UniversalVerticut 1100 UK

bosch verticutter universalverticut 1100;universalverticut 1100;bosch universalverticut 1100
bosch verticutter universalverticut 1100;universalverticut 1100;bosch universalverticut 1100
  1. bosch verticutter universalverticut 1100;universalverticut 1100;bosch universalverticut 1100

    Optimal results

    Achieve excellent results thanks to the powerful 1100 W motor.

  2. bosch verticutter universalverticut 1100;universalverticut 1100;bosch universalverticut 1100

    Adjustable working height

    Choose from four settings. Collect leaves at a working height of +5 mm and aerate the ground at -10 mm.

  3. bosch verticutter universalverticut 1100;universalverticut 1100;bosch universalverticut 1100

    Promoting growth

    The verticutter scarifies and aerates the lawn stimulating healthy growth. It also removes any thatch and moss.

  4. bosch verticutter universalverticut 1100;universalverticut 1100;bosch universalverticut 1100

    Jet Collect system

    Innovative airflow management ensures lawn thatch debris is quickly and thoroughly transferred to the collection box.

  5. bosch verticutter universalverticut 1100;universalverticut 1100;bosch universalverticut 1100

    50 litre collection box

    The large capacity collection box means that it does not have to be emptied as often, saving time.

  6. bosch verticutter universalverticut 1100;universalverticut 1100;bosch universalverticut 1100

    Stow away and save space

    The UniversalVerticut 1100 offers great space saving thanks to the double-fold handles and stackable collection box.

UniversalVerticut 1100 Technical Details

Power input 1100 W
Nominal AC-Voltage 230V 50Hz
Operating width 32 cm
No. blades 14 carbon steel blades
Collection box capacity 50 l
Weight (net) 10.5 kg
Noise 96 dB(A)

Weight: 10.5 kg
Dimensions: 59.8 x 48.8 x 39.4 cm; 10.5 Kilograms
Model: 060088A171
Part: 060088A171
Colour: New Design | Classic Green
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Bosch
Colour: New Design | Classic Green
Quantity: 1

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33 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    So I bought a Hyundai 1500 watt scruffier and that just packed up within two days use !
    Then I replaced it with this Bosch version which was reduced in price to under 190.
    All I can say is I wish I bought this Bosch model in the first place.
    Was much easier to assemble.
    Picked up over 95% of the moss debris (unlike the Hyundai which left 95% on the turf).
    Was so much more efficient in operation.
    Comes with a 2 year warranty.
    Spend the 30-50 extra it’s worth it.

    Take note in particular over 50’s year olds as you do not have to rake up the debris like the cheaper brand scarifies.
    Like the German cars just as reliable.

  2. ife says:

     United Kingdom

    Five seconds after switching this on, it was evident this was worth its money. Quite a bit more expensive than other options, yes, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” seems to ring true here – strong moss-lifting power and a proper collection box. The box being mounted at the back makes this easier to use than many other options. Assembly wasn’t as easy as it could have been – the box is delivered as two parts and was a bit faffy to put together, and the handles really didn’t seem to fit, but with some brute force eventually worked – fine if you’re going to leave this assembled, but would be a hassle if you expected to fold it up in to the small space advertised. For my needs, this seems to be a good product.

  3. RosellaW44 says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersI’d been looking at buying a scarifier for a while and eventually bought the Bosch Verticutter 1100 as a drunk purchase whilst away from home!
    When I got home I went to assemble it and I thought it strange that there were no instructions as to how to do this – but it is quite straightforward and easy to do.
    Putting it into action on the second highest (0mm) setting I was staggered at the sheer volume of material it was pulling up!
    I had read that the 50 litre collection box was an advantage – but I found that it filled up within a few metres of operation – which probably speaks volumes about why I thought our lawn needed scarifying.
    Eventually it picked up 2 bulk bags of waste; to put this into context, when a well known lawn maintenance franchise scarified our lawns a few years ago they generated less than half a green waste bins worth of material!
    This was achieved on the second highest setting so there must still be more to go if you’re brave enough
    Overall I’m very pleased with how effective the Bosch Verticutter 1100 worked and would recommend it to anyone looking to thoroughly scarify a medium sized lawn.

