Sony WF-1000XM4 True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – with Charging Case – Optimised for Alexa and the Google Assistant – with Built-in Mic for Phone Calls – Reliable Bluetooth Connection, Black


Noise Isolation Earbud Tips

Soft and elastic Noise Isolation Earbud Tips improve adhesion to the ear canal to insulate sound, reduce noise and ensure a more stable fit.

  1. HI-RES Audio

    Exceptional sound quality, without wires

    Enjoy crystal clear sound with High-Resolution Audio Wireless thanks to our LDAC technology.

  2. WF-1000XM4

    Real-time restoration of all your compressed files

    DSEE Extreme uses artificial intelligence to upscale your digital music files for richer listening.

  3. WF-1000XM4

    Smarter talking, smarter listening

    Want to have a chat? Speak-to-Chat pauses your music and lets in ambient sound as soon as you speak.

  4. WF-1000XM4

    Enjoy sound tailored to suit your environment

    Adaptive Sound Control senses where you are and adjusts the ambient sound to suit the situation.

  5. Precise Voice Pickup

    Superior call quality, even in noisy situations

    Precise Voice Pickup Technology picks up your voice clearly for hands-free calls wherever you are.

1High-Res Audio Wireless2Digital Sound Enhancement3Speak-to-Chat4Adaptive Sound Control5Precise Voice Pickup

Superb listening just got easier

Google AssistantFast PairWF-1000XM4

Find your perfect fit

The Sony | Headphones Connect app helps you find the ideal size of Noise Isolation Earbud Tips to ensure maximum sound quality and minimum noise.

  1. WF-1000XM4

    Perfect for watching shows on your smartphone

    The advanced wireless connection precisely syncs what you see with what you hear for better viewing.

  2. WF-1000XM4

    Water resistant for everyday use

    An IPX4 water resistance rating means splashes and sweat won’t stop you from moving to your music.

  3. WF-1000XM4

    Listen all day, charge in minutes

    Enjoy 8 hours of charge plus 16 more with the case. Get 60 minutes of music on a 5-minute charge.**

  4. WF-1000XM4

    Charge up cable-free with Qi technology

    Enjoy easy wireless charging with Qi charging pads and compatible smartphones like Xperia 1 III.

  5. Plastic-free packaging

    Eliminating plastic waste for a better world

    The WF-1000XM4’s plastic-free packaging is produced using 99% recycled and sustainable materials.

1Synced sound for viewing2IPX4 water resistance324-hour on-the-go charge4Easy wireless charging5Plastic-free packaging

Designed to complement your style


Smaller size, uncompromising quality

We redesigned the internal layout to make these headphones 10% smaller than the previous generation, without compromising on sound quality or battery life. At just 7.3 grams, they’re light enough to wear all day. The charging case is 40% smaller yet still gives you 16 hours of on-the-go charge.

How these compare with other Sony wireless headphones









Noise cancelling Industry-leading NC with V1* Digital NC with QN1e Digital NC No
Battery life Up to 24 hours Up to 24 hours Up to 18 hours Up to 18 hours
Wireless charging Qi Yes No No No
Water resistant IPX4 water resistance No IP55 water & dust resistance IPX4 water resistance
Built-in mic for phone calls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Precise Voice Pickup Tech. Yes No No No
Voice assistant Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Google Assistant, Siri
Hi-Res Audio Wireless Yes No No No
360 Reality Audio Yes Yes Yes No

Weight: 41 g
Size: One Size
Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 2.3 cm; 41 Grams
Model: WF-1000XM4
Colour: Black
Batteries Included: 2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 2.3 cm; 41 Grams
Size: One Size

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46 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I bought these to replace my WF-1000XM3 earbuds. These provide excellent sound quality and noise cancelling. Absoluty perfect for drowning out background noise on flights and public transort. The case is smallenough to slip in to a pocket and holds a decent amount of charge. Only criticism is the case lid feel a little flimsy but I’ve been using daily and not had any issues. Personally, they don’t feel as comfortable as the WF-1000XM3 but that might just be the shape of my ears.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I have had these earphones for a while now, and they’re better than i could have ever expected, the ear buttons are completely customisable to what you want, the Ambient sound is really good and really clear, if you have you music down low you can still hear conversations. and the noise cancelling just blocks out the world, one press and the world turns into a silent dream, the quality of them is too, really good! it comes with a free subscription to certain “high quality music streaming apps” but Spotify works exactly the same, so personally I wouldn’t bother with these other apps, just stick with what you already have, but who am i to tell you what to do.
    the charge is pretty impressive to, lasting ages I never have to worry about charging them, lasted 6 hours on a long drive no problems no discomfort and the wireless charging is really quick and a nice feature. i spent a lot of time researching different earbuds, from galaxy to air pod to beats…. and i have absolutely no regrets with these buds. plus they look really good
    the goggle assistant is good, when i do speak to text it works really well and it reads back messages with just a press of a button, they’re very user friendly and the app that comes with it is also great. i would recommend these all day.
    and if you’re a bit low on cash, the models below are also really great.

  3. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    As good as The WX-1000MX3. I say this because I cannot spot any difference, I swap from headphones inner ear to over the top all the time.
    Probably more secure in the ear than the xm3, but then depends on the buds you’re using..
    They’re OK..

  4. HaroldVJCopxt says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    These are probably amongst one of the best purchases I have ever made! If you like the sound of your music to be crystal clear- and I mean crystal clear- push the boat out and buy these. I did some research before buying and I’m glad I did, as they are OUTSTANDING quality Bluetooth headphones. I have yet to test them in wind and while walking but the fit is superb and I have no doubt they will be more than up to the task. You can download the Sony headphones all to optimise the sound experience too. These headphones make me want to sit and stream from Amazon Music all day they are that good! Go get them!!

    Stunning sound quality!

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Okay, these are incredible. I previously owned some mifo 05’s. They were great for a mid-range budget wireless earbud. After 5 years they stopped charging and so I upgraded their replacements with these.

    The noise cancelling on these is freakish. You can op to have noise cancelling enabled or ambient noise on. How it does that is next level magic. Just… I’m… HOW??

    The sound quality is supreme as you could expect for some 200 sony’s. There’s nothing more to add than that. They’re sony. They were always going to perform to the highest quality, guaranteed.

    They fit perfect, they feel secure and they’re not as big as I thought they might be. I love them.

  6. MauricioDamron says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersThey have the best ANC of any in ear headphones I know of. They have good battery life and good sound quality and are all round very good. You are able to bind the controls on one of the headphones to volume though I would not do that as pause play and ANC controls are a lot more frequent to use and if you have a phone it is quite easy to change volume on it as opposed to toggling ANC with the app which is a bit slow.

    The only problem I have ever had with them is they cannot be cleaned. Which means if you get earwax in the headphones they can stop working which is shocking really. In trying to clean them they ended up breaking and I immediately bought new ones so they cant be that bad.

  7. [email protected] Nathan Sanel says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    My pair of 1000MX3s were playing up a bit so I upgraded to these.

    I find these to be more comfortable in the ears, with slightly better sound quality and noice cancellation. It’s not a huge jump though in my opinion, so probably wouldn’t be worth the upgrade alone if my old pair was still working properly.

    I’ve been using these for a month and had no problems with Bluetooth disconnection issues at all – much better than the M3s and the battery has seems to be much improved.

    Only issue I have is with the supplied tips getting stuck in ears when removing buds – this is very annoying as I didn’t have this problem with the old pair.

    Overall though, I’m happy with these and would recommend them.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I do like Sony kit and these are no exception. Expensive, yes but you get what you pay for. Usually with Sony stuff the quality is second to none but they lack features of some cheaper makes, these have all the bells and whistles included. They connect to my phone and PC everytime. They are very easy to set up and the sound quality is brilliant. Noise cancelling works perfectly and is easy to change if you need to hear the back ground sounds ( fire alarms etc ). The control from the headphones is a bit fiddly sometimes if you don’t touch the right part of the case when in use. I’ve paused playback when adjusting the fit in my ear but you do get used to it. The only downside for me is the fit of the in ear tips. I have big holes in my ear and I’ve never had a headphone that doesn’t drop out. These are still a bit loose in my ear but with a bit of fiddling about I get them to stay in. I’ve ordered some bigger foam tips to try. Overall these are the best in ear headphones I’ve had. Yes you can buy more expensive ones that maybe better but for a 60+ year old with tinnitus these stop the wooshing in my head and have great sound quality for music and movies. Brilliant.

