

    Although it is large it can be packed away quite neatly.

    We have told family members about it and are already getting requests for a loan!

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    When it comes to jet washers I think Karcher are the only game in town. Their brand is almost synonymous with jet washers. This is their second best. I think there is also a K7 but its very very expensive. This one is not cheap though. Right now its marked down from 449- to $380- but it is still a lot of money. On the plus side these washers last forever. They have a 2 year warranty and at any point hey will replace things like broken wands etc. Its a 2100w model which is pretty powerful and you can set an additional 15 bar boost. It also has a mobile app for controlling he device which is pretty cool and gives recommendations etc about settings based on what you are washing. My first task was a concreted patch in a small courtyard where my wheelie bins and garden shed are. It breezed through it and left it looking brand new. It also comes with a complimentary bottle of patio cleaner concentrate. I asked the karcher helpline and they have assured me that this is PH neutral and biodegrades so it wont harm my grass when I clean garden paths. I think this is a fantastic bit of kit and while it seems like n expensive item it will probably last for decades and is way more powerful than the cheaper models. I think if you can afford it you should get it. It is streets ahead of the cheaper models and has a fantastic interface and even a 10 metre hose so you dont need to drag the main washer around with you. The cheaper models have very short hoses

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersFirstly, if I’m spending northwards of 400 I do resent having to assemble a product myself unless I can see that it’s absolutely necessary and in this case I couldn’t. Okay, the wheels needed screwing on, I can accept that (although they didn’t when I bought my motor mower) but the handles too? It took me half an hour or more to attach bits that could far more easily have been attached in the factory and the process was made worse by the dreadful instruction booklet of tiny print and black and white, well monochrome, actually, photos. As it turned out there was an easier(?) method – register the product online and download the app and you can read the instructions much more clearly and in colour on your phone. All you need to do is scan the QR code, which unfortunately doesn’t actually work, so what you really have to do is manually enter the serial and product numbers before it recognises the product. This then creates a smart connection from your phone to the pressure washer but so far I’ve been unable to see why I would need that. Other than the assembly instructions it all does is tell you how to, for example clean your car – set the power to Hard either using the + and – buttons on the handle or by using the phone app, press the trigger and spray water on your car, then clean it with a cloth or sponge and soap and water, then dry and polish it. Tbh I don’t feel I really need an app to tell me how to spray water on my car and that’s all the instructions are actually doing, so in my book that side of it is a complete waste of time and money, but I’ve no doubt some people will find it useful. My final complaint is that I only had two different types of screw, not three, and there were two broken pieces of plastic in the bottom of the box, which turned out to be the clips that hold the small net on the back.
    All that aside how does the actual pressure washer perform? Well, this particular model is very powerful and efficient. I tried it first on our garden path using the Multi Jet Lance and it cleared years of dirt and mould with very little effort. I then attached the T5 Patio Cleaner and this worked just as efficiently and with the added bonus of not soaking the bottom of my trousers!

    The following day I used the Soft mode with the T5 patio cleaner to clean our painted decking and it did a great job getting rid of a year’s worth of algae and mould in quick time. Spray, brush away excess water and any loose paint chips, leave to dry and repaint – easy. Next job, the car. Hard mode on the Multi Jet Lance. No problem getting rid of the bird lime on the roof and mud under the wheel arches, but you still have to do the hard graft of cleaning the bodywork and windows yourself.

    I found the combined reach of the power cable and an extendable 50ft hose meant I had no problems getting to anything I wanted to clean, although this model is quite heavy and with 2 hoses and a power cable it’s easy to get tangled up if you’re in a tight space. The detergent bottle is very easy to attach and it doesn’t seem to use a lot in ordinary use. Changing the pressure is very quick and easy using either the buttons on the handle or the app. Changing from the patio cleaner to the lance takes just a quick push and twist to take one off and put the other on and if you’ve got a clear run moving it around using the extendable handle is no harder than pulling a suitcase. I would say though that for this particular model you probably do need a reasonable amount of space to operate in as it’s not very manoeuvrable in a tight space and so I’d probably recommend one of the smaller models if that’s your situation.

    Overall, for general build quality and functionality I’d give this cleaner 5 stars, however I’ve knocked half a one off for the broken clips, the godawful instruction booklet and the QR code that doesn’t work. It’s noisy, certainly, but it does a very good job.