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersOn unpacking I thought I had only got half of the collection box, then realised the half I had got was actually both parts clicked together so ingeniously it was not obvious it was two components. Works fine. The height setting is easy to use. The large collection box and fan action means you do not have frequently empty it (which is good because removing and refitting the box is a bit of a fiddle).
    The air inlet for the fan tends to get blocked (see photo) and there is no easy way to clean it. You have to use a stiff bristle brush. The “compact storage” claim is misleading…
    When unpacking it you need to memorise how all the parts were fitted together to get it to fit into its box. To make it compact again you have to completely disassemble it and fit the 3D jigsaw of parts back together into its “compact storage” form. It takes some time. So now I just remove the collection box and fold the handle down. I don’t want to spend half an hour reassembling it every time I want to use it.

    Its tines are not as close together as my old scarifier, so the Bosch does not pick up as much moss in a single pass. But the old one did not have the fan action and its collection box had to be emptied every 5m (15ft). Doing 2-passes with the Bosch is less effort than doing 1-pass with the old machine.

    Conclusion: It is a very good device apart the “compact storage” claim. Compact storage adds an hour of assembly and disassembly to each session. The fan action, which compresses the liftings into the collection box, is an excellent feature.

    Not easy to fold compact for storage

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersEasy to assemble, small storage space required. Appears to work well, judging by the amount of moss and thatch it removed from my lawn in one pass set at the second highest level. Only used once for a short time as I didnt have space for the moss produced!!, so I cant comment on heavy usage and reliability.

  6. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersSo easy to use took all the hard work out of removing the moss o did one pass at number 3 setting and couldn’t believe how much miss it dug it the next time I cut the grass I used setting 2 after it was cut and again it dug out a mass of moss the next time I cut the grass I will do on setting 1 and all the moss should be eradicated
    I did it this way as I didn’t want to put the machine under too much pressure trying it on setting 1 straight away as my garden was full of moss and had never been scarified before
    Great purchase very pleased with results and ease of use

  7. AldaTyreeedqn says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 11 From Our UsersDoes what it says on the tin. This is a serious scarifier. If you want to remove moss and thatch this will do it. Have plenty of waste storage ready; you will not believe how much you generate. If you want any lawn left make sure you read the instructions first.

  8. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 3 From Our UsersI knew there was moss in the lawn, but until I used this scarifier I had no idea how much! Thank goodness for the large collecting box, which allows a good run at raking before it needs to be emptied. I can’t say the lawn looks better yet, as I was only scarified yesterday, and there are now several patches with very little green lefft on them, but when re-seeded after a second scarifying next week I think it will be a much better and healthier lawn that it was before.
    The only thing that was not intuitive is that the height adjustment is slightly odd, so read the markings on the machine… higher is forward adjustment on one front wheel and backwards on the other!

  9. Roadshow staff says:

     United Kingdom

    I spent hours, days and weeks reading and researching different products on the market. I read reviews of different products and forum after forum, I then opted for this device and I am very glad I did.

    My garden had new lawn laid in March 2019, by May 2020 my grass was starting to look like straw no matter how much I watered it. So, I began my journey reading on grass health and discovered aeration to which I then started to look at the market for products, cost and quality.

    Bosch has a great brand and filled me with confidence when I learned they manufactured this verticutter and believe me I was confused with the lingo (verticutter, aeration etc.) and so I knew I had to remove the thatch and not destroy my grass.

    I first used this back in mid summer on a hot and dry evening on a medium setting, within about 3 feet the collection area of the device was full of thatch and I could see behind me some lines in the grass where the device had done its job.

    I was shocked at the amount of dead grass it pulled up and yet did not destroy my garden. However, be warned, there may be some baled patches once you go around your grass as it will pick up its fair share of dead grass (thatch) that you may not have realised would happen but this will row back.

    I have only used this device 3 times since buying it (once every couple of months) and now my grass is super lush and green but please note I am now well into my journey as a DIY gardener and I also feed my grass and aerate it my hand with with a garden fork once per month to.