  9. RoxanaSinnett says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Eagerly awaited to receive wireless earbuds and had to send back per review points below.

    + sound is probably best in market for price.
    + maybe too much bass for some.
    + achievements for use per app was a nice touch.
    + hi res LDAP
    + small compact case
    + looks nice albeit larger than basic cheap earbuds
    + 3 size foam earbuds provided to meet most shaped ear canals s/m/l
    + equaliser and bass boost are great and noise cancellation works well. Mostly due to foam earbuds
    + best sound quality out there for the price
    Bluetooth remained stable but disconnected on one side very rarely

    -foam earbuds appear to maybe near replacing sooner than silicon but provide better noise cancellation. Maybe why Sony went with this approach.
    – I have small ear holes and the small size is too big. I needed XS which is not included.
    – earbuds are slightly heavy, due to all the tech included

    Would be great if they had find location of earbuds or case form app in case you lose them. Strange that the battery on one side went down faster than the other. Had to turn them off from app, not sure if they have auto shutdown after time lapse.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    I bought two pairs (for myself and my wife) when a great deal popped up. They fitted me fine but my wife could not get them to sit in her ears AT ALL, we tried all the tips but had to send them back (Bose Sportbuds fitted much better). In summary…a 5* review key things to keep in mind….
    – Challenging fit – they might be fine, but be ready to send them back.. I would not buy them as a gift for someone who has not tried them on.
    – Amazing sound quality – I had Bose QC-20 wired ANCs before these and I now realise I was living in the audio dark ages. The ANC is not quite as “active” as the Bose’s which are great as they work well with clever “loose” fit. But if you get the Sony’s properly sealed in your ears (use the App to test) the ANC / sound quality is amazing in home/urban environments. I have not had a chance to fly with them yet.
    – the eartips they came with are quite firm – I needed the large size and a good shove into my ears to get a seal – problem solved with some memory foam tips (SonicFoam SF2)
    – The app is pretty good, allowing control of ANC, equalizer, touch controls and voice assisant – note that you cannot have voice assistant enabled unless one bud is set to control playback (there are three options – volume, ANC/ambient and playback)
    – I thought the ANC was not working after a couple of days – but it’s just the fit. Unlike my old Boses, you have to get a seal on the ear tip to get the full effect. Use the app to test you have a good fit.
    – Microphone audio quality for calls is OK – in a quiet environment they are usable for calls but not as good as my Jabra boom mic. They don’t seem to have very good ambient noise cancelling – using them to make a call on a london street the person I spoke with said they struggled to hear me, but I have not tested again.
    – the charge case is nice and small – easy to carry in a pocket and the magetic closure and bud retention is nice and firm.
    – battery life is great so far.
    I got them for 90 less than the Bose QCs Earbuds (at the time) so it was a no-brainer, but I am curious whether the ANC+fit combo of the Bose’s is better.

  11. LeoraWooden says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Very good sound quality, keeps firm in ears even while running, long BT range and reliable connection, long battery life. Though one side always drains more battery than other due to playback control feature. Not a big problem, you can disable it or switch to opposite earpiece to even out battery life. Had to buy another small silicone eartips to fit my ears. Overall I’m very happy of this purchase.

    Amazing quality, best earbuds ever.

  12. Terry Sullivan says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Noise cancellation is the best I’ve ever had, used them in the tube during time in London and reduced the noise to basically nothing. When using the feature in a quiet environment you can hear no static etc and that’s even when I have fans going.
    I find the foam eartips rather comfy. I found the small the best fit for my ears so it’s just playing already with what’s best.
    Sometimes wish they would play louder, feel like I’ve had cheaper earphones with louder playback sound but maybe that’s a sacrifice for better sound quality?
    Would definitely recommend, but maybe wait for a sale..!

  13. KarolinHogben says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    These were amazing headphone definitely to two in my opinion, but they wouldn’t stay in my ears, so I would say get them but if your ears at on the smaller side you might need Comply foam tips to go with them

  14. BXWPhillip says:

     United Kingdom

    Just as good as the reviews say. But they need to be really tight in your ear. That can be uncomfortable at times. Nice and small case a big plus. However think I will get another brand when I can.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The noise cancelling is ok on these, although not as good as the over ear version, which I can understand. These are great for the gym as stay put better than others I’ve tried with fab sound quality. However, even a slight breeze sounds like an aircraft taking off and blots out the music, so not great for outdoors. And they can get uncomfortable after about 30-40mins in my ears. Could just be I have odd shaped ears lol. Have to say I haven’t worked out the controls yet.

  16. JorjaManners says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 26 From Our UsersOverall I think these are the best wireless earphones ever made.
    Having had several before, including my previous Bose ones, I’ll compare

    -Battery is really good, it also charges quickly, and the wireless charging is a fantastic feature, very convenient.
    -Noise noise cancelling is amazing for earphones, impressive.
    -Sound quality is also great for wireless earphones, not as bassy as the Bose but you can change that in the app settings.
    -Another impressive thing is that you can change the equalizer and settings and it records into the earphones themselves, I mean if you switch from laptop to phone to Walkman then the settings will not change, this is great because for example I cant change equalizer on my Walkman with wireless. Really a huge advantage over Bose.
    -I find this to have more detail than the Bose ones.
    -The connection is also impressive, I had trouble with the Bose ones that sometimes I would put into the case and one earbud wouldn’t charge, never happened with these ones.
    -Another advantage you can use just one earbud if you want.
    -Touch buttons is also nice, I must say I had trouble with this at the beginning, it takes some getting used to, but I think they updated the firmware and improved this, because I remember it being bad last year.
    -You can quickly swap between devices, lets suppose I’m on my laptop, I get my phone, chose the Bluetooth connection and its done, connects in 2 seconds, this wouldn’t be the case with Bose which had trouble pairing if it was already paired on another device.
    -LDAC quality, which my Bose didn’t have

    -These are not very loud, unless you have modern music in CD quality, then you might struggle, I had issues with some vinyl rips not being loud enough, Bose is much louder
    -I still haven’t figured out how to switch off and on without putting them in the case.
    -Volume using touch buttons is not as easy as with a slider or button
    -If you use noise cancelling and you go for a run, you will hear every foot step, this is not the best for sports, I just switch off the noise cancelling every time I go for a run but its not convenient because I have my touch button for the volume, so to change the noise cancelling I have to pair with my phone, go to the app, and do it there, its cumbersome.
    -Little issue when I drop the volume down, sometimes it just continues to drop until minimum, must be a bug.
    – I wish it had sound check, I know that’s asking too much but it would be perfect, and for the price they ask, why not.

    Great earphones, make sure you get a proper seal and play around with the app
    Not worth it for the original price, get it on sale

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI bought these to replace a faulty set of Jabra elite 85ts which themselves are excellent earbuds, however all three sizes of earbud tips on the latter couldn’t form a secure fit with my ears and they’d constantly fall out.

    I don’t that issue here, these earbuds fit very securely and stay put during exercise. Noise cancelling on these earbuds is near perfect, I can walk down the street with heavy traffic or with wind and not hear a thing. They far outshine the 85ts in this respect.

    Sound quality is amazing, better still after tweaking the equaliser with suggestions on reddit. I’ve had a brief play with Sony’s 360 reality audio and I’m not convinced it adds much, but I don’t have a Tidal or Deezer subscription to truly test it.

    I have two gripes: firstly there’s no way to switch the earbuds on or off aside from placing them back into/removing them from the case. This might seem fairly normal however if I’m exercising without the case I like to be able to switch them off and place them into my pocket, pulling them back out and powering on when needed. I could do this with the 85ts but my only option here is to leave them on and connected to my phone while in my pocket. The app does allow me to power off the earbuds but then I can’t power them back on without placing them into and removing from the case.

    Secondly, the controls on the earbuds are slightly restrictive. You can choose to have the buttons cycle through ambient noise/noise cancellation/off, playback control or volume control – only two of these three can be used at a time (one per earbud, obviously). However the 85ts could do all three by allowing volume control through holding down either button. The app here doesn’t allow you to change that function, so I have to change the volume manually on my phone. Slightly annoying. I’m sure Sony can easily change this with a firmware update.

    Overall they’re an upgrade from the Jabra 85t in terms of fit, comfort, noise cancellation and overall sound quality. I’d highly recommend them.