  26. DomingaF86 says:

     United Kingdom

    Needed assembly-the kind where you need to secure the parts with 12 screws in 3 different sizes and 2 dowels on different sides of this heavy machine so muscle is involvedk. Pretty much straightforward following the illustrated instruction and choosing the right size of screw basically just the only thing that slows you down.. The kit comes with all the attachments needed to cleani our outdoor area. It is so easy to connect and replace the attachments with the click system. You do need to download the app to register the product online so you can activate the trigger display. Therefore, you need internet and and a device to do this. Very easy to operate after activation.
    The power lead and the 10meter hose is quite generous so you can move freely and the built-in hose reel and guide will keep it tidy. The trigger is so easy to operate and comfortable to handle. The the display is quite easy to read. So many options to select the best and the right pressure to tackle the task. The kit comes with a bottle of stone cleaner that you just plug into the machine and the impressive Surface Cleaner with extension for a no-mess and efficient cleaning on your patios, using this will not spread and splash dirt everywhere especially to your clean wall and etc . Overall, this is really quite a good machine to have and to get used too as it’s so powerful and you wanna get the most of it. This is a perfect choice for households with big outdoor area to clean and fleet of vehicles to clenan especially on this continuous lockdowns when car wash places are close. You just have to be careful using it on already cracked concrete especially on brick or stone pointing cos you will certainly strip them off. It’s so powerl but not overly noisy considering the size. Just don’t be intimidated by the weight as it got wheels and handle and so it’s easy to move around. I do notice that the plastic body (yellow) is not very robust. I didn’t know how it happened but it already got big scuffs and I only just used it twice so far.

    Excellent Ki

  27. MableHaigh says:

     United Kingdom

    This took half an hour to assemble using the instructions on the app. It has good power, although the hose kinks continually. The soap sprayer wasn’t very helpful, though it went though a whole bottle of soap in one car.
    It needs a detailing brush to get the dried-on bugs off.
    Biggest disappointment was putting it away. There is no storage facility for either the hose or the mains cable. The Bosch I’m getting rid off was much better in this regard.

    good amount of powe

  28. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This is a powerful Krcher pressure washer that is easy to use and does a fantastic job. Assembly and set up is easy (it took in the region of 10 mins) – particularly if you register your appliance in the app and then follow the clear in-app instructions.

    Things that I like about this unit are that the unit is heavy enough to stay where you put it rather than it shuffling along with you when you move. The long pressure hose is on a reel and feeds effortlessly out of the front of the unit which is brilliant. I have previously had a K2 and this is a really different beast. Don’t get me wrong – the Krcher K2 gets things clean and does a good job but this is in a different league entirely, feeling far more durable and getting things clean in a fraction of the time.

    The 3 in 1 lance that this comes with is fantastic and means no more changing lance heads. The flat spray is wide and powerful and considerably better than the Krcher variolance that comes with some of the models further down the range.

    The T5 Racer, (the round patio/decking cleaner head), is great and the adjustable setting means that it can be used on both patios and decking. I don’t understand why Krcher supply this as part of this kit with only one extension tube, whereas when the T5 Racer is sold separately it comes with two. This makes dealing with large areas a little stressful on the back without purchasing the extra extension.

    Ideally I’d have given this unit 4.5 stars due to the lack of extension tube and also because the input hose feeds into the front of the unit which makes things a little awkward when moving and seems a little counterintuitive. I’m sure there’s a reason it’s like this though.

    The mobile app is very useful for the initial setup and then for understanding which accessories can be used for which surfaces, as well as the settings that they should be used on. This was shown in simple, easy to understand steps. However, the app is also used for advertising purposes to show you what other accessories there are which can get a little annoying. At first I thought the Bluetooth connectivity between the app and the pressure washer was a gimmick and unnecessary as all it did was change the pressure to the recommended value, which is super easy to do using the + and – buttons on the washer. However, a neat feature of the Bluetooth is that if you accidentally change the setting on the washer, (eg turn the pressure up), your phone will alert you that you could now damage the surface that you’re working upon – a useful feature.

    I really like the little digital screen on the K5. It is very easy to see which power setting you’re on and it’s super easy to change this with the plus and minus buttons sitting naturally at your thumb. No more guessing pressures by turning a variable hose end – that’s a big improvement in my opinion!

    Overall this seems to be a quality machine from Krcher. Hopefully it will last many years and it appears that it is flexible enough to turn its hand to many jobs around the outside of the house.