    All in all I think this is a very good product, it is very powerful and certainly does the job but you must read the instructions, understand what you want to achieve in your garden and be patient.

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I didn’t even know verticutters were a thing! I was trying to get rid of clover and that crawling black medic plant in my lawn and came across this little beauty. Having read the reviews it sounded good and I was happy to short term trash my lawn for the greater good, so the order was in!
    What’s it like? Very light, in fact lighter than my Bosch electric mower. It’s easy to put together, tbh you don’t need instructions really it’s pretty obvious where things go.
    I started attacking the lawn as soon as the rain subsided 3 weeks ago. It’s a very easy machine to use, and I’ve only had it on the highest setting. My advice would be only start on that setting until you see the impact.
    After the Weed-assault I applied some Aftercut feed and weed stuff and the photo here is the result. Note it’s been very dry for the past 2 weeks so the lawn has only had minimal water. I have hopefully got a pic here that shows what the ‘control’ bit of lawn is like, ie. clover and the bit that I’ve verticut and fed. Please ignore how patchy the new growth is, that’s because I’ve not got a spreader! Looks like I now need to order one of those….
    If weeds are doing your head in buy this item.

    Good riddance to weeds

  11. Cris McConkey says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 2 From Our UsersGreat product and really light and easy to use (fills up very fast).

    Assembly tip: The moss collection unit (orange and gray) are packed together as one piece – it will look like part of the unit is missing and there will be no instructions informing you this so take note.

    There are 4 levels 1 (short) to 4 (higher grass). 1 removed possibly to much to mud level but it took out all the moss. 4 was a good level to leave some grass in the ground and some moss too (I reckon it will need re doing in a couple of months to tackle the remaining moss).

    A great buy!

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersOn unboxing this I was a bit concerned that it was a bit lightweight and the plastic a bit thin. The cable at only 10 metres is annoyingly short (which is why the review is 4 stars).

    But then I got it started on the lawn. Despite having manually scarified our lawn last week with a WolfGarten scarifier (back-breaking work) the AVR1100 was filling its box with thatch every 20 metres I pushed it along. You can see from the photos attached how much thatch it pulled out from our c. 150m2 garden. That was the result of cross-scarifying – left and right, up and down on setting 3. I genuinely couldn’t believe that so much was coming out of the lawn and I didn’t want to set it any lower.

    Obviously I’ve only used it once so if there are any problems during the warranty period I will update but I am almost prepared to say that even if I only ever got one use out of it, it would still be worth it, so much thatch it has removed. It also folds down to a very compact size for storage. Wish I’d bought one years ago!

    First impressions are very positive - make sure you've got loads of grass bags!

  13. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersI bought 2 of these, one for me and one for my parents. I can only really echo the other positive reviews on here.

    After using it for the first time it really went to town on my lawn ripping it to shreds. Or at least it looked like that’s what it was doing, it pulled up tonnes of grass from my front and rear tiny lawns, I had it on the highest setting and by the end of it had filled a extra large sand bag. The size you get when you order a scoop of sand from a builders yard.

    On 2nd pass it shockingly pulled up the same amount. My lawn was looking a sorry state so I didnt fancy going down onto a lower setting. Two days later and my lawn is already coming back to life! It no longer looks like my hair did in my younger days after my dad had finished cutting it! I can actually see the soil again!

    I’m going to go over it again one more time on a deeper setting but this machine has been working fantastically for me and I couldn’t have asked for more. The grass box is a good size but if you havent touched your lawn in a long time like me then you are going to be constantly emptying it.

    The wire length is decent and stretched across my small lawns easily. The machine is very light weight and was easy to carry onto and lift off my lawns. It folds down into a compact shape although I have an empty garage so this wasnt necessary for me to do.

    The only thing that could have made this better is if it was cordless as setting up the extension lead always seems such a chore, or maybe I’m just lazy?

    I can recommend this machine wholeheartedly so if you are thinking about buying this go ahead and take the plunge you won’t regret it, it certainly beats the process of manually raking your lawn!!