  18. [email protected] CC11 says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI am a big fan of these earphones, I expected to like them as I enjoyed the wf-xm3 a lot but they sound much better than I expected. I use a Sony phone and connect to the wf-xm4 using LDAC most of the time, LDAC makes a noticable difference with this product, it reveals a lot more detail and nuance in good recordings. They have great bass, punchy, impactful, agile and deep. They don’t sound like the wh-xm4 headphone, they’re more like a good IEM that has decent bass. To my ears it is a neutral warm sound, never shrill or sibilant, maybe a little dark which is definitely my preference. They have some of the best bass I’ve heard in inexpensive IEMs, the Final E5000 and Sony xba-a2 are some of my favorites for bass, the wf-xm4 is in the same league. I listen at a volume that might be a little louder than is recommended, I find them loud, as in fun loud, at 50% volume most of the time, I never raise it past 60% as it starts to feel uncomfortable. Bear in mind that bluetooth volume with Android is often louder than iPhones.

    The features are all very well thought out and perform exactly as described and better than I expected in a couple of cases. I was convinced that one feature could not work well in practice but, it works perfectly every time. The ambient mode is excellent, you can leave them in to converse or hear announcements. I was very impressed by how well they isolate speech from ambient noise and enhance it if you choose to have it focus on voices. The ANC allows me to listen to music at the volume I want rather than having to raise it loud to hear over ambient noise. It is not quite as effective as full size ANC headphones but not far off.

    I found them instantly comfortable, I can wear them all day. Most of the most popular and easy to obtain ear tips fit them.

  19. BobbieM33kdt says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI already have the WHXM4s and bought these based on need for more compact size when compared with WHXM4s ( I like to listen to music in bed without disturbing others- side sleeper) and I find the WHXM4s too big and uncomfortable for this, and WHXM4s really get hot and sweaty after even a short time listening in any situation. The auto off sensors steam up and dont detect the user has removed the headphones.
    Comfort- sent the first set of WFs back- stock buds seriously a pain in my ear and inadequate seal. The ANC was poor, I wondered if faulty and reordered. Then I read about Non standard buds – tried Comply 360s- I dont rate the ANC, and also not a reassuring fit with the Comply buds but then I tried Sonicfoam buds (10 pairs for less than the price of 3 pairs of complys). They are much more comfortable and ANC seems ok but not as good as WHs.
    Sound quality- both sound amazing but WH’s are clearly more entertaining for the more open stage effect.
    Volume – I occasionally wish I could turn up volume on WFs, no issue with WHs
    Controls, wish the WFs could have both ambient and volume option not one or the other.
    Battery on WHs is superb – runs for days but the WFs battery life is more inconvenient. These would be a pain on a long haul flight needing to recharge. Definitely WHs for longer flights/ ANC.
    Lots of EQ options on the app and also customizing options for the WFbuds.
    Prefer WHs based on sound comfort convenience, just so hot! ( guess that’s sign they are a good seal)

  20. Jackson Ryan says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought these as they seem to get positive reviews regarding their fit. Generally they seem OK but do become a slight pain after prolonged use. Sound quality is extremely good for this type of headphone but you do need to make sure they are fitted correctly. The noise cancellation is OK but not all enveloping like a pair of closed headphones would be. You can still hear quite a lot of ambient noise but the music does take front and centre. Overall I like these buds but if noise cancellation is the big draw I’d stick to over ear headphones.
    Battery life seems good but I have only had them a few months.
    I did drop one and it bounced back up enough for me to catch it ! Still works, so build quality seems OK.
    These are expensive but for fit and sound quality I’d pay a little more.

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Love these earphones from Sony but they are flawed, great fit,great tips if you don’t like silicone,but under EU regulations the volume is capped to unreasonable low levels, your paying 200+ for earphones that cannot go louder than say a 50.00 cheap pair alternatives,for me this is an issue and think as Amazon is selling these directly I think they should inform customers of the volume cap,I and many more people are partly deaf and require a higher volume usage but yet we as adults are not allowed to make our own choices to override the safety cap, EU is treating us all like kids, why should people with hearing disabilities not be allowed to enjoy music like the rest of the population,my advice is order earphones from a distributor from Canada or USA who don’t have the EU nanny states telling you what you can and cannot do

  22. Edgar9160o says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ll start by saying I’ve found it impossible to leave Sennheiser as other earphone audio quality has been inferior. I’ve tried Sony before and been disappointed in the bass.

    As soon as I heard the audio I was a fan. High, mid, low all pop, the sound was instantly my favourite I’ve heard not just on bluetooth but one of my favourites across all headphones.

    Comfort/ergonomics wise I rate them just “ok”. The ear canal fit is decent but they’re quite top heavy and feel like they want to fall out if it wasn’t for the snug ear canal fit. I did a quick not too jiggly run on a treadmill and they held up (with some position adjusting). Comfort wise again just ok, not particularly comfortable. In these respect my Sennheiser Momentums are better.

    Microphone is ok – not tested in noises places like the street but it sounds apparently quite tinny – this is in comparison to a wired pair of earphones with the mic on the wire though. I’m guessing the mic is no worse than other wireless earbuds.

    However I’ll be keeping them for the excellent audio even if comfort and secure fit could be better.

  23. MaryellCoghlan says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersFirst things first – undoubtably, these earphones provide great ANC, phasing out car noise and lower rumbling frequencies around me. Voices and higher frequencies cut through occasionally as they do with most ANC earphones, but overall I was impressed with the ANC. The transparency mode was also surprisingly useful – my primary focus was to block out as much exterior noise as possible on my walking commute, with no desire or need to listen for train alerts/announcements. However, there are certain dangers to this, and scenarios where my attention is required SO switching over to transparency mode to hear an amplified filter of the outside noise for those few moments of attention/ conversation whilst out and about was quite easy and convenient – rather than take out the earphones or stop the music altogether, I’d just switch modes. It’s a little tinny sounding, but perfectly serviceable for the purpose.

    The earbuds also benefit from passive cancellation/ isolation through the memory foam tips – which unfortunately can lead to discomfort and insecurity in-ear. They never felt particularly comfortable or secure, and I was cautious even wearing them whilst walking at a steady pace. Furthermore, in relation to some issues I found that walking, chewing and taking phone calls through the earphones resulted in a metallic resonance/ tinny sound.

    The battery life was great and super convenient, and I didn’t find that using the ANC drained too much of the battery, as long as you keep the earphone case topped up every now and then. Charging is quick too. I believe the case is compatible with wireless charging – which is a great bonus convenience for those who prefer this method of charging.

    Bluetooth connection was reliable and consistent, I never encountered any glitches or faults in this area – apart from a couple of occasions where I faced a couple of seconds delay for the earbud to recognise placement/adjustment within my ear before connecting to my phone.

    The app was very user-friendly with plenty of options to customise the scaling and degree ANC, and the touch controls. I liked the customisability of the sound equaliser – I STRONGLY recommend to create a custom EQ. as soon as possible because from the box the earphone’s sound is rather weak, quiet, flat and muddy. I was very disappointed with the bass and tone until I adjusted the eq in the app, even so it’s still not the best sound quality in the price range.

    The touchpad on the earbuds was a little fickle – sometimes requiring more pressure than is preferred to register a touch on the specific spot – which was not ideal considering the comfort and size issues I had with these earphones.

    Overall, I’m of mixed opinions with these earphones. ANC, again is great, and the primary buying point of these earphones if you can tolerate the comfort/fit and adjust the EQ for sound quality.

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersI purchased these as part of an Amazon Warehouse deal, for the price I paid I would rate it as a very good bargain.

    Initially when I tried them I was not impressed, this was until I found that you need to find the correct fit ear tips to produce a air tight fit in your ear canal, I found the medium buds to fit my ears best, I also found that my old sony (wired) buds ear tips fitted well on to these buds and worked just as well (if not better). There is a sony app you can download for IOS (I don’t have an android device) that can help you ensure that the ear tips are a closed and tight fit.

    Once a tight fitting ear tip is found, the sound comes alive, bass is amazing for such a tiny bud (play around with the Sony App where you can modify the acoustics of incoming audio), and general all round sound is very impressive (treble, middle etc). To be clear this is a bud headphone, you will not get the full expansive sound stage that a full over ear headset will give you, however I found these buds very engaging and a joy to listen to.

    I also tried these on my Macbook Pro for MS Teams meetings over bluetooth, you have to be mindful on the sound codec used for the microphone, I installed Bluetooth Explorer from the Apple developer site to enforce a higher codec to be used. Microphone usage in a MS Teams is reported to be slightly “echo like” but perfectly audible from the other side. Believe these is also a paid for applet (search the web) that can enforce the codec usage.