  29. Patsy79Pzpkoed says:

     United Kingdom

    Quick review: Great washing performance, with easy to adjust power and a somewhat pointless Android/Apple app. Slightly fragile plastics meant mine arrived damaged and bits of mine snapped off during first use. (see pics)

    Full review: I hear the name Krcher, and I think “pressure-washer”. Krcher actually make a few different types of product, but it’s pressure-washers they are best known for in the UK, and their distinctive yellow livery is very familiar to anyone who’s shopped around for a pressure-washer.The K5 series is at the upper end of the Krcher K range (topped only by the mighty K7), and this “K5 Premium Smart Control Home” is the most expensive of the K5 series.

    “Smart Control” means you can connect to your Android/Apple tablet/phone and the Krcher Home and Garden app will allow you to adjust the settings on your pressure washer, as well as monitoring the settings of your pressure washer. The app works okay, but it seems to be a solution looking for a problem. The power control on the lance works well, even if a pair of batteries are required (supplied).

    First step is assembly, which is straightforward enough. During assembly, you notice the weight of the K5. It really is a hefty beast, so the extendable trolley handle is a useful feature. Even more useful is the hose reel, which keeps the pressure hose neat and tidy. The 10m hose is plenty long enough to allow you to get around with the lance, and the hose reel makes taking the K5 in and out of storage so much quicker and more convenient than trying to loop the pressure hose around on a hanging loop. (The instructions advise users to fully unroll the hose before use.)

    The K5 Premium Smart Control Home comes with the T5 T-Racer surface cleaner which far exceeded my expectations. The T-Racer cuts through patio grime quickly and effectively and completely eliminates spray. Absolutely fantastic! (See pic of T-Racer in action.) Also supplied is a 3 in 1 multi-jet, which has three different nozzle types: A flat jet, an oscillating ring, which is a single jet which oscillates in a rapid circular motion giving a very powerful cleaning action, and a wash setting which allows detergent to be applied via the Plug and Clean system in a foaming liquid. The oscillating ring is outstanding, and really cuts through grime quickly and efficiently. The Plug and Clean system is a neat solution to faffing around filling foam lance reservoir bottles.

    Also provided is some stone cleaning detergent which assists when cleaning stone and brickwork.

    The lance is pretty fancy, with an LCD display and + & – power control to allow you to lower the pressure if required. There’s also a “boost” function that needs “charging” and didn’t seem to add much beyond the already powerful full power.


    Out of the box, my unit was damaged. (See black plastic bits in my pics). Not the best start. Also during use, I managed to snap a piece of webbing off the T-Racer on an uneven paving slab, which was disappointing on first use. (see yellow plastic bits in uploaded pics) So that tempers my enthusiasm for the K5 Premium Smart Control Home, a little. That said, I glued the damaged parts back together without a problem, but at this price point, you really don’t want bits to be snapping off during use.

    SUMMARY: I like this pressure washer a lot. It performs excellently and feels well-made and good quality, which makes the damage mine suffered seem incongruous. Mine was a free sample, so I can forgive a little damage out of the box (no choosing beggar I), but for a bit to snap off the T-Racer on first use is a bit of a red-flag for me, especially on a premium product costing around 400.

    I wouldn’t criticise anyone for buying one of these excellent pressure-washers, but I wouldn’t advise a friend to buy one, based on my experience. 5* for performance, dropping a star due to the fragile plastics.