  14. ZPKEmerykxlbj says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 9 From Our UsersI have a 250m sq lawn in a walled garden. Laid down in 1836, not maintained other than being cut since 1960s. The lawn has been gradually dying and been taken over by moss, made worse by the hot summer last year, from which it never really recovered.
    This is scarifier no3 that I’ve tried so far – the two cheaper ones I bought were hopelessly underpowered, so this was the last ditch attempt at getting the lawn back to grass.
    It worked brilliantly; at its lowest setting it removed all of the moss and thatch – 19 big bin bags of thatch and moss – around 150 kilos! – without doing too much damage to the actual lawn.
    This is my little success formula:

    1) I mowed the lawn first.
    2) I picked a day when the ground was damp but the lawn had managed to dry out.
    3) I went over the lawn twice, in two directions, at 90 degrees – the lowest setting got me back to grass and bare soil. The collection system is really good but as soon as material comes out of the back (rather than in the box) empty the box – its full.
    4) When I had finished, I raked the lawn. I wanted t get as much of the thatch out that I had cut but not managed to get with the collection system.
    5) I mowed the lawn again, and raked again. Every bit of loose material will go back into the lawn and restart the problem you are trying to correct, so its important to get as much out as you can.
    6) When I’d finished, I treated the lawn with a moss killer (no rake), Because any bits of moss I had missed would have spread spores all over the place. I then watered the lawn thoroughly. (It must have been wondering what had hit it)
    7) A few days later I overseeded with a good quality grass seed – I used Miracle Gro general purpose.
    8) I now have the makings of a fantastic lawn; moss – free, no springyness, all a uniform colour.

    And I learnt a few things the hard way:

    1) Don’t underestimate the effort involved – this machine is brilliant but you will remove a lot of material. The time actually using the machine is small compared to emptying the collection box (at one point I was emptying the machine every four paces), and removing debris that the machine did not pick up because I’d let the box get full.
    2) Have a lot of bin bags (or whatever you use) handy. You will be amazed at the amount of material you will remove.
    3) Put some beer in the fridge beforehand – you’ll need one when you’ve finished.
    4) This is the biggy – The only reason you’re buying this machine is because you want a perfect lawn – you won’t be disappointed but the chances are, like me, you’ve already put a lot of effort into maintaining it before you thought of buying this. Be prepared for your lawn to look worse afterwards; it will keep you awake the first night but within a few days you’ll really see the difference.
    This machine is highly recommended – it really does the trick. My only regret is that I wish I’d bought this first, before I wasted time end effort with cheaper ones.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    This Bosch scarifier was to replace a Qualcast one that became tired. Over the years, I have used 2 Qualcast scarifiers, until each became tired. This time I tried a different brand – Bosch – and it is much better. The lawn is scarified quickly (much quicker and easier than the Qualcast machine). The collection box takes longer to fill than the Qualcast, so saves a lot of time emptying it.

    One thing I am puzzled about with this Bosch scarifier is that I used the highest setting, and it did the job of moss-removal well. However, if I only wished to pick up leaves from the lawn, the setting would be too low – but I can’t set it any higher. I cannot imagine what the remaining 3 lower settings would be used for – tilling the soil, perhaps – (Joke).

    Assembly is similar to most other lawn machines – no more difficult.

    I like it, and it does the job well.

  16. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 15 From Our UsersUsed today for first time. Very light and plastic quite thin. Assembly very easy. Works well, easy to use. Collects moss effectively and efficiently. Good all round electric scarifier – best electric scarifier I have used to date. Just hope that the build quality does not let it down, but all in all very impressed. Would definitely purchase another without hesitation (if I needed two that is).

  17. Kevin Parrish says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersThis is a brilliant bit of kit! I have used it to scarify five lawns for some gardening customers, and all have come up so much better than they were before after two weeks or so. Its a bit like giving your lawn a really thorough hair comb and tidy. I would recommend mowing first, scarify, then more again and you will be amazed at how good it looks straight away! There will of course be some bare patches if the lawn has lots of moss in. Put an autumn feed on along with a bit of grass seed and it will look great in about two weeks…