    Noise cancelling is very effective, though I actually find the default fit (with noise cancelling off) blocks out a large percentage of external noise. The “ambient” sound option is also great in case you need to have more awareness of your surroundings and works quite well in terms of still being able to have a normal conversation with the earbuds playing music or just blocking out majority of unwanted noise.

  25. JillianBoothby says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 16 From Our UsersOnce again Sony have released an outstanding pair of in ear noise cancelling headphones, and this year, they’ve added virtually everything you could want.

    There’s only a few pairs of headphones that are at this level of performance and in line with this price range. I’m going to be comparing these directly with last generations XM3s though, as I feel that while those headphones had a few flaws that stopped them being perfect, the sound and noise cancelling they produced was top tier.

    Starting with the case, they’ve finally got it right this time with the XM4. It’s smaller, much smaller, and easier to pocket. There’s no gold finish on the lid anymore, which is a good thing as while it looked really nice on the XM3s, it would get marked up pretty badly after just one trip in a bag. In contrast, the new case is matt black and has so far held up very nicely. The new case also features wireless charging this time round, something that was missing from the XM3s.

    Moving on to the headphones themselves, there’s also been some big changes there. The buds feel different this time round, almost like memory foam. It’s really nice. The shape of the headphones has changed for the better, instead of having part of the bud sticking out and towards your mouth, the XM4s aim to keep everything in the general area of the ear opening. The result here is that the XM4s feel much better when wearing something like a beanie. The overall comfort and secured fit is just simply better here with the XM4s.

    Noise Cancelling is next, and oh boy I wasn’t expecting it to be this good. I’ve got a pair of the larger over ear XM3s, and a pair of Bose 700’s, and I was shocked at just how close these come to being on par with those! The big boys still reign supreme, these are still tiny headphones after all, but it’s way closer than I’d have thought. This places them well ahead of the XM3 in ear headphones in ANC, and even further ahead of the likes of the Air Pods Pro, which were already slightly behind the XM3’s. There is actually one area or example where the ANC on the XM4 in ear headphones actually beats out my XM3 over ear and Bose 700s, surprisingly. Whenever I’m on a bus, the ANC does a fantastic job blocking out people and engine noise, but one thing that happens from time to time is when the bus hits a bump on the road, the windows will shake, and the pressure changes in the air will actually cause the headphones to make this kind of thud sound, like tapping on a speaker dome. The XM4’s seem not to be affected by this, and while they don’t quite block the same amount of roaring engine sound (I must stress again, they get close), they can sometimes make those bumpy journeys less annoying thanks to not having this thudding sound issue. The wind noise suppression feature is also present here, and has seen a decent improvement. On the XM3s, both in and over ear, when this option is toggled on, the effectiveness of the ANC is reduced slightly, but it pretty much blocks out most wind noise, unless it’s extreme. On the XM4s though, when this setting is enabled, there’s isn’t really much of a change to the effectiveness of the ANC unless there is wind actively hitting them, at which point the ANC adjusts to compensate for the wind, it’s really well done. Using ANC doesn’t seem to have any noticeable impact on the quality of the music with the XM4s, the sound balance and signature of the sound remain untouched, at least to my ears.

    Sound Quality once again has taken a step in the right direction. The sound is quite “Sony like”. If you use Sony headphones already, you’ll recognise the signature here. The XM4s demonstrate quite a few advantages over the XM3s, and even the XM3 over ear headphones too! When comparing with the In ear XM3s, the music is clearer, crisper, and has just a nice level of low end. When I first got these, they actually seemed a little boomy on tracks with more base, it could on some occasions be a little overbearing in my opinion. To my surprise, a firmware update was released that actually altered the default sound of the headphones, and the low end is now spot on.

    Now the over ear XM3s still have the advantage in terms of quality, and of course they can reach greater volumes, but the XM4s actually have an advantage over the XM3 over ear headphones, and of course over the in ear XM3s, too. This advantage comes thanks to the new hardware inside, and what it allows you to do via the APP. The app is still the same, it’s reliable, quick, and auto detects whichever Sony headphones you are connected with. When you hook up the XM4s, you’re going to notice right away that not only do these have LDAC on supported handsets, they also support AAC. The over ear XM3s didn’t support AAC, meaning if you didn’t have LDAC, you were getting booted down to the old BC connection, which isn’t so great. The headphones made up for it by using their up-scaling. The down side was that if you used LDAC, or Up-scaling, you wouldn’t be able to use any of the other features, such as the positional sound settings or the EQ. The XM4s will now only allow you to use AAC, it will allow you to any combination of features in the app. You can have the AAC connection, with up-scaling, AND have a custom EQ active. You can finally use a custom EQ with LDAC too.

    Ambient Sound has seen some improvement here too I feel. It’s not as big a leap as the audio quality, or ANC, but it’s improved none the less. The sound that’s piping through to the headphones now feels a little more full, whereas it could sometimes feel a little hollow in the past versions. If I’ve been using ambient sound for a few minutes and haven’t resumed my music, I’ll start to forget I’m even wearing the headphones. The focus on voice option is still there, and it does a nice job in the office of blocking out the air conditioning, yet leaving my teams voices come through quite well.

    The last thing I wanted to mention was call quality. These do a better job on calls than both the in ear and over ear XM3s. The XM4s pick out the voice better, and it comes through cleaner on the other side. However, in noisy environments, they can struggle a bit, and I find myself sometimes having to cup my hand round one of them and speaking louder in order for me to be heard. On the other end, I can end up sounding a bit robotic as the headphones struggle to separate my voice from the environment. The Pixel buds are still King when it comes to calls for me, and I’d put the air pods 2nd place behind those. Calls on the XM4s are better than before, and it’s a decent experience in quiet to moderate environments, but being on a busy street, or on a bus, it’s a bit of a different story.

    If you’re looking for a pair of in-ear headphones right now, the XM4s are the ones you should be getting. The sound, features, app, battery life and wireless performance are all first class. Highly recommended.

  26. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 12 From Our UsersXM4 are great, definitely top 3 at the moment (24.03.22), maybe number one, but far from perfect, and the price suggest that we are getting near-perfect headphones.

    – Sound quality.
    – Premium design.
    – Headphones & case quality (premium product feel).
    – Case is small, easy to keep in the pockets.
    – Great bass (overall V sound).
    – The Latest Bluetooth 5.2.
    – Quite stable connection with phone (*Samsung S21).
    – LDAC support.

    – Size and therefore, hard to fit in ears, constantly require adjusting in ears otherwise they will fall, a lot, during the first day of usage, they fell under a bus (literally), to the bowl with food and other places, considering their price, this poor fit will give you anxiety every single day.
    – ANC is good only after changing tips, additional cost.
    – App can be annoying, poor interface, you want to tap and change something, you will change the page you are looking at, not that option, Sony seems to be unaware of the interface issue for a long time.
    – Battery life provided by the manufacturer is very, very misleading, don’t expect half of what you will see on the official site (max 8h? Probably at the lowest volume, is this “fair” data?).
    – Quick attention feature is pointless, unless you never cough, then it’s ok.
    – Foam tips can be irritating to the skin with a bit of sweat, if this will be your gym headset, maybe not be the best choice.

    Overall I can recommend these headphones, especially if you are looking for good quality sound and plan to use them indoors, could be a fantastic choice to disconnect from the office noise at work.

  27. FranciscoValdez says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 8 From Our UsersI’ve been using these for several months now as an upgrade from the WF-1000XM3’s. These are absolutely a worthy upgrade. They are in my opinion, very comfortable, the ANC is top notch, and the sound from these is every bit as excellent as you may have heard this is subjective of course. I have had absolutely no trouble with the bluetooth, using my android phones, “P30 Pro” and “Xiaomi M11” alongside the Amazon Music unlimited HD app. The Sony headphones app to go with these is excellent and provides all the functionality/enhancements you could wish for to support your earbuds. The battery life is also fantastic.

    The other buds I use are the Anker Liberty Pro 3s. These are also an excellent option and are considerably cheaper. They also have an great app to go with them. They have good ANC and a very clear sound to them, I would also absolutely recommend them. However the Sony Wf-1000xm4 buds, provide a wonderful warmth and clarity to the tone, that the Liberty Pros do not have, indeed I have yet to experience anything close to Sony’s warm and clear signature sound the same way from any other manufacturer. So they will always rate as No1 for me as long as this quality along with everything else I’ve mentioned is kept to the same high standard. In my opinion, buy them, you won’t be disappointed. (obviously ensure to use the right eartips for a good seal and to get the best sound quality).