    Excellent performance, but over-complicated and slightly fragile

  30. GWKEddiefk says:

     United Kingdom

    The Krcher K5 looks chunkier than its stable mate the K4, and it enjoys a superior 3-in-I multi jet lance, a bigger more powerful motor, though still the same excellent water cooled Triplex plunger pump boasting a longer life than any air cooled pump, and it also boasts blue tooth connectivity. The top of the range ‘Premium- Smart Control Home’ has outstanding performance and comes with the T5 Patio/wall cleaner which has its own extension ‘lance type’ connection, although given little explanation by Krcher, the T-5 and it’s bigger stable mate the T-7 is secured with a screw-up ferrule on the tool end and the lance handle end making for a very stable feel to an otherwise shaky fix.
    The full range in K5’s, share the powerful 2.1kW motor producing 14.5MPa (1 Megapascal = 10 bar), about 2100psi, via the water cooled Triplex Plunger Pump, a high efficiency and long life unit. So don’t go pointing it at anything soft! The pressure is controllable allowing most surfaces to be attacked and cleaned efficiently and safely. The K5 models have the ‘Plug and clean’ detergent intake which houses a dedicated Krcher accessory bottle holder. The liquids are available in different solutions of cleaner for various applications — stone cleaning, degreaser and detergents for various applications. And they have thrown into the mix with this machine, a bottle of their detergent for cleaning stone.
    Available in three flavours identical except for accessories, the top of the range K5 Premium Smart Control has Blue Tooth and a built in hose reel with the T-5 Patio cleaner and a bottle of detergent, the middle Power Control Car and Home comes without the hose reel but various other accessories, the T-5 a ‘snow soap’ applicator, a power brush, cloth and two bottles of detergent.
    Again, a ‘fit for everything’ power washer, more power than the K4 with the extra Blue tooth connectivity which I find superfluous and gimmicky though I’m sure some might find it useful to have the controls for set jobs predetermined for them. I just cannot fault it, this is a power washer in its own class, and in my experience — nothing less than excellent. Nothing but Five stars would do it justice.

  31. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    There are now many far-eastern competitors in this market, but none of them enjoy the track record that Karcher does; 100 subsidiaries in 160 countries, suppliers to NATO and other major users, and with the distinction of having produced the very first domestic pressure washer way back in 1974. Their name, like that of Hoover, has entered many countries’ languages as a verb, French President Sarkozy having once demanded the “Karchering” of a crime-ridden Paris suburb. So it’s hardly surprising that so many competitors decorate their products in the same yellow and black livery as Karcher.

    That said, you have to make up your own mind how much this is worth paying a premium for, and in the end everything depends on the efficiency and user-friendllness of the local distributor/service centre. Reading the reviews, I note that the UK one has attracted a few criticisms.

    Compared to the cheaper models, (K2 and K5), this one is a beast ! It’s also very heavy, and perhaps not for delicate young ladies – or doddery old men like me. In this version, it also comes with an accessory floor and wall cleaner – note that this is not a scrubber; it relies on water pressure for cleaning and has two revolving jets – but it’s most important asset is that it saves you from getting very wet shoes and trousers, spray being suppressed inside the hood. Whether this is worth paying for depends on how much you dislike wet feet and clammy trousers.

    It sports bluetooth, to employ Karcher’s new mobile phone control app, which has no attraction whatsoever for me, not being app-centric, so I was pleased to see that it isn’t a necessity; but you still need batteries in the trigger handle to control the degree of pressure, which is easy. and a practical advantage; I will allow someone less prejudiced to comment on the usefulness and practicality of the app. I have to confess, I’ve never found a need for variable pressure; but perhaps this is because of my very sub-standard mains pressure living, as I do, 700ft above sea level.

    The feature I thought I would like most is the built-in pressure-hose reel, which I’ve longed for for years; there being no such luxuries on my 30-year-old Bosch, which is a pain to put away and store, although it still does the job for me. But the reel turned out a disappointment; rewinding is difficult and a bit of a chore, and it doesn’t unwind easily. Needs work, I’d say.

    I’ll make no bones about it, for my purposes, this K5 model should be called the OK 5 – OK for OverKill, at least with my quite ordinary needs; the next model down, the lightweight K3, is the one I would choose if I wanted another mains model. I would prefer it over the 100 K1 – apparently Karcher’s answer to the cheap Chinese competition – because, good though the K1 is, for the extra 50, the K2 offers more power. But these days, Karcher’s 18v battery-powered model is my pressure sprayer of choice, and does everything I need effortlessly and without fuss.

  32. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThis new Karcher K5 is absolutely brilliant. I’ve previously used an old similar machine, which I loved, and this is no different.
    It’s a robustly built, very high quality pressure washer, which produces exceptional water power and has a huge range of ‘add on’ kit for cleaning anything you can imagine.

    Unboxing and assembly was easy (very little to setup), and the pressure washer worked immediately, just needing power and a water supply. Up and running in under 5 minutes.

    The pressure this generates is exceptional, and makes light work of everything I’ve tried it on thus far (basically my car, and the patio).

    Karcher has also consistently kept a universal fitting for additional cleaning items (brushes, patio cleaner, etc) which is great, as some of my older kit fits onto this new machine easily.

    The only thing that puzzles me slightly is the ‘app connectivity’. Seemingly you can download a Karcher app and it connects to the pressure washer somehow ? I’ve not succeeded, but to be honest I’m more perplexed as I’m not entirely sure what an app-connected pressure washer would do ? I mean, point, squeeze, spray ?? Unless it’s something to help advise you on types of cleaning utensil / different wash solutions (but then, why would it need to be ‘connected’, as it would just be a reference guide).