  18. rthibode says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 17 From Our UsersMy lawn has taken a bit of a battering over the summer and looks worse for wear.
    I thought long and hard over whether or not to buy this Verti Cutter as I have a Qualcast Scarifier cassette which drops into my petrol mower. I did some reseach and bit the bullet as this seemed to be different to the spring tine arrangement on the Qualcast. The weather forecast was good for this week and I thought it wasn’t too late in the season to scarify the lawn again – I did it last month with the Qualcast.
    The Bosch arrived within a day of ordering and it took me 10 minutes or so to assemble the grass box ( which as others have said feels a bit flimsy), attach the handles (4 bolts with wingnuts) and clip the cable to the handle.
    I then took it to the freshly mowed front lawn (remember already scarified less than 4 weeks ago), adjusted the depth to 3 (2nd highest) and set off. The lawn is a couple of car lengths long and slightly less than that in width. I went over it once and filled up a large pop up garden rubbish bag. I then dropped the depth to 2 , went over it again at right angles to my first passes and almost refilled the bag again.
    As intended shallow grooves were left in the soil ready for reseeding.
    After scarifying my back lawn I folded it and put it away until the spring. It would be easier to fold if there was a quick release mechanism on the handles rather than the wing nut arrangement and as mentioned the grass box does feel flimsy – however it is very effective at collecting the thatch. These are only minor drawbacks as it’s not a machine which is going to be used many times a year.

  19. Kaitlyn Gilles says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 4 From Our UsersWorks well. Removed A LOT of thatch and moss from the lawn. Even at its minimum and next minimum settings. You will likely need lots of trips down to the tip with what it rakes up. Different design to the “claw” type scarifiers. The “claws” on this machine are less claw like and will swing out of the way if they hit anything too hard. Before getting carried away, I would start with it set to the minimum scarifing setting to get a feel of how much it removes.
    The scariffing drum is not a cassette (exchangeable) and uses “blades” and is not of the “spring tang” type.

  20. MalissaHooten says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 22 From Our UsersFirst off, this is not a lawn raker, which has the little wire tines like a grass rake. This machine is a verticutter and does exactly that. It has a series of short flailing blades mounted on a rotating cylinder. These are designed to cut thatch and anything else running horizontally in the lawn. This does make the lawn look a bit battered but the benefits of thinning out the layer above the soil are great and the lawn will recover firmer and healthier than before. Verticutting is especially beneficial if the grass is too dense or getting bouncy / spongy which is a sign that the rooting is taking place in the horizontal thatch layer instead of the soil. A word of caution…….use on the setting which provides the LEAST depth of cut (the one which has the machine highest off the ground) unless your plan involves a major overhaul of the turf with reseeding and top soil / dressing. Even on the mildest setting, be prepared to dispose of an enormous amount of material…..I usually make sure I have 2 empty garden bins ready which saves me numerous trips to compost heap.

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 34 From Our UsersFirst of all I have a decent lawn to start with and I’ve purchased this verticutter to add another regular preparation to improve the quality of my lawn. Used it for the first time yesterday and found it worked brilliantly. On setting 2 of 4 found it just scratched into soil in some places, and “grooved” into grass in other (mainly like this on the whole lawn) but still removed significant levels of broad & dead grass. I imagine this will mean a full recovery in days not weeks and plan on doing this every threeish weeks to help keep the broad grasses under control. Have attached a couple of photos to show how relatively little impact this has on the correctly selected setting but am sure it will equally be far more aggressive when required in the autumn on the other depth settings. Should also add that it’s not too heavy and folds down in a few seconds into a very manageable storage size for the shed. Cable length was only just enough for my lawn, but enough is enough! If I had to point out a possible improvement it would be for the unit to have a handle moulded into the case that allows balanced carting when folded up.

    Great piece of kit!!

