Vytronix LION29 29.6V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner | Handheld Lightweight 3-in-1 Powerful Upright Vacuum | Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery with 20kPa Brushless Moto

Powerful 29.6v Lithium 3in1 Cordless Upright Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner,Powerful 29.6v Lithium 3in1 Cordless Upright Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner,Powerful 29.6v Lithium 3in1 Cordless Upright Handheld Stick Vacuum CleanerPowerful 29.6v Lithium 3in1 Cordless Upright Handheld Stick Vacuum CleanerPowerful 29.6v Lithium 3in1 Cordless Upright Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner Powerful 29.6v Lithium 3in1 Cordless Upright Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner
vytronix vacuum cleanervytronix vacuum cleanervytronix vacuum cleanerHSV3 upright corded stick vacuum black and blue
Description Say hello to effortless cleaning with the vytronix 22.2V 3-in-1 cordless stick vacuum. Powerful and compact, this agile cleaner is as efficient as it is mobile, making it ideal for use all around the home. It’s perfect for the car too! The vytronix LION29 cordless 29.6V stick vacuum is an essential addition to your home cleaning. It effortlessly glides across many floor types such as carpets, hard floors and tiles with ease. With it being cordless, it’s great for the car too! Extremely efficient, the 600W cleaning power can be used to pick up invisible dirt and dust particles. The high efficient particulate aur filter traps micro-sized particles and allegents, which is useful for allergy sufferers. Ideal for even the busiest household, the powerful, corded vacuum cleaner is easy to use and easier to store. It is portable, lightweight, comes with a crevice tool and dusting brush.
Weight 2.3kg 2.9kg 2kg 2.5kg
Dust Capacity 0.5 Litre 0.5 Litre 1 Litre 0.8 Litre
Rechargeable ✓ ✓
High Power Motor ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Bagged or Bagless Bagless Bagless Bagless Bagless
Run Time Up to 45 minutes Up to 35 minutes

Weight: 2.3 kg
Dimensions: 105 x 24 x 25 cm; 2.3 Kilograms
Model: LION29
Colour: Black/Blue
Colour: Black/Blue
Dimensions: 105 x 24 x 25 cm; 2.3 Kilograms

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142 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Actually surprised by how good this is, probably wouldn’t use it for a full house deep clean but it’s absolutely perfect for a quick mid day clean up after the kids, good Suction on both carpets and hard floor, battery lasts really well, ideal for up the stairs, I’ve got a corded shark as my main hoover but don’t always want to get all that out and set up for a small mess, this also works great for the car, would definitely recommend.

  2. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Hi for the price of this vacuum it does a brilliant job in my opinion, I have had it a couple of months now and cannot complain about anything, well worth the money.

  3. LuzUOOyxznyqb says:

     United Kingdom

    easy to assemble..good cleaning power..lightweight and i am well pleased

  4. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s a good little vacuum for the price the power button doesn’t always work or maybe you just have to press a few time

  5. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The suction power is not the strongest but it’s fine for cleaning the stairs and my car.
    Very lightweight and easy to clean.

  6. ShaunteNielson says:

     United Kingdom

    Battery charges very quickly after first charge. Not a strong suction as the usual corded vacuums but it does the job. Only annoying thing is the filter blocks quickly but I just use my other corded one to suck all the dust out with in a few seconds so back to full suction again.
    I have noticed that my long hair doesn’t seem to get tangled on the head but maybe because it is not a brush head as you would normally get with a vacuum. Would highly recommend

  7. Trevor Mogg says:

     United Kingdom

    Not huge expectations but over last 1 months seems to be doing well.
    Given price point won’t expect it to last longer then 2 years

  8. Pauline Adamek says:

     United Kingdom

    Order the hoover as it was mainly for doing the stairs but we use it all the time

  9. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    The performance & functionality for the price is excellent. Amazon despatched very fast got it within 2 days. Suction is strong enough & battery lasts around 20 minutes if you use the motorised head on full bost power. Would I recommend it? Yes if you want to save money vs buying a Dyson buy this for sure!

  10. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Replaced a gtech as I’m sick of paying a fortune for hoovers that don’t suck. This things not bad, not as powerful as I’d like with the dog hairs but otherwise its great. Battery is alright too and charges in a hour. For the money can’t beat it.

  11. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Vinyl floor downstairs, needed lightweight machine for light dust – drops etc, ideal, I can clean the area in no time, with turbo mode. Don’t think it would clean a house with all carpets, but I dont, so works great. Easy clip components, sturdy. Good for me! dont need to get the dust pan and brush out now, when I have a crumb incide

  12. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great VAC and good run time.

    I contacted customer service as the charger broke, a replacement was arranged.

    I dropped VAC at the local collection shop on Monday 26/07 and a replacement VAC arrived on 28/07.