    Highly Recommended

  28. FranciscoValdez says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 8 From Our UsersComfort: for those used to in-ear headphones, there’s no better wireless ANC buds! These magical little devices are superior in every way to the Bose QC (and Jabra 85T) Earbuds I tried out at the same time. Except for personal comfort, and fitting convenience, where the Bose won out as my ultimate pick.

    I even tried out some cheap silicon ear tips and expensive Comply 200s, in the Sonys. These felt softer, and extended my endurance out to ~40 minutes, from 20 minutes of so. But still the expanding pressure built up (in my ear canals), making them too uncomfortable. I just couldn’t look forwards to putting them in. Which is also a process too slow to take an incoming phone call. Having to squeeze the tips, then hold the buds in place for 10 seconds or so, to re-expand for a good fit.

    ANC: on this front, these Sony WF1000XM4s are only equally as impressive as the Bose QC buds. Both were able to totally mask loud conversation and TV in the same room, with the aid of some quiet music. While the Jabra 85T’s had negligible noise cancelling and fitted too loose to stay in place reliably. Both Sony and Bose buds are far better against mid to high frequency noises than my Bose QC35ii (over ear) headphones. Though they’re less effective against wall penetrating engine noises and such than the much bigger headphones.

    Size: The Sonys are much smaller than the Bose buds, with a more pocketable case about half the size! Hinge on that feels a little more flimsy, but the catch on the Bose case stuck too much. Size made little difference to me when actually wearing them, though.

    Bluetooth: is where the Sony magic really happens. They always just connected to my phone(s) and PC. Where the Bose were more awkward and sometimes flaky. These Sonys appeared to have <50ms latency, even when connected to my desktop PC using an old 4.0 dongle. I don't even understand how that's possible!? And it contradicts RTing's >200ms finding. But I couldn’t reliably discern any lag between shooting a hitscan gun in Overwatch, and hearing the sound. Whereas both my Bose headphones have a jarring delay that’s unplayable. Obviously lip-sync is never a problem either.

    User Interface: is good on the Sonys, and partly customisable, with 3 separate sets of controls assignable between the two buds. Not as flexible as the Jabra’s fine grained customisation, but far superior to the Bose’s weird setup. Bose chose to add a swipe gesture for volume, on the right, which doesn’t make all that much sense when all phones have volume rockers.

    App: was fine, not quite perfectly laid out. Plenty of customisations. Helpful for checking the fit of the tips. Didn’t have any of the niche services to make use of the the gimmicky personal ear acoustics analysis.

    Sound: Solid, very enjoyable music reproduction, when worn properly. The fully customisable 5 band EQ with various pre-sets and favourites meant that reviewer’s complains about their sound being naturally “dark” are moot. The default was fine anyway, in my opinion. No distinct edge over the Bose, but better than the Jabra’s more fragile digital sound, in my opinion.

    Bed: I bought all of these with the initial hope that one might be useable as noise blocking for sleep. With the benefit of gentle white noise to drown out my slight tinnitus that stops me using plain plugs. Problem is I’m a side sleeper, and all the buds stuck out to much to go flat against a pillow.

    Even making a gap between two pillows worked less well than with my QC over-ear headphones, ironically. Buds just disturb the ear more when knocked and make more rustling noise. However, I didn’t manage to produce any accidental button activations on any of the buds. Unlike Linus (Tech Tips) claimed later with his Sony’s.

    Conclusion: with you have 200 to spend and like in-ear head-phones, get these buds! If you can get used to the fit, they’ll be great for commuting, noisy offices, gym or whatever, I expect. Sadly not viable for this home-bod, so I’ll sadly be selling mine on.

    Perfect Bluetooth ANC Earbuds, sadly uncomfortable for my little ear holes (va Bose QC buds)...

  29. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 11 From Our UsersThese are brilliant – but not the best,they don’t excel in any one area ( maybe on ANC). The best depends on personal choice and requirements

    I checked out many reviews and these were the number one or within the top five ( depending on the reviewers personal bias). some preferred bass, or treble, some preferred different style, etc.

    They are a brilliant allrounder – They don’t pretend to be masters of everything – but are brilliant at what they can do

    Audiophiles – Look else where
    These seeking excellent phone clarity – look elsewhere
    Those seeking style – look else where ( these buds stick out like a sore thumb)
    Those looking to take these into the shower- look elsewhere ( why would you want to take ear buds into the shower anyway)

    The music is sound clear and crisp. You also have wsome customisation options
    The speaker and mic is excellent, were little external noise getting through to the listener whilst talking, and no dropped calls
    The weight is ok, I like to have some weight, so I know it has not dropped from my ear
    They have manual control overides on the app, so you have some level of customisation

    The points sony might like to address:
    The price is seriously to high at 250, maybe 199.00 might be a better price point
    They do not support multipoint bluetooth connection
    The do not support programmable multitap /press and long hold

  30. Barb79Izbdsdfzm says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 12 From Our UsersAs the headline says, these are the best wireless head/earphones I’ve ever heard. I own quite a few pairs, most notably the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, Drop Panda, B&W PX, Audeze Mobius, Sony WH-1000XM2, Sony WH-1000XM3 and a couple of Sennheisers, and these WF-1000XM4s trounce them all. Using Qobuz with LDAC on a Z Fold3, playing a wide range of music genres, they produce a balanced sound, a beautiful wide soundstage, great instrument separation, and a musicality which makes them a pleasure to get lost in. And call quality is good, with no complaints from call recipients about voice volume or clarity.

    Not sure about the touch controls, and they can be a bit awkward to handle, but once they’re in (with a decent seal) these issues pale into insignificance.

  31. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 12 From Our UsersMy honest thoughts

    I purchased these after using the over ear XM4s – which I was very impressed with. These will now semi-replace my Air Pod Pros. In a nutshell, the Sony XM4s blow them out of the water in terms of sound quality. I wanted to briefly mention some positive points before mentioning what I didn’t like.

    -Well designed ear buds, high build quality.
    -Sound is incredible and bass rich- the best sounding Ear Buds I’ve ever used!
    -Noice cancelling is top- works well on the train and has adaptive features.
    -Set of 3 sized ear pieces to choose from (made from foam).
    -App functionality is good.

    -I didn’t really like the eco-friendly packaging. I’m all for being eco-friendly, but shipping a premium set of ear buds in a cardboard box and wafer thin paper felt a little cheap.
    -The case lid hinge is a little flimsy (although I did like the open ‘lock’ to prevent the lid from shutting).
    -May not suit smaller ears (found them to be a little uncomfortable after 2 hours, but this is subjective).
    -Personally find some of the touch controls on the headphones a little hit-and-miss (and end up using my watch/phone to control instead).

    I’ll mentioned the following, not as a negative, but for information. These will NOT play well with the Nintendo Switch. I’ve tried them with both the Switch and Switch Lite (which now both support BT headsets). There is considerable audio lag and crackling. I believe this is because the ear buds use BT 5.2 and the Switch is 5.0. This was almost a deal breaker for me as I actually purchased them for this purpose (and to use as my sole set of ear buds). But the sound quality is so great I’ve decided to keep them for music/commutes.

    Overall, I would absolutely recommend. Just be sure they work with your device (am sure most will be fine!). They’re not a gaming set of ear buds, but for music and movies, they will outperform anything on the market.

    Great sounds!! But doesn’t play well with Nintendo Switch…

  32. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 22 From Our UsersOK, this review is obviously subjective as my ears are different to yours, but here goes!!!

    Sorry apple fanboys, but to me the difference between these and the AirPods Pros is night and day.

    Sound : Win SONY – The sound quality is far superior to the Apples. Oh that BASS, it’s sublime

    Noise Cancelling : Win SONY – it’s incredible, nothing gets through, sorry apple you can’t complete here. The Sony outclass the Apple offering in every way.

    Fit and comfort : WIN Apple – I am a bit disappointed that I have to readjust the SONYs intermittently because they cause fatigue in my ears. My AirPods Pros never caused this, and I could wear them for hours without feeling a thing. The SONY’s I have to adjust them quite a bit to get a comfortable fit. (As a side not, those who are complaining that the noise cancelling and sound are not very good, are you putting them in upside-down in your ears. I did at first and was sorely disappointed. The copper nub goes at the bottom!!!.