  22. CortezHoltzmann says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 76 From Our UsersLike almost all the Bosch garden machinery I’ve owned, this one is fiendishly efficient at the job it’s designed for. Our lawn was full of moss and hadn’t been raked for about 3 years. I tried to tackle it with our old raker, took all afternoon and got very tired treating quite a small area. Once this one arrived the job took much less time and was much more efficient. I was glad I chose the option with vertical cutter blades rather than with wires as they are much more effective at aerating the soil as well as removing moss and thatch. After making passes in two directions I was left with quite a few bare or thin patches, where the soil was scratched in lines ready for pre-seed fertiliser and re-seeding. However, you can see in the photo how the moss was removed and the base looks clean and healthy, ready to be re- seeded. One week later, after the warm weather, the seed has germinated and the lawn looks green again.. I never use moss killer as I hate adding poisonous chemicals to an area where birds feed and the dog walks, and I think it’s unnecessary when so much is removed with an efficient raker such as this one.
    The machine finished up quite dirty underneath, as I expected when it had been raking down to soil level, and it wasn’t very easy to get at the area behind the blades when cleaning it, but this is a small criticism.

    Another excellent Bosch garden machinery produc

  23. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 178 From Our UsersOne of my lawns had turned to a bed of moss, another had substantial moss, the other just had thatch.

    This lawn raker removed extraordinary amounts. Having used a manual lawn raker in the past, this saves what is backbreaking work and is much more efficient with it. I had been using the services of a highly priced and well known national ‘lawncare’ service who turn the grass green by using moss friendly fertiliser. Their scarifying service was grossly overpriced.This is part of a scheme of replacement of those services.

    Though on a theme to some other reviewers, I suggest the following:

    1) Cut the grass with a lawnmower first.
    2) If the first time of use for the raker in the season, put on the third setting ie. the second most severe. This is all that is required for moss.
    3) You will need to cross cut the lawn on the first occasion ie. up and down the whole lawn then cross width wise again. Thus it is time-consuming, but it would not have been as bad had it been done in the autumn with proper fertilisation and moss killer at that stage.
    4) Depending on the size of your lawn, if you have a moss issue, you could easily fill 6+ green bins. You will at some points be having to empty the container each line of the lawn. That is not a fault of the cutter, it is the fault of the lawn.
    5) Your lawn will not look so good for a few weeks afterwards. It will be thinned out and if it was heavy on moss, may be bare in places.
    6) Using some moss killer will be important. I used a few days after the first cutting. I will do a more gentle rake at the second setting in a fortnight.
    7) *** Be careful before you reach the end of a length of lawn – let the motor stop as soon as you reach the end before you turn, otherwise it will cut too heavily into the turf and create an unnecessary bare path.


  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 6 From Our UsersI’ve had lawn rakes from Black and Decker and Einhell in the past but found them disappointing – hard work to use and either don’t remove much thatch or on a lower setting, remove all of your grass.
    The Verti Cutter from Bosch in in a different league – its a pleasure to scarify the lawn now. Light and easy to push and maneuver and the blades slice down into the lawn removing much (not all) of the thatch and moss but without destroying the grass. I tried the Bosch ALR900 Lawn Rake before buying the Verti Cutter but was disappointed with that too – on my lawn, even on the lowest setting, it didn’t get down into the thatch.
    The only negatives are pretty universal – the Veri Cutter can remove so much thatch and moss from your lawn (if you’ve not used one on it before) that you have to stop every 10meters or so to empty the box. Also if you have any high spots expect these to get scalped.

  25. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 12 From Our UsersI have been fighting a losing battle with moss and thatch on my lawn for the last few years. After killing most of the moss last year I hand raked out as much as I could. The moss came back again this year, I couldn’t face hand raking it again. So I got this,it was easy to put together. I did my front and back garden in a couple of hours on setting “three” so not to damage the grass (Second highest position). It pulled out enough moss & thatch to fill half my large garden waste bin & completely filled a large one tonne builders bag, Amazing, its like “Arnold Schwarzenegger” in his prime has raked my lawn for me! I will put some grass seed down on some of the thinner areas of lawn after the next mow. Looking forward to finally having a really lush lawn. I also got a three year warranty by registering the product with Bosch on there website.

  26. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 12 From Our UsersThis tool is great – I’ve just pulled a cubic metre of compressed thatch out of a lawn about 30m square and on its highest setting. Initially thought the box might be too small but it worked out very well as I was able to empty it every two rows without it overfilling. There is a lot of thatch in the grass as it hasn’t been done for several years so will need a few passes but Its left the grass looking ok and, as suggested in the instructions, I’ll probably do it again in a week or so.