    Every email I sent throughout was answered in less than 24 hrs.

    Big Thanks to Amy and Millie at Vytronix.

  13. johnboy says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Works great and very convenient, will never buy a corded vacuum again !

  14. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    This is a great hoover for quick, in-between big hoover scoot rounds on hrs floors and for top fluff on carpets or rugs and stairs.

  15. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    So far it’s been excellent for what I need it for. It’s cleaned my carpets, they’re old and short fibered, so bare that in mind. It’s also cleaned blankets and mass amounts of dog hair from my flatmates dog. Does take emptying quite often but I’d say that’s more the amount of hair the dog sheds.
    Overall I love it and it’s super easy to use and get on with! Has an excellent range of movement around the head, allowing me to get under the sofa without bending

  16. KendallHarrell says:

     United Kingdom

    heavy. battery dies too quick, air blows out on face, but lights on head handy. stiff to remove the parts apart and takes lots of effort. Personally don’t have any patience with it.

  17. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Bought this for my wife who is a pensioner and who suffers from arthritis. She has been having difficulty with the upright cleaner as she no longer has strength in her hands. We came across this particular cleaner in a holiday rental and found it to be ideal for her. It is very light and so much easier to use than her much heavier upright cleaner. Comes with attachments which are very easy for her to attach / remove. Emptying is also very easy. Wish we had seen this cleaner earlie

  18. JoyOShanehsqguq says:

     United Kingdom

    It’s not the most powerful but ideal for those day to day quick cleans and for the car. The battery doesn’t last very long if you have it on the higher setting but enough time to do a set of stairs or on the lower setting (which is fine for cleaning hard floors or worktops) it lasts long enough.

  19. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve only had it for about a month. So far so good.

  20. Felica85Atv says:

     United Kingdom

    Light weight easy to carry and maneuver around the house. Good suction power though not as powerful as my old one. Easy to use on stairs but would prefer an extension with some brushes at the end to clean stair carpet. Very low noise emission. Battery power good but not sure how long it lasts on full charge when left idle

    Very practical produc

  21. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Liked mostly but needs another attachment for to reach under sideboards

  22. GretchenAspinal says:

     United Kingdom

    The suction is not the best, you have to go over the same spot a few times. It doesnt pick up anything from the edges. I had a small handheld which was super powerful. But it is good enough to use for everyday use and use a proper vacuum once a week.

  23. AdelaDCZvsxu says:

     United Kingdom

    I was looking for something that was light to push, yet efficient and this fits the bill. The storage is excellent, neat and tidy and out of the way: Worth noting that you have to lift the vacuum and ‘drop’ it into the holder, worth considering the height when you assemble the charging station. Unlike other cleaners you have to remember to plug the actual vacuum in when it’s being stored, it’s not the holder that charges.

    Ease of use is fab. I have a few physical complaints which can make this a challenge, but I found it light and easy. The extra power did increase the heaviness a little but nothing to write home about. The cleaning is fab. I habe a dog who sheds 24/7, and this cleaner picked it all up without an issue. Running time is about 30 minutes normal or 20 minutes on max power, this from a full charge.

    Emptying is easy and straightforward.

    I’d buy another tomorrow.

  24. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    used for all round household vacuuming.Very easy to use

  25. JeanettGirardi says:

     United Kingdom

    Was a little wary, having been burnt before after buying a ‘cheaper’ vac. However, so far, (only been a week) pleasantly surprised. Lightweight, no more struggling carrying
    a heavyweight Dyson around works! Works well on carpet and hard floors, also did a lovely job on my stairs. Have to empty it more often than my old one, but it’s a small price to pay. Any changes will update, but so far a very happy custome

  26. Jessica Rendall says:

     United Kingdom

    I made up my decision to this product based on the reviews. I did not get disappointed at all.
    For under 100 I have to say I can keep my 25m2 room clean using this in a daily basis and only charging it weekly. I rarely need to use the stronger suction power.
    Another good thing the dust removal and keeping it clean is super easy.
    I can gladly recommend i

  27. DannieWoodruff says:

     United Kingdom

    Let’s get something straight it doesn’t preform like a Shark or a Dyson. But it’s not far off. Much better than the Vax Blade 32 volt it replaced. Although I did remove the horizontal felt bar on the beater head as it was a little difficult to push around on carpet. But other than that it fab. Vacuuming the car is easy much much easier than using the vax. Overall for less than 100 it brilliant value for money

  28. AnnaVBDQhcvwqm says:

     United Kingdom

    Love this! best purchase I’ve made for the home in ages by far! charges up pretty quick, i have hard wood floors with rugs in my flat and it works great on both floors and rugs. I have nothing to compare too as this is my first cordless vacuum but I’m not disappointed.
    I recommended to my family, if your on the fence about buying it – buy it. Its worth the money and its a great product.