    Eco System :

    This is far more subjective than anything else!

    If you are in the Apple Eco System : WIN Apple – the AirPods Pro integrate perfectly as you would expect. The connection is seamless with all apple products. Whether this be an iPhone or Mac. The sound is consistent whatever apple device you are using. The ability to switch between sound modes is simple whatever Apple OS you are using is great! The seamless transition between iOS and MacOS devices is fantastic. However if you are using an Android device the user experience is far more limited and possibly very disappointing. The SONYs cannot compete here. When using with the companion app on iOS devices there is very little difference. However, when using with a MacOS device (Big Sur) such as a MacBook you will encounter problems. Sound has a habit of reducing volume for no reason requiring you to adjust the volume control to restore volume to previous levels. This only seems to happen when watching videos in Safari. You also have an inability to select the voice assistant when connected to a Mac. If you have selected Alexa or Google Assistant, you will get an error message when contacted to a Mac.

    Android Eco System – WIN SONY – The SONYs are the outright winner here, the seamless integration into this operating system is second to none. The sound quality far exceeds that of the Apple offering. The SONY companion app is far more optimised for Android that iOS.

    Verdict: If you are looking for pure sound quality (which most people are) then go with the SONYs, if you have an apple product and are wanting the close knit integration into that eco system (seamless and beautiful UI) then go with the AirPods! All I will say is that the sound quality of the SONYs is second to none that I have tested. The SONYs are exemplary and quality in their sound, bass, build quality, battery life.

    Go with the AirPods Pros if you value style over function. The sound OK, but integrate with iOS seamlessly. Otherwise your choice is clear; get the WF-1000XM4s.

    These SONYs lose a point because they are not the most comfortable! Although this is subjective and your milage may vary.

    UPDATE: Almost 1 year in

    The ear tips are have been almost destroyed over the last year. The memory foam tips cannot compete with the silicon tips provided with the apple AirPods pros. My Apple AirPods are almost 2.5 years old and they look as good as new. The Sony offering with their memory foam eartips have disintegrated and are no longer useable. So I hear you say they have a 2 year guarantee and you can go back to Sony. We I tried that and was met by complete silence. They have not responded to my emails and even if you want to buy new ones they are continuously out of stock. I have no idea how much they cost either as they are not available to purchase through third party sellers such as amazon. Compare this to Apple who replaced my AirPods Pros (out of warranty) because they developed a buzz in the left ear.

    Sony you may have had the upper hand once, but given the complete lack of customer service I can only conclude that if you are in the Apple ecosystem, get the AirPods Pros. Avoid the Sony’s if you want to use them for a protracted length of time.

  33. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 12 From Our UsersOK, this review is obviously subjective as my ears are different to yours, but here goes!!!

    Sorry apple fanboys, but to me the difference between these and the AirPods Pros is night and day.

    Sound : Win SONY – The sound quality is far superior to the Apples. Oh that BASS, it’s sublime

    Noise Cancelling : Win SONY – it’s incredible, nothing gets through, sorry apple you can’t complete here. The Sony outclass the Apple offering in every way.

    Fit and comfort : WIN Apple – I am a bit disappointed that I have to readjust the SONYs intermittently because they cause fatigue in my ears. My AirPods Pros never caused this, and I could wear them for hours without feeling a thing. The SONY’s I have to adjust them quite a bit to get a comfortable fit. (As a side not, those who are complaining that the noise cancelling and sound are not very good, are you putting them in upside-down in your ears. I did at first and was sorely disappointed. The copper nub goes at the bottom!!!.

    Eco System :

    This is far more subjective than anything else!

    If you are in the Apple Eco System : WIN Apple – the AirPods Pro integrate perfectly as you would expect. The connection is seamless with all apple products. Whether this be an iPhone or Mac. The sound is consistent whatever apple device you are using. The ability to switch between sound modes is simple whatever Apple OS you are using is great! The seamless transition between iOS and MacOS devices is fantastic. However if you are using an Android device the user experience is far more limited and possibly very disappointing. The SONYs cannot compete here. When using with the companion app on iOS devices there is very little difference. However, when using with a MacOS device (Big Sur) such as a MacBook you will encounter problems. Sound has a habit of reducing volume for no reason requiring you to adjust the volume control to restore volume to previous levels. This only seems to happen when watching videos in Safari. You also have an inability to select the voice assistant when connected to a Mac. If you have selected Alexa or Google Assistant, you will get an error message when contacted to a Mac.

    Android Eco System – WIN SONY – The SONYs are the outright winner here, the seamless integration into this operating system is second to none. The sound quality far exceeds that of the Apple offering. The SONY companion app is far more optimised for Android that iOS.

    Verdict: If you are looking for pure sound quality (which most people are) then go with the SONYs, if you have an apple product and are wanting the close knit integration into that eco system (seamless and beautiful UI) then go with the AirPods! All I will say is that the sound quality of the SONYs is second to none that I have tested. The SONYs are exemplary and quality in their sound, bass, build quality, battery life.

    Go with the AirPods Pros if you value style over function. The sound OK, but integrate with iOS seamlessly. Otherwise your choice is clear; get the WF-1000XM4s.

    These SONYs lose a point because they are not the most comfortable! Although this is subjective and your milage may vary.

  34. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 13 From Our UsersHaving owned a pair of WF-1000XM3 for over a year I was a little concerned that a further 250 outlay on the XM4 would be a dissapointment and not worth the additional outlay. Well for all you other XM3 owners who may be having the same thoughts, I can tell you I am absolutley delighted with the XM4.
    How do I sum them up? It’s almost as if the mufflers have been taken off, the XM4 have a much wider sound stage, wonderful clarity and strong but not over powering bass. I have done like for like testing on all my favourite music tracks which stand out on headphones and every time the XM4 sound better than the XM3. I can also tell you the noise cancelling software works brilliantly, I stood next to my cooker extractor fan on full power and could not hear it when listening to music. I like the new eartips as they give a tighter fit in my ear and are very comfordable, I also like the convenience of wirless charging. The charging case is more than half the size of the XM3 and considerably lighter. Yes they do look like a case from a 50 pair of headphones, but unless you like to shout out ‘nick me I’m expensive’ I like the fact that they are understated. Without question where it counts you money will be well spent.

  35. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 15 From Our UsersBought these after I struggled to get the Apple Airpod Pros to sit in my slightly too large ear openings.

    Once you get a good seal (see below) the Sony earbuds are great, noise cancelling is excellent, ambient mode really helpful and the Sony app even on the iPhone is great, intuitive and helpful. Integration with IOS is not as native as the Air pods but works really well. The battery case works really nicely, supports wireless charging and sits comfortably.

    Ear tips – I struggled to get a seal that would pass the test on the app using the stock tips, and after much testing I found that my ears are slightly larger than most tips are designed for. A reddit post pointed me to the AZLA Xelastic ear tips available from Amazon as they come is much larger sizes, I found the ML size perfect, they seal well, pass the app seal test and are comfortable to wear. Would recommend these ear tips as they stopped me from returning the Sony ear buds and giving up on true wireless buds.

    UPDATE- 4 months into owning these, the right ear bud cuts out complaining of low battery after 15mins of use from full charge, if i do a reset of the ear buds it shows the correct battery level, but after 15mins cuts out again with low battery warning. Sony / Amazon are giving me a full refund.

    Great Earbuds - fitted better than Airpod Pros with new ear tips

  36. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 54 From Our UsersThis is now my third pair of Sony Wireless Earphones, the last ones being its predecessor the WF-1000XM3, which were pretty much perfect in my opinion, but these are as perfect as you can get I reckon !

    Like most audiophiles I have bough wired earphones by the boatload, and I tend to buy the top of the range from top brands, and I can’t knock any of them I purchased but there always seemed to be something missing, and the wires did irritate me, having said that I would never buy a mobile phone without a 3.5mm jack as I invested so much money in the wired ones and I am not prepared just to abandon them, as they are fine to wear round the house and garden but when I go out I like the convenience of wireless and the extra features they offer.