    Brilliant tool

  27. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 23 From Our UsersGreat lawn rake. I borrowed a lawn rake from a neighbour when he offered to let me yse his. Before I tried his I always done the Lawn/Moss raking by manual moss rake and it was really hard work, especially as I am a pensioner. The lawn rake I borrowed was a very old one ( not sure of brand) but it did not have a collection box on. I was amazed at how well it performed even though it was very old, I decided to buy one. After studying the various ones on sale I decided on the Bosch ALR and I am so glad that I did, it is brilliant. I so wish that I had bought one much sooner as it would have saved me a lot of hard work I really did not want to be doing as I have a lot of garden to look after.

    I have only used it on setting no. 3 and it does a brilliant job, I would not like to drop it much further as I feel that it would take away too much.

    If you have a moss problem I would go for this model as it really is a great buy.

  28. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 11 From Our UsersI have a lawn, in truth a moss patch, which in the past I attempted to declutter with a small lawn rake…. I haven’t touched it since and finally decided to hire a scarifier and do it properly, after looking into costs which seemed expensive, I had a look round to see what was available to buy, the reviews looked good for this machine and as I have got other Bosch products which are excellent I decided this was the way to go. The machine is a breeze to use, it cuts narrow channels in the lawn removing the thatch and moss effectively. I set it on the second from highest position and that was enough to remove 10 1 ton aggregate bags full from 1 pass on a lawn which is 350 sq metres. The box does fill quickly but the amount of debris it was pulling up, it was no suprise. The machine itself is very light and easy to push and the blown collection is very effective. I am waiting to repeat the process this weekend, to remove the remaining moss and thatch as per instructions which should finish the job nicely. This machine will have paid for itself for the price of hiring a scarifier for 3 weekends so all in all would definitely recommend as a viable way of improving your lawn.

  29. Jewels says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 27 From Our UsersProbably one of the best gardening investments I’ve made to date. If you are keen on maintaining your lawn in tip top condition, this is the tool that is going to help you. Previous back-breaking tasks are a thing of the past. The description on Amazon pretty much says it all, however I will cover briefly what I have found personally since using it on my front and rear lawn here in NE Fife, Scotland.
    * If you have a large amount of moss to clear, as I did initially, you will have to empty the container box often. I had to do this in stages due to the amount of moss extracted (garden waste bin emptied weekly by local council)
    * The ‘verticutter’ channels left in the lawn by the AVR 1100 (as shown in one of the pictures in the description details) is pretty much what it looks like on setting 2, which is quite acceptable and an ideal setting for ‘over-seeding’ – the lawn quickly recovers so no permanent damage is caused. Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter Lawnraker
    * Easy to stow machine by folding away the handle if required.
    * Not the cheapest thing around that’s for sure – but it has saved so much time and energy, as in the past I have done everything manually when removing thatch/moss from the lawn. Anything less powerful (in my opinion) would struggle to cope with the riggors of the task at hand.
    * Have not used setting 1 so cannot comment (No need to use this setting in my opinion) Settings 4, 3 and 2 may produce a different result for you if the lawn is not reasonably level, but that goes without saying.
    * I have a battery operated Bosch Rotak 37LI lawn mower, so took a little while to getting used to having an electrical lead to contend with but that really is a very minor issue.
    All-in-all, an excellent addition to anyone’s garden shed.

  30. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 9 From Our UsersAs others have said, you’ll be amazed how much material this removes from your lawn. I was astonished. I set it low, but not on the lowest, and the output filled a large green wheelie bin. By the time I’d finished all the lawns, I’d filled the wheelie bin 3 times and the grass still looked reasonably OK. On one very mossy lawn, which I planned to overseed, I used the lowest setting and it scarified very well, leaving the lawn looking slightly “ploughed” which was perfect for seeding. The amount of moss and thatch removed was huge.
    Quick to use at walking pace, seems powerful (nothing seemed to slow it down) and the collection was effective. On a dry day, it creates a lot of dust. On the minus side, for my fairly large lawn I found the cable too short and had to keep stopping to move the extension lead up and down the lawn. I guess it would be easy enough to extend the lead if you needed to but if you have a very large lawn, you’re probably better off with a petrol driven device (my lawn mower is petrol and self-propelling).
    Unlike other reviewers, I haven’t had any problems with the tines breaking off, despite my lawn being quite uneven, very thatched and with a few pebbles here and there.
    All in all, I was impressed with this lawn-raker.