  29. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Just suction power is not what I expected but all in all it,s recommended

  30. LeonidaWGM says:

     United Kingdom

    Been using this vacuum cleaner for some time now and it’s doing great. It’s lightweight, good enough battery life and suction is good although not as good as s Dyson equivalent, but then this is a fraction of the cost.
    Construction is sturdy and not more complicated than it needs to be.
    It is very easy to empty, and the contents come out easily enough.
    The only downside is the filter that needs cleaning out regularly to maintain the suction. It’s very easy to remove, but you kind of need another vacuum cleaner to clean it out properly without dust getting everywhere.
    Overall very good value for money and does the job that a cleaner many times the price can do, almost.

  31. Vannessa Abdelaziz says:

     United Kingdom

    Got sick off paying over 100 far vaccuns to brake I’ve only had this 1 far acouple of days but love the separate parts far cleaning settee etc & pipe hose I’m disabled find it easy to move the head is 180% I like the lights on front as my eye site not what it was lol does far my hard floor & carpet but think on carpet I find it better to put vaccum on max cutting the time frame saying that I manage to do my flat in 1 charge hope find this helpful

  32. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Pleased so far, ideal for cleaning up the leaves, shredded paper etc that our new puppy keeps depositing!

  33. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Ok for quick clean, limited tools. Unable to get sand out of car carpet. Well built for the price. Easy to clea

  34. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I really recommend this hoover .I have bad arthritis in my hands and hip .and I also have a lovely dog that leaves thick black hair all over the place.This hoover picks them up really well I’m amazed how much it picks up .It’s easy to empty and change to other fitments.I normally have trouble with this but it all clicks together really easy and is really easy to empty .I also have rugs on top of wooden floors and it just cleans both without you having to change anything .The suction is just right it picks everything up without you having to push too hard so it doesn’t hurt your back .I’m really glad I bought it.

  35. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Great little hoover would recommend for laminate and dog hair x

  36. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    Excellent for hard floors, light and having the headlight is useful under furniture etc. Good suction but not so sure about carpet cleaning and dog hair! For the price it’s very good, easy to assemble and to change attachments.

  37. IKDJoycezuw says:

     United Kingdom

    I bought this for the stairs as i have another very well known brand for down stairs so now i have an excellent one for the stairs and the upstairs too the sucction is great and it is so light to carry and in all the corners and under the radiators, well worth the money.

  38. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I’ve looked at many stick vacuums and never taken the plunge to buy one till now. I’ve had this one for a few weeks now and wish I had got it ages ago. Hoovering is so easy now and the battery lasts really well. Worth the money and not as expensive as the big brands but my daughter says it’s better than her Dyson! Couldn’t ask for more and felt I had to put a review on about it.

  39. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I don’t normally write reviews but I make an exception with this vacuum. It is superb, light, easy to maneuver,
    long lasting battery, easy to charge, easy to empty, fabulous suction power. how do they do it for the money. the design is perfect, the best vacuum I have ever had. Forget vax and dyson this is the best stick vacuum on the market. I used to hate vacuuming now I look forward to it because it is so easy.

  40. PansyBockman says:

     United Kingdom

    Incredible domestic device. Cheap to buy alongside its more expensive and branded market rivals but quality of build and parts puts it right alongside if not in front of them. Its simple to set up taking no less than 1-2 minutes and so easy to use. Whilst most of my floors are Karndean, using it in the dark with only its light on shows dust and bits really well and this test convinced me I’d made a good purchase. It has good suction, took up dried mud, grass, small stones and dog hairs with ease and did well on my few bits of carpet and rugs. Yes it has a small collection capacity but I figured I can use it several times before it needs emptying and it doesn’t require a bag. Useful accessories to boot as standard and also came with a clever holder bit that screws to the wall to hold the device whilst charging and keep both accessories tidy and in one place. Has a quick charge time and very quite whilst in use. Quickly snaps down to a powerful handheld device. My life got so much easier and will be selling the Henry goodbye wires and major inconvenience. This is a good buy for me 10/10.

  41. Anonymous says:

     United Kingdom

    I think it was a good buy at the price and it cleans well

  42. Joshua Fruhlinger says:

     United Kingdom

    This was primarily bought for cleaning car . For this it’s great, no complaints at all . It’s us but a replacement for a plug in vacuum but us perfect as a quick ease of use blast round house . Perfect for stairs . It’s not too powerful but it’s adequate for what it is and bear in mind the price too . Charge lasts around 30mins , which is way longer than you think when vacuuming a house or car etc . Suction power on full us quite decent , but low power , nit so much . I can and will recommend this as a purchase . For the price I’d have to say that it’s fantastic. Easy to use and to clean etc

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