    I have been a musician for more years than I care to remember and am also blessed with ‘perfect pitch’ so good quality audio is more important to me than most people I think, BUT perception of music is a very personal thing and of course can lead to many differing opinions, for instance some people like a very heavy base, others prefer a more balanced sound or enhanced treble.
    The good thing with these is that there is an equaliser on the app and you can adjust the sound to your particular liking, I have never yet had any earphones, by any manufacturer, wired or wireless, over the head or in ear that have been fine straight out of the box and as such it is unfair to judge earphones like that before you ‘tweak’ them
    to your liking, that is what the equaliser is there for anyway !
    The same goes for TV’s, you cannot compare TV’s straight out of the box, they need to have the colour etc set up on each before you compare them.
    I was taught very early on that when listening to music listen to the base (and I don’t mean turn it up so that is is thumping) and all the mid and treble notes will fall in line – that is how I listen to all music and was the best bit of advice I have ever received.

    Out of the box the first thing you notice is that the charging case is smaller than the MX3, and although i had no problem with the previous case, it is nice to see this one is smaller, but even more important now is that you can wireless charge it – in these times, it is on most top end phones too.
    I do know wireless charging is not as efficient as wired charging and will take longer, but I am not a fan of fast charging as it has a detrimental effect on the eventual battery life, I have sone device that are 10 year old and the battery still charges to 100%, that won’t happen if you fast charge all the time.
    I think convenience out weight any negative side of wireless charging, especially after years of fiddling around with plugs and sockets, which can get damaged with prolonged use anyway.

    On to the earphones themselves, they are smaller than the XM3’s and people may say they stick out a little, but I can’t see that when I am wearing them, and unless that are so huge, ugly and horrendous (whey are none of those by the way) who cares, they are meant to provide music to your ears.. that is the main function.

    Also I am not going to try and compare them with other makes (other than they can’t look sillier than Apple’s offering, which still make me smile, and not in admiration either), or even give detailed technical test results on frequency response (I have been an electronics engineer/designer and done too much of that in my job – boring, it is like being the accountant of electronics !) and I feel others will do that anyway if you really want that, for me it is the ACTUAL sound that I hear that matters.. end of.

    So how does it compare with its predecessor ?
    Firstly pairing it with my phone was easy, it even tells you the status through the earbuds and it literally took 30 seconds.
    You get 3 pairs of memory foam ear tips (Large, medium and small) which you really need to try out first, as it is best to squash them and put then in your ear before they start to expand again and that way they become a really snug fit – there is no way they will fall out once in, they definitely feel the most secure of any ear phones I have used.
    I then tweaked the equaliser to the piece of music I always use to set it up, I am sure you also will have a song that you use as a standard too, and after I had played it 3 times and adjusted accordingly I was totally happy with the result.
    I normally don’t play music for more than an hour at a time and after that time the earbuds were still comfortable and the sound was still excellent.
    My next test was the noise cancelling, using my normal mode of transport (I am disabled) – the bus !

    Chatting passengers and noisy kids on buses make me put my earphones in to play soothing music, and turning the Noise Cancelling was heaven, I was able to relax again they certainly are better than the MX3’s.

    The touch controls are configurable in the app with the right earbud being able to pause (Tap once) and skip (Tap Twice) tracks.
    Tapping the left earbud turns the noise cancellation on or off, whereas tapping twice will let you receive or end a call.
    There are other things you can make it control, and things like 3 taps etc, but it is best to see the manual for those. otherwise this review will become longer than it needs to be.

    It also has the ability to use Goggle Assistant or Alexa (I have the luxury of having both) which you select in the app and not only is that useful for ‘questions’ but I also use it to turn the kettle on when I am couple of minutes from home.
    It did get the ‘showerproof test’ one day as I got caught in a downpour, after a quick dry on the outside of them with a microfibre cloth and you wouldn’t have known about the rain.

    I am sure I have left stuff out, but that’s what the manual is for so I thoroughly recommend that you read it at least once, yes, I know that is difficult for men, especially me, but it is amazing what you find out about what these earbuds can do by just a quick read and I have all my instruction manuals for everything catalogued and close by .. sad I know, but it is even easier than trying to look stuff up on the net, honestly.

    My final conclusion is that the noise cancelling is about as good as it gets, as is the fit.
    The sound, because it has a good equaliser, can be tailored to YOUR taste, be it classical or hip-hop etc.
    For ME these are about as good as it gets, as it has the sound quality and all the functions I will probably ever need and although they are not cheap, they are the usual good Sony quality, so you know they will be reliable and last.
    You can’t expect everyone to like everything, but if you wand a near perfect set of Bluetooth Earphones, these are the ones to try !

  37. Rachele5889 says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 16 From Our UsersI try more TW ANC earbuds than most, these are great and a step above the previous WF-1000XM3. The noise cancelling is markedly better than competitors like Airpods Pro & Galaxy Buds Pro and the use of memory foam tips helps to make a nice seal. The case is much smaller than the previous Sony models but battery life seems about the same if not better.

    Sound quality is phenomenal for a pair of bluetooth earbuds. I had been using Airpods Pro for a while prior to this and the improvement over those was immediately noticeable with a wider soundstage and more clarity across the board.

    However, the microphone quality at time of writing this review is not competitive with others in the market at the moment. I’m hoping improvements can be made via software updates but at this time it’s not the best with wind causing disruptions etc. where other brands have largely handled this or mitigated the issue. They’re *fine*, but others are better.

    If you’re lucky enough to be going on a plane any time soon, or have a daily public transit commute, these are the perfect companion with best-in-class ANC (though maybe look at a proper set of ANC headphones as well). If you’re looking for a set to make a lot of calls on, you can find better.

  38. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 14 From Our UsersBeen using these daily since June 11th. I use them when at the gym for around 90 mins to 2 hours each time and for me the noise cancelling is adequate.

    Previously I used the Sony WH1000 XM2 over ear ANC headphones which have slightly better ANC and improved audio however for the size of these WF1000 XM4’s I would say their ANC is good.

    I do feel the sound is a little flat with these despite having tinkered with the five band equaliser in the Sony headphones app.

    I like their auto ambient sound setting if I talk as it saves me from having to press any buttons if someone talks to me at the gym.

    The controls are a little meh and a tad cumbersome to use.

    The biggest issue I’ve had with other in ear phones is that they keep falling out however these don’t ones are excellent. With the smallest ear tips on the earphones stay in my ear no matter what I do and for that reason alone I’m keeping them.

    I would like them to be able to pair with more than just one device though.

    Overall, they are good and if your budget stretches to 250 I’d get them however I do feel they are a tad overpriced. If they were 190 these would be perfectly priced.

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 16 From Our UsersImproved in every way from xm3s. Better fit with more comfortable ear tips in 3 sizes. The sound also has big improvement in that theirs a lot more clarity and crispness across the board with different genre’s. The noise cancelling has just gone up to another level for example I was on 30min walk that meant passing a lot of traffic. I honestly couldn’t here the slightest sound of cars. So it’s definitely better than xm3s by about 20%. Smaller charging case and a lot better battery life around 8 hours with noise cancelling 12 without. The case gives around 24hs so 3 more charges on 8hour use. All in all these are worth the upgrade in my opinion even at 250.

  40. EstellaKable says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 26 From Our UsersThere’s going to be a lot of people in these reviews comparing these to various other earbuds like they go around collecting them and comparing them. Me: I’ve owned 2 pairs of these things. The XM3s and the XM4s. All I can say is that while I adored the XM3s, their sound quality and comfort and battery life, build quality was all excellent, these effectively perfect everything that fell short.

    The sound is richer, the comfort is greater, the fit is better (I often felt like the XM3s would wobble in my ears, they never fell out but it didn’t welcome confidence). Noise cancelling here is superb and natural. The case is way smaller than the XM3s, I actually like the case’s design less but it being that much smaller makes it a win overall too.

    The only loss is 250 of my money. Gosh. But there’s simply no real compromises on display here. No real shortcomings. Most cruically, the sound quality on par with my over-ear XM3s, which I was not expecting.

    I love these. My wallet aches but I will be using these for years to come.

  41. AlissaWallis says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 53 From Our UsersOk, so I’ve been rocking the Sennheiser Momentum 2’s for a while now, absolutely love them but thought I deserved a treat, so, having previously had the XM3’s and been moderately impressed I thought I’d give these a go.

    I have to say they are sublimely comfortable (thats what lets the XM3s down IMHO) and the noise cancellation is a step (just a step mind) above the Momentums.

    Sound quality is where they shine, they have rich base and shiny middles and highs. I was really impressed.
    Are they better than the momentums? Maybe yeh, I will certainly be keeping them, they’re certainly more comfortable and stay in my ears better than the Sennheisers They have compliance tips (foam for those that don’t know) supplied as standard, so get a good seal and you’re away.