  31. Todd Goldman says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 21 From Our UsersAs the reviews and comments of others are on the whole so very useful, here are mine.

    The positive side of the Bosch ALR 900 rake is that after reading the tales of woe of others, Bosch has heeded their words and changed the length of the screws to hold the handles together. Unfortunately, it is still a bit fiddly and it helps enormously if there are two of you: one to hold the handles in place, another to screw them together.

    Though Bosch makes no reference to the fact, there is a right and wrong way the handles go together. The right way has the double set of holes on the same side as the electric cord. Other than needing to assemble the thing twice because of this, it is otherwise fairly straight forward.

    Like many other users, I first set the height at the minimum — oddly numbered position 4, which is counter-intuitive, though maybe not for Germans — and then took it down through the remaining stages. Position 1, as reported, truly goes deep into the moss. It also can leave patches where the ground is not particularly level. I found that when turning the machine, which is very light and easy to handle, lifting it onto its rear wheels to turn and then starting to walk while slowing lowering the tines, reduces bald-spot production.

    The suction system really works, sending moss and junk into the back of the bin collector. And yes, it is remarkable how quickly the bin gets filled. It’s easy to know when this occurs though because the machine leaves clumps of moss et al on the lawn.

    I guess my one disappointment is how flimsy the whole thing feels. When putting the bin together there was a distinct dread it would break in my hands.

    So all in all, though not the cheapest of kits, especially when one considers how infrequently it is used, as my wife pointed out to me, I’m nonetheless pleased because raking our sized lawn by hand is shoulder-killing, and I got tired of looking at the moss-farm.

  32. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 63 From Our UsersExcellent, I have just upgraded from a tine electric lawn rake and this machine is far more efficient. I did my whole lawn in 2 hours ( filling to green wheelie bins ) when previously it would have taken the best part of two days with the lawn rake. I did the lawn once on the second lowest setting and then repeated on the very lowest setting without ripping out too much grass, in fact there was less damage than the electric rake. If like me you have previously carried out heavy raking / scarifying and thus have a healthy amount of grass, then you will not be left with bare earth as reported by other reviewer when using the lowest setting. However if you mainly have moss then there will not be a lot left which is the whole point of a scarifier.
    I have a largish lawn at 900 sq metres and 90 percent of the way through the machine started to cut out. This turned out to be due to a large buildup of soil between the rotating drum and the front casing of the machine. Once cleared out, there was no further problem and I now know to check for this in the future.
    Finally although a touch flimsy the collection box is very effective and actually works. This is more than can be said for the two types of electric rake I have previously used where the collection boxes were useless in terms of size and collecting capability.

    A great machine that has real time saving benefits as well as being a good scarifier.

  33. Mo Harber-Lamond says:

     United Kingdom

    Golden Review Award: 20 From Our UsersDelivered within the time of date said and well packaged. For people who do not do this for a living this is for your own garden or like me for work around at my customers and my own parents garden. It removes the majority of moss,dead growth i then treat the lawn to kill what’s left of the moss and feed the lawn. When the moss that is left turns brown/black use the lawnraker again. It will miss parts in the garden when the ground is not level. So a rake will be needed there. To resolve the dips in the ground so this does its job top it up with lawn dressing once a fortnight from March-September at 1cm at a time when the dips are small. Or if they are big fill it with soil and last inch with lawn dressing and compact it down and over seed it. Once all the lawn has been treated use a lawn seed spreader and cover the whole lawn with seed over seeding is best this is meant to be done every year in the spring and autumn. Then cover it all with 1cm lawn dressing you might have to let it dry out and re-rake it a couple of times before its breaks down and fill all the gaps between the grass and covers the seed. Then water regularly to keep the ground moist and to stop the seed blowing off where you do not want ie the garden beds. The other Bosch 1100 AVR is more suitable for larger lawns and for people who do not have the time to keep raking up all the leaves that come down from the trees.

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