    That doesn’t detract from the machine in any way though – just left me curious.

    In terms of the K5 – this is literally the best pressure washer I’ve ever used & can highly recommend.

  33. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This K5 Premium smart control pressure washer with the T5 patio cleaner is absolutely fantastic and if your budget can stretch to this price you should definitely buy this one over the others. With this one you get a 10M high pressure hose with the reel on the back for easy storage also a stone & facade detergent. The power is 2100W the same as all the K5s and believe me the power is just amazing. With krtcher I’ve found the quality is always brilliant and yes some people review broken items and I would put that down to miss handling during delivery. After reviewing krcher and seeing what they can do and how good the quality is I would never recommend any other pressure washer. If you can afford it I recommend you buy one of the krchers K2,K3,K4,K5 or K7 every time.

  34. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 10 From Our UsersUpdated April 2021
    The more I use this the more impressed I am – loads of power on tap.
    Just added a new video of cleaning 10 year old fencing before staining it. – end Update.

    Bit of an upgrade this.
    Latest Karcher K5 Smart Premium – and this one comes bundled with a patio cleaner and a bottle of detergent.
    Out of the box the assembly instructions are ok (ish) – but personally I would definitely recommend immediately going through the online registration process, you simply need the info from the rating plate on the back of the device (my QR code in the box didn’t work but inputting product code & serial number sorted that). The app then takes you through the various assembly steps with colour images of exactly what you need to do very well, much better than the manual in the box.
    One sticking point was ‘pairing’ the smart nozzle with the machine – that took a few goes but once done easy control of the power level direct from the handset.
    You may need to run the pressure washer for a couple of minutes first time before the pressure kicks in, after that its there immediately.
    It’s early Feb in the UK & the general weather as I write this is very cold & wet – but did a couple of paving stones as a ‘test’.
    The path was definitely covered in algae & dirt before, the rotating blast cleared this easily.
    So far very impressed compared to my last machine, I’m sure when the weather picks up a bit this will be getting a lot of use on the car, paths & decking.
    Hopefully this review helps your decision making.
    Thanks for reading.

    Its a Karcher, say no more, excellent power, straightforward to set up. Useful App.

  35. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersThe K5 Krcher pressure washer is near the top of the range for Krcher washers. It has a powerful 2.1 kw motor and this K5 Premium Smart Control washer has a Bluetooth connected trigger and also comes with a surface cleaner and a bottle of stone cleaning detergent.
    The washer arrives in a big yellow box. Once unpacked you will need to do a bit of assembly work. A word of advice here, the manual that comes with it has tiny black and white illustrations so download the app, scan the QR code and the app will guide you through the assembly process with clear colour pictures. You’re going to need the app anyway because with this electric Bluetooth trigger system you can get advice about the job you want to do and set up the correct pressure from your phone.
    Once you have the pressure washer assembled and you’ve linked your phone to the trigger system, you’re ready to go. This is quite a beasty of a pressure washer so take your time reading the instructions and the tips. Once you know what you’re doing though, this pressure washer is fantastic. It has various different pressure settings which you can adjust through the app in combination with twisting the end of the pressure lance. Twisting the lance will give you a gentle soap setting, a flat soft or medium spray pattern or a hard spinning spiral setting for the toughest of jobs. The video attached shows me cleaning a patio paving stone on the highest pressure setting. You also have the option of using the included surface cleaner and the included stone detergent.
    The pressure hose is 10 metres long which means you can wander a fair distance from the pressure washer without needing to move it. When you’re finished, the pressure hose is really simple to wind back up just by turning the hose reel on the back of the washer using the handle, so simple and easy.
    Although this washer is flexible and powerful, there are a range of accessories you can get to tackle even more jobs, for instance cleaning the gutters or clearing a drain.
    Krcher are considered one of, if not the top company in the world for pressure washers. They are made in Germany and you can just see and feel that it’s top quality. In Europe they use the word Krcher to mean thoroughly clean in the same way that we use the word Hoover to mean vacuum cleaning.
    This pressure washer is a bit of an investment, it’s made by one of the best pressure washer companies in the world, it will do pretty much any pressure washing job that you can think of and it should last a lifetime

    Very powerful, does a great job and has mutliple uses

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