    (the app will help, they lifted that brilliant feature apple have where they test the fit by playing noise and measuring the feedback)

    The app works superbly well on my S21, I’ve not tried it on my iPhone, lets be honest it probably won’t be as seamless as a pair of AirPods (but if were still being honest AirPods are soooo over-rated, the sound quality would be barely acceptable if they cost 50 quid, certainly I haven’t used mine in an age) anyway, I’m going off message here somewhat…….

    Long and short, if you can get them, they seem to have sold out real quickly, these are superb, buy them, try them, I think you’ll love them…… and if you don’t then amazon will give you all your cash back (ain’t they just the best?)

  42. SSJSyreeta says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 18 From Our UsersJust received my Sony headphones. I have the old version which have been good. So excited to try these out.
    I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Connected up straight away I can’t listen to anything because they keep cutting out, Bluetooth keeps disconnecting. I have tried updating everything but there is no firmware for them today, which I was hoping for. Unfortunately these are too expensive to keep to see if there is. Looks like I could have had a faulty pair but these are going to have to be returned.
    Update. They actually updated the firmware about two days after I sent them back. So I got another pair and these are fine. Rather have the silicone buds because I couldn’t get on with their foam ones but bought some comply ones. Which are well worth trying.

  43. VFVDeidrednjvo says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 146 From Our UsersFor anyone who’s interested…after one week of intensive use, I simply cannot compute some of these reviews, because I have many earphones – wireless and wired, and these M4s are as near to perfect as you can get.

    The fit is BY FAR the best of ANY earphone I’ve tried. The tips have perfect pressure to create a seal but not become sore – like the M3 model. The size of the unit sits in my ear perfectly – it doesn’t protrude like so many others – including the M3.

    The case is MUCH smaller and MUCH lighter. It feels cheap because it’s so light, but also feels durable.

    The sound is simply excellent – for a wireless earphone – significantly BETTER than my AirPods or M3. It’s musical and less ‘congested’ sound than before. With the right track, the bass defies physics, it’s really deep and impactful, which I never thought I’d say about a tiny wireless earphone – phenomenal work from Sony.

    Noise cancellation is pretty much unchanged, that is to say VERY GOOD and way better than my AirPod Pros.

    I feel this is the most perfect wireless earphones to date. If you buy from Amazon you have nothing to lose – you can just return them if you’re not delighted with them. If you don’t try them, you could be missing out on a genuinely phenomenal product.

    Original review from Day 1:

    Sony WF1000-M4 – Simple THE BEST wireless IEMs I’ve heard. Great job Sony!

    Yes – they are a proper upgrade to the M3, in terms of:

    – size; much smaller case
    – sound; less V-shaped and more natural
    – fit; tips are softer and more comfortable and they sit in my ear much better – don’t stick out as much as my M3s
    – Even the build quality is significantly better (although the case is definitely not).

    They pair nicely with my Ibasso DX300 using LDAC

    Simply The BEST Wireless IEMs - No Questio

  44. MadieLassiter says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 45 From Our UsersI have the xm3. Love(ed) them. I have the Bose too but never use them. I have the Sony xH3 overears too. Did not upgraded the overears to the xH4 as not enough improvement. Not the same with the xm4. The sound quality, noise cancellation, smaller size of the box, waterproof protection, and the shape/fit in the ear are so much better the upgrade is well worth it. Only moans. No multipoint device connection and the 360 audio is still too niche.

  45. CassandAra says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 84 From Our UsersHaving experienced Flac files through LDAC, it’s the codex I have been waiting for to arrive with true wireless ear buds. The XM4 use LDAC to produce a vibrate and exciting sound stage, which puts them in comparison to my Nuraloop. When used with Tidal 360, the spacial placement of sounds feels as if you are centred in the music, and begins to make my Nuraloop redundant.

    I did have a problem with syncing to the Sony Headphone App, that is until I realised I needed to update the app. Once app was updated all was plain sailing.

    Eco boxing is a step in the right direction.

    The charging case is much smaller than the MX3 case and has a flatter bottom which makes for easer storage.

    The MX4 are not a gradual improvement over the MX3, in all ways they are an evolution. They sound better, fit better, are more ergonomic, play hi-res music, and have far better noise canceling. If bit rate sound quality is important to you and you have files beyond MP3, and want true wireless, then the MX4 might address your needs.

  46. AdelaidaDas says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 212 From Our UsersSo starting with their all important sound quality, the Sony XM4 sound is much richer than the previous XM3’s with more bass quantity, impact and depth while shying away from presenting an unnaturally bass heavy sound or overly aggressive impact. The sound is wonderfully balanced and articulate with natural mids, good presence across male as well as female vocals and an energetic treble that stays just the right side of being too polite and tame (for recordings see my Amazon profile YouTube channel). It is a world away from its bass light and monitor-like XM3 predecessor that shone an analytical spotlight on musical details so one couldn’t hear the wood for the trees – if that’s a thing. With the XM4 Sony has gone the other way with a less shimmering and analytical presentation but one that I think will better please more people and suit more styles of music as well as less pristine quality recordings so harshness and sibilance never detracts from the musical experience. The sound has become more rich and Sennheiser like – which may be just as well given Sennheiser has announced it is open to selling its consumer audio business.

    During the first few hour of listening there was no dramatic change to the sound from driver burn in however whether it was the drivers loosening up or my brain adjusting to the sound the XM4 bass seemed to become a little fuller. Both the XM4 and my reference TWS Sennheiser CX400BT offer equalisers to let you tweak the frequency response to your preferences however the technical transient response and detail resolution remains better on the Sennheiser meaning the CX400BT sound is always that touch more realistic. So this round is a win for the Sennheiser even though its latency, with YouTube for example, is more noticeable.

    Moving on to comfort and fit both XM4 and CX400BT fit securely, the Sony aided by its expanding foam ear tips anchoring them in your ear canal, however they also stick out noticeably so are more conspicuous and less easy to lie down with than smaller designs. The Sony profile means it can’t be pushed so far into your ear and it is also heavier so ultimately the Sennheiser wins for security of fit though the XM4 is definitely a step up from the XM3.

    So again a win for the Sennheiser though neither are as low profile and easy to forget you’re wearing as Airpods pro style designs and smaller ears could struggle to accommodate the bulkier Sony particularly.

    Considering the microphones both XM4 and CX400BT are similarly clear in quiet and noisy conditions.

    Touch Controls on both are configurable and work reliably. Sony goes with all track pause and skip controls via the right earbud whereas the Sennheiser uses the more conventional format of a left touch for skip back and volume down and right touch for skip forward and volume up.

    Moving on to ANC and ambient pass the Cx400 just has passive noise isolation rather than the active Noise Cancellation of its big brother the MTW2. From my previous best ANC test the XM3 and Liberty Air 2 Pro came out on top. ANC on the XM4 is similarly good and noticeably better at reducing higher frequencies as well as low. Happily it does not change the frequency response of music playback as on the Liberty Air 2 Pro for example.

    The ambient mode is also much clearer and now class leading for earphones alongside the 1MORE ComfoBuds pro.There is some noticeable hiss but it is not too bothersome.

    A new feature over the XM3 is the previously unique to Samsung speech activated operation that is very intuitive. As soon as you start talking, your music pauses and pass through is activated whereas on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro it is someone else speaking rather than your speaking which triggers it. Ambient mode can also be activated by keeping a finger pressed to the left earphone, similar to the cupping your ear gesture on the XM4 headphones, as well as by tapping the left earphone.

    So this round goes to the Sony which continues to offer the mosteffective ANC but now also includes the very useful speech activation of ambient mode.

    As far as looks go both will divide opinion with the Sony’s rather chunky design and brass details against the Sennheiser’s rather austere look.

    Clearly on price the Sennheiser CX400BT wins though the ANC MTW2 is around the same price as the Sony.

    So to sum up if you want the best sound quality the CX400BT remains the wireless earbud to beat. It also fits more reassuringly in the ear than the Sony with its profiled nozzle and lighter body.

    The Sony is the new ANC and ambient pass through king. It also sports fancy high res codecs, 360 sound and both google and Alexa assistant integration and while these may not offer such a compelling reason to upgrade for most people, it’s overall sound quality is a step up from the XM3 and now one of the best sounding TWS, though at a price, and comparable or better sound quality can be had for a lot less cash if one is happy to forego some of the Sony’s features.

    Less analytical but more musical and practical than the XM